BBC Wages Total War Against Scotland’s March Towards Independence – Scotland needs a Media Free of Westminster Oppressive Control – This is a Human Rights Issue -recruitment/     […]

The Referendum – Scotland Will Overcome the Naysayers and Become a Nation Again

    Rigged Scottish Referendum? Why the Anglo-American Establishment is Opposed to an Independent Scotland It is evident that Scotland’s referendum on independence was “rigged.” neutral observers said there was evidence of electorial fraud. According to observers who were present at the polling offices, there were many more “Yes” votes during the vote count. Scotland, […]

Churchill – The Scheming Opportunist Who Plotted Against the Government – Manipulating Events Taking Britain to War With Germany – The Cover Up Exposed

            “The Special Relationship” The phrase was first used by Churchill in a 1946 speech. It was his way of selling to the British electorate his belief in a high level of trust and cooperation that prevailed between the USA & Britain in economic activity, trade and commerce, military planning, […]

The Labour Party in Scotland – The Pushmi-Pullyu Party – Two Leaders Determined to Take The Electorate in Two Directions at the Same Time

                      3 July 2016: Scottish Labour at war: Relations between Dugdale and her deputy have “completely broken down” The relationship between Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale and her deputy has completely broken down, according to a senior party source. Her friend’s claim that Alex Rowley […]

Air Pollution – Tens of Thousands of Early Deaths in the UK – Not Our Problem – Say the Captains of Industry

      29,000 early deaths each year in the UK directly attributable to air pollution. But the Tory (greenest ever government)  government refuses to meet the EU standards Greenpeace’s head of energy, Daisy Sands said “To protect the profits of a few coal-burning energy firms the self titled “greenest government ever” is lobbying to […]

Prince Charles Enjoys Enormous Influence In the Westminster Corridors of Power – He Wields It In His Own Protection

  Copyright ©Steve Bell 2011     25 June 2010 – Prince Charles opposition to development unwelcome says judge A high court judge today dealt an unprecedented blow to the Prince of Wales’s ability to interfere in public life by describing his opposition to a major planning application in London as “unexpected and unwelcome”. Mr […]

BBC Intends To Retain and Gather Yet More Money To It’s Moneypit Through An Increased Licence Fee – The Joke Is On the Public – Nothing Changes

      Graham Norton is on nearly £3million annually         9 May 2014 – BBC presenter Graham Norton earned £2.3m in fees and salary last year BBC star Graham Norton earned £2.3m in fees and salary last year, for services including fronting BBC1’s The Graham Norton Show and BBC Radio 2’s […]

So you wanted to know the truth – Blair and regime change in Iraq – MI6 agent Sir John Scarlett – compiler of the dodgy dossier – appointed strategic adviser major Iraq oil job

  Sir John McLeod Scarlett           20 May 2011 – The Spy Who came in For the Gold – Dodgy dossier’ helper Sir John Scarlett takes top Iraq oil job Tony Blair’s former spy chief has been criticised for taking a job with a multi-national company which has won a lucrative […]