people-of-influence-whom-you-hardly-know-Carol Craig-(one time girlfriend of Gordon Brown) & husband-Alf Young-BBC & Labour Party Activists


Carol Craig, author of 'The Tears That Made The Clyde' and Chief Executive of the Centre for Confidence and Well-Being in Glasgow.Carol Craig


Carol Craig:  Close links to Gordon Brown, Donald Dewar et al. Labour Party in the West of Scotland.

B.A Politics – Strathclyde University, Phd Politics – Edinburgh University.  1992. Set up her own training consultant company Enspire,  2004. Chief Executive Centre for Confidence and Well Being.  July 2006. Awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Abertay. Worked For the BBC.

September 2014: Bubbly Carol Craig,  Former girl friend of Gordon Brown, Garscadden Labour Party secretary under one Donald ‘The Don’ Dewar and wife of Alf Young (a close friend of the head of the electoral commission, John McCormick), wrote a heart rending article in the Guardian professing torture over a yes/no decision in Scotland’s referendum:

She explained. “We’re told that independence is an intoxicating revival of our battered democracy. Yet deciding how to cast my vote has proved the most agonising decision of my life. People are framing the decision we face as essentially about confidence. The yeses are filled with confidence and optimism in themselves and their country, it is claimed. The no’s are a bunch of under-confident fearties.”

The very idea that a former girl friend of the great quoter of biblical text, saviour of the Union, and one-time Prime Minister of all Britain was even considering a Yes vote merely invites us all to share an outburst of hollow laughter.


p1833Donald Dewer_70105040_johnmccormickJohn McCormickbrownGordon Brown



I might have been persuaded by this girlish tizzy if only I hadn’t read Tom Bower’s unofficial biography of Gordon Brown, which vouchsafed that in her days as a young publicist she’d been the future prime minister’s amour prior to entering into her relationship with the Electoral Commissioner’s pal Alf Young.


article-1216555-069CAFEC000005DC-334_634x497Gordon Brown & a couple of pals


September 2014: Registered charity, “The Centre for Confidence & Well-being was founded by Craig after the success of her first book “The Scots’ Crisis of Confidence” and the well received “Tipping Point Event” in 2004.

Carol is the driving force of the Centre and is constantly seeking new and innovative ideas to ensure that it maintains its unique and successful role as a leading organisation in the field of Positive Psychology.

It is disappointing that she is in breach of the charity code by writing a politically biased article aimed at influencing the vote of members/users of the charity.


maxresdefaultwwwCarol Craig


September 2014: Carol, one time girlfriend of Gordon Brown confirmed New Labour lovie and her, “crisis of confidence”.

Carol closely identifies with the West Coast Labour Party Network and is part of the Willie Ross / Donald Dewar clique.

She published an erudite study into why there was a ‘Scots – crisis of confidence’.

For our part We like the SNP standing up to the establishment bullies, we feel better about ourselves, the Scottish nation moves on to better things and proves what the academic Carol Craig’s book stated was in fact holding us back but tramples over Ms Craig’s, ‘New Labour’ political sureties because part of her (and many of us) ‘knows’ she is siding with the perceived ‘bullies’ and her identified cause as the basis of the Scots – crisis of confidence.

Is it any surprise she is a bit tense and unsure of her political argument, so resorts to her own form of name calling, censorship and bullying on her blog and web site – it is, after all, the Unionists’ default state.


turncoats1309-Labour-MPs-vote-to-cancel-the-Bedroom-Tax-620x350Labour Party Network



September 2014: Carol taken to task by Matthew Wilson in an excellent response to her, “I’m reluctantly voting no blog”

He wrote, “Again your characterisation of the YES campaign is just wrong when you say it is Pollyanna and it thinks there will be, ‘No losers anywhere, from Lerwick to Dumfries’.

There will be definitely be losers, the Labour Party are finished, landowners with unregistered, untaxed and subsidised land will be losers and there should be a clamp down on unregulated finance and tax avoidance.

As you know from your work, some of the poor are gone – emotionally, psychologically and economically – and it will take a long time before some areas are recovered to facilitate everyone to live a fully human life”.


images56Clowning_Around_Cartoon_only-1024x769Poor Polyanna


Carol Craig and Alf Young have two sons. The family lives in Wester Ross.

Born and raised in Greenock, the son of a shipyard craftsman, Alf holds degrees in natural philosophy and education. He has also been awarded honorary degrees by four Scottish universities. He started out as a teacher of maths and physics and later became a lecturer at Jordanhill College of Education.

There followed by a brief career as a researcher for the Labour Party in Scotland.

Aged 34, he launched his career in the media  and after an introductory spell at Radio Clyde, moved into newspapers in 1981 at the short-lived Sunday Standard, followed by spells at the BBC and The Scotsman.

In 1986, he joined the Herald as its first economics editor. Later he was deputy editor to Harry Reid. From 2000 he filled other executive editorial roles. He was a regular speaker and facilitator at conferences and seminars.

Alf was a member of the group which helped devise the financial arrangements for Scotland’s devolved government.

He served on BP’s Scottish advisory board for three years,  then,  from 2000 to 2007, chaired the Glasgow advisory board of the sinister networking organisation COMMON PURPOSE.

He is currently chairman of Riverside Inverclyde, the pathfinder urban regeneration company charged with bringing new life to the waterfront of the communities centred on Greenock on the Lower Clyde.

At the beginning of 2010 he also became chairman of Social Investment Scotland which provides finance for the third sector. He is also an economic advisor to the Scottish Council.

He writes, broadcasts and comments on a range of issues affecting Scotland and the wider world.

He retired in 2009 from The Herald, the leading Scottish broadsheet newspaper, where he was responsible for comment and opinion.

For 22 years he also wrote his own columns in a number of newspapers on business, economic and political issues.

He currently writes for the online Scottish Review and is a regular contributor to BBC current affairs programmes.

Alf nailed his colours to the mast of the better together campaign writing, “the decision by the SNP to play the long game on the referendum campaign may result in their own downfall!.


2214703436_ca864ae777Alf Young second left & Carol Craig second right


In his pro Better Together blog, “Wake up Scotland” he attacked Professor Tom Devine for having the audacity to support a yes vote in the referendum.


yes_tom_devineProfessor Tom Devine


Commenting on a distortion of facts presented by alf in Inverclyde Community Forums a fellow poster said, “Its hard to find anyone analysing the figures from a neutral standpoint and alf young certainly is nowhere near it, he was infamous at, “The Herald” for his consistent pro-Labour Party and pro-Unionist stories – One of a band of merry men who helped destroy a once great paper.;topic=3458.0


stream_imgThe Three Amigos

One reply on “people-of-influence-whom-you-hardly-know-Carol Craig-(one time girlfriend of Gordon Brown) & husband-Alf Young-BBC & Labour Party Activists”

Another excellent exposure of the Mafia influenced corruption that has been allowed to stagnate the Scottish scene… I seriously hope that this gang of small minded backward leaning fanatics are destined for a new life in their motherland … and that is not the NEW Scotland.


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