Crime, Sex Orgies, Politics, the Forces That Drive Westminster – Part 4 – High Society Lady Takes It All To A Higher level




Emma Sayle owns the Killing Kittens members-only sex club

Emma Sayle owns the Killing Kittens members-only sex club




17 February 2005 – The Poshest Swinger In Town

When it emerged that a Tory strategist led a double life as the organiser of upmarket sex parties, it caused members of polite society to choke on their gin and tonics.

But now, Dougie Smith, an adviser and speech-writer to senior MPs – has moved on to business pastures new, and his louche mantle has been picked up by another member of the Establishment.

Diplomat’s daughter Emma Sayle, 26, who went to Sloaney £21,660-a-year Downe House school, Berkshire, at the same time as Princess Michael of Kent’s daughter Gabriella, 23, is now organising the orgies.

Club Fever, for young, wealthy, “liberated couples and single women” costs about £500 a person per year to join.

Her role in the sordid world of swingers will no doubt come as a surprise to her more strait-laced friends and family.

Her Cambridge-educated father Guy, 58, was a colonel with the Welsh Guards, has an OBE, is a former fellow and bursar of his Alma Mater Magdalene College and was Britain’s defence attaché to Egypt and Kuwait.

Col Sayle – who lives in Berkshire with Emma’s mother, Malvin, head charity fundraiser at the Royal Marsden Hospital – was also the top liaison officer in Germany at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Emma, who is dating a hunky Australian, tells me, without a hint of irony, that her “private members’ sex club” will also include less salacious trips to the opera and sporting events.

However, her first project was a black-tie New Year’s Eve party at a mansion in grand Regent’s Park, London, which she describes as a “kaleidoscope of naked, writhing bodies”.

She claims she is now hoping to recruit some of her contemporaries at girls-only Downe House. “Gabriella Windsor is just the sort of girl we want to recruit,” she says. “I am sending her an invitation to join. “She was naughty at Downe House, definitely one of the ‘cool gang’.

I remember she got suspended for a week for smoking. “My best friend there, Amanda Cherry, ended up with the school politics teacher after she left. She was 19 and he was 41. “It was quite a scandal at the time but they are still together.

I don’t know what it is about Downe House that makes us so naughty – I guess we’re like caged animals.” She insists her parents are not bothered about her ‘work’.

She says: “They think what I do is absolutely hilarious. “They know I don’t get personally involved in the orgies.

I get pleasure from knowing other people are having a good time.” And, of course, she expects to turn in a substantial profit…


Risqué: Emma Sayle (left) pictured on Facebook with fellow Sisterhood member Natalie Sisson (right)




Upper Crust Organisers

Edward Davenport – Made first million in his teens organising the infamous Gatecrasher balls – now a property tycoon worth £133m.

Spends six months a year in Monaco as a tax exile sharing £200-a-night hotel suite with two women.

Shares £15million London pad with three more.

He was seen kissing and fondling a girl on the orgy bed last Saturday night.

He bought the venue, a former ambassador’s residence, from the Sierra Leone government in 2002 for the knock-down price of just £50,000.

David Russell Walters – By day  boss of Tory party anti-Europe Democracy Movement.

By night, orgy master tending to guests. Looked on as four girls, one a Dutch rowing champ, pleasured each other.

Jonathan Friedman – Brains behind Fever’s image. Spends hours “dressing” rooms with pink satin, chocolates, fruit, and jelly babies for energy. Seen canoodling on the bed with beautiful American blonde.

Emma Sayle – Diplomat’s daughter. Dad was colonel with the Welsh Guards and has an OBE. She is regarded as one of Britain’s best and most upmarket party organisers – didn’t join in the orgy.

James Hayter – Professional rugby player. Hayter, who is over 6ft tall and weighs 220 lb, was Hired as a bouncer but became overwhelmed with lust. Stripped off and joined in the night’s action.

Dougie Smith – Senior Conservative Party strategist, adviser and speech writer to senior MPs. Preached the John Major’s morally-focused back-to-basics policy.


Kate MiddletonKate Middleton


24 July 2007 – Woman Training to Row Channel With Kate Middleton Runs Upper Class Orgy Club

It takes a racy sort of girl to relish the challenge of rowing across the English Channel.

But Kate Middleton may not have realised just how racy the company would be when she agreed to join the rowers in a glamorous all-girl team.

These spirited ladies may all be in the same boat but there the similarities most definitely end.

While Miss Middleton, 25, has made a name for herself as the elegant companion of Prince William, Emma Sayle, 29, has made a name for herself too – organising risqué parties for wealthy, attractive and broad-minded couples.

As whispers about her past refused to go away, the former public schoolgirl was keen to play down her role in Killing Kittens, the private club that blurs social and sex lives. Or to put it bluntly, organises orgies.

Miss Middleton has been training on the oars three times a week, said Miss Sayle, whose organisational skills made her a natural for team leader.

They will race across the Channel on August 25 against a male team to raise money for two charities.

Given Prince William’s mischievous sense of humour, he is likely to be as intrigued as anyone about Miss Sayle, the lively daughter of a diplomat.

She was at school with Princess Michael of Kent’s daughter, Gabriella, but they took somewhat different paths when Miss Sayle began working for Club Fever, a company organising orgies for “liberated couples and single women”.



Emma Sayle



She left to start her own company, Killing Kittens, which has a website advertising £120-a-couple sex parties at a private London residence for “strictly good looking couples and single girls only”.

Miss Sayle was rather coy about her orgy expertise. She said she had sold off part of Killing Kittens last year and no longer had a management role. “I still own some of it, I just don’t run it,” she explained.

“Now I’m trying to do something very amazing for two charities and organise 21 girls to get across the English Channel and Kate Middleton happens to be one of them.

“She’s a full team member. We’ve got two reserves and 19 in the boat and she’s one of the ones in the boat.



Kate Middleton


“She’s a general all-rounder and an amazing sportswoman. She’s a great team player. It’s quite funny but what I don’t want to happen is people to think it’s totally scandalous and say, ‘Look who Kate’s got involved with – a big sex party orgy organiser’. “She’s not stupid, she’s aware of it, it’s all very above-board, and I’ve never denied it. Everybody has got stuff they did in the past.”

But on the Killing Kittens website, Miss Sayle still has pride of place in a section entitled Our Founder.

She was never personally involved in the orgies, but is described as “one of the world’s leading sextrepreneurs”.

Miss Middleton was persuaded to join the rowing team – known as the Sisterhood – by Alicia Fox-Pitt, her friend from their days at Marlborough College in Wiltshire.

Miss Fox-Pitt said: “She’s been training with us. She is a very gifted sportswoman and we played a lot of sport together at school.” They are aiming to raise £100,000 for charities Babes In Arms, which sponsors research into newborn abnormalities, and the children’s hospice charity the CHASE Ben Hollioake Fund





25 July 2007 – Kate Middleton Recovers From Night of Partying With Early Morning Row

If her head was pounding, she didn’t show it.  Instead, Kate Middleton simply gritted her teeth and got down to some solid rowing. Or rather some expert hair billowing.

A few hours earlier Prince William’s girlfriend had been enjoying cocktails with friends at one of her favourite bars. She finally rolled home around midnight.

By 7am she was up again, ready to sweat it out on the Thames with a charity dragon boat team.

But unlike her red-faced, puffing teammates, Miss Middleton looked poised and perfectly polished, a picture of regal calm at the tiller. (Her full face of early-morning make-up no doubt helped somewhat).

And no utilitarian hair bands or pony tails for her. She left her hair loose to billow flatteringly in the morning breeze.

The 25-year-old fashion buyer is taking part in an all-woman record-breaking attempt next month to row across the Channel.




The team, known as The Sisterhood, will leave Dover in a fibre-glass Oriental- style boat and cross 21 nautical miles of open water to the Cap Gris Nez, close to Calais.

It will be a challenge by any stretch of the imagination, which is why Miss Middleton is training three times a week.

But knowing she had to man the boats the next morning wasn’t enough to put her off a session of a different kind with friends at Mahiki, the Mayfair bar that is a favourite of Prince William’s.

Within hours she was one of the girls again as she arrived at Chiswick, West London, for an hour long training session.

As the team glided down-river to Hammersmith, she was paddling hard at the back of the boat.


Kate midd


As they returned to base, however, she had possibly run out of puff, having the easier task of manning the tiller instead.

Also in the boat was team leader Emma Sayle who, as the Mail revealed this week, founded Killing Kittens, a firm that organises sex parties for wealthy couples.

Miss Middleton was persuaded to join the rowing team by Alicia Fox-Pitt, a friend from her days at Marlborough College in Wiltshire.



Lingerie for sale on the Killing Kittens website




27 July 2009 – Emma Sayle runs Killing Kittens, an upmarket and exclusive sex party night with an eye on empowering women. The former West Berkshire school girl explains why her business doesn’t contradict her Christian faith.

That Emma Sayle organises elite sex parties might raise a few eyebrows, but that she’s also a committed Christian will have all eyebrows lunging sky-high.

A former pupil at the exclusive Downe House school in West Berkshire, Emma is one of the world’s leading ‘sextrepreneurs’.

The 31-year-old has made her name as the top upmarket adult party organiser and runs a monthly sex party night called Killing Kittens.

Populist myth has it that every time a woman ‘sins’ by pleasuring herself, God in retribution kills a kitten.

Over time, the term ‘killing kittens’ has become slang for female masturbation.

Thus, Emma’s parties focuses on female empowerment where, for example, men aren’t allowed to approach women and only women can make or break the rules.

“It’s for couples and girls,” says Emma, a pal of Prince William’s Bucklebury-born girlfriend Kate Middleton, “it’s for good-looking people only, under the age of 45.

“These parties turn into mass orgies – they’re big sex parties – and it’s a case of 50 per cent of the people that come along do take clothes off, and the other 50 per cent just come along for a good party and keep their clothes on.”

Surely this sort of sexual freedom sits uneasily with 31-year-old Emma’s Christian faith? But she heartily disagrees. “This whole ‘I’m a Christian’ thing,” she says, “the way it’s been written about a lot of the time is as if I’m someone happy-clappy who’s just done an Alpha course. “But I’ve been going to church and Sunday school since I was little. It’s a private thing that is just my faith.”When it comes to religion – and it’s not me being defensive – people pick and choose.”When you look at the bible, people pick and choose which bits they choose to live by and which bits they don’t.

“I’ve had this conversation about sex before marriage a lot and it doesn’t actually say once in the bible that you can’t have sex before marriage.

That’s just the stigma that’s been attached to it. It gets misquoted. “These are couples who are genuinely together and they choose to do this as a life-style choice within the sanctity of their marriage.

“No one’s getting hurt, no one’s cheating on anyone. Who am I or you or whoever to say they can’t do it? “I always say: everyone’s happy, so what’s the big deal?”;wap2

Link to Killing Kittens. (not recommended to anyone under the age of 18



Kate Middleton's chum Emma Sayle and the sex party house

Kate Middleton and Emma Sayle




17 April 2010  – Kate Middleton’s chum Emma Sayle and the Sex Party House

Miss Sayle, who attended Downe House boarding school with Prince Michael of Kent’s daughter Gabriella Windsor, was the subject of a London council investigation earlier this year over claims her Killing Kittens firm used a £30million house for sex parties

The concern is of course, a private members club, where woman can be as sexually explicit as they want, is one thing, even if alleged orgies were happening, that’s her business, but the implication in the articles, is that the situation was being used for commercial purposes, and that it may have been something slightly different.

Even that some camera phone images might have gotten out, and that she is or was at one point being investigated.

Emma Sayle is also credited with starting a group called the sisterhood, she seems to be an interesting character. Some sort of charitable organization was mentioned as well in the article.

Sex parties, orgies, and other situations that are a little bit more mature are not my cup of tea, but they might be someone else’s, my other concern or question is, are the individuals that use to attend these parties, being investigated as well, either.

I mean if the sex parties, orgies, or killing kittens situation, turned out to be more commercial, then private, and I am sure the investigation clarified this, were the others implicated, in the happenings, either the men or the women?

Was there any threat of them being investigated also, or even charged, for participation into these sorts of situations?



Emma Sayle, 36, has written a book about the Killing Kittens sex club parties she organisesEmma Sayle




27 April 2014 – Kate Middleton’s friend: How I sneaked a Labour MP wearing a dog’s collar out of my sex party

Emma Sayle reveals how she organised orgies for the rich and famous. The 36-year-old attended same all-girls public school as Kate Middleton.

Miss Sayle arranged a 300-strong orgy in a Regent’s Park mansion in 2012.

She claims it was attended by two Labour MPs who were ‘polite, nice guys’.

One MP wore only underpants and a dog’s collar around his neck, she says.

Her shocking memoir about organising orgies for the rich and often famous has been on sale for less than a week.

Yet speculation over which stars attended Emma Sayle’s Killing Kittens sex club parties is at fever pitch in the upper echelons of society.

Miss Sayle, who went to Downe House, the all-girls public school in Berkshire where the Duchess of Cambridge was also briefly a pupil, is careful not to name any members of her sex club in the book, Behind The Mask.

But the 36-year-old blonde has exclusively revealed to The Mail on Sunday that two Labour MPs were among the guests at one of her parties, which was raided by the Metropolitan Police and officials from Westminster Council.



Kate Middleton, pictured with Emma Sayle standing behind her, during a training session for the Sisterhood Cross Channel Challenge in London in 2007

Kate Middleton, pictured with Emma Sayle standing behind her, during a training session for the Sisterhood Cross Channel Challenge in London in 2007



Miss Sayle had to show two policemen around the orgy after they received a tip-off about alleged underage sex.

After being satisfied this wasn’t the case, the police, along with council officials who had received a tip-off alleging that Miss Sayle was selling alcohol without a licence, went away.

But not before the MPs were smuggled out of a back door and the bemused policemen were accosted by two women who mistook their uniforms for fancy dress.

The 300-strong orgy took place on July 13, 2012 at a club member’s mansion overlooking Regent’s Park in northwest London.

Miss Sayle describes the MPs in question as ‘polite, nice guys’.

One came as the guest of his wife, who was already a member of the club.

The other, who wore only underpants and a dog’s collar around his neck, came with two female friends.

Miss Sayle said: ‘The MP with the dog’s collar was being led around the party by one of the two girls he arrived with. Each to their own. ‘You’d recognise him if you were interested in Labour politics, but the married MP is a well-known name.

“The wife signed up as a single lady and then emailed to say she was married and asked if she could bring her husband.’

Members must be ‘attractive’ and aged between 18 and 45 to attend the parties, which can cost £400 a time.

The two Labour MPs were middle-aged and apparently passed the attractiveness test with flying colours.

Miss Sayle said: ‘They were at the older end of the spectrum but the married MP was in good shape and his wife was glamorous.

The other MP was in good shape, too.


Emma Sayle went to Downe House - the all-girls public school in Berkshire, pictured, where Kate Middleton was also briefly a pupil

Emma Sayle went to Downe House – the all-girls public school in Berkshire, pictured, where Kate Middleton was also briefly a pupil



‘We have said no before to well-known people because they’re ugly and old.

We’ve turned away some very wealthy people. They’re the ones who get angry. They’ve offered me thousands of pounds, but while it would be great to have the money, I have still said no.’

Miss Sayle recalls seeing at least 30 people, including the married MP and his wife, writhing on four leather beds pushed together at the orgy in question.

But she said: ‘You’ll never get a name out of me. I’m a Tory supporter so don’t really care what happens to Labour, but I still won’t say who they are.

That said, I also know that the married MP wouldn’t mind me mentioning it. His wife has the book and they think that it’s hilarious.’ Miss Sayle also refused to reveal the MPs’ identities to a Westminster official who asked for the information. ‘There are worse things happening [at Westminster],’ she said. ‘It’s far worse when people are cheating on their wives with their PAs.

’Miss Sayle’s other notable enterprise was starting The Sisterhood, a charity fundraising group of 70 women that at one time included the Duchess of Cambridge.






6 June 2014 – The Orgyniser How Killing Kittens Founder Emma Sayle Turned An Ibiza Shagfest Into A Sex Party Empire With 40,000 Clients

Nothing shocks me any more,” declares Emma Sayle, before listing some of the stranger parts of her work at Killing Kittens, the orgy organisers.

Currently, she’s searching for a Diana Vickers lookalike for a man who wants to be pretend-mugged while on a date, whereupon the Diana-double will morph into Super girl and save him.

Then there’s the judge who likes to be called “general” as he spanks women. Sayle has already revealed that a Labour MP once turned up at one of her sex parties, and wore only pants and a dog’s collar as a woman led him around the room.

Sayle founded Killing Kittens nine years ago.

Its 40,000 members are mostly “AB demographic, high-fliers and hedonists”.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Luisa Zissman is a fan, but Rhys Ifans was once turned away at the door “because he looked like a tramp”.

The USP for the parties is that women are in charge; men have to be invited to join in any intimate activities.

Killing Kittens now also arranges “experiences” to turn members’ sexual fantasies into reality — although Sayle recently refused a woman’s request for a rape scenario: “There’s a line we wouldn’t cross.”

Killing Kittens is now going global. Despite the stereotype of British reserve, Sayle is finding other places trickier than London. Ireland, where it launches in July, has been particularly tough. “I did Belfast radio shows and got annihilated. [People] called in, saying the devil was with me.”

Sayle remains undaunted. She thinks the strength of her empire lies in its being run by women: “We’re a team of girls and we can plan an event unemotionally, whereas the guys just want to get their rocks off.”





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Emma Sayle and Kate Middleton lunching together in 2007








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