BBC Intends To Retain and Gather Yet More Money To It’s Moneypit Through An Increased Licence Fee – The Joke Is On the Public – Nothing Changes




Graham NortonGraham Norton is on nearly £3million annually





9 May 2014 – BBC presenter Graham Norton earned £2.3m in fees and salary last year

BBC star Graham Norton earned £2.3m in fees and salary last year, for services including fronting BBC1’s The Graham Norton Show and BBC Radio 2’s Saturday morning programme.

Norton took home the payments for “presenter fees, production fees and royalties” from his production company So Television in the year to the end of July 2013. In total Norton received £2.33m, the year previous he received £2.61m.

He is also due a further £564,000 as a creditor of the company. So Television, which was acquired by ITV Studios two years ago in a deal worth up to £17m, made pre-tax profits of £1.8m. Revenues were £11.9m.


Ken MacQuarrie – Director BBC Scotland






10 September 2014 – Salaries of BBC’s senior management revealed

In an effort to increase transparency, the BBC has today published the salaries of its senior managers and their expenses for the period January to March 2014.

The report shows that many of the 116 senior managers on the list are paid more than £200,000, with the Corporation’s director general, Tony Hall, being paid £450,000. Helen Boaden, director of radio, receives total remuneration of £352,000, James Harding, director of news and current affairs, receives £340,000 and Danny Cohen, director of TV is on £327,800.

Other senior staff on six-figure salaries include Bal Samra, commercial director and managing director taking £322,800, James Purnell, director of strategy and digital, on £295,000 and Ben Stephenson, controller of drama commissioning, on £247,800.


Director General Lord Hall is paid £450,000 annually



3 December 2014 – Revealed: The 91 BBC executives who are paid more than the Prime Minister and 11 bosses get more than double his salary

The BBC pays 11 of its most senior bosses twice as much as the Prime Minister, it emerged yesterday. A further 80 executives take home more than David Cameron’s £142,500-a-year salary. The 91 bosses are taking home a combined £19million a year including bonuses. MPs said the figures would make hard-pressed families question the licence fee especially when programmes are facing the axe.

Top earners include Director-General Lord Hall, who earns £450,000, Anne Bulford, managing director of finance and operations, who is paid £395,000, and Peter Salmon, Director of England, who takes home £375,000. Those recruited to the top pay grade increased by almost 100, from 328 to 426 over the same timespan.


BBC 1 – Charlotte Moore, is on £240,000 


The figures do not cover on-air stars, 39 of whom are paid more than £250,000 a year. These include Graham Norton, who is reportedly paid £2.6million for presenting his BBC1 and Radio2 shows, and Match of the Day host Gary Lineker, who is said to take home as much as £2million. Even Paul Hollywood is paid a better wage than the Prime Minister, earning £300,000 for his work on The Great British Bake Off and its various spin-offs.

Tory MP Philip Davies said: ‘The BBC has recently said they have cut their senior management to the bone and there are no more savings to be made there but it’s only at the BBC where you could cut senior management to the bone and end up with more people paid more than the Prime Minister than before you started. ‘It’s just extraordinary and goes to show how much fat there is. ‘What the BBC should do is be cutting out all of these managers, most of who if they disappeared no one would notice, and start delivering some value for money to the licence fee payer.’


Head of radio, Helen Boaden,  is paid £352,900


Angie Bray, a Tory member of the Commons culture committee alongside Mr Davies, said: ‘It will be difficult for the BBC to continue to feel loved by the public if it continues to put licence payers’ money on salaries rather than on what people want them to spend the money on, which is good programming. ‘It does make it difficult for everybody to go on justifying this kind of funding if it’s just disappearing into managers’ pockets.’

An efficiency report published last week said the BBC has made savings of £1.1billion and would save a further £400million annually by 2016/17. Miss Bulford said no more savings could be made through cuts to pay, staff and property and that ‘tough choices’ would have to be made over which services were sacrificed. Through the licence fee, the BBC collected more than £3.762billion tax free last year, an increase of £70million from the previous 12 months.



Managing director, finance and operations, Anne Bulford, earns £395,000-a-year


Graham Norton


15 July 2015 – BBC stars push wages bill close to £1bn

The BBC’s annual wage bill moved closer to the £1 billion mark last year, fuelled by a rise in staff numbers and salaries paid to its stars. Corporation bosses launched a counter-attack against government attempts to limit the BBC’s remit and funding yesterday, but it came as its annual report showed that the total salary bill increased from £955 million in 2013-14 to £976.5 million in 2014-15.


Clockwise from top left: David Attenborough, Claudia Winkleman, Judi Dench, Chris Evans, Lenny Henry, Miranda Hart, Daniel Craig and J K Rowling


16 July 2015 – BBC organised celebrities’ protest letter

The BBC secretly helped to organise a celebrity letter warning David Cameron that plans to reform the corporation would damage Britain’s global standing, one of its top presenters has revealed. The BBC’s press office initially denied it had “anything to do” with the open letter, which was delivered to the prime minister on Tuesday and signed by stars including Dame Judi Dench and Sir David Attenborough. It warned “that a diminished BBC would mean a diminished UK” and was endorsed by over two dozen figures from the world of arts and entertainment including som of the BBC’s highest paid stars!


Danny Cohen, the BBC’s director of television, with his wife, Noreena Hertz

Danny Cohen, the BBC’s director of television, with his wife, Noreena Hertz, is said to have orchestrated an open letter to David Cameron


18 July 2015 – All-star attack backfires on BBC

The starting pistol was fired this week on a debate over the BBC’s future, but the corporation’s “unusually aggressive” campaign of self-defence risks backfiring before the conversation has truly begun, experts have warned. MPs and media commentators, including voices within the corporation, have accused BBC executives of “over-reacting” to a green paper from John Whittingdale, the culture secretary, which this week set out the parameters for the government’s ten-yearly review of the BBC charter, which expires at the end of next year.


Sir Tom Jones on The Voice Sir Tom Jones. Paid via an independent company




21 July 2015 – BBC ‘hid’ salaries of stars paid more than £500,000

The salaries of some of the highest-paid stars on the BBC, including Sir Tom Jones and James Nesbitt, were left out of the corporation’s annual accounts because they are paid by independent production companies or the BBC’s commercial arm, it emerged yesterday.

The BBC said in its 2014-15 annual report that only nine stars are paid between £500,000 and £5 million, but this includes only those paid directly by the BBC. Not included are people paid by independent companies commissioned and paid by the BBC, even though their salaries still ultimately come from the corporation’s coffers.


BBC The BBC is happy to send between 50-100 people to jail each year.


16 August 2015 – Licence fee prosecutions overburden courts, argues Michael Gove

Michael Gove, the justice secretary, has raised concern that prosecutions for non-payment of the BBC licence are overburdening the courts. He has discussed the issue with John Whittingdale, the culture secretary, who is considering whether evasion of the licence fee should be decriminalised.

Before the election Whittingdale’s predecessor, Sajid Javid, set up a review to look into the potential impact of decriminalisation, and just after the election Downing Street indicated that it backed such a change, potentially replacing the offence with a civil fine. However, since then Whittingdale has had second thoughts over the possible impact on the BBC’s finances, after receiving the official review. The corporation has argued that it could lose up to £200m a year in extra non-payment.

In a sign of a possible cabinet split, it is understood that Gove has now made his case to Whittingdale about how decriminalisation could ease the caseload of magistrates courts. TV licence prosecutions account for 180,000 out of 1.5m magistrate cases each year. In evidence to the justice select committee in July, Gove said: “To what extent can we lift the burden on magistrates by taking some work out of court? One area which is a live area of debate is whether or not, at the bottom of the magistrates courts’ work, television licence non-payment should be decriminalised.”

No decision on whether to decriminalise the licence fee has yet been taken by Whittingdale. A spokesman for Gove declined to comment. But a BBC spokesman said: “The government’s own evidence-based review found that licence fee evasion should not be decriminalised and that the current system is broadly fair, proportionate and provides good value for both licence fee payers and taxpayers.”


Fun & Games in the Tory Party in Scotland – Scotland Does Not Need Nor Want Thatcher Mark2




Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be??

In a previous article I advised that all was not well within the Scottish Branch of the Tory Party. The problem for Ruth Davidson is that she has wrapped the party in Scotland around her own personality, which is a strategy doomed to failure should the positive public perception of her show a reverse. There are divisions within the party partially attributed to her forced clear-out of, “deadwood” in favour of young SPADS with little or no political nor work experience outside politics. There is every chance she will be allowed to continue in office until after the 2016 election. But there might well be a bloodbath thereafter. It is noteworthy that her Chief of staff, Lindsay McCallum resigned last month resultant of a number of major policy and personality disagreements. See previous post’s:





15 Sep 2011 Tory MSPs will be forced to stand down before the 2016 Scottish Elections

Long-serving Conservative MSPs will be forced to stand down from the Scottish Parliament at the next election if they fail to win a constituency seat, under a radical plan by a leadership candidate to introduce fresh blood into the party. They would only be able to serve three or four consecutive terms as list MSPs, who are elected using a complicated system of proportional representation to represent one of eight regions of Scotland. Significantly, Mr Jackson said he would apply the change retrospectively, meaning a series of the party’s most high-profile figures would have to win a constituency at the next election or step aside if a three-term limit was imposed.

They include Murdo Fraser, the bookies’ favourite in the contest to succeed Annabel Goldie as Tory leader, who is serving his third full term as a Mid Scotland and Fife regional MSP. Mr Fraser has not come close to unseating John Swinney in his Perthshire North seat, with the SNP Finance Minister increasing his majority in May to more than 10,000. Among the other long-serving Conservative MSPs who would be forced out are Alex Johnstone, Sir Jamie McGrigor and, should they not decide to retire, Nanette Milne and Miss Goldie herself.

The changes will apply in the 2016 election and be retrospective. Only three MSPs in the Conservative group at Holyrood have constituencies of their own, with the remainder relying on the regional list for their seats. Some have used the system to win re-election since devolution started in 1999.


24 November 2012 – Scottish Conservatives launch Union Saltire logo

The Scottish Conservatives have launched a new party logo, which aims to reflect both the flag of Scotland and that of the United Kingdom. Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said: “Our new Union Saltire logo is bold, fresh and easy to recognise.” She said it was “distinctly Scottish but with colours which clearly reflect our pride in the United Kingdom”.

Reacting to the change, SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said: “There’s something strangely appropriate in the Tories choosing a ‘double-cross’ to represent whatever it is they stand for, but I’m not sure it’s the message they were aiming for. “The remnants of the Tories in Scotland might understandably want to distance themselves from their colleagues in Westminster, but the truth is a leopard can’t change its spots.”




July 2014 – Tory Party Clearout Continues Unabated

The steady progression of Scottish Conservative MSPs announcing that they have decided to stand down at the coming Scottish Elections in May 2016 continues to escalate. Those standing down are nationally known names, who have carried senior roles in opposition at Holyrood and in public life. They are – in order of announcement to date:

Baroness Goldie – who led the party between 2005 to 2011, said “I will focus my efforts on the House of Lords” following her elevation to the peerage two years ago.

Gavin Brown – Lothians MSP and Finance spokesperson said “I will have served nine years by 2016 and would like to seek a fresh challenge going forward”. He is standing down with immediate effect as Finance spokesperson.

Nanette Milne – North East MSP and Public Health Spokeswoman said “As an MSP over the last 12 years, I am most proud of my behind-the-scenes work which I have undertaken as an MSP on behalf of my constituents.”

Alex Fergusson – Galloway and West Dumfries MSP and former Presiding Officer [the third] for four years from 2007-2011 who has served in the Scottish Parliament since its creation in 1999 said “Someone once said that a week is a long time in politics, but I have to say that the last 17 years have simply flown by.”

Mary Scanlon – Highlands and Islands MSP and Education and Lifelong Learning Spokeswoman and Deputy Convener of the Public Audit Committee said “I am proud of my working class background.” An MSP since 1999, she has previously held shadow posts for her party in Health and in Energy, Enterprise and Tourism.

Cameron Buchanan – Edinburgh and Lothians MSP and Local Government Spokesman “There’s a lot of new blood in the party and a new talent waiting in the wings, so it’s time to give others a chance. I’m also looking forward to spending more time with my family – if they’ll have me.” Buchanan has been an MSP only since 2013, standing for his party to fill the gap left by the sudden death of former Scottish Conservative Leader, David McLetchie.


August (Summarised) 2015 – Ruth Davidson should resign if the Tories fail to improve in 2016

Many Tory party members are inclined to the view that if the Scottish Conservatives fail to improve their share of the vote in the 2016 Scottish elections, Ruth Davidson should remain as leader. She has injected much needed steel, into the backbone of a party, content to exist but not to thrive. Whilst resigning on her own terms or in electoral disgrace would be a devastating blow to the Scottish Conservatives. It would not be a fatal blow. The party has mastered hanging on when the electorate and even some of its own members and representatives keep trying to give it the final nudge.

The Scottish Tories are not alone. All polls are predicting a bloodletting from Scottish Labour to the SNP. That the ‘natural party of government’ in Scotland for the last fifty years represents a stark foreboding for the Scottish Conservatives.

Davidson has had longer to establish herself in the public consciousness, even completing a major policy u-turn grasping the English political zeitgeist with her zealous and sincere performance during the referendum.

It might well be political suicide for the Scottish Conservatives to get rid of Davidson. But, whilst she brought an energising zeal to bear on a party that desperately needed it, the party has not responded in step. Their logo has changed (the quickly jumped upon “double cross”) but there is little to suggest that there is a new intellectual reformation has taken grip to support the imagination that Davidson exudes. The party as a whole is still Thatcher-lite: there is little dissent and very few policy forums.

This begs the question as to who is carrying who. Are the Scottish Conservatives semi or totally autonomous from the Conservative Party down south? Are they one entity when it suits them and miles apart when they differ? Do the Scottish Conservatives wait to be told what to think by London, or is the Party in Scotland not giving Davidson the ideas and infrastructure support? Whatever the arrangement’s are Davidson evidently does not have the freedom to do as she pleases.

There’s a peculiarly Scottish dimension to her “Blue collar Conservatism” that makes her liked across the political spectrum, both north and south of the border and Cameron is giving out signals he is prepared to set aside his much vaunted One-Nation credentials in favour of welfare reform. But that sounds better on paper than in the reality. One wonders if the Scottish Conservatives had total autonomy with no accountability to London how they would position themselves.


In years past former Deputy Leader Murdo Fraser flirted with the idea of a breakaway centre-right party to give the party a new chance at attracting voters. It’s not the first time this had been suggested. The Scottish Conservatives only formed out of a merger with the Unionist Party and the Conservative Party in 1965.

Fraser’s detractors considered the move as treacherous and a capitulation to circumstance, despite the proposals being met with enthussiasm by members, the public and other MSPs. The practicality of it was and is however more Ship of Theseus than anything else: if you change the name won’t the operations and members simply move across, and how would you create a brand truly different to launch a new membership intake? With Davidson’s selection, the debate went away.

Davidson has lead the party through the 2012 Scottish local council elections, the 2014 EU elections, the 2014 Scottish Referendum and the 2015 general election. There was no marked change the share of the vote received by her party. The fault should not be left at her doorstep. Yet four years and four elections is long enough time to consider that the game is up, if not for her then her party.

If, as polls predict, there is an SNP surge further reducing the number of MSP’s in Holyrood conclusive changes must be made rather than simply returning to sinply ticking along.

Her resignation might well be the catalyst turning once more to the innovation Murdo Fraser suggested and would at least pump some ntellectual action into the malaise that is disappointing members and depriving the electorate of a real alternative.



16 August 2015 – Tory leader Davidson loses chief of staff as election looms

Tory leader Ruth Davidson has lost a key aide ahead of the 2016 elections. Chief of staff Lindsay McCallum unexpectedly quit amid a rumoured rift with her boss. The 29-year-old, considered a future party high-flier, had been in post less than a year. Her duties included giving Davidson strategic advice, writing briefings, and liaising with UK cabinet ministers, as well as managing Davidson’s diary. It is understood she left last month.

After a dry run at the general election, when she stood in the Ross, Skye and Lochaber seat, McCallum had been expected to run for Holyrood next May on the Highlands & Islands list. However, faced with the prospect of dedicating her 30s to life as an opposition MSP, she decided not to stand, ending a key reason for her to remain chief of staff. McCallum, who comes from a farming family in the Black Isle, where her mother is an independent Highland councillor, has now returned to London, where she spent three years in public affairs before taking the Scottish Tory job in August last year. “I heard there had been a furious bust-up with Ruth,” said one Tory MSP.

The loss of her chief of staff has added to Davidson’s recent problems as Tory leader. Despite high hopes, the Scottish Tories failed to make progress at the election, holding on to their single seat, as their vote share fell from 16.7 to 14.9 per cent. The Tories’ vote share in England was 41 per cent, and 36.9 per cent UK-wide.

Davidson, a Glasgow list MSP since 2011, has also been accused of “carpet-bagging” after announcing she would try to become a Lothian MSP next May. Glasgow has one Tory MSP, whereas Lothian has two, increasing her chances of election. An SNP spokesman said: “First Ruth Davidson gives up on Glasgow – with the prospect of the Tories failing to win any seats there next May – and now her chief of staff quits as a candidate. “It’s no surprise that even members of their own party are now running away from the Tories ahead of the Scottish election next year. “The truth is that the Tories have absolutely nothing to offer Scotland other than austerity and a narrow, negative agenda which will once again be roundly rejected at the ballot box in May.”

A LibDem source added: “It seems even the Tories are now refusing to buy Tory spin on their election prospects. After decades of calling for one last push they should start listening to the public and scrap their right-wing illiberal agenda.” McCallum said her decision to go had been a “personal choice”. She said: “I wish Ruth well. I hope that the party increases its MSPs next year. I think they have a good opportunity and Ruth is a good leader.”



So you wanted to know the truth – Blair and regime change in Iraq – MI6 agent Sir John Scarlett – compiler of the dodgy dossier – appointed strategic adviser major Iraq oil job


Criticised: Sir John Scarlett has taken a job with Norwegian firm Statoil as a 'strategic adviser'Sir John McLeod Scarlett






20 May 2011 – The Spy Who came in For the Gold – Dodgy dossier’ helper Sir John Scarlett takes top Iraq oil job

Tony Blair’s former spy chief has been criticised for taking a job with a multi-national company which has won a lucrative contract to drill for oil in Iraq.

Sir John Scarlett, who helped draw up the so-called ‘dodgy dossier’ which accused Saddam Hussein of possessing weapons of mass destruction which could be deployed within 45 minutes, has been hired by Norwegian firm Statoil as a ‘strategic adviser’.

The 62-year-old former MI6 chief, right, who retired two years ago, was one of the intelligence officials most closely associated with the Allied invasion of Iraq in 2003. He was accused of being unduly influenced by Alastair Campbell, who was then No 10’s director of communications.

The 45-minute claim was one of the key assertions that convinced MPs to take Britain to war. Labour MP Paul Flynn said last night: “There is a bad smell about this, worse than oil. If senior officials are involved in a particular area during their professional lives, there should be no chance of working in that same area when they retire. This would avoid any danger of them being distracted by the prospect of retirement riches.”

Norwegian-owned Statoil is one of the world’s largest oil and gas suppliers. It is a leading member of a consortium awarded exploration rights in the vast West Qurna oil field, west of Basra, in December 2009. The field is expected to yield 150,000 barrels of oil a day by 2013, making it one of the most productive in the Middle East.

Despite the controversy over the ‘dodgy dossier’, Sir John was knighted in 2007.

Norwegian-owned Statoil is one of the world’s largest oil and gas suppliers. It is a leading member of a consortium awarded exploration rights in the vast West Qurna oil field, west of Basra, in December 2009. The field is expected to yield 150,000 barrels of oil a day by 2013, making it one of the most productive in the Middle East. The consortium of which Statoil is a member beat off several other bidders for the Iraqi government contract, including BP.

Statoil declined to say how much Sir John would be paid. A spokesman said: ‘He will be on an advisory board to help us understand the geopolitical context in which we operate.’

The appointment has been approved by the independent Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, which vets jobs taken by senior civil servants after they have left office to ensure there is no conflict of interest.



Alistair Campbell






Sir John McLeod Scarlett – His role in the decision to go to war in Iraq

Sir John McLeod Scarlett, is a retired British senior intelligence officer. He was Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) from 2004 to 2009. Prior to this appointment, he had chaired the Cabinet Office Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC).

The normally secretive intelligence services were thrust into the public gaze in the Summer of 2003 after the death of the eminent government weapons expert, Dr. David Kelly. Kelly had been found dead in the Oxfordshire countryside near his home, after being exposed as the source of allegations that the government had “sexed-up” intelligence regarding existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The “classic case” was the claim that Iraq could launch Weapons of Mass Destruction “within 45 minutes of an order to do so” – Dr. Kelly had privately dismissed this as “risible”.

Scarlett gave evidence at the Hutton Inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Kelly’s death. It became clear that Scarlett had worked closely with Alastair Campbell, then the Prime Minister’s Director of Communications and Strategy, on the controversial September Dossier, with Campbell making drafting suggestions which the inquiry found may have “subconsciously influenced” Scarlett and the JIC.

This influence may have had deleterious effects on the quality of the assessments presented in the dossier. For instance, the Intelligence and Security Committee made several criticisms in their report “Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction — Intelligence and Assessments”:

“As the 45 minutes claim was new to its readers, the context of the intelligence and any assessment needed to be explained. The fact that it was assessed to refer to battlefield chemical and biological munitions and their movement on the battlefield, not to any other form of chemical or biological attack, should have been highlighted in the dossier. The omission of the context and assessment allowed speculation as to its exact meaning. This was unhelpful to an understanding of this issue.”

Scarlett became the head of SIS on 6 May 2004, before publication of the findings of the Butler Review. Although the review highlighted many failings in the intelligence behind the Iraq war and the workings of the Joint Intelligence Committee, it specifically stated that Scarlett should not resign as head of the Committee and SIS.

On 8 December 2009, Scarlett gave evidence to The Iraq Inquiry. He denied he was under any pressure to “firm up” the September Dossier, and claimed there was “no conscious intention” to mislead about Iraq’s weapons but it would have been “better” to have clarified battlefield munitions not missiles were meant.

On 26 June 2011, The Guardian reported on a memo from Scarlett to Blair’s foreign affairs adviser, released under the Freedom of Information Act, which referred to “the benefit of obscuring the fact that in terms of WMD Iraq is not that exceptional”. The memo has been described as one of the most significant documents on the September dossier yet published as it is considered a proposal to mislead the public.

On 28 January 2011, Scarlett was appointed to the board of Times Newspapers Ltd, part of Rupert Murdoch’s News International, which publishes The Times and The Sunday Times.




Image result for Sir John Scarlett images





31 December 2006 – The award of a knighthood to John Scarlett was described as “utterly astonishing” by MPs yesterday.

Sir John, who oversaw the production of the so-called “dodgy dossier” which claimed that Saddam Hussein could launch a missile attack in 45 minutes, is made a Knight Commander of the Order of St George in the New Year honours.

But Angus MacNeil, SNP MP for Na h-Eileanan An Iar, said Tony Blair had shown “breathtaking arrogance” in approving the award.

“John Scarlett has been awarded an honour for services to diplomacy. Services to creative writing might have been more appropriate,” he said.

Sir John’s role in the production of the infamous dossier was exposed in Lord Hutton’s inquiry into the death of the weapons scientist Dr David Kelly.

Lord Hutton said that he might have been “subconsciously influenced” by political pressure that caused him to strengthen the wording of the dossier.

The Conservatives, however, refused to be drawn on the knighthood for the man who is now head of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). David Cameron’s New Year message pledges to give “wholehearted backing” to measures to “enhance our security services”.









Previous articles posted to my blog can be found here: (why is this taking so long?) (the failures of the military elite) (Heywood the master or the servant?) (Who run’s Downing Street?) (correspondence between US and UK. Damming evidence)


David Kelly


Crime, Sex Orgies, Politics, the Forces That Drive Westminster – Part 5 – The Rise & Fall Of Lord “Fast Eddie” Davenport



Fast Eddie Davenport



I have known Eddie since 1992 when another con artist, Abdullah Faithel Mahfooth introduced me to him.

Eddie and Abdullah (who styled himself Sheikh) would spend every waking hour at the store / office on 27 Conduit Street, W1 thinking up scams.

It always had something to do with extending loans end extorting money from the people who borrowed from the guys.

Eddie worked hard on his “portfolio”. That is, he would rent some property or enter in to some agreement so that he could say he had title to the building and then publish it in his well crafted property book.

Eddie would take the property book to banks and other investors and get money.

Wherever Eddie and his buddy Abudllah moved there were always unpaid bills and I left London thinking things had to end in the Big House one day for the two of them.


Blonde ambition: Eddie shows off a trademark metal belt buckle with Tamara Beckwith in 1994

Eddie & Tamara Beckwith




20 March 2005 – VIP Orgy – The Biggest Ever Filthy Rich Orgy – Upper Crust Organisers & Staff

Edward Davenport – Made first million in his teens organising the infamous Gatecrasher balls – now a property tycoon worth £133m.

Spends six months a year in Monaco as a tax exile sharing £200-a-night hotel suite with two women.

Shares £15million London pad with three more.

He was seen kissing and fondling a girl on the orgy bed last Saturday night.

He bought the venue, a former ambassador’s residence, from the Sierra Leone government in 2002 for the knock-down price of just £50,000.

David Russell Walters – By day ex-Tory candidate and boss of anti-Europe Democracy Movement. By night, orgy master tending to guests. Looked on as four girls, one a Dutch rowing champ, pleasured each other.

Jonathon Friedman – Brains behind Fever’s image. Spends hours “dressing” rooms with pink satin, chocolates, fruit, and jelly babies for energy. Seen canoodling on the bed with beautiful American blonde.

Emma Sayle – Diplomat’s daughter. Dad was colonel with the Welsh Guards and has an OBE. She is regarded as one of Britain’s best and most upmarket party organisers – didn’t join in the orgy.

James Hayter – Professional rugby player. Hayter, who is over 6ft tall and weighs 220 lb, was Hired as a bouncer but became overwhelmed with lust. Stripped off and joined in the night’s action.

Dougie Smith – Senior Conservative Party strategist Douglas Smith was exposed as a founding member in 2003. The 42-year-old, who preached the Tories’ morally-focused back-to-basics policy, was forced to cut his links with Fever and is now an adviser and speech writer to senior MPs.


Wealthy Good Looking Punters

The Charity Boss – International charity director had sex with female TV production company boss.

The Crime Boss – Heir to a multi-million crime empire bonked French, Russian, Italian models and a designer.

The Wild Child – Raunchy daughter of a legendary rock star had public sex with a top media lawyer. (Any guesses?)

The Film Director – Movie bigwig and his catwalk model lover had sex with at least seven other couples.…-a0130542273




3 September 2008 – Abdulha Mahfooth Jailed For Money Laundering

Eddie Davenport’s best mate got his comeuppance eventually.

He was jailed for a year after admitting a charge in connection with a major police inquiry into money laundering at a jewellery shop in New Bond Street.

Mahfooth operated a number of businesses in Bond Street, including pawn shops over a number of years.

It took the fraud squad some time to catch up with him.

These pictures shows him handcuffed on his bed, (note the opulence) when police raided his home in September last year (2008).


Edward Davenport: Unrepentant, self-pitying and deluded


Last weekend, they were celebrating — albeit not too loudly — at 33 Portland Place, the run-down West End mansion acquired by Edward Davenport in controversial circumstances about 10 years ago.

The slick-haired millionaire, 44 this Sunday, who first attracted public notoriety in the late Eighties with his Gatecrasher Balls — and continued with swingers’ parties and pole-dancing lessons at his august new address — had just been cleared of breaking a noise abatement order served by Westminster City Council and awarded most of his £28,000 costs.

The defence? His delicate little head shoots like a snake from his too-high collar.

“I shouldn’t have been served with the order at all, as I wasn’t in the country when some people in the area complained about two parties held in 2008 and 2009 — which I didn’t organise — and I have received no help from the council in resolving the matter since then.

As far as I’m concerned, this was a vindictive action.

My ability to do deals could have suffered, and I’ll do anything to protect my reputation.”

So what reputation would that be, exactly? Since the Gatecrasher days, when he drew 10,000 at a time to rural stately homes, a quick trawl of “Fast” Eddie Davenport’s press cuttings reveals he was accused by the BBC of sharp practice in a pub-leasing firm he ran (which he denies) and involved in two companies that went bust owing millions (which he also denies).



The 24-room house, formerly the High Commission of Sierra Leone (its leasehold was obtained for £50,000 while the African country was in the throes of a coup d’etat) has a market value of about £30 million, and comes complete with Adam ceilings and wall panels and one of the finest Georgian staircases in London.

Add that to the estimated £70 million-worth of stock Davenport claims to have bought in the capital since he went into property, the apartments in Monaco and Thailand, the fleet of luxury cars and control of Patrick Cox shoes and this trim, glassy eyed playboy should be happy as a fox in a chicken coop.

After all, he can still hold private parties, launches, film and photo shoots to fund his “hobby” of restoring these 22,000sq ft of prime real estate.

He can still slip downstairs from the flat at the top of the house — which he shares with “seven friends who contribute to the bills” — and press the flesh of celebrating celebrities who unwittingly find themselves in his vicinity.

He can still upload photographs of himself with the likes of Mick Jagger, Russell Brand and Simon Cowell onto his website, where he advertises his (manorial) lordship to impress foreign businessmen.

He can still dress in suits and ties from the Saville Row tailor William Hunt.

So what could blot his recently designed escutcheon?  Davenport rolls up a shiny trouser leg, pulls down a silk sock and reveals a piece of apparel more commonly worn beneath Primark trackie bottoms: an electronic tracking device, or “tag”. Then he gives an alarming chuckle.

“My conditions of bail are absolutely ridiculous,” he says. “They’re more appropriate to a Colombian drug-dealer. I’ve already spent four months on remand this year — which by my calculation is as much as you serve for a one-year prison sentence — and posted a £1 million surety. “My passport has been taken, I have to report some of my business dealings to the Serious Fraud Office, and sign in at a police station three times a week.”



And all because he’s been arrested for “ramping” the purchase price of an office block by £2.4 million — oh, and for allegedly conspiring in a £12.5 million scam to take arrangement fees from prospective borrowers when he had no intention of making the loans.

Needless to say, milord protests his innocence and says: “Well, life’s always got hiccups. You’ve just got to survive each day, and fight your battles one by one.”

So far, this one has allegedly cost him dear. Davenport says he has had to let go of his yacht and private jet, most of his Monaco staff and some very lucrative deals abroad. “But why would I be a flight risk’?” he asks. “I have considerable attachments to Britain, quite apart from the £40 million of assets that I’ve already disclosed to the SFO. My mother still lives in the house in Fulham where I was brought up.”

Born Edward Ormus Sharington Davenport in London on July 11, 1966, he is the son of a successful restaurateur and by 15 was making money selling clothes on Portobello Market and cultivating his love of the good life.

“I’ve always loved parties,” he says, “my own and other people’s, and they have been a huge element in my career.

When I was 14, everyone always came round to my place.  “Later, I held them in nightclubs. Then came the Gatecrasher Balls. I’m a very sociable character . . .”

One can think of other adjectives — sleazy, perhaps — but he protests: “There has been nothing sleazy about the activities in this house.” Not the pole dancing? “It was innocent fun for women who work in the area.” And the swinging?

“The Killing Kittens events were attended by a good-looking, upmarket crowd who are into a hedonistic sexual scene.

That’s not illegal.” It turns out that Davenport draws a distinction between “naughtiness” and criminality.



“You can call me flamboyant and an opportunist,” he says, “and I suppose I am a bit flash.

But I’m trying to create the image of someone who can deliver on an international scale.

People in Hong Kong and China are going to expect you to have some kind of presence.

So when they go to my website and see my title and the pictures of all the celebrities who have genuinely been to my house and said hi’ to me, they’re going to take me seriously.”

If only he had the same effect on the home crowd.

Instead, he says, “There will always be a small number of people in the anti-Eddie Davenport Fan Club.

I’m told by those close to me that these people are jealous, but it’s not an emotion I have, so I can’t really understand it.”

What Davenport does understand is the getting and spending of money. “Making progressive steps forward is very, very important to me.

I moved from my mother’s to a flat, to a house, to a bigger house, and eventually to this.” He makes a sweeping gesture to take in his tatty empire.

And then Davenport makes his first understatement in an hour of rapid-fire self-justification.

“Every now and again, the progress stops and you realise you’ve made a mistake. Life was quite good, but it’s gone back a bit in the last year.

Now I have to get back to where I was before the SFO investigation — an investigation that has put a sledgehammer through a lot of my activities, left others on hold and damaged my reputation.”




The Infamous Valentine’s Day Gatecrasher Ball 1988  (16 minute video of the ball + interviews)


Gatecrasher Ball 1999  (report on the activities of the youngsters aged 14-20)



33 Portland Place – Monthira’s Birthday Bash  (10 minute video of a party at 33 Portland Place)



Lord Edward Davenport – Royal Bet  (report on Price Charles handshake)


Edward Davenport 33 Portland Place  (report on media uses of 33 Portland Place)



Edward Davenport, 33 Portland Place, London, W1B 1QE  (media promotion video)


Alex King & Fast Eddie



9 October 2006 – The truth about the mysterious royal hoaxer

Anyone who has ever seen the professional, broad-shouldered bustle of a royal entourage sweeping through a room will recognise the impregnable efficiency with which strangers are cleared aside.

Yet one evening last week, a young man, whose name (or so he says) is “Alex King”, succeeded in fooling a phalanx of security guards and battalion of royal minders, with nothing more than a cocksure manner, smile and sharply cut suit.

At the royal film premiere of Alan Bennett’s The History Boys, Mr King infiltrated the cast line-up to shake hands with a clueless Prince Charles, and exchange pleasantries with the Duchess of Cornwall (“I told her how lovely she looked.

She appeared to be very flattered”), before being rumbled, rebuked by the police, then let back into the auditorium to watch the film.

According to detectives, this breach of security was just another cheeky prankster, slightly embarrassingly (for them) keeping alive the British spirit of derring-do.

But there were peculiarities to this case – and a far darker side to the hoaxer than it seemed at first.

Why, for example, did Mr King, who afterwards made appearances on television to crow about his coup, prove so reluctant to be pinned down?

He claims to have attended Eton, the Alma mater of Princes William and Harry, but the school has no record of him.

Even his name – he says he has always been called Alex King, while others said his real name was Alex Ainley – was not straightforward. Eton has records of only one Alex Ainley attending – a much younger man with no connection to Mr King.



When the Mail went in search of the true identity of the man who allegedly won a £100,000 bet for his gatecrashing stunt, we found a remarkable story of decadence and deceit which involved an aristocrat confessing to the Mail about a secret affair he had with King’s mother 30 years ago.

More seriously, the man who shook hands with Prince Charles is awaiting trial on child porn charges after police found 55 indecent images of young children, and two videos titled Two Cute Little Boys Having Fun and Pre-Teen Girl Kid, on his personal computer.

Once, the Georgian mansion was splendid; today, it retains some of that grandiosity but everything looks so tired it seems as if it might crumble if you touch it.

The house, in Portland Place, is used for fashion shoots (when we visited, its corridors were littered with long-limbed models and photographic flunkeys).

But a few months ago, undercover reporters from a Sunday newspaper exposed it as the address where King organised ‘sleazy, Roman-style mass orgies’ and hired Russian girls out for sex at £500-a-day.




20 April 2011 – City Diary: No more fun and games in Portland Place

No more sex parties for you, m’lud. Self–styled “Lord” Edward Davenport has lost his appeal against a ban on holding “corsets and condoms” parties at his £20m Georgian mansion.

Davenport, who uses the title Lord without being born to it, yesterday failed to convince the Court of Appeal to overturn an injunction against him holding gatherings for “the world’s sexual elite” at his Grade II listed 24,000 sq ft London home.

Lord Justice Munby upheld Westminster City Council’s 2006 ruling that the 33 Portland Place property could only be used for residential purposes and said Davenport had been told repeatedly “what he had done wrong”.

Davenport – who describes himself as “one of London’s most flamboyant and best–known entrepreneurs as well as a true English gentleman from an established British family” – claims that not all of his intimate gatherings are sexual.

“We might have been overdoing it a bit with the big parties, but, ultimately, I want this to be a private house with the ability to host the odd commercial party or film shoot,” Davenport said last year. “Only one in 12 film shoots, say, or one in 20 parties held here has ever had a sexualised theme.”

The 24–bedroom mansion has played host to Cher, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell as well as being the setting for parts of The King’s Speech and another slightly steamier film with an all–male cast.

Forty–five–year–old Davenport, who claims to own a £100m property portfolio, a private jet, a Ferrari 360 Spider, an Aston Martin Virage Volante, a Rolls–Royce Phantom and a Lamborghini, said the ruling has sentenced him to life of “overwhelming hardship”.



Lord fraud: Eddie Davenport with girlfriend Monthira Sanan-Ua



9 October 2011- I saw a Hollywood movie actor at one orgy and said ‘Oh, I recognise you!’: Inside the shady world of playboy conman ‘Lord’ Eddie Davenport

She has given it a lot of thought. But Monthira Sanan-Ua, the Thai girlfriend of conman ‘Lord’ Eddie Davenport, has decided – much as she loves him – that eight years is a long time to put your life on hold.

This reality was brutally driven home last week, as she sat in Southwark Crown Court and watched the judge jail her playboy boyfriend for seven years and eight months for his part in a £4.5million global fraud.

She now knows Davenport, 45, was the ‘ringmaster’ of a vast scam in which cash-strapped entrepreneurs were conned into handing over thousands of pounds for ‘due diligence’ checks in return for much-needed investment in their businesses – investment that never materialised.

And she understands the way in which his victims were often left bankrupt, unemployed and with their reputations in ruins. One had a mental breakdown.

For Monthira, 26, the depth of Davenport’s callousness has come as a shock, but life with ‘Fast Eddie’ was, at best, unconventional; at worst, unprincipled and free of all moral restraints.

Monthira has known the self-styled lord for five years and was his partner for the last three.

She hosted many of the infamous parties at his elegant London mansion, 33 Portland Place.

She cannot claim total innocence yet in her own way she, too, is a victim of Davenport and the double life he led.

‘I still love him but he’s let me down terribly,’ Monthira says. ‘I’m trying to be brave about it but my life will change now without Eddie’s presence. It was a terrible moment when I looked across at him in the dock and saw him get such a long sentence.

‘Eddie smiled at me bravely as if to say “don’t worry” and “sorry” but I know in my heart nothing will be the same again.

‘I can’t believe Eddie is really such a bad person. I am not sure I can wait eight years but that doesn’t stop me loving him or thinking of him as family.’

Monthira’s mother, Panida, ran away to Britain, leaving her Bangkok policeman husband when her daughter was nine.

Monthira joined her when she was 14 and decided to stay, leaving school at 16 to work in various West End clubs and bars as a waitress.

Monthira met Davenport when she was living in a grotty council flat near his 102-bedroom mansion and they became nodding acquaintances in the street, which progressed to cups of coffee.

She says: ‘I was wary of Eddie because I heard he was a playboy but we always connected and got on well from the start.

Eddie pursued me for two years before I allowed him his first kiss and we started dating. It took a while to trust him but we fell in love.’

It was only when they became boyfriend and girlfriend that Monthira was introduced to the true nature of life behind the polished black door of 33 Portland Place, the former High Commission of Sierra Leone.


Strained: The self-styled socialite arrives at Southwark Crown Court accused of scamming scores of people across the world in business deals

Strained: The self-styled socialite arrives at Southwark Crown Court accused of scamming scores of people across the world in business deals, left, while right he looks strained in his police mugshot.


Edward Davenport in his police mugshot





6 October 2011 – Downfall of Lord Fraud who threw sex parties in his mansion
Fast Eddie’, jailed for eight years for international £4.5million global scam.

He boasted of partying with rich and famous but fleeced socialites.

Court hears he was ‘ringmaster’ who conned 51 victims out of cash

A self-styled lord who led the lifestyle of an international playboy and friend to the stars was yesterday unmasked as the ‘ringmaster’ of a £4.5million global fraud.

Edward Davenport charmed the rich and famous, with Kate Moss and Princes William and Harry among the guests of raucous parties at his £30million mansion.

But yesterday the socialite was revealed as a crook after reporting restrictions on his three-month trial were lifted by a judge. ‘Lord Davenport’, 45, whose nickname was Fast Eddie, was jailed for seven years and eight months in September for conning 51 victims, including Princess Diana’s wedding dress designer Elizabeth Emanuel, who lost her life savings.

Davenport cashed in on the credit crunch by offering bogus start-up loans to entrepreneurs desperate for cash.

Victims were promised millions of pounds of credit, but were asked to pay for ‘due diligence’ investigations into their companies before they could have the loan.

Davenport and his lieutenants, Peter Riley, 64, and Borge Andersen, 66, pocketed £4.5million in deposits and advance fees but never paid out the promised £2billion in loans to entrepreneurs from as far afield as India, Canada and Dubai.

In May this year Davenport, Riley, and Anderson were convicted of conspiracy to defraud at Southwark Crown Court.

Sentencing him, Judge Peter Testar said: ‘Mr Davenport has been described by the prosecution as a ringmaster, which is apt. ‘He got others to do the detailed legwork for him. That’s how he does things – he does not leave many footprints in the snow himself.’

Among those he fleeced was Miss Emanuel, 58. She agreed to surrender 65 per cent of her company in return for a £1.5million investment, but Davenport demanded £20,000 in up-front fees.

She said: ‘He knew I was at rock bottom and he wanted to screw me out of every penny. ‘It was unbelievable that he had made all these contacts and bought a title to give him credibility when he was just a common conman.

He fully deserves his sentence.’ Last month when he was sentenced Davenport looked unfazed, grinning and raising his eyebrows in a suggestive manner at his 25-year-old Thai girlfriend, model Monthira Sanan-ua.

Yesterday he issued a typically arrogant statement, declaring the sentence a ‘setback’, vowing to appeal and asserting his innocence.

His lieutenant, Riley received seven years and eight months, while Andersen was given three years and three months.

Two other men, Richard Stephens, 65 and David McHugh, 53, admitted their roles last month.

Reporting restrictions were lifted after the final conspirator David Horsfall, 54, admitted his part. All three will be sentenced next month.


Lord of the scam: Edward Davenport, who lived in a lavish 110-room mansion in west London, has been jailed for eight years after conning his clients out of millionsEdward Davenport, pictured, will now have to sell his central London mansion, at Portland Place, which he bought for a pittance from the Sierra Leone government




24 May 2014 – How ‘Fast Eddie’ came skidding off the rails

Eddie Davenport’s court appearance this week marked the end to a life of fame, fortune – and audacious fraud

Edward Davenport’s website describes him as “a familiar face in exclusive venues across the world” and features a glossy photo gallery of the self-styled lord with his famous friends, including Mick Jagger, Al Pacino, Alastair Campbell and Keira Knightley, all against the backdrop of his Georgian mansion in central London.

There’s a touch of the Gatsbys about it, though, because for the past two and a half years “Fast Eddie” has been living cheek-by-jowl with an earthier crowd at the less-than-exclusive venue of HMP Wandsworth, following his conviction for fraud.

For his appearance this week at Southwark Crown Court, the latest stage in long-running confiscation proceedings against him after he stole millions from investors in a high-end commercial loans scam, none of his old circle was in the public gallery to offer their support.

After a career of headline-grabbing excess that began with organising the notorious Gatecrasher Balls in the late Eighties (“unbridled lust among upper-class Lolitas and public school Lotharios”) and graduated to renting out his stylish town-house for “adult” parties by Killing Kittens, run by the Duchess of Cambridge’s old schoolfriend Emma Sayles, Davenport’s charmed existence among the rich and famous finally collided with reality.

The 47-year-old, once estimated to be worth £130 million, is facing penury to meet the cost of repaying his victims – though many will remain out of pocket – and, as the court heard, his health has broken down to such an extent that a judge has reduced his sentence as an “act of mercy” to allow him to be released this month.

Complications arising from a kidney transplant, carried out while he was inside, have left him gravely ill, it was revealed.

The sparkle of those old website pictures, with his Saville Row suits, perma-tan and arresting blue eyes, had been replaced by a more haunted look.

That, arguably, has been the fate of all fraudsters. Their carefully constructed image and expensively-assembled address books evaporate like the bubbles in champagne when hard facts finally overtake a life built on the sand of fantasy and delusion. How much of the latter is self-delusion is open to debate.


David Sullivan, pictured, will buy the Grade-II listed Georgian mansion owned by 'Lord' Edward Davenport





3 January 2015 – Porn baron buys mansion used for sex parties by a former friend of the Duchess of Cambridge for £25m from a fake lord

‘Lord’ Edward Davenport bought the 24-bedroom London mansion in 1998. He was jailed for eight years in 2011 for a multi-million-pound fraud.

He was hit with a £12m confiscation order and has to repay £2m to victims.

The Marylebone mansion is being bought by porn baron ‘David Sullivan’.

Over the years, it has played host to supermodels, singers and playboys.

The property was even the favoured venue for sex parties thrown by one of the Duchess of Cambridge’s erstwhile chums

Now 33 Portland Place, the Grade II-listed Georgian mansion owned by fraudster ‘fast Eddie’, is to be sold to an equally colourful character – porn publisher David Sullivan.

When self-styled ‘Lord’ Edward Davenport was convicted of a multi- million-pound fraud and jailed for eight years in 2011, he was told to pay a confiscation order of £12 million as well as £2 million to 51 victims.

Released from prison on compassionate grounds last May after a kidney transplant, Davenport has been loath to part with his London home, despite it descending into faded grandeur over the past few years.

But unable to raise funds to pay his victims he has been forced to sell the Marylebone mansion he bought in 1998 for a knock-down price – for £25 million.

Sullivan intends to spend a further £25 million restoring the building to its former splendour with his wife, Emma Benton-Hughes, overseeing the refurbishment.

‘David intends to spare no expense on its restoration,’ said one of Sullivan’s circle. ‘He intends to sell it on for a huge profit.’

Built in 1776, the 24-bedroom house was the location for the Oscar- winning film The King’s Speech, starring Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter, and was also used in 2004 for The Life and Death Of Peter Sellers and Vera Drake.

Kate Moss was filmed on the staircase in a racy basque and stockings for an Agent Provocateur advertisement and Amy Winehouse shot a video for her single Rehab there.

More recently, the address had become a byword for decadence and promiscuity.

Davenport had a lucrative sideline hiring out his home to Emma Sayle, who used to go to school with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Amid its increasingly seedy and shabby surroundings, she hosted marathon sex parties.

The lower ground floor, with its nightclub area, hot tub and flashing lights, featured in scores of her infamous Killing Kittens get-togethers as well as in porn movies.

At one party, Courvoisier built a swimming pool and filled it with 4,000 litres of cocktail so revellers could row across it.

But the louche parties ended abruptly in 2010 when the High Court ruled that commercial activity at the house was banned.

Last night, friends said Davenport, who rose to fame in the 1980s with his boozy Gatecrasher balls, was heartbroken to lose his home. ‘Eddie is incredibly unhappy about the sale, but he doesn’t have a choice,’ one said. ‘The truth is he is devastated. He thinks it is all shockingly unfair.’



'Lord' Edward Davenport, right, pictured in the mansion he bought before his downfall in 1998It is believed that Sullivan will pay £25 million for the 24-bedroom house in Marylebone, pictured33 Portland Place





Crime, Sex Orgies, Politics, the Forces That Drive Westminster – Part 4 – High Society Lady Takes It All To A Higher level




Emma Sayle owns the Killing Kittens members-only sex club

Emma Sayle owns the Killing Kittens members-only sex club




17 February 2005 – The Poshest Swinger In Town

When it emerged that a Tory strategist led a double life as the organiser of upmarket sex parties, it caused members of polite society to choke on their gin and tonics.

But now, Dougie Smith, an adviser and speech-writer to senior MPs – has moved on to business pastures new, and his louche mantle has been picked up by another member of the Establishment.

Diplomat’s daughter Emma Sayle, 26, who went to Sloaney £21,660-a-year Downe House school, Berkshire, at the same time as Princess Michael of Kent’s daughter Gabriella, 23, is now organising the orgies.

Club Fever, for young, wealthy, “liberated couples and single women” costs about £500 a person per year to join.

Her role in the sordid world of swingers will no doubt come as a surprise to her more strait-laced friends and family.

Her Cambridge-educated father Guy, 58, was a colonel with the Welsh Guards, has an OBE, is a former fellow and bursar of his Alma Mater Magdalene College and was Britain’s defence attaché to Egypt and Kuwait.

Col Sayle – who lives in Berkshire with Emma’s mother, Malvin, head charity fundraiser at the Royal Marsden Hospital – was also the top liaison officer in Germany at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Emma, who is dating a hunky Australian, tells me, without a hint of irony, that her “private members’ sex club” will also include less salacious trips to the opera and sporting events.

However, her first project was a black-tie New Year’s Eve party at a mansion in grand Regent’s Park, London, which she describes as a “kaleidoscope of naked, writhing bodies”.

She claims she is now hoping to recruit some of her contemporaries at girls-only Downe House. “Gabriella Windsor is just the sort of girl we want to recruit,” she says. “I am sending her an invitation to join. “She was naughty at Downe House, definitely one of the ‘cool gang’.

I remember she got suspended for a week for smoking. “My best friend there, Amanda Cherry, ended up with the school politics teacher after she left. She was 19 and he was 41. “It was quite a scandal at the time but they are still together.

I don’t know what it is about Downe House that makes us so naughty – I guess we’re like caged animals.” She insists her parents are not bothered about her ‘work’.

She says: “They think what I do is absolutely hilarious. “They know I don’t get personally involved in the orgies.

I get pleasure from knowing other people are having a good time.” And, of course, she expects to turn in a substantial profit…


Risqué: Emma Sayle (left) pictured on Facebook with fellow Sisterhood member Natalie Sisson (right)




Upper Crust Organisers

Edward Davenport – Made first million in his teens organising the infamous Gatecrasher balls – now a property tycoon worth £133m.

Spends six months a year in Monaco as a tax exile sharing £200-a-night hotel suite with two women.

Shares £15million London pad with three more.

He was seen kissing and fondling a girl on the orgy bed last Saturday night.

He bought the venue, a former ambassador’s residence, from the Sierra Leone government in 2002 for the knock-down price of just £50,000.

David Russell Walters – By day  boss of Tory party anti-Europe Democracy Movement.

By night, orgy master tending to guests. Looked on as four girls, one a Dutch rowing champ, pleasured each other.

Jonathan Friedman – Brains behind Fever’s image. Spends hours “dressing” rooms with pink satin, chocolates, fruit, and jelly babies for energy. Seen canoodling on the bed with beautiful American blonde.

Emma Sayle – Diplomat’s daughter. Dad was colonel with the Welsh Guards and has an OBE. She is regarded as one of Britain’s best and most upmarket party organisers – didn’t join in the orgy.

James Hayter – Professional rugby player. Hayter, who is over 6ft tall and weighs 220 lb, was Hired as a bouncer but became overwhelmed with lust. Stripped off and joined in the night’s action.

Dougie Smith – Senior Conservative Party strategist, adviser and speech writer to senior MPs. Preached the John Major’s morally-focused back-to-basics policy.


Kate MiddletonKate Middleton


24 July 2007 – Woman Training to Row Channel With Kate Middleton Runs Upper Class Orgy Club

It takes a racy sort of girl to relish the challenge of rowing across the English Channel.

But Kate Middleton may not have realised just how racy the company would be when she agreed to join the rowers in a glamorous all-girl team.

These spirited ladies may all be in the same boat but there the similarities most definitely end.

While Miss Middleton, 25, has made a name for herself as the elegant companion of Prince William, Emma Sayle, 29, has made a name for herself too – organising risqué parties for wealthy, attractive and broad-minded couples.

As whispers about her past refused to go away, the former public schoolgirl was keen to play down her role in Killing Kittens, the private club that blurs social and sex lives. Or to put it bluntly, organises orgies.

Miss Middleton has been training on the oars three times a week, said Miss Sayle, whose organisational skills made her a natural for team leader.

They will race across the Channel on August 25 against a male team to raise money for two charities.

Given Prince William’s mischievous sense of humour, he is likely to be as intrigued as anyone about Miss Sayle, the lively daughter of a diplomat.

She was at school with Princess Michael of Kent’s daughter, Gabriella, but they took somewhat different paths when Miss Sayle began working for Club Fever, a company organising orgies for “liberated couples and single women”.



Emma Sayle



She left to start her own company, Killing Kittens, which has a website advertising £120-a-couple sex parties at a private London residence for “strictly good looking couples and single girls only”.

Miss Sayle was rather coy about her orgy expertise. She said she had sold off part of Killing Kittens last year and no longer had a management role. “I still own some of it, I just don’t run it,” she explained.

“Now I’m trying to do something very amazing for two charities and organise 21 girls to get across the English Channel and Kate Middleton happens to be one of them.

“She’s a full team member. We’ve got two reserves and 19 in the boat and she’s one of the ones in the boat.



Kate Middleton


“She’s a general all-rounder and an amazing sportswoman. She’s a great team player. It’s quite funny but what I don’t want to happen is people to think it’s totally scandalous and say, ‘Look who Kate’s got involved with – a big sex party orgy organiser’. “She’s not stupid, she’s aware of it, it’s all very above-board, and I’ve never denied it. Everybody has got stuff they did in the past.”

But on the Killing Kittens website, Miss Sayle still has pride of place in a section entitled Our Founder.

She was never personally involved in the orgies, but is described as “one of the world’s leading sextrepreneurs”.

Miss Middleton was persuaded to join the rowing team – known as the Sisterhood – by Alicia Fox-Pitt, her friend from their days at Marlborough College in Wiltshire.

Miss Fox-Pitt said: “She’s been training with us. She is a very gifted sportswoman and we played a lot of sport together at school.” They are aiming to raise £100,000 for charities Babes In Arms, which sponsors research into newborn abnormalities, and the children’s hospice charity the CHASE Ben Hollioake Fund





25 July 2007 – Kate Middleton Recovers From Night of Partying With Early Morning Row

If her head was pounding, she didn’t show it.  Instead, Kate Middleton simply gritted her teeth and got down to some solid rowing. Or rather some expert hair billowing.

A few hours earlier Prince William’s girlfriend had been enjoying cocktails with friends at one of her favourite bars. She finally rolled home around midnight.

By 7am she was up again, ready to sweat it out on the Thames with a charity dragon boat team.

But unlike her red-faced, puffing teammates, Miss Middleton looked poised and perfectly polished, a picture of regal calm at the tiller. (Her full face of early-morning make-up no doubt helped somewhat).

And no utilitarian hair bands or pony tails for her. She left her hair loose to billow flatteringly in the morning breeze.

The 25-year-old fashion buyer is taking part in an all-woman record-breaking attempt next month to row across the Channel.




The team, known as The Sisterhood, will leave Dover in a fibre-glass Oriental- style boat and cross 21 nautical miles of open water to the Cap Gris Nez, close to Calais.

It will be a challenge by any stretch of the imagination, which is why Miss Middleton is training three times a week.

But knowing she had to man the boats the next morning wasn’t enough to put her off a session of a different kind with friends at Mahiki, the Mayfair bar that is a favourite of Prince William’s.

Within hours she was one of the girls again as she arrived at Chiswick, West London, for an hour long training session.

As the team glided down-river to Hammersmith, she was paddling hard at the back of the boat.


Kate midd


As they returned to base, however, she had possibly run out of puff, having the easier task of manning the tiller instead.

Also in the boat was team leader Emma Sayle who, as the Mail revealed this week, founded Killing Kittens, a firm that organises sex parties for wealthy couples.

Miss Middleton was persuaded to join the rowing team by Alicia Fox-Pitt, a friend from her days at Marlborough College in Wiltshire.



Lingerie for sale on the Killing Kittens website




27 July 2009 – Emma Sayle runs Killing Kittens, an upmarket and exclusive sex party night with an eye on empowering women. The former West Berkshire school girl explains why her business doesn’t contradict her Christian faith.

That Emma Sayle organises elite sex parties might raise a few eyebrows, but that she’s also a committed Christian will have all eyebrows lunging sky-high.

A former pupil at the exclusive Downe House school in West Berkshire, Emma is one of the world’s leading ‘sextrepreneurs’.

The 31-year-old has made her name as the top upmarket adult party organiser and runs a monthly sex party night called Killing Kittens.

Populist myth has it that every time a woman ‘sins’ by pleasuring herself, God in retribution kills a kitten.

Over time, the term ‘killing kittens’ has become slang for female masturbation.

Thus, Emma’s parties focuses on female empowerment where, for example, men aren’t allowed to approach women and only women can make or break the rules.

“It’s for couples and girls,” says Emma, a pal of Prince William’s Bucklebury-born girlfriend Kate Middleton, “it’s for good-looking people only, under the age of 45.

“These parties turn into mass orgies – they’re big sex parties – and it’s a case of 50 per cent of the people that come along do take clothes off, and the other 50 per cent just come along for a good party and keep their clothes on.”

Surely this sort of sexual freedom sits uneasily with 31-year-old Emma’s Christian faith? But she heartily disagrees. “This whole ‘I’m a Christian’ thing,” she says, “the way it’s been written about a lot of the time is as if I’m someone happy-clappy who’s just done an Alpha course. “But I’ve been going to church and Sunday school since I was little. It’s a private thing that is just my faith.”When it comes to religion – and it’s not me being defensive – people pick and choose.”When you look at the bible, people pick and choose which bits they choose to live by and which bits they don’t.

“I’ve had this conversation about sex before marriage a lot and it doesn’t actually say once in the bible that you can’t have sex before marriage.

That’s just the stigma that’s been attached to it. It gets misquoted. “These are couples who are genuinely together and they choose to do this as a life-style choice within the sanctity of their marriage.

“No one’s getting hurt, no one’s cheating on anyone. Who am I or you or whoever to say they can’t do it? “I always say: everyone’s happy, so what’s the big deal?”;wap2

Link to Killing Kittens. (not recommended to anyone under the age of 18



Kate Middleton's chum Emma Sayle and the sex party house

Kate Middleton and Emma Sayle




17 April 2010  – Kate Middleton’s chum Emma Sayle and the Sex Party House

Miss Sayle, who attended Downe House boarding school with Prince Michael of Kent’s daughter Gabriella Windsor, was the subject of a London council investigation earlier this year over claims her Killing Kittens firm used a £30million house for sex parties

The concern is of course, a private members club, where woman can be as sexually explicit as they want, is one thing, even if alleged orgies were happening, that’s her business, but the implication in the articles, is that the situation was being used for commercial purposes, and that it may have been something slightly different.

Even that some camera phone images might have gotten out, and that she is or was at one point being investigated.

Emma Sayle is also credited with starting a group called the sisterhood, she seems to be an interesting character. Some sort of charitable organization was mentioned as well in the article.

Sex parties, orgies, and other situations that are a little bit more mature are not my cup of tea, but they might be someone else’s, my other concern or question is, are the individuals that use to attend these parties, being investigated as well, either.

I mean if the sex parties, orgies, or killing kittens situation, turned out to be more commercial, then private, and I am sure the investigation clarified this, were the others implicated, in the happenings, either the men or the women?

Was there any threat of them being investigated also, or even charged, for participation into these sorts of situations?



Emma Sayle, 36, has written a book about the Killing Kittens sex club parties she organisesEmma Sayle




27 April 2014 – Kate Middleton’s friend: How I sneaked a Labour MP wearing a dog’s collar out of my sex party

Emma Sayle reveals how she organised orgies for the rich and famous. The 36-year-old attended same all-girls public school as Kate Middleton.

Miss Sayle arranged a 300-strong orgy in a Regent’s Park mansion in 2012.

She claims it was attended by two Labour MPs who were ‘polite, nice guys’.

One MP wore only underpants and a dog’s collar around his neck, she says.

Her shocking memoir about organising orgies for the rich and often famous has been on sale for less than a week.

Yet speculation over which stars attended Emma Sayle’s Killing Kittens sex club parties is at fever pitch in the upper echelons of society.

Miss Sayle, who went to Downe House, the all-girls public school in Berkshire where the Duchess of Cambridge was also briefly a pupil, is careful not to name any members of her sex club in the book, Behind The Mask.

But the 36-year-old blonde has exclusively revealed to The Mail on Sunday that two Labour MPs were among the guests at one of her parties, which was raided by the Metropolitan Police and officials from Westminster Council.



Kate Middleton, pictured with Emma Sayle standing behind her, during a training session for the Sisterhood Cross Channel Challenge in London in 2007

Kate Middleton, pictured with Emma Sayle standing behind her, during a training session for the Sisterhood Cross Channel Challenge in London in 2007



Miss Sayle had to show two policemen around the orgy after they received a tip-off about alleged underage sex.

After being satisfied this wasn’t the case, the police, along with council officials who had received a tip-off alleging that Miss Sayle was selling alcohol without a licence, went away.

But not before the MPs were smuggled out of a back door and the bemused policemen were accosted by two women who mistook their uniforms for fancy dress.

The 300-strong orgy took place on July 13, 2012 at a club member’s mansion overlooking Regent’s Park in northwest London.

Miss Sayle describes the MPs in question as ‘polite, nice guys’.

One came as the guest of his wife, who was already a member of the club.

The other, who wore only underpants and a dog’s collar around his neck, came with two female friends.

Miss Sayle said: ‘The MP with the dog’s collar was being led around the party by one of the two girls he arrived with. Each to their own. ‘You’d recognise him if you were interested in Labour politics, but the married MP is a well-known name.

“The wife signed up as a single lady and then emailed to say she was married and asked if she could bring her husband.’

Members must be ‘attractive’ and aged between 18 and 45 to attend the parties, which can cost £400 a time.

The two Labour MPs were middle-aged and apparently passed the attractiveness test with flying colours.

Miss Sayle said: ‘They were at the older end of the spectrum but the married MP was in good shape and his wife was glamorous.

The other MP was in good shape, too.


Emma Sayle went to Downe House - the all-girls public school in Berkshire, pictured, where Kate Middleton was also briefly a pupil

Emma Sayle went to Downe House – the all-girls public school in Berkshire, pictured, where Kate Middleton was also briefly a pupil



‘We have said no before to well-known people because they’re ugly and old.

We’ve turned away some very wealthy people. They’re the ones who get angry. They’ve offered me thousands of pounds, but while it would be great to have the money, I have still said no.’

Miss Sayle recalls seeing at least 30 people, including the married MP and his wife, writhing on four leather beds pushed together at the orgy in question.

But she said: ‘You’ll never get a name out of me. I’m a Tory supporter so don’t really care what happens to Labour, but I still won’t say who they are.

That said, I also know that the married MP wouldn’t mind me mentioning it. His wife has the book and they think that it’s hilarious.’ Miss Sayle also refused to reveal the MPs’ identities to a Westminster official who asked for the information. ‘There are worse things happening [at Westminster],’ she said. ‘It’s far worse when people are cheating on their wives with their PAs.

’Miss Sayle’s other notable enterprise was starting The Sisterhood, a charity fundraising group of 70 women that at one time included the Duchess of Cambridge.






6 June 2014 – The Orgyniser How Killing Kittens Founder Emma Sayle Turned An Ibiza Shagfest Into A Sex Party Empire With 40,000 Clients

Nothing shocks me any more,” declares Emma Sayle, before listing some of the stranger parts of her work at Killing Kittens, the orgy organisers.

Currently, she’s searching for a Diana Vickers lookalike for a man who wants to be pretend-mugged while on a date, whereupon the Diana-double will morph into Super girl and save him.

Then there’s the judge who likes to be called “general” as he spanks women. Sayle has already revealed that a Labour MP once turned up at one of her sex parties, and wore only pants and a dog’s collar as a woman led him around the room.

Sayle founded Killing Kittens nine years ago.

Its 40,000 members are mostly “AB demographic, high-fliers and hedonists”.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Luisa Zissman is a fan, but Rhys Ifans was once turned away at the door “because he looked like a tramp”.

The USP for the parties is that women are in charge; men have to be invited to join in any intimate activities.

Killing Kittens now also arranges “experiences” to turn members’ sexual fantasies into reality — although Sayle recently refused a woman’s request for a rape scenario: “There’s a line we wouldn’t cross.”

Killing Kittens is now going global. Despite the stereotype of British reserve, Sayle is finding other places trickier than London. Ireland, where it launches in July, has been particularly tough. “I did Belfast radio shows and got annihilated. [People] called in, saying the devil was with me.”

Sayle remains undaunted. She thinks the strength of her empire lies in its being run by women: “We’re a team of girls and we can plan an event unemotionally, whereas the guys just want to get their rocks off.”





Relevant Links for More Information


Emma Sayle and Kate Middleton lunching together in 2007







Crime, Sex Orgies, Politics, the Forces That Drive Westminster – Part 3 – Ultra Right Wing – A Second Top Tory Orgy Organiser and a Jock to Boot





heath_1662259cquote-unemployment-is-of-vital-importance-particularly-to-the-unemployed-edward-heath-71-11-23Thatcher and Heath the Look of Love




20 March 2005 – Douglas Smith – Tory Central Office Adviser and Fever Party Organiser

By day Dougie Smith, is the respectable co-ordinator of Conservatives for Change (Cchange), the influential Tory think tank whose board members include Theresa May, the Conservative party chairman.

It was founded last year by Francis Maude and supporters of Michael Portillo.

Archie Norman MP, the former Asda boss, also sits on its board.

By night he devotes his attention to coordinating the activities of the Fever club which he created and launched in January 1998 with a debauched party in a Central London penthouse.

The reputed 2,500 worldwide membership  includes captains of industry, celebrities and multi-millionaire tycoons.

Critics have accused the secretive organisation of being a sinister networking organisation.

Orgies for the ultra-rich and politically influential are hosted twice yearly in London and Manchester and other parties are held over the summer in New York and Ibiza.

Fever receives over 400 applications for each party and the vetting process is extremely strict.

The upper age limit of 35 was recently raised to 40 to take account of the advancing years of some of the organisers.




Smith who developed and preached the ill advised John Major Tory government morally-focused back-to-basics policies, has been forced to cut his links with Fever and is now an adviser and speech writer to senior MPs.

Smith was recently appointed principal speech-writer to David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party and is a leading moderniser.

He is now Head of the Political Section of Conservative Intelligence.

Smith is a very well-known figure in Conservative circles.

He has acted as an adviser to several senior right-wing figures, including the late Sir James Goldsmith and has written speeches for a number of leading Conservative MPs including former party leader Michael Howard before taking up his latest post.

He is also a prominent member of the exclusive Aspinalls poker set that play for high stakes at the London casino.

After becoming involved in Conservative politics while at university, he became vice-chairman of the ever controversial Federation of Conservative Students.

He has also acted as a political adviser to Sir James Mancham, former president of the Seychelles and a well-known playboy.”




Smith, in his late thirties and politically active from his teens, compiled a damaging profile of the Conservative Party lamenting its ageing and narrow recruitment profile  arguing that “most Conservative MPs and candidates under 50 come across as soulless, selfish and smug” and that “because very few younger, more normal people become involved, those who remain are increasingly old and atypical”.

In the early Eighties he worked for the Adam Smith Institute, the free-market think tank, while pursuing a career in the Federation of Conservative Students as a prominent member of a Right-wing, libertarian faction. Indeed, he was elected in 1985 as an FCS vice-chairman.

It later transpired that his claim to be a student at Napier College was erroneous and his election was declared null and void by Conservative Central Office following an inquiry.

It was then revealed that Smith had been thrown out of Strathclyde University after failing his second year exams.

Smith’s later exploits included being arrested by the police for allegedly threatening to kill FCS member Toby Baxendale, although he was released after spending a night in the cells, and working for Right-wing millionaire David Hart‘s Committee for a Free Britain – not exactly proof of normality.

Even more disingenuously, Smith describes himself as “a Conservative party member since my teens”. Yet he appears to have overlooked the period before the 1997 general election when he joined that rather outlandish outfit, Sir James Goldsmith‘s Referendum Party.



Munira Mirza



What Londoners think of Munira Mirza’s £123,000  appointment

“At just 30, after almost a decade in academia and little relevant work experience, she was appointed as an arts adviser to Boris Johnson.
A Year later she was promoted to deputy mayor for education and culture.
Mirza is married to Dougie Smith, former speech writer for David Cameron now working at Central Office. So it’s who you know!!.
Vital observations for the working classes: Munira Mirza believes that all children should have access to a good education.
It is important to challenge the culture of low expectations, she says.
Who would have thought of that? So that’s why she earns so much. She has never had a proper job but is now a paid up member of the establishment.
That’s right, privilege is the correct term.
Now its jobs for the boys [and girls]. You don’t have to worry about filling in online applications for jobs, just have a whisper in Boris’s ear, you’ll be OK from now on and on and on.
Before long you’ll be applying to be an MP and renting out your second home etc.
6 August 2006 –  Tory Dave’s Latest Aide … the Swingometer… His newly Appointed Speech-writer Ran Orgies

One of David Cameron’s closest aides used to run sex orgies for toffs.

Dougie Smith, 44, who has been promoted to the heart of the Conservative leader’s inner circle, organised lavish swingers’ parties for rich young couples at palatial homes.

Smith is the speech-writer for family man Cameron – who is desperate to shake off the sleazy image of previous Tory regimes.

He has played a pivotal role in a right-wing think-tank called Cchange, spearheaded by Tory modernisers and set up by party chairman Francis Maude.

A senior Tory source said: “Dougie is a very valued member of David Cameron’s team.  “He will continue to play an important role and I’m sure David is not worried by what he did in the past.”

Smith has claimed that he has “never made a secret” of his past involvement as a boss of London-based Fever, which ran the sex parties.

But visitors to the “five-star” events he organised have told of orgies with giant double beds heaving with writhing couples.

His key role has horrified senior Tories who want to promote Cameron as squeaky clean and a “new breed” of politician.

One said: “Do we really want someone like this involved with running our organisation?

These parties are filthy and disgusting. What kind of message does that send out about us?”

Entrepreneur Smith ran the sex parties for five years.

The events saw couples swapping partners and taking part in bizarre sexual combinations.

According to Fever’s website, the parties are the most “exclusive and sizzling sex parties” going.

They have been held at glitzy locations including a town-house in London’s Mayfair, luxury villas in Ibiza and a country mansion near Manchester.

This summer’s parties have attracted couples from all over England.

Couples also flew in from Grenada, the Netherlands, the South of France and Iceland.

The parties has strict entry rules – people must be under 40, good looking, and leave any inhibitions at the door.

Guests are asked to make a financial contribution, usually no less than pounds 500 per person.

Couples are lavished with free drinks and party bosses boast of their reputation for attracting stunning couples to their events.

Former Home Office minister Ann Widdecombe has said that she took a “dim view” of Smith’s enterprises.’S+LATEST+AIDE..+THE+SWINGEROMETER%3b+EXCLUSIVE+Speechwriter…-a0149114583

33 Portland Place: Venue for the parties




1 January 2007 –  Federation of Conservative Students

According to David Cameron, the breakdown of family life led to the recent shootings in south London.

“I want to see couples stay together, and we know that the best way to ensure this is to support marriage.”

No doubt his chief speech-writer, Douglas Smith, would agree.

Until a couple of years ago he ran Fever Parties, an agency organising “five star orgies” for swingers, at which as many as 50 couples at a time would merrily have sex with complete strangers.

This is the same Dougie Smith who – clad in military fatigues – was a leading storm trooper of the loony-right faction that dominated the Federation of Conservative Students in the 1980s.

Elected as FCS Vice-Chairman in 1983, he was forced to resign when despite claiming to be a student at Napier College, he was nothing of the sort.

In April 1990 he was arrested by Hammersmith Police after allegedly threatening to kill a fellow FCS member, Toby Baxendale, who had won the affections of Smith’s ex-girlfriend.

After a night in the cells, however he was released. He then found employment at the shadowy Committee for a Free Britain, run by right-wing tycoon and Lord Lucan lookalike David Hart.

In the 1997 general election Dougie campaigned energetically for Sir Jammy Fishpaste’s Referendum Party, where he became great chums with Sir Jammy’s son Zac Goldsmith – whom he has since brought into Dave’s big tent.

The language of Smith’s speeches for Cameron is quite a contrast to his 1985 FCS publication Smash the Red Menace which advised Tories how to disrupt NUS conferences. “Always be provocative …eg. ‘You red fascist scum.’

A true master should be able to provoke self-righteous Leftists into a quarter of an hour orgy of chaos…Think about staging a mock fight at the side of the stage.”

If the Cameron’s fail to make the necessary breakthrough with their caring sharing approach, perhaps they should keep this in reserve as Plan B.”


The royal couple were guests of honour at the nuptials of multi-millionaire entrepreneur Ben Elliot, 35. The son of Camilla’s sister Annabel.




13 April 2007 – Camilla Parker Bowles’s Multi-Millionaire nephew, Ben Elliot, Friend of Dougie Smith could be heading for a career in politics

Just when you thought the Tory party couldn’t get any posher, another toff piles in.

Camilla Parker Bowles’s nephew Ben Elliot, the mastermind behind top concierge service Quintessentially, could be heading for a career in politics, according to a profile of the young entrepreneur in this month’s Vogue.

“At the weekly poker tournaments at Aspinall’s that he attends whenever he’s in town, he is always at the forefront of political discussions with such Tory affiliates as Zac Goldsmith and David Cameron’s speech writer Dougie Smith,” we’re told.

Zac Goldsmith recently became Conservative candidate for Richmond while Smith, once a speech-writer to Sir Jimmy Goldsmith, has become one of David Cameron’s most trusted confidants, despite previously running a top-end swingers agency, Fever.

As an Old Etonian, Elliot would certainly find himself at home on the Tory benches.


9d222-cameronmustgoDavid Cameron




5 May 2012 –  Dougie Smith and His Tangled Web – Tory Official in Internet Porn Crackdown Used to Run Sex Orgies

One of the Tory officials involved in David Cameron’s internet porn crackdown, Dougie Smith, 49, could be described as  a poacher turned gamekeeper.

He once ran exotic parties where London’s fast set reportedly cavorted on four-poster beds heaving with bodies.

Exactly the kind of thing the PM does not want popping up  on family computer screens.








Crime, Sex Orgies, Politics, the Forces That Drive Westminster – Part 2 – Ultra Right Wing – Top Tory Orgy Organiser




David Russell Walters



David Russell Walters, 44 – Tory Senior Central Office Executive and boss of anti-Europe Democracy Movement.

By night, orgy master tending to guests. Looked on as four girls, one a Dutch rowing champ, pleasured each other.

Fever Club parties first became notorious when senior Conservative Party strategist Douglas Smith was exposed as a founding member in 2003.

The 42-year-old, who preached the Tories’ morally-focused back-to-basics policy, was forced to cut his links with Fever and is now an adviser and speech writer to senior MPs.

The club started in January 1998 with a debauched launch party in a Central London penthouse.

The 2,500 worldwide members include captains of industry, celebrities and multi-millionaire tycoons.

Critics have accused the secretive organisation of being a sinister networking organisation.

Orgies for the rich and beautiful are hosted twice yearly in London and Manchester but there are parties over the summer in New York and Ibiza.

Fever receives over 400 applications for each party and the vetting process is extremely strict.

But the upper age limit of 40 was recently raised from 35 to take account of the advancing years of some of the organisers.



Russell  Walters Was Chief of Staff to Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor.

Russell joined the Party in the Glamorgan-shire valleys in 1976, and was a Y.C. and university branch Chairman and Chairman of South East Region F.C.S.

On graduating, he took a year’s sabbatical at the Adam Smith Institute, and became a Vice Chairman of the National Association of Conservative Graduates and researcher in the House of Commons.

He has worked in both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors, was a political adviser in Central Europe and Africa and has run several campaigns, most recently the cross-party, anti-euro Democracy Movement. Walters is a Trustee of Conservative Way Forward.





4 October 1989 – Forsyth Tightens Grip On Scots party – But Russell Walters is In Charge, He Runs the Show”

Moderate Tories are becoming increasingly alarmed as party chairman Mr Michael Forsyth completes his right-wing revolution at Scottish Conservative Party headquarters in Edinburgh.

Mr Forsyth’s grip on the party is now virtually total with the appointment to senior Central Office posts of a string of young men with a background on the ultra-right, libertarian wing of the party.

The party chief executive Mr John MacKay is on holiday but he will not be returning to his desk at Chester Street.

Although he is to retain the nominal title of chief executive, he has been marginalised as a force and the real administrative power within the Scottish Tory Party now lies with Mr Russell Walters, the man appointed by Mr Forsyth to be his chief of staff.

Mr MacKay’s departure places Russell Walters firmly in the political spotlight. A Chester Street insider said: “Make no mistake, Russell is in charge. He now runs the show.”

Mr Walters was the first appointment made by Mr Forsyth who was himself the personal choice of the Prime Minister.

She perceived him as the man with the qualifications to run the new-model Tory Party in promoted stories recommended to Scotland.

Mr Walters, a Welshman, was hired as part of Mr Forsyth’s campaign to cleanse the party of those not in tune with his philosophy that “politics is a battleground” and that many Scottish Tories had forgotten how to fight.

Two senior Chester Street men, organisational director Mr Bob Balfour and director of campaigns Mr Peter Smith, were soon seeking terms which would allow them to leave.

Meanwhile, right-wingers Mr Simon Turner and Mr Douglas Young, in the Walters-Forsyth mould with a political past on the libertarian right, are also to be part of Mr Forsyth’s team.

The chairman has surrounded himself with zealous young men whose background is in the controversial world of the disbanded Federation of Conservative Students and similarly rightist groupings.

The FCS was subject to an internal inquiry after a rowdy conference at Loughborough in 1985.




Scottish Secretary Mr Malcolm Rifkind, in an interview with the Scotsman today, reaffirmed his authority within the Scottish Tory Party and denied reports of a rift between him and Mr Forsyth.

“When we are in government the Secretary of State is at the top. Michael is a friend and a colleague and a very loyal junior Minister in my ministerial team,” he said. “We work extremely well as a team.

Power in Scotland rests with the Scottish Office and I am in charge of the Scottish Office.”

Mr Rifkind said Mr Forysth’s chairmanship did not signal any policy change and he described Mr Forsyth’s changes at headquarters as a long overdue conversion of the organisation into a “modern professional fighting organ.

Inevitably that can involve some elements of controversy, but I have no doubt that the thinking behind it is absolutely right and justified,” Mr Rifkind said.

Over the years the libertarian wing of the party, which has had a solid base in Scotland — Mr Forsyth was FCS chairman in the mid-seventies — has gloried in its image as the Blue Trots with more radical elements advocating legalisation of incest, hard drugs, and much else besides.

Conservative Central Office has been unusually reticent about discussing Mr Walters’s background, even to the extent of declining a request for a photograph.

Details of his employment history have trickled into the public domain. Initially it was revealed that he had come from the Adam Smith Institute.

In 1987 Mr Walters was an unsuccessful candidate for vice-chairmanship of the Young Conservative wing of the party and he has also been an office bearer with Greater London Young Conservatives.

In his 1987 campaign material Mr Walters described himself as having served as an officer with the Association for a Free Russia and the International Society for Human Rights.

He stated: “You may have been misled by one of the scandalous lies put into circulation about the Thatcherite team: that we support apartheid and legalisation of hard drugs. Discount such propaganda . . .we are not nutters or extremists.”


Image result for Greater London Young Conservatives images



The closed world which exists on the far right flank of the Conservative Party is a tangle of inter-connected organisations and personnel.

While Mr Walters was on the executive of the Greater London Young Conservatives a colleague and friend was one Mr Andrew Rossindell.

Mr Rossindell, 23, is a publisher who runs Britannia Press Features Ltd in Romford, Essex.

He has recently been admitted to the Scottish list of Conservative prospective parliamentary candidates.

Many of the pressure groups of the right, such as the Committee for a Free Britain, have links with individuals who were once active in the Federation of Conservative Students.

An indication of how inter-linked, casual or otherwise, this brotherhood of libertarians is can be gauged from the response to a telephone inquiry to the CFB office in London.

Asked if Mr Russell Walters was around, the man in the committee’s office first asked who was calling and then said: ”You won’t find Mr Walters here.





06 December 2002 – Liberty and Conservatives warn Downing Street on EU arrest warrant dangers

On Monday afternoon, Parliament opens the debate on the Government’s Extradition Bill, which will include the incorporation into UK law of the EU Arrest Warrant.

On Monday morning (shortly after 10am), Oliver Letwin (Conservative shadow home secretary) and John Wadham (Director, Liberty) will deliver a letter to Downing Street highlighting the serious concerns that they and others have about the Extradition Bill.

From 10.30am-12 noon, there will be a rally at Parliament to oppose the Bill – with speakers including Oliver Letwin, John Wadham, Russell Walters (Director, Democracy Movement). John Burnett MP – the Liberal Democrat spokesman on the issue will also raise his party’s concerns about the Bill.



Russell Walters Lead Researcher For the Right Wing Economic League

The London-based league is an organisation funded by business subscribers which compiles lists of so-called political agitators and trade union activists.

Subscribing companies use such information when recruiting.

Mr Walters was one of the senior operatives in the league’s intelligence gathering department.

Mr Michael Noar, the man who ran the league until this June, was unwilling to be interviewed.

However, he conceded that so far as he was aware Mr Walters had been with the organisation until mid-July.

“He was a much valued member of the research department,” said Mr Noar before concluding the conversation.

In April, 1988, Mr Walters was involved in a House of Commons row when it emerged that a list he was said to have compiled contained details of the alleged activities and affiliations of Labour MPs, including a number on the moderate wing of the party.

The Economic League was formed in 1919 to defend ”free enterprise, individual liberty, and parliamentary democracy.”

In addition to compiling lists of ”subversives”, it was also active in the propaganda war waged at the gates of strike-hit factories and saw it as its function to counter trade union and left wing literature with pamphlets of its own.

It achieved an unwelcome high-profile as a result of an investigative series by the World in Action TV programme.

Mr Walters also figured in this as the Granada team sought to highlight the link between the league and its activities and the Conservative party.

Mrs Maria Fyfe, Labour MP for Glasgow Maryhill, is concerned about Mr Walters’s involvement in the Economic League.

She has been a leading campaigner against the league and last year unsuccessfully proposed a Commons Bill which was intended to make its activities illegal.

She is astounded that Mr Forsyth should appoint one of the league’s principal research-intelligence officers to high office in the Scottish Tory Party.

She said, “Basically, we wanted to amend the Data Protection Act so that the Economic League could not keep card index files on individuals without their knowledge.

They have blacklisted thousands of people who know nothing whatever of it and they very often get things wrong.

”There are now 70 MPs who are members of our campaign.

We have representatives from all parties except the Tories. ”I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Michael Forsyth appoints someone like Russell Walters. They both belong to the hard right after all.

This will not go down well with the people of Scotland, though. Appointments such as these will backfire on the Tories because these people hold attitudes which are alien to most Scots.”

One Scot who has figured in the Economic League’s blacklists is Dalkeith High School history teacher Mr Derek Philips. He is an SNP activist and organiser of the party branch in Penicuik.

He appeared on the blacklist, wrongly, as a member of the anti-apartheid movement. He found out about it through the World in Action programme. Mr Philips said: ”As it happened, I wasn’t a member although I did once carry a Free Nelson Mandela banner during a miners’ strike march in Edinburgh.

I also wrote a letter about Nelson Mandela to the Scotsman.

I leave people to make up their own minds about how I then appear on an Economic League blacklist, not as an SNP activist, but as a supporter of the anti-apartheid movement.

It is sinister. ”I wish Russell Walters all the bad luck in the world as he begins his new job.”




23 October 2013 – Police Colluded In Secret Plan To Blacklist 3200 Building Workers

Police officers across the country supplied information on workers to a blacklist operation run by Britain’s biggest construction companies, the police watchdog has told lawyers representing victims.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has informed those affected that a Scotland Yard inquiry into police collusion has identified that it is “likely that all special branches were involved in providing information” that kept certain individuals out of work.

The IPCC’s disclosure confirms suspicions voiced by the information commissioner’s office last year that the police had been involved in providing some of the information held on the files.

The admission has been welcomed by campaigners for the 3,200 workers whose names were on the blacklist that was run for construction companies as “absolute evidence” of a conspiracy between the state and industry that lasted for decades.

Dave Smith, an engineer who had a 36-page file under his name and was repeatedly victimised for highlighting safety hazards on sites, including the presence of asbestos, said he was delighted that the IPCC had revealed “the truth”.

He added: “For the past five years, when we have been saying the police were involved, we were told we were talking nonsense and it was a conspiracy theory. They wanted it to go away.

Now we have the absolute evidence and this is no longer about industrial relations but is a major human rights scandal involving a conspiracy between the police and the industry.”

The blacklist, run by a company called the Consulting Association, funded by 40 major firms in the construction industry including Balfour Beatty and Sir Robert McAlpine, was discovered in 2009 after a raid by the information commissioner’s office.

Since then, the victims have fought to find out who was providing information against them. The IPCC’s correspondence is regarded as a major breakthrough.

However, the watchdog’s disclosure has been disputed by a subsequent letter to the victims’ solicitors.

This was sent by a recently appointed senior investigating officer for the inquiry into the activities of undercover police officers, known as Operation Herne.

In a letter, detective inspector Steve Craddock insists that the IPCC’s statement is incorrect and that he has seen “no conclusive evidence” that Scotland Yard shared information with the blacklisters.

The IPCC is standing by its correspondence, which it says was informed by discussions with the Metropolitan Police and that “developments since that … are a matter for the Metropolitan Police”.

In response, a spokesman for Craddock said Operation Herne’s investigating officer was “aware of the apparent contradiction and is looking into how that may have arisen”.

She added: “Operation Herne will report on the ‘blacklisting’ matter to the Metropolitan Police commissioner in due course.”

The developments come as the group fighting for justice for the blacklisted workers has received confirmation of a meeting between undercover police officers and those running the blacklist in November 2008.

The information commissioner’s officers have confirmed in a freedom of information response that they hold notes from a meeting between the Consulting Association and officers from the police national extremism tactical co-ordination unit, which runs undercover officers.

The notes of the 2008 meeting are part of a haul of documents seized by the information commissioner’s office when it discovered the existence of the secret blacklist during a raid on an office in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

Sir Robert McAlpine, which was allegedly a major player in the establishment and funding of the blacklist, is currently being sued in the high court over an unlawful conspiracy to amass a database of information against thousands of people.

Last week, in a dramatic twist, eight major construction companies, including Sir Robert McAlpine, announced that they would compensate some of the 3,213 workers whose names had been on a blacklist.

A statement said: “The companies – Balfour Beatty, Carillion, Costain, Kier, Laing O’Rourke, Sir Robert McAlpine, Skanska UK and Vinci – all apologise for their involvement with the Consulting Association and the impact that its database may have had on any individual construction worker.”

Sean Curran, a solicitor representing 69 victims in the high court, said he cautiously welcomed the announcement but raised concerns over the involvement of the unions, which are also suspected of providing information to the blacklist operation in some cases.

He said: “We note that there has been reference to the consultation of Ucatt and Unite in the formulation of the proposed compensation scheme.

We express serious concern about the involvement of those organisations.

“We have seen evidence that implicates Amicus (which evolved into Unite) and Ucatt officials in the supply of negative commentary about the suitability of their members for employment.

That commentary frequently made its way onto the Consulting Association database and was no doubt one of the factors that led to denials of employment.

“It is also worthy of note that those unions refused to support their members in bringing a High Court claim so that they could seek redress for the hardship that they suffered.

Many of those that we represent are firm that they object to Unite or Ucatt playing any part in negotiations with the relevant companies for these reasons.”

Claire Windsor, solicitor for the victims in regard to the complaint over police collusion, said her clients had lost any faith in the ability of the police to investigate themselves and that the blacklist support group was now calling for a judge-led independent inquiry into blacklisting.

Rickey Tomlinson and Des Warren




 10 December 2013 –  The Shrewsbury 24 Conspiracy

I apologise to you, Madam Deputy Speaker, and to the outside world if I sound somewhat repetitive, but I genuinely believe that the more people that say this and listen to it, the more likely we are eventually to get somewhere on the issue of transparency.

If we look at the Press Gallery, we see that there is very little interest in this issue from the press—apart from, of course, the regular and reliable Morning Star.

For some reason, other newspapers, apart from some in the Trinity Mirror group, are not covering it.

In a week when we have discussed the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill, we can see how difficult it is, when it comes to what happened 40 years ago, to get transparency from this coalition Government.

It is somewhat ironic that we are still discussing this issue in 2014.

To reflect on the Shrewsbury 24 issue, the conditions that existed in the building industry in the 1970s were a blight on our society.

Sites with hundreds of thousands of men were given two rat-infested, filthy toilets. There was nowhere to change, so if workers got soaked in the rain, they would either have to go home and lose their pay, or continue to work—sodden and freezing.

The health and safety conditions were appalling. In 1973 alone, there were 231 fatal accidents in construction.

When talking about this issue, I am reminded of why these people were victimised—it was because they were raising serious health and safety concerns to ensure that workers were safe in the workplace.

That is why the then employers turned against the trade unions—to make sure that health and safety issues were not raised at the appropriate time.

The employers’ agenda was not about looking after their workers.


“United We Stand”


We look on some of the working conditions in some countries with disgust, and we call on UK-based companies working in those other countries to look at their supply chains and improve their human rights records.

The Shrewsbury 24 were picketing in conditions that we would be horrified at today, so the calm and dignified protest they led is to be commended.

It was a difficult task—something that has not been repeated—trying to organise building workers who often moved to new temporary sites and it was a struggle to organise them on account of that.

The Shrewsbury 24 wanted to highlight the issues caused by colleagues “on the lump”, but they did not get violent and did nothing illegal.

At this stage, I am reminded of what the Scottish Affairs Select Committee is doing on the issue of blacklisting.

Only yesterday I listened to some of the evidence that the trade unions gave to that Select Committee.

Even today, trade union organisers are refused access to building sites, simply because they want to raise health and safety issues that the employer does not want to listen to. Ordinary trade unions are still struggling to get recognition.

The Shrewsbury 24 hired six coaches and picketed large sites around Shrewsbury, which were chosen because they were not as well organised as some places in the bigger cities.

It was peaceful—there were no cautions and no arrests. They had the permission of site owners. Chief Superintendent Meredith even shook the hand of Des Warren and thanked him for the co-operation of the UCATT and the then Transport and General Workers Union.

For that reason, when 24 men were arrested on conspiracy charges months later, they were shocked and confused.

Six were sent to jail, and over four decades later, the pickets still deny that they were guilty of any of the charges levelled against them.

The sentences had a devastating impact on these men. While in prison, Des Warren was regularly forced to drink “liquid cosh”, which has been blamed for his death from Parkinson’s disease in 2004. These men struggled to get work afterwards.

Let me finish by saying that if there were any sort of national security issue, it would never be viewed as acceptable in this day and age that information for which people are looking should be denied to them.


Ricky Tomlinson


Mr Tom Watson (West Bromwich East) (Lab): What lies behind this motion is a belief by many that there has been an abuse of state power and a subversion of the legal process.

Successive Governments have said repeatedly that there are just a handful of files relating to the Shrewsbury trials.

I would like to focus today on just one single file—PREM 15/2011, with which I hope the Minister can acquaint himself. It is described as “Woodrow Wyatt’s TV programme, ‘Red Under the Bed’”. On 27 August 2012, the National Archives website said that this file was “retained” by the Cabinet Office under section 3(4) of the Public Records Act 1958.

Why would such a file be kept back when it relates to a current affairs programme that was broadcast on ITV in November 1973?

Following a freedom of information request by the Shrewsbury 24 campaign’s incisive researcher in August 2013, the Cabinet Office finally conceded and released some of the papers.

Why is this file relevant? It is relevant because the film was broadcast on 13 November 1973, the day on which the prosecution completed its case against the pickets.

It was featured in the TV listing section of the local evening newspaper, the Shropshire Star, which would have been read by many of the jurors.

The film included a highly tendentious commentary by Woodrow Wyatt, interspersed with footage that showed the following: two of the six defendants, John Carpenter and Des Warren; Shrewsbury Crown Court, surrounded by police officers, with a group of demonstrators attending a meeting nearby; images of a march through Shrewsbury in which the defendants could be made out; violence and damage alleged to have been caused by pickets on building sites during the national building strike of 1972; and violence and damage alleged to have been caused by pickets during a recent coal strike and a recent dock strike.

The next day, the defence applied to the judge for the television company to be held in contempt.

The judge viewed the film and dismissed the application, even criticising the defence for raising the point.

The file shows that the film, which lasted for one hour, was followed by a studio discussion of 30 minutes.

Interestingly, the discussion was not broadcast in every ITV region—Granada, for example—but it was transmitted by ATV, the region covering Shrewsbury.

The final words of that discussion were from the then Conservative MP Geoffrey Stewart-Smith. He was asked by the studio chairman, the late Richard Whiteley:

“Can you give me one example in 1973 of blatant communist influence?”  Stewart-Smith replies “The violence in the building strike was called by a group, The Building Workers Charter, operating in defiance of the union leadership indulging in violence and flying pickets and this is an example of these people operating, opposing free trade unions”.

Can you imagine anything more blatantly prejudicial to a trial than that, Madam Deputy Speaker?

Imagine what the reaction would be today. Just think of any current high-profile trial, and what a defence team would say, and how that would be reported in the print media now.

We have to ask ourselves why that film was made, and why it was shown on that particular date.

It is my contention that the file reveals the highest level of collusion between the Government, the security services and the producers of the film.

The first document in the file is a memo from Mr Thomas Barker of the Information Research Department to a Mr Norman Reddaway.

For the benefit of younger Members, I should explain that the IRD was formed after the second world war as a covert anti-communist propaganda unit operating within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and was closed down in the late 1970s. Mr Barker boasts:

“We had a discreet but considerable hand in this programme….In general, this film, given national networking, can only have done good.”

He praises the studio discussion after the broadcast. The file contains more documents, including a note from the Prime Minister, Ted Heath, supporting the film after being sent a copy of the transcript by the Cabinet Secretary.


The campaign at the Criminal Cases Review Commission




23 January 2014 – Who Was It Who Funded the Economic League’s Secret Committee?

Who was it who funded the Economic League’s secret committee—a secret committee in a secret organisation? Lord McAlpine.

Even I was put on a blacklist. Who put me on it?  I believe that it was one Russell Walters, who today works as Tory researcher, and who was chief of staff for that would-be Tory leader, the hon. Member for Windsor (Adam Afriyie).  He was working for the Economic League.

There was also a bloke called Ned Walsh, a liar, who said throughout these events that he worked for the unions.

In fact, during the 1960s and 1970s he was working for the Economic League, infiltrating the unions. That is the conspiracy.

Blacklisting in Employment. Caprim Ltd. Jack Winder.  (90 minutes in parliament)

Multinational construction companies have been illegally blacklisting trade unionists in the UK building industry for years using the Consulting Association blacklist – the successor to the notorious Economic League.

15 Apr 2013 -Union News reports on the findings of an interim report by MPs on the Scottish Affairs Select Committee into the practice of anti-union blacklisting in the construction industry. The MPs say “major construction firms caught in illegal blacklisting are still dodging responsibility”
Published on 21 Feb 2014.  Police attend Victoria offices of Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd today as an arrest warrant is served on Cullum McAlpine for human rights violations relating to blacklist scandal. This weekend is 5th anniversary of the Information Commissioners Office raid on the Consulting Association, when files on over 3,214 construction workers and environmental activists were found. Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd. played a key role in setting up the Consulting Association to deny these workers employment, most of whom were simply raising concerns over health and safety.

Walters listed as the sole director, (from 2003) of  Second Circle Symposia Ltd, (a media company)

Walters listed as a director of the Democracy Movement (from 2006) A right wing Tory Think Tank











Behind the heavy wooden doors of House of Commons committee room 10, a little-known group of young Tories gathered in private on Wednesday to rally their forces ahead of the general election.

The chintzy decor provided an incongruous backdrop for the Young Britons’ Foundation, which has begun to earn a reputation in Tory circles as “the Conservative madrasa”.

Evoking al-Qaida indoctrination, the name has stuck because the offshoot from Conservative Future, the party’s official youth wing, harbours an extremist edge.

The YBF’s leader, Donal Blaney, is on record expressing what could be viewed as extreme positions on everything from the NHS to waterboarding.

So what were leading members of David Cameron’s top team, including party chairman Eric Pickles and shadow defence secretary Liam Fox, doing at their annual gathering?

The answer may lie in the group’s influence within the Conservative party and its growing role in training young Tories and even some parliamentary candidates who will stand against some of Labour’s big guns at the election this spring, including the foreign secretary, David Miliband.

The organisation was formed in 2003 by Blaney, a Kent solicitor and former leader of Conservative Future, the party’s official youth wing.

Ideologically, his heroes are Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan and he encourages his young charges to hark back to their free-market, libertarian, low-tax ideals.

He has managed to carve out a niche in the Conservative movement training young members and activists in handling the media and is now also offering training in right-wing policy issues.

With strong links with the American neo-conservative movement, the YBF regularly sends activists on subsidised trips to conferences in the US. “We go into schools and we proselytise conservatism and we get hold of the best kids and train them up,” Blaney has said. “We have been described as a Conservative madrasa, so we bring the next generation out to the States and bring them back radicalised.”

Blaney even takes his charges on firearms training courses. In 2008 he took activists and young Conservatives to the Blue Ridge Arsenal in Virginia, reporting that the feeling of “hot brass, gun recoil and smell of gunpowder was incredible”.

There are also partnerships with American right-wing think-tanks and foundations. The trips are all part of a plan to place “young radical free-market Anglosphere Conservatives in public life”.

Supporters stress the leadership’s own views are rarely directly espoused.

Michelle Donelan, 25, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Wentworth, who has attended the YBF’s training weekends, said it would be wrong to characterise it as extreme and indoctrinating.

“What Donal says, he says,” she said. “I have never heard these kinds of views expressed at a YBF event. It is a wonderful organisation. It brings young people into politics and is a forum for discussion.”

Donellan said that contrary to Blaney’s position and that of the YBF’s executive director, Matthew Richardson, she is “wholeheartedly” in favour of the NHS.

The organisation has also won endorsement from Cameron’s top team.

Even though the audience was modest at this week’s conference, it revealed strong support from the Tory hierarchy. As well as Pickles and Fox, speakers included Cameron’s former chief of staff, Alex Deane, and Andrew Rosindell, MP for Romford.

But for all the credibility these speakers give the YBF, a closer look reveals that the views of its chief executive move quite dramatically off-message,.

Perhaps most shockingly for a man who claims responsibility for training young politicians in the UK, Blaney appears to suggest on his website, Blaney’s Blarney, that waterboarding is acceptable. He also argues that the UK should adopt America’s liberal gun ownership laws.

In another article headlined “Scrap the NHS, not just targets”, he asked: “Would it not now be better to say that the NHS – in its current incarnation – is finished?”

It is the exposure of such views that will worry Tory high command.

Former deputy prime minister John Prescott said: “It shows the conflict between the smiling, liberal face of Cameron and the real gut feeling that some Tories have,” he said.

Tory party officials repeatedly stress that the YBF is independent from the party.

But Blaney has secured a place close to the party’s power-base. The YBF claims to have trained 2,500 party activists and sources familiar with Conservative central office said there is an informal understanding that the YBF is the main provider of training for young Conservative activists.

But most significantly, at least 11 Tory parliamentary candidates have either been delegates or speakers at its courses since 2003.

With many in winnable seats, it seems the graduates of the “Conservative madrasa” could be about to take power.




10 October 2009 – Political War games For Young Tory Activists – Russell Walters Now With Right Wing Conservative Way Forward in Attendance

This year’s YBF Conference will be much more interactive, with students working closely with mentors as they discuss how to handle a political war-game over the course of the weekend.

Students will also get the chance to devise campaign strategy and design campaign materials, debate issues with conservative movement leaders and hone campaigning skills in readiness for the general election next year.

All very useful stuff for any budding activist!

  • Eric Pickles MP, Conservative Party Chairman
  • Daniel Hannan MEP, Co-Author of The Plan
  • Rt Hon Lord Forsyth, Former Secretary of State for Scotland
  • Gerald Howarth MP, Shadow Defence Minister
  • Andrew Rosindell MP, Shadow Home Office Minister
  • Greg Hands MP, Shadow Treasury Minister
  • Paul Goodman MP, Shadow Local Government Minister
  • Douglas Carswell MP, Co-Author of The Plan
  • Paul Staines, Guido Fawkes
  • Iain Dale, Blogger & Publisher
  • Jonathan Isaby, Conservative Home
  • Nick Wood, Former CCHQ Head of Communications
  • Matthew Elliott, TaxPayers’ Alliance
  • Douglas Murray, Centre for Social Cohesion
  • Simon Richards, Freedom Association
  • Alan Mendoza, Henry Jackson Society
  • Russell Walters, Conservative Way Forward
  • Peter Whittle, New Culture Forum