Leslie Evans – a back door exit with a “wheen” of taxpayers money

Civil Service Annual Leave policy

The Civil Service annual leave allocation of 30 days supports employee choice and helps them enjoy a good quality of life, work-life balance.

Employees whose employment ends during their leave year, will be entitled to a proportion of their annual leave entitlement calculated from the beginning of their leave year, (April) to the last day of service.

Where the last day of service is known well in advance, employees are required to take outstanding leave before the last day of service. Payment in lieu of untaken leave will be made, only when an employee has been specifically prevented from taking leave by management.

Employees have a responsibility to ensure they take their full annual leave entitlement each year (all employees are required to take at least 20 days’ paid leave annually, including two weeks leave during the summer months.

Employees should take annual leave within their leave year. Managers have a duty of care to ensure they do. Employees may apply to carry over some of their annual leave entitlement from one leave year and are required to take it during the next leave year. For full-time employees, managers may approve carrying forward leave of up to ten days for employees who are entitled to 30 days leave. These limits also apply to employees who have been prevented from taking leave on the specific request of management.

Leslie Evans Terms of Exit From the Civil Service Shrouded in Mystery

Evans last day in St Andrews House was on 31 December 2022 but she remained in employment until the end of March, taking three months of “paid accrued leave annual leave”.

Comment: An impossible calculation given the rules applicable to leave entitlement and attaching conditions. In effect she benefitted financially from 3 months paid “gardening leave”.

A FOI request later revealed that Evans had received an additional payment for 19.5 days of annual leave that she had not taken. On her £175,000 a year salary, that would be worth around £13,000.

Comment: Another impossible calculation given the rules state that employees are required to take at least 20 days leave in the year including 2 weeks in the summer. In any event the 19.5 days if genuine, should have been subsumed into the “gardening leave

The Controversial Compensation Payment

Business appointment rules governing the conduct of ministers, special advisers and senior civil servants as they leave government, state that Permanent Secretaries are “subject to a minimum waiting period of three months between leaving paid Civil Service employment and taking up an outside appointment or employment” because “of their role at the highest level of Government, and their access to a wide range of sensitive information.” The rules add that it “may be appropriate to continue to pay former civil servants, including special advisers, who are required to observe a waiting period before taking up an external role.”

It is not known how much compensation Ms Evans was paid, but it was agreed “subject to consultation” with the UK Government’s Cabinet Office. However, details of payments, released under Freedom of Information, reveal that Ms Evans was then “compensated” to cover a separate “three-month unpaid waiting period.”

The Seven Controversial Years of Evans

Evans was a key figure in the Alex Salmond affair, overseeing the disastrous internal probe into sexual misconduct claims against the former First Minister. Alex successfully challenged the process in a judicial review, showing that it had been “tainted by apparent bias” as the Investigating Officer had prior contact with one of the women who had complained about him. That resulted in the Court of Session ordering the Government to pay him £512,000 in costs.

An investigation by a Holyrood committee into the unlawful probe singled out Ms Evans for criticism, saying that she was one of only a “few people who had been aware of the prior contact of the Investigating Officer”. And despite that, she had prolonged the court case by not telling the Government’s lawyers. MSPs on the committee said this “individual failing” was “as significant as the general corporate failing.” Despite the blunders on her watch, First Minister Sturgeon stood by Evans throughout and refused to sack her.

Evans’s three months “gardening leave” were only discovered when she was invited by Holyrood’s Finance Committee to share reflections and insights into her role working for the government.
She was repeatedly reassured that the committee did not want to re-run the Salmond affair or revisit events examined by a previous Holyrood inquiry into it. However, in March, the Office of the Permanent Secretary wrote to the committee refusing on her behalf, letting the MSPs know that as Ms Evans was on leave she was “effectively no longer a post-holder within the Scottish Government and is not able to speak on behalf of or represent the views of Scottish Ministers”. The SNP committee convener Kenny Gibson accused Ms Evans of “discourtesy.”

A spokesman for Alex Salmond told The Herald on Sunday: “The Parliamentary Committee unanimously found that Leslie Evans as Permanent Secretary was not just corporately but personally responsible for the ‘prolonged, expensive and unsuccessful defence’ of the Judicial Review of her procedure which the Court of Session found to be ‘unlawful’, ‘unfair’ and ‘tainted by apparent bias’. The Committee said that those responsible should be held ‘accountable’. However, instead of asking for her resignation, the Scottish Government seems to have afforded her every possible financial advantage on her retirement. The question is why?”

Evans left the Civil Service with a lump sum of £245,000. An annual pension of £85,000. A reputed £45,000 compensation payment and £9,500 pay in lieu of leave.


Stewart McDonald SNP, MP – Scottish independence supporters on social media are creepy, vile and spread poison and cynicism, and behave like obnoxious thugs

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Stewart McDonald MP for Glasgow South speaks for the SNP on Scottish Independence

McDonald and many of his SNP MP/MSP colleagues are openly hostile to the movement they purport to represent. When support for Scottish independence rises they publicly argue against holding a second referendum claiming to do so before the SNP had “renewed its case” for seceding from the UK would be “the height of irresponsibility”. Adding insult to injury McDonald himself launched an extraordinarily vicious broadside against ‘cybernats’ – Scottish independence supporters on social media – accusing them of being “creepy” and “vile”, “spreading poison and cynicism”, and behaving like “obnoxious thugs”. Tory MSP Adam Tomkins heartily endorsed McDonald’s stance.

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Stewart McDonald SNP MP – his associates within the SNP and wider afield and their links to the Integrity Initiative and British Secret Services

McDonald MP for Glasgow South is Westminster’s most enthusiastic Russia-basher. His anti-Russia campaigning is quite remarkable. Until 2018, he showed little or no interest in the country at all, but, following an SNP leadership supported (undeclared to Westminster) fully funded jolly to Ukraine with his close friend and personal adviser Neal Stewart and fellow SNP MPs Douglas Chapman and Chris Law to reassure the Ukraine the SNP was not pro-Russian he was transformed into an ardent opponent of Moscow and a passionate supporter of the British establishment position on foreign policy.

For an elected representative of the Scottish National Party (SNP) to place such faith in the commitment of British intelligence agencies to truth and the defence of democracy is odd to say the least, given the party and the Scottish independence movement more widely have been subject to widespread surveillance, infiltration and disruption by British spooks throughout its existence.

McDonald’s fixation on “disinformation” may have overseas origins

In February 2020, he took an all-expenses-paid seven-day trip to Washington, DC to attend a conference on “combating disinformation online” convened by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, a leading globalist think tank.

Not long after, he wrote a fiery article for the Times, alleging that Russia was “infecting the planet with disinformation,” calling for an “international coalition” to “defeat the virus.”

Russophobic rhetoric is also rife on McDonald’s Twitter account – where he frequently posts about the country, in the process amplifying and promoting the writings and rantings of individuals intimately involved in the secretive “Integrity Initiative” organisation.


It is time the Scottish government restored the full powers of the “Estates of Scotland” to Community Councils in line with the wishes of the people of Scotland as set out in the aims and ambitions of “Salvo”.

Community Councils – The Estates of the Kingdom of Scotland

The Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 effectively reconstituted the “Estates of the Kingdom of Scotland” with the introduction of community councils. These were to represent grass roots opinion, rather than discharge functions and be called a tier of local government. Their role was defined as “to ascertain, co-ordinate and express to the local authorities for its area, and to public authorities, the views of the community which it represents.”

But even this limited role was undermined by the Local Government (Scotland) Act 2003 which empowered local authorities to take the lead in consulting communities directly as part of the process of ‘community planning’, in which the “Estates of Scotland” were reduced to mere consultees with no higher status than any other community group.

As of 2012–3, there were 1,369 community council areas in Scotland, of which 1,129 (82%) have active community councils. There are also 3 Neighbourhood Representative Structures established in Dundee as alternatives to community councils.

Since the 1990s there has been a recognition that Scotland’s communities need more powers to govern themselves. However the actions that have been taken to achieve this have been characterised by vagueness that has made them ineffective. For example section 23 of the Local Government etc (Scotland) Act 1994 required local authorities to institute a scheme of decentralisation. However the Act failed to explain what this should mean in practice, with the result that many local authorities did little more than carry out a few consultation exercises.

It is time the Scottish government restored the full powers of the “Estates of Scotland” to Community Councils in line with the wishes of the people of Scotland as set out in the aims and ambitions of “Salvo”. Full details at “”.


Professor Dugdale’s air of innocence is a front exposed by her obnoxious comments as Fifi La Bonbon


The John Smith Centre’s Director Kezia Dugdale is set to take on additional responsibilities at the University of Glasgow as its newly appointed Professor of Practice in Public Service.

Working with colleagues in the College of Social Science, she’ll undertake a senior leadership role enhancing connections with political and public policy figures, government departments and organisations to develop and support the growth of applied research, engagement and impact rooted in the School of Social and Political Science’s world-class research.

Dugdale launched her “Fifi La Bonbon” political career as an online abuser and troll in the Scotsman whilst working, at the public expense for the Labour Lord Laird Foulkes.

2 Aug 2008: The Evening News’ Save our School Dinners campaign recently got hot meals back on the menu for the city’s toddlers.

Fifi la Bonbon attacked:

So you’ve completed your degree, post graduate qualification and got yourself a job as a teacher. Then toon cooncil wants you to serve up school dinners? That will be right. The SNP and Lib Dems have been found out and now they’re acting all indignant, but they can’t resist that last wee insult to the teaching staff.

27 Dec 2008: The Scotsman. Fears over paedophiles could scupper plans to give 16 and 17-year-olds the right to vote in elections

Fifi la Bonbon attacked:

I oppose giving the vote to 16 year old children, but not because of paedophile hysteria, but because they’re too daft to vote. How would publishing younger people’s details on the electoral register be of any benefit to paedophile ? What is the paedophile “danger” these “experts” are exercising their gums about? Would a paedophile look up the details of someone apparently aged 15, and then write to them to ask if they would like to see some puppies?

7614 itok=sZga8u_h

7 Jan 2009: A £2m appeal is being made to rehouse the UK’s leading Braille printing press and protect its long-term future

The Royal Blind, Scottish Braille Press was built in the 1960s and needs to be rebuilt and fitted with state-of-the-art printing equipment. The press is a leading provider of the UK’s Braille books, magazines and other printed materials. Best-selling author Ian Rankin, whose son goes to the Royal Blind School, is giving his backing to the campaign. (BBC News)

Fifi la Bonbon attacked:

This arrogant, wicked man Rankin is just promoting himself. How dare he do this so-called thing, and how dare he campaign for the Braille Press. It’s just a cheap publicity stunt. It’s the same with all these so-called achievers” – anyone could have written a string of so-called internationally renowned bestselling novels and so-called TV films – he was just lucky, so he was. There’s nothing special about him. It’s doomed to crash and burn, to be able to play some records you need to have been doing it for at least 30 years, rank amateurs are taking over. ” Fifi la Bonbon, channelling the voice of real Edinburghers.


12 Jan 2009: The Scotsman. A lot of anger over nursery plot

Attached to Mrs McLeod’s nursery is a small allotment, which she uses to introduce the toddlers to horticulture expanding their knowledge and understanding of the environment. But not for much longer, the council recently served a “notice of intent to evict” barring nursery age children from the allotment.

Fifi la Bonbon attacked:

It’s a £33 a day private nursery run for profit in a relatively well-heeled area. Presumably only those children whose parents pay Mrs McLeod fees to attend get to play, and local kids whose parents don’t pay are barred. Allotments aren’t there to make businesses like hers more profitable. If she wants to establish a garden for the inmates of her nursery, she should buy some more land herself.

Mrs Mac responded:

My daughter goes to a private nursery, I’m not well off, but I have no choice in the matter because I have to work, and I cannot get a state nursery place for her until she is three. I get no help at all with the fees and I think that your comments are very uneducated. So what if the parents are well off (which I bet most of them are not)! This project has been an educational tool in a time when learning about where food comes from is a government target to cut obesity rates. Perhaps instead of taking the land away from people who were using it for good, they should make more provision for programmes for both fee-paying and state nurseries to run these schemes.

2 Aug 2009: From 2006, the Labour government spent £473m stockpiling the untested antiviral drug Tamiflu, in preparation for flu pandemics

The drug was subsequently prescribed during the swine flu outbreak in 2009. But reports soon surfaced claiming that the drug had a number of side-effects, including nausea, headaches, psychiatric events, kidney problems and hyperglycaemia. The Labour government subjected the public to a costly and sustained propaganda onslaught, anticipating an improved level of take-up of the vaccination programme. But to no avail. The public did not trust the Labour government to tell the truth. and the drug was withdrawn from use.

The £473,000,000 stock of Tamiflu was off loaded to third world countries and the cost written off.

Epidemiologist expert advice was commissioned and a report named the “Cochrane Collaboration was submitted to government.

Carl Heneghan, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford and one of the report’s authors, told the BBC, “I think the whole £500m has not benefited human health in any way and we may have harmed people. The system that exists for producing evidence on drugs is so flawed and open to misuse that the public has been misled.”

Dr Tom Jefferson, a clinical epidemiologist and former GP, said: “I wouldn’t give it for symptom relief, I’d give paracetamol.”

The Cochrane Collaboration researchers did not placed the blame on any individual or organisation, instead saying there had been failings at every step from the manufacturers to the regulators and government.

Between 2006-07 and 2012-13, the Department of Health purchased just under 40 million units of Tamiflu.

Only 2.4 million units were administered .

6.5m units had to be discarded before their shelf lives had run out because poor record-keeping by the NHS meant it was impossible to tell if they had been stored correctly and were still useable.

The Public Accounts committee concluded that taxpayers’ money had been squandered and that there was “simply no excuse for the waste.”

Fifi la Bonbon attacked:

The taxpayer at large is paying for people to get the jags – we shouldn’t have to pay out damages for people unlucky enough to suffer bad side-effects. Anyone getting the vaccine courtesy of the taxpayer should be made to sign a waiver supported by statute waiving the right to sue the NHS. If they won’t sign, let them do without. They’ll still get free NHS treatment if they fall ill.

21 Nov 2009: The Scotsman. Many school children are not being provided with a balanced diet and the council decided to heavily subsidise meals so that the health of children would be improved

Fifi la Bonbon attacked:

“I completely disagree with this. It is parents’ responsibility to look after their children, not that of the local authority. Far from paying for meals for all schoolchildren, we should withdraw the free meals already given to some kids, and make parents pay for the lot. The money involved just goes to paying for mobile phones, expensive sandshoes, and iPods anyway. The taxpayer pays for their education, and gives generous benefits to parents who are disabled and cannot work, as well as to widows and to mothers who have been abandoned by feckless fathers. But it is not our responsibility to feed their children at lunchtime. If parents are too neglectful to do this properly, they need to be punished not rewarded.”


26 Apr 2010: General Election ‘debate’ appeal answered by ordinary Scots

The SNP have reached the target of £50,000 needed to fund the court action aimed at fighting their exclusion from Thursday’s leader’s debate: 

Fifi la Bonbon attacked:

“The money was raised by cybernat fanatics and dubious foreign interests”:


31 May 2010: The Scotsman. Grand plans have been announced for a new luxury retail store in a new tourist village on the outskirts of Dalkeith – Will our readers be rushing to snap up its offerings?

Fifi La Bonbon Gushed:

Well I for one cannot wait. Quite frankly I am tired of travelling between the Borders and the city without a designer shopping experience and fine dining opportunity to break my journey. I demand nothing but the best in luxury clothing and Scottish produce, and of course Midlothian has been crying out for a gateway for centuries. Ikea and Costco just don’t cut it, I’m afraid. So this is all good news for me, and literally dozens like me.


26 Jun 2010:  Robina Addison, a Scottish dance teacher and philanthropist, brought a young girl to Scotland for reconstruction surgery.

Fifteen-year old Kade, had been born in Trinidad and Tobago without ears and missing part of her ear canal, a condition known as bilateral microtia. This had rendered her partially deaf and according to her benefactor: “facing a future begging for a living.”

Ms Addison explained that because Kade had been born without ears, she couldn’t go to mainstream school and was attending a badly run down day care sanitorium for mentally handicapped children

The cost of the operations and treatment was expected to be around £50,000. Fortunately for Kade, who was not entitled to free health care in Scotland, the Spire Murrayfield hospital offered its facilities and the surgical team worked for free.

Her foster parents themselves contributed £10,000 for a hearing aid implant that will allow her to hear. Robina said “She is very intelligent but there is no special needs system in Trinidad. I came home and I was quite upset to think that’s where she was. After making several return trips. we eventually got permission to take Kade to Scotland. Although the surgery appears to have been successful, there is a continuing struggle with immigration since Kade entered on a visitor’s visa instead of the required medical visa. At one point Kade faced the possibility of deportation.

Robina added “We do not intend to formally adopt Kade, but hope to help her with her health and education enough to allow her to make a success of her life back home on Trinidad…We want her to get a job and help people in a similar situation. If she does not get this opportunity, her future will be working on the streets or, stealing. It’s the difference between the chance of a lifetime and nothing, and she has got so much to offer.”

Fifi La Bonbon attacked:

These people are willing to pay all the costs themselves and the girl isn’t going to be getting to stay here permanently, so there oughtn’t to have been a problem if they’d made the proper arrangements. Very neglectful not to check properly whether the girl needed a visa. She does if the stay is for more than six months. There are particular rules for visitors from Trinidad wanting to receive private medical treatment – very clear. It took me less than five minutes to find and check the rules on the internet – it’s all on the UK Border Agency website. If this “high profile couple” had bothered to check with a lawyer in Trinidad or over here they would have known what to do. We only have the woman’s word that she was misled. Anyway I hope it all turns out well but there’s no excuse for failing to get proper advice in such circumstances and them blaming the government.

Brodric challenged FiFi:

For goodness sake Fifi la Bonbon – don’t be so pompous. They obviously asked a jobsworth who gave them the wrong advice. And you can’t blame them for believing an official. If we listened to everything we heard, or believed everything we see in black and white, no matter how careful we are, we can still end up with problems. I hope that common sense prevails

Fifi la Bonbon responded:

I don’t disagree about the girl being allowed to stay to get her treatment. My point is that anyone who fails to get legal advice on such matters or at least to make their own proper enquiries is being negligent. There’s more to this than meets the eye, anyway. The report says the girl is fostered. That would involve contact and negotiation with authorities in Trinidad and Tobago, and certainly with social workers here. I am surprised that the question of her legal ability to remain here was not picked up somewhere in the process. What is the social work department’s view about the case?

Follow-up: 12 Oct 2012: Surgeons create new ears for girl from Trinidad

Kade was born without ears and missing part of her ear canal, leaving her partially deaf and facing a future begging for a living. The medical team from the Spire Murrayfield hospital in Edinburgh gave its time and expertise for free to construct new ears so that she faces a brighter future. She hopes to return to Trinidad soon. (BBC News)


10 Oct 2010: Cybernats – a Scottish political phenomenon – David Torrance releases yet another book

It was, I think, the noble Lord Foulkes who coined the memorable term ‘cybernats’. Then the Scotsman’s David Maddox likened them to an army who ‘launch daily, sustained attacks on journalists, politicians and anybody else perceived to stand in the way of their cherished aim of independence, or who raises even the mildest criticism of Alex Salmond or the SNP.

Fifi la Bonbon commented:

Mr Torrance is a long established, serious and distinguished writer who has published books on Margaret Thatcher, Harold MacMillan and the Secretaries of State for Scotland, and this is just the latest of these.  He doesn’t usually write hagiographies but here’s a starter;

Once upon a time, in a humble cottage in Linlithgow, Alex Salmond, the greatest living Scotsman was born. A strange golden light shone out of his nappy, bathing the faces of his proud parents with a warm glow…


15 Jun 2012: Andrew Whitaker’s observations on First Minister’s questions:

Alex Salmond pulled himself back up off the political canvas at First Minister’s questions yesterday after weeks on the ropes with a heavyweight performance at the dispatch box. But those who witnessed Mr Salmond’s tirade at Ms Dugdale, it was hard not to say that the SNP leader was back to his most bombastic.” (The Scotsman)

The Famous 15 commented:

Kezia Dugdale was not bullied. Her pretended innocence hid a disgusting disreputable distortion of events. The irony is the system was in place back in the days of Lab/Lib government but the SNP now do so much better…… Dugdale learned her craft at the feet of Lord Fffoulkes and we saw that when she posted as Fifi la Bonbon. Day and night she posted the best distortions witnessed by mankind.

She sees herself as a fantasy champion of the British Empire and will have no concern about truth and justice in her frantic, desire to do down the SNP. She loves the game and that is the main thing to her, not people’s welfare, just the point scoring.


Dugdale’s pyrrhic victory in “Wings Over Scotland’s” defamation allegation might have been denied her If the judge had read this article exposing her as a political opportunist and charlatan

Image result for dugdale

Dugdale was born in Aberdeen in 1981. Her father, (a supporter of Scottish independence) is a former Elgin High School depute rector Jeff Dugdale, now retired. Her mother divorced, also a teacher, lives in Dundee, hence her interest in education. Dugdale resides in Edinburgh.

She studied Law at the University of Aberdeen for a time but gave up and  completed a Masters in Policy Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

She then worked for Edinburgh University Students’ Association and the National Union of Students Scotland.

Before entering the Scottish Parliament as a list MSP she was employed as a SpAd working for Lord Foulkes as his office manager and political adviser.

She is a Scottish Labour and Co-operative Member and was elected to the Scottish Parliament in 2011, as Labour’s second candidate on their list for the Lothian Region.

She was appointed to the post of Scottish Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning on 29 June 2013.

In 2014 she was elected as Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, replacing Anas Sarwar, beating Katy Clark.

Jim Murphy, the leader of Labour in Scotland, was a Westminster MP, meaning that she was de facto leader of the opposition in the Scottish Parliament.

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5 Sep 2008; The daughter of an SNP Councillor was pictured on video taken in Pakistan firing a Kalashnikov AK47 assault rifle. The Scottish unionist press demanded Alex Salmond sack him.

The Scottish Nationalists decided not to expel Jahangir Hanif for showing his children how to use the weapon during the trip into the mountains near the Kashmir border in 2005. But his daughter, Noor, pleaded with Mr Salmond, the SNP leader and Scottish First Minister, to throw her father out of the party.

In a letter to Mr Salmond, the 17-year-old wrote: ‘I cannot believe he has been let off. My siblings and I were put in an environment where people were pointing loaded AK47 guns at each other. “I think he should be fired to make an example, so that other people think twice before playing with guns and putting children in harm’s way. “I don’t think the matter has been taken seriously enough. How can a man who can’t look after his children be allowed to represent the public?”

The incident was filmed when aged 14, she was taken with her brother and three sisters in a van with blacked-out windows to a training camp near the Afghan border and shown how to fire the assault rifle. Mr Hanif, a 46-year-old Glasgow businessman,  apologized, pointing out it happened long before he became a Councillor for the city. He said: “I am going through a messy and painful divorce. I’m saddened by the fact my children are being dragged into this situation. The allegations against me are false.”

Political opponents described the decision of the SNP’s disciplinary committee to suspend rather than expel him as “outrageous”.

Dugdale got hold of a copy of the letter, and posted the content full and unedited on her blog. Needless to say the proverbial hit the fan and she was threatened with court action unless she removed the post, which she did. But she then posted a statement;

A Brief Statement – Posted by Kezia Dugdale on 15 Sep 2008

A letter by Noor Hanif (daughter of the suspended SNP Councillor Jahangir Hanif) raised a number of very serious allegations concerning Councillor Hanif’s conduct. This letter was removed from this site after Councillor Hanif’s solicitors intimated their intention to raise a summons in the Court of Session for interim interdict. The firm of Bannatyne, Kirkwood, France and Co., gave me 15 minutes to remove the letter. I complied with that request. I do not have the means or resources to engage in expensive litigation and can only hope that the First Minister Alex Salmond, ( to whom Miss Hanif addressed her letter, will have the courage, conviction and responsibility to respond to the allegations raised therein and take the appropriate action thereto.

Comment: The press may have been right headed in reporting the “Kalashnikov” bit of the story but wrong headed in ignoring the disturbing familial strife  clearly stimulated by malcontent persons for some other purpose. Whilst Dugdale’s  had the right to publish a summary of events her verbatim repetition of the unproven allegations did indeed constitute defamation.

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20 May 2009; Kezia in danger of being sued again

Well that’s the last time that Tory Bear (TB the Blogger) puts up a story and then goes out for the afternoon. How charming to return home to being called a liar by none other than Dugdale, personal assistant to the upstanding and honourable Lord George Foulkes.

Torybear put a story up earlier that he spotted on the “Tweet4Labour” Twitter feed this morning. With a simple  “Welcome!  the Chief Whip @nickbrownmp” Tweet4Labour drew Torybear’s attention to the fact that Nick Brown was supposedly on Twitter. He then took a screen grab of Brown’s feed and the rest they say is history. So Nick Brown’s office denied it’s him which is hardly a surprise yet there seems to be a bit of a discrepancy in Dugdale’s logic.

She instantly accused Torybear of foul play: “It’s clearly a black op by Torybear – perhaps even endorsed by Conservative HQ – and it has largely worked.”

Kez!!!! Torybear knows that working for Foulkes can hardly teach positive moral values and a respect for the law, but that is libel plain and simple and it needs to be retracted. You have made a shoddy assumption and you have absolutely sod all to back up your claims. (Torybear)

Comment:  Dugdale acting first and thinking later. This trait will land her in big trouble one day.

14 June 2012; Labour MSP Dugdale savaged after modern apprenticeships attack backfires

A Labour MSP who this week launched a high profile attack on the Scottish Government’s modern apprenticeship scheme been accused of misrepresentation after official figures showed a more than 100 per cent improvement on when her own party were in office.

Labour’s Youth Employment spokesperson Kezia Dugdale had accused the SNP of “massaging” numbers after official figures showed that 39% of modern apprentices had been in employment for more than six months before beginning their training.

Dugdale repeated her attack in the chamber during First Minister’s questions where she asked Mr Salmond to be “straight with the people” She said: “Everyone in this chamber wants to tackle Scotland’s youth unemployment crisis, but to do so we need the facts. “The people of Scotland were led to believe by this First Minister, week after week, that these 25,000 apprenticeships were created to help the 100,000 young Scots out of work. “But now we know at least 10,000 of these went to folk already well-established in jobs.”

In response the First Minister launched a withering attack on the Labour MSP and pointed out that there were now double the number of modern apprentices in Scotland than when Labour left office. “I have to say I have watched Kezia Dugdale over the last few days in what I think has been one of the most disreputable campaigns against the modern apprenticeship scheme.” he said.

Alex Salmond went on to reveal that the system that Dugdale was criticizing was the same one that was in operation when her own party was in office and that the figures for those Scots aged 16 to 24 had dramatically improved.

He added: “I have had a look at the figures” and pointed out that Labour had voted against the SNP’s modern apprenticeship policy of 10,000 places per year.

“I have looked in particular at the very heart of Kezia Dugdale’s complaint, and that is of course if you look at the 16 to 24 year old who dominate the courses … the number who had been in employment for more than six months is 23 per cent.

“That means 80 per cent of new workers going into apprenticeships in the 16 to 24 age group. “I have looked at what is the comparison, what is the figure when the Labour party were in office in 2006. The figure is 49 per cent.”

“In other words, when Labour were in power, with a reduced number of apprenticeships, half of young people had been in a job for six months or more.”

He ended his reply by angrily condemning what he described as Dugdale’s “affrontery” in attacking the current modern apprenticeship scheme.

Commenting, SNP MSP Marco Biagi – a Member of the Scottish Parliament’s Education Committee accused the Labour MSP of having misrepresented the programme and said: “When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

Labour clearly are not content with just voting against 25,000 modern apprenticeships, now Dugdale is intent on trying to misrepresent the Modern Apprenticeship programme itself.

“Ms Dugdale accused the Scottish Government of ‘massaging’ the figures on Modern Apprentices – even though it runs the system in the same manner as when Labour were in power, and that under the SNP the number of apprenticeships has vastly increased.

“Labour’s grand accusation was that some apprenticeships had been in employment for over 6 months – this has always been the case and provides welcome opportunities for many to improve their skills in their workplace. “And as the First Minister revealed today, a far higher rate of unemployed young people have entered apprenticeships than when Labour were last in power.”

The Labour campaign featured prominently on BBC Scotland with TV and Radio appearances for Dugdale.

The story was featured on Sunday’s politics show with news bulletins throughout the day, it also featured prominently on BBC Radio Scotland on Monday and BBC Scotland’s online news.

However, in Thursday’s BBC Scotland broadcast of First minister’s questions the broadcaster cut away from the programme just as Mr Salmond was preparing to highlight the figures from 2006.

On Monday, appearing on Radio Scotland in order to address Labour party claims, Scottish Government Minister Angela Constance twice attempted to draw attention to Labour’s record from 2006 but was prevented from doing so by BBC presenter Gary Robertson. (newsnet)

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27 Jan 27 2014; The howls of the cyberbritbrats

Dugdale was pictured in the Mail in an unflattering photo which made her look like a refugee from the former East Germany who had narrowly escaped the Stasi. She was apparently upset that she had ‘recently’ been the recipient of an offensive tweet, although it turned out the tweet had been sent to her over a year ago. The tweet wasn’t helpful to the independence cause and was crass and stupid, but it was not a direct threat. It read “dancing on the head of a pin? I wish Kezia Dugdale would dance on the head of a bayonet”. (weegingerdug)

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7 Nov 2014; Newly appointed deputy leader of the Labour Party in Scotland supports retention of nuclear weapons

Dugdale’s website included a statement on nuclear weapons which failed to challenge the proposal to spend £100 billion on Trident replacement. Her views mirror those of official UK Labour Party policy, which is to support Trident replacement.

Dugdale believes that decisions made on the future of Trident should be based on evidence (including cost considerations) rather than on political party interest – and whilst she welcomes the reduction in the number of missiles and warheads that took place after the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review, she  would like to see an end to nuclear weapons not just in Scotland, but globally.

But removing nuclear weapons from Scotland would only cause them to be redeployed somewhere else in the UK or abroad, at doubtlessly considerable expense to the taxpayer. Instead, she supported reciprocal international agreements where nuclear and other mass destruction weapons are removed on a permanent basis.

Her position ignores research by Scottish CND which indicated that removing nuclear weapons from Scotland would be likely to lead to disarmament. (banthebomb)

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21 Nov 2014; Another reason why Labour lost Scotland

Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale today marked the historic nomination of Scotland’s first female First Minister with a Daily Record column in characteristically sour style, which waited until the second paragraph before sticking in a Margaret Thatcher comparison.

It wasn’t until later that it got confusing. (Actually, that’s not quite true – the very first paragraph opened with the line “I haven’t seen a coronation quite like it since, well, the coronation”.

The Coronation happened in 1953, while Dugdale was born in 1981. But we’ll let that one slide.)

Following on from a stream of disingenuous waffle Dugdale challenged Nicola Sturgeon to act on three polices in her First Ministership:

“Take on the big six energy firms, forcing them to freeze bills and rein in eye-watering profits earned on the backs of working people.”

“Bring back the 50p tax rate for top earners, so those with the broadest shoulders carry their fair share.”

“Tax [bankers’] bonuses and use the cash to create jobs for young people.”

Alert readers will of course have noticed the nonsense. Not one of the foregoing recommended actions were within the devolved competence of the Scottish Parliament. All were reserved to Westminster.

And she is regarded by some as the brightest of Scottish Labour’s young minds. God help them

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19 Dec 2014; The Oil Price Fluctuates, Who Knew? – Not Dugdale!

Dugdale is economically illiterate, and in attempting to spout misinformation to the electorate she is just carrying on in the same theme that lying Labour have constantly adopted.  Pick a subject, any subject, look for fault, and blame the SNP Government. It matters not whether it is a devolved matter or not. Labour believe the Scottish public are too stupid to notice. Well, there are at least 1,650,000 of us who no longer are. Labour are devoid of talent and have no future here. Dugdale and Murphy least of all.

How much more ill-judged would this be if you had spent two years telling the people of “Scotlandshire” that they were too useless to manage their own oil resources – an asset which could only be protected by the ‘broad shoulders’ of Westminster? The very government whose £30 billion tax grab had just caused the very uncertainty which has led investors to take a short term view of the North Sea.

And what new depth of hypocrisy would be plumbed by insisting the SNP take responsibility for North Sea job losses, while desperately seeking to keep the necessary powers as far from Holyrood as possible? Clearly, no sane politician would knowingly embark on such a ridiculous course.

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19 Dec 2014; Labour Party claim -Kezia Dawgdale “hacked by North Koreans”

The BBC wishes to apologize unreservedly to Labour and their “Scotlandshire’s” Deputy Dawdale for screening her inaugural questions in last Thursday’s FMQ’s.

In the coverage broadcast live by this channel, Deputy Dawgdale appeared to blame the Scottish Government for the recent fall in oil prices and the predicted reductions in both production and investment which is widely predicted to follow. Further, she seemed to claim that the drop in oil prices was somehow a direct result of the projections published by the Scottish Government prior to the Referendum. Naturally, this would be a preposterous position to take, particularly on your first ever attempt at First Minister’s Questions. More particularly if you had just been promoted to Deputy Dawgdale from your previous post of first Fifi le Bon to Lord Ffoulksakes of Tankedupness, and therefore had so very much to prove. (

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22 Aug 2014;  Dugdale and friend do not know the difference between the GDP and the Economy

What a disaster for the no campaign trying to manipulate figures to make Scotland look skint!!! We are told we are too wee and too stupid by people claiming to be Scottish on a regular basis by the no campaign. Now they have been caught out big time with lies. Trying to deceive the Scottish public is disgusting. If a large number of Scottish female voters see this they will be furious. And by the way, no foreign oil company owns rigs in Scotland.  They pay for a licence to drill. The UK government control north sea oil licenses.

Jim Murphy, who was elected leader of Scottish Labour last December, and his deputy Kezia Dugdale.

20 January 2015: Dundee education boss rejects claims by Scottish Labour’s deputy leader that she was snubbed from visiting her old school because “SNP councillors haven’t been yet”.

Former Harris Academy head girl Dugdale said a planned visit to the school, which is being rebuilt, was cancelled and claimed the decision was “overtly political and completely unnecessary”.

But education convener Stewart Hunter said it was “only fair” the school’s ward’s elected representatives, which include a Labour councillor and local Labour MP,  get to see the site first on a planned visit on Friday.

Dugdale said:  “The visit was arranged and then I was told I wasn’t welcome. The reason we were told was that the SNP councillors hadn’t visited the school yet and it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to attend until that had happened. It was overtly political and completely unnecessary. They’re building a new school.  It’s a good thing for Dundee and I want to celebrate it and I want to see Dundee thrive.  It’s a real shame I’m not getting through the front door.”

Mr Hunter responded: “It isn’t actually so the SNP councillors can attend,  it’s locally elected members and that includes two members of her own party. It’s not politicizing it,  It’s just to be fair to local elected members who have been involved with this right from the start. It’s not that we were stopping her. To be fair, we did invite her to attend as well, or come on a subsequent day she could fit in her diary.”  (The Courier)

Locals commented: What a little Liar and Diva. Dugdale heard what she wanted to hear, rather than what was said. A not uncommon problem with her and her labour Party colleagues. Explain why a Labour politician, who is a not locally elected official, should expect preferential treatment in what is not her capacity?  Why couldn’t she just ask to accompany the others on Friday?

Because Murphy told her; ‘Hey Kez, perfect opporchancity to stir it up, go on hen,  get intae them. What, Jim McGovern,  nah don’t worry about his feelings,  he’s out on his a88e soon anyway’  Hence the ‘big story’..  Will be interesting to see what the other political heavyweights like the Courier?!!  say about this non event.

It appears it is Dugdale who is turning a perfectly reasonable suggestion into an anti SNP rant.  She wasn’t barred from the site and actually invited along on the day everyone else is going. It seems it is her ego that has been pricked and she’s throwing a tantrum at having lost a personal photo opportunity. What constituency does she represent?

If its not important who is there first, why is Dugdale so het up about it? I think she needs to get over herself. Until Dugdale went public, who had heard of this ‘snub’?

It should not be a competition but it would indeed appear that it is. Dugdale who is turning it into one and with her own party as well. As Mr Hunter pointed out the proposed visiting party included a local Labour councillor and Mr McGovern, the only Labour MP in Dundee.

I think it only fair that McGovern gets first dibs while he still retains his Westminster seat. It’s ok for  Dugdale, she has until next year before she has to worry about her position. Big hoohah over nothing but I have not seen so high profile coverage of her boss visiting Dundee yesterday.  Both cut from the same cloth sadly. It also begs the question, has Dugdale nothing better to worry about, like getting ready to read up on what Jim tells her to have a go on at FMQ’s?

Odd she didn’t know that there are Labour councillors in situ. Hadn’t done her homework! Those who work in a constituency getting to see the results of the decisions they made ahead of some outside visitor for a photo in a press release? Seems fair. If I were anything to do with Harris academy I’d not want her associated with them in any way,  What a shocking indictment on Scottish education she is.

Just for the record, have checked other periodicals for any mention of the perceived ‘snub’ to the Deputy branch manager, so it would appear that it suits the Courier to bring this up as it suits their anti SNP stance.

Also, nothing mentioned anywhere I can see about the Branch manager visiting Dundee yesterday with the ‘shallow cabinet’. Consequently not sure if Dugdale was there or not. If so she could have nicked up for a wee sneaky peek. It’s the Scottish Labour way usually.

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10 Apr 2015: Teacher parents: as if  Dugdale didn’t have enough to worry about

Dugdale went wrong having a teacher for a parent. If I could give one piece of advice to the youth of tomorrow it would be this – never have a teacher for a parent.

Her papa is Jeff Dugdale, retired English teacher and former depute rector of Elgin High. He’s also a keen philatelist, even keener SNP supporter and now has several thousand new Twitter followers after showing his daughter the sharp side of his keyboard.

Dugdale tweeted a link to a news article in a right wing unionist paper (close to her heart) which stated that Nicola Sturgeon preferred a Tory Party election win in England. The source, an alleged leaked Scottish Office memo proved to be abject nonsense. Utter tripe.!!!

Her father responded to her tweet with the teacher parent’s typical staccato sting and utter lack of reticence about humiliating his child in public. Even though she is the adult deputy leader of a political party.

He blasted: “Check facts before opening mouth, Kezia!”.   (The Herald)

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Alex Salmond mentored serial failure Sturgeon believing she shared his vision for an independent Scotland- How wrong he was!!

1986: Just 17 years old and wet behind the ears a youthful Sturgeon joined the SNP and soon got stuck into political arguments with politicians many years her senior and electioneering with gusto. Her speedy acceptance as a budding politician of note was quite remarkable given her attention was also taken up with studies for a law degree at Glasgow University at Glasgow University and her early days in employment as a trainee solicitor at Drumchapel Law Centre.

1992 The problem politically was that she was universally disliked by many of her political colleagues and the public who viewed her as an aggressive hard-line humourless harpy with an unhealthy preference for trouser suits. But at the time she emerged there was a shortage of young talented Scottish nationalists and she able to apply for and be elected onto the SNP National Executive and unsuccessfully (gained less than 20% of the votes) stood as a candidate for the Shettleston seat in the Scottish parliamentary elections.

1997: She stood as a candidate for the Westminster seat of Glasgow Govan and lost. It wasn’t until 1999 when she finally gained a seat in the Scottish parliament as an unelected list MSP.

2004: John Swinney resigned. Sturgeon was convinced she would succeed him as party leader but her ambitions were dealt a severe blow when in an audacious change of mind Alex Salmond, took the job despite earlier insisting: “If nominated, I would decline; if drafted, I will defer and, if elected, I will resign.” But he was forced to throw his hat into the ring when it became obvious that Sturgeon was losing, badly, to Perth MSP Roseanna Cunningham.

Faced with humiliation Sturgeon abandoned her bid to lead the party and instead submitted her application for the Deputy leader’s job only a few hours before nominations closed, wrong footing Roseanna Cunninghan, who was denied time to muster sufficient support, out of the deputy leader post. Roseanna, who had enjoyed the company of Sturgeon on many nights dining out at Glasgow restuarants was appalled at Sturgeon’s treachery and with her political career effectively blunted she never forgave her. Friendship’s do not survive such betrayal.

With Alex away at Westminster Sturgeon took charge of the party at Holyrood. In an interview with the BBC when asked about her image change she said: “When you’re younger, you take yourself far too seriously – particularly being a young woman in politics, where you feel a pressure to be taken seriously. If I were honest, I was probably a bit po-faced”. Her new found persona confirmed she had dramatically reversed her opinion of Margaret Thatcher since her demeanour was now much more in common with the late Iron Lady than she would admit to. Previously Sturgeon opinioned : “it wasn’t fair, where a man would be judged ‘robust’, she was damned as “nippie”. He might be “articulate”, she would be “strident”.

2007: 21 years after she entered politics she was finally elected to the Scottish parliamentary seat of Glasgow Southside but her success would be attributed to the leadership of Alex Salmond whose electioneering skills and campaigning took the SNP into power in Scotland for the first time ever.

The election also introduced a “new” Sturgeon who had been equipped with effective public presentation skills after media consultants had conducted polls and identified her public weaknesses, which had to be overcome if the 2007 election was to be won. Formally “nippie sweetie” Sturgeon engaged with the public as a smiling, mild mannered and at times flirty young woman. She had been transformed.

2010: The icing on the cake!! Towards the end of 2003 the press revealed Sturgeon was in a relationship with Peter Murrell, Chief Executive of the SNP. After nearly seven years together they married in July 2010. While some within the Party were content with the new but unusual arrangement there were many whose views were much more cynical observing: “She part-controls the political side of things and he completely controls the organisational side of things. It’s a pretty powerful axis to be sat around one breakfast table.” It was her insistence on the continuance of the “special arrangement” when she became party leader that brought about the rift between herself and Alex who advised against it.


SNP members will need to take back control of the party before the LBGTQ clique at the top destroy it

Its time the SNP members took back control of the Party

From around 2005, in UK and Scottish elections, at all levels, the Labour Party in Scotland was humiliated by a Scottish electorate who rejected its political policies and aspirations to retain Scotland in a Union which had delivered only pain, suffering and humiliation on Scots. A Party once powerful and unassailable turned its face away from the wishes of the voters and was destroyed. And the nadir of the Labour party will likely be visited upon the SNP who, at a time its popularity amongst Scots was at its zenith permitted a transfer of the control of policy decisions to a small cabal of executives driven by LGBTQ dogma and political and social leanings and behaviour at odds with Party members and more importantly the voters. The Party can be saved but only with the removal of the incompetent controlling “cleek” at its top.


A 2023 independence referendum needs to be failsafe to prevent a repeat of the Unionist abuse of 2014

The 2014 Referendum

In the Scottish Independence referendum, the voter list included anyone entered on the current electoral roll, over the age of 16,, whose place of residence was in Scotland, regardless of nationality. The usual caveats about Service personnel also applied.

Voter turnout was 84.59%.

The result:

Yes, 1,617,989, 44.70%.

No, 2,001,926, 55.30%

There is an acceptance that a majority of the 240,000 immigrant voters and many voters of Scottish birth and residence had been forced to vote “no” frightened into submission by a Westminster Unionist politically directed campaign of disinformation.

Indeed not long after the referendum Unionists “screamed from the rooftops” fighting each other for media space each claiming it was their disinformation output that had been the most influential in gaining the “no” vote.

But an award went to a covert Civil Service anti-independence team, funded by the Scottish taxpayers who worked out of Downing Street under the guidance of the late Sir Jeremy Heywood, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service.

Postal Voting

790,000 postal voting forms were issued, completed and returned within the notified time period.

But the novel and as yet unproven voting procedure, heavily promoted by the governing authority, was sullied when, just after voting closed, Ruth Davidson, and other influential supporters of the “no” campaign boasted they had known well before 18 September 2014 that postal votes indicated a win for their campaign.

There was a police investigation into the matter but the findings were never notified to the Scottish public who are still waiting for answers, with the result that many Scot’s believe the outcome of the referendum had been fixed ensuring a win for the “no” campaign.

No Country in History has ever rejected Independence – Until Scotland in 2014

Christian Wright – DYSTOPIA wrote:

“On 18th September 2014, for the first time in the long history of the world, a country committed national suicide in front of a live global audience. The voters of Scotland, a land with a thousand years provenance, and seven centuries a nation, declined to take responsibility for their own governance, and instead, entrusted it to a cabal of elitists from whom they can expect naught but sneering contempt.”

Edinburgh University 2014 Referendum Analysis

The largest study of how Scotland made its historic decision on 18 September 2014 found that the votes of people born outside Scotland were crucial to the result.

52.7 percent of native-born Scots voted Yes.

72.1 percent of voters from England, Wales or Northern Ireland backed the Union.

There were more than 420,000 Britons from elsewhere in the UK living in Scotland when the last census was taken and if they cast their ballots in line with the findings of the Edinburgh University study, more than 300,000 of them will have voted No.

That’s a significant number in a contest that ended with 2,001,926 no votes and 1,617,989 for yes.

Voters born outside the UK also rejected independence, with 57.1 percent voting no.

Political scientist Professor Ailsa Henderson, who wrote the study said it showed the influence of “Britishness” among voters born elsewhere in the UK in deciding the result.

She said: “Scottish-born people were more likely to vote Yes and those born outside Scotland were more likely to vote No. But the least sympathetic to Yes were the people born in the UK, but outside Scotland. We think they are more likely to feel British. They are more likely to feel a continued tie to the UK as a whole – because that’s where they are from.”

How the electorate voted (by place of birth) - [Blue = YES] [Green = NO]

How the electorate voted (by place of birth) – [Blue = YES] [Green = NO]

52.7 percent of native-born Scots voted Yes

72.1 percent of voters from England, Wales or Northern Ireland voted No.

There were more than 420,000 Britons from elsewhere in the UK living in Scotland when the last census was taken. And if they cast their ballots in line with the findings of the Edinburgh University study, more than 300,000 of them will have voted No.

How the electorate voted (by sex) - [Blue = YES] [Green = NO]

How the electorate voted (by sex) – [Blue = YES] [Green = NO]

56.6 percent of women voted No

53.2 percent of men voted Yes.

How the electorate voted (by age)

How the electorate voted (by age) – [Blue = YES] [Green = NO]

62 percent of voters aged 16-19 voted Yes.

A majority of voters aged 20-39 voted Yes.

Voters aged 40-49 were split 50/50.

Voters aged 50-70 or older primarily voted No with the majority increasing by age.

How the electorate voted (by social status) - [Blue = YES] [Green = NO]

How the electorate voted (by social status) – [Blue = YES] [Green = NO]

Yes had majorities among people who classed themselves as working class, people at the bottom of the earnings scale and people in rented social housing.

The highest earners, homeowners, and people who described themselves as middle class were more likely to vote No.

Recommendations for the next referendum

Westminster will use every trick in the book and many not yet identified to deny Scots an independence referendum free of external influences and the Scottish government will need to be alert to state-sponsored shenanigans. Experience before, during and after the 2014 referendum supports the need for major changes to procedures in any future referendum. To ensure a level playing field the following changes are recommended:

Voting is to be restricted to Scottish income taxpayers whose main place of residence is and has been in Scotland continuously from the beginning of January 2015.

Voting rights are to be extended to persons aged sixteen on the date of the referendum.

Voting papers are to be bar coded and checked for authenticity before counting.

Proxy voting is to be restricted to applicants who are able to provide verifiable justifiable reason. eg infirmity or other qualifying illness.

Completed proxy returns are to be retained, unopened, in secure locations in Scotland possibly under the control of the Scottish Police Force.

Proxy votes are to be delivered to counting officers between 2000-2200 on the day of voting, to be opened from 2200 hours, verified for correctness and counted.

Exit polling at voter venues is to be permitted.

State-funded (Westminster or Scottish governments) production or distribution of literature to households, in the course of the campaign is to be deprecated.

The Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament, Scottish public authorities and the UK Government are to strictly observe a 28 day, “pre-vote period” of restriction on publications, (including those which might be published on their behalf, by public media outlets by proxy) relating to the referendum.

A media monitoring panel is to be appointed and authorized to review and instruct amendments to BBC and independent radio and television content before broadcasting. It is to comprise two “Yes”, two “no” supporters and an independent chair and vice-chair, (recruited from The Republic of Ireland and Iceland. The panel’s decisions are final.


Read this and weep -Scotland, a colony acquired by English Conquest is being dismantled piecemeal and absorbed by England’s Westminster politicians and the UN is betraying its own charter through a tacit acceptance and acquiescence of England’s continued domination of Scots’

The benefits of the Treaty of Union

144 years after the signing of the Treaty of Union the widely promoted benefits to be gained by Scotland from placing their trust with the Westminster government were self evident in Glasgow. The police selected a few streets for a lifestyle analysis for the city fathers. The results told the true story. 182 years later a similar study would reveal that not a lot has changed.

Scotland weather patterns are different to England’s. Our autumns and winters are more severe and lengthier and the cost of heating, light, power and the basic foodstuffs will be beyond the financial means of many thousands of Scots who will be forced to adopt lifestyles akin to those who survived the excesses of Westminster in 1841

Scottish leaders should take Scotland’s unarguable proof of conspiracy by successive Westminster governments to force Scotland to remain a colony of England, gained by conquest, which is contrary to UN statutes.


An early and apt warning for the SNP – Homosexual misbehaviour destroyed the Tory Party in Scotland

Sir Michael Hirst

There’s nothing more satisfying to the Scottish psyche than the degradation of the great and the good, particularly when their rise has been accompanied by a large dose of pomposity.

Stewart’s untimely resignation, presented problems but these were soon resolved by the speedy selection of a “safe pair of hands” leading Scottish Tory politico, Sir Michael Hirst, a clean-cut father of three, a partner in a distinguished accounting firm, an elder in the Church of Scotland Chairman of the Scottish Tory Party.

But, within days of his nomination process, stories began to circulate, (reputedly from Tory’s worried his past indiscretions would surface) that Hirst was a closet homosexual, who had betrayed his wife and family by having gay affairs with political colleagues.

Hirst withdrew his nomination, hoping the press and the public would lose interest.(3)  Not to be denied the truth of the matter the press continued to investigate and report on the allegations and the day following Hirst’s resignation (4) it was revealed that he’d not only been involved in homosexual activities with a number of men, he’d been most involved with a man connected to the Tories’ biggest payola scandal.

Conspiracy or malice, events proved the events at Eastwood to be a “masterpiece” of a cock-up. Stewart had a nervous breakdown. Hirst not only withdrew his nomination he was forced to resign, in disgrace, from his position as Party Chairman, (5) resulting in losses at the GE which almost wiped the Tory Party, in Scotland from the political map.


(3). Married Sir Michael Hirst was forced to quit as chairman of the Scottish Conservatives as a result of indiscretions (homosexual dalliances).

(4) Hirst’s letter of resignation, read: “I very deeply regret these circumstances which have caused great distress to my family and which may, I fear, cause embarrassment to the Party in the current climate”.

(5) Hirst, life after death:

John Major Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from ...

Ian Lang

Then Scottish Secretary, (President of the Board of Trade (and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, 1995-97), Ian Lang was accused of covering up the “Gay” double life of shamed Party Chairman, Hirst.

The allegations were that he failed to follow up on Hirst’s denial of alleged flings with former researcher, Andrew Barnett and personal assistant, Paul Martin. (6) and (7)

It later transpired that at a Party Conference in Brighton, two years before, Barnett had spoken publicly about his affair with Hirst. A senior Tory said: “This goes all the way to Ian Lang.” Astonishingly, some party workers had known about Hirst’s gay secret for ten years.

It was also revealed that Hirst hadn’t the courage to tell his wife about his secret life or that it was was about to be made public.

Jackson Carlaw tried to play down the stunning events and said that many in the party were “distraught” that the chairman had had to resign. But he claimed this had hardened the resolve of party workers to win their target seats.


(6). The downfall of the Tory’s in Scotland is a consequence of homosexual intrigues within the party created by a “gay mafia” whose tentacles of power stretched from the party’s grass-roots through to the top of the party.

Scots Secretary Michael Forsyth’s agent, Simon Turner – the man running his election campaign –was openly gay. And it was two other ambitious young gays who brought about the downfall of Scots Tory chairman Sir Michael Hirst. They were his former researcher Andrew Barnett and campaign worker Paul Martin.

Barnett, tried to deny any close relationship with Hirst – but a Tory insider said: “The affair was well-known.” The relationship between Hirst and Barnett ended in tears two years ago.

Devastated that the affair was over, Barnett poured his heart out to Tory grandees at the Brighton conference in 1995.

One Tory source said: “Andrew was made a fool. He was very upset. Heis a decent man and I felt sorry for him.” Another Tory close to the debacle at the time said: “Andrew doted on Hirst. But when it was time for him to move on he, understandably, felt spurned.”

Despite the sleaze that engulfed the party, there were some old- fashioned Tories determined to stick to their tradition of family values. It was they who blew the whistle on Hirst  because they were sickened by his double standards.

The complaint arrived at the desk of Ian Lang, Scots Secretary at the time. Another party insider said: “The matter was referred to Ian Lang, but Hirst denied the affair.”

Barnett’s affair with Hirst began in the early 1990s. The former chairman of the Tory Association at St. Andrews University, was working as a researcher in Hirst’s office. It was the second time Hirst, the promoter of family values, had been embroiled in a homosexual affair with a young Tory hopeful.

He struck up a relationship with Paul Martin who worked in the campaign team in 1987 when Hirst lost the Bearsden and Strathkelvin seat to Labour’s Sam Galbraith.

Martin was given the elbow when word spread that he had been talking openly about his fling with father-of-three Hirst.

Concern was growing within the constituency association and Hirst was advised that Martin had to go to avert a scandal. Instead of taking action against Hirst, they moved swiftly to ensure that he was protected and Martin was sent packing.

One source close to the situation at the time said: “The Association was alarmed at all this loose talk and Michael was told he had to get rid of Martin. “He did, but gave him a very good reference to help him get a job. Soon after he stood down he got a top post in the CBI.”

Martin, had been a Tory Councillor in Edinburgh at the age of 21. Three years before, while employed by the Ministry of Defence, he was at the centre of allegations that he was part of a gay love triangle with English Tory whip Michael Brown and 20-year-old student Adam Morris. He was quite open about his fling with Hirst and boasted about it at a Tory conference.

One insider said: “Martin is trouble. He is a vindictive old queen.”

It has been revealed that the gay links with the Tory party stretch from grass-roots wannabes to the very top of the tree.

Top Tories have always been uncomfortable with Forsyth’s choice of an open homosexual like Turner for such a high-profile job.

They were also critical of other gay appointments made at the Scottish Tory HQ when Forsyth was party chairman. One source told the Record: “There is always the worry that even a whiff of scandal attached to these people would reflect badly on Forsyth.”

As events unfolded in the Eastwood constituency last week, a small band of high- ranking Tories gathered to make sure Hirst didn’t try to replace Allan Stewart. It was they who tried to get Hirst sidelined two years ago when the Barnett affair broke.

One senior Tory said: “We thought if we didn’t get rid of him he would get rid of us. “No-one listened to us although we tried hard to get him moved to a more junior post. The powers that be are now reaping the inevitable result. “It would not surprise me if someone in our own party shopped Michael to the press because of his own open arrogance.”…-a061018639

(7). Tory Ministers face questions over the secret appointment, to the Civil Service, of a Tory advisor, at the centre of allegations about an illegal homosexual affair.

Paul Martin, formerly a high-profile Conservative Councillor in Edinburgh and twice a candidate at general elections, was appointed to the allegedly politically neutral Civil Service.

Martin, a convicted drink-driver, has been suspended from his position as an official in the Nato and European policy secretariat after being named with the Tory MP Michael Brown, in newspaper allegations about a homosexual relationship with an under-age boy. (The Independent)

The Tory Party-post 1997.

The party was wiped out in Scotland in the 1997 Labour landslide victory which brought 18 years of Conservative rule, to an end. John Major resigned as party leader, saying “When the curtain falls, it is time to leave the stage”.

The appalling results led to a number of years of infighting as different factions jostled for power and in result the Party returned only a single MP from Scotland at the 2001, 2005, 2010 and 2015 general elections.

Scots have long memories and would no longer tolerate being ruled by a political party in which power is in the hands of a cabal of sleazy individuals.