Jim Murphy – Gloves Are Off – Abuse Of An Elderly pensioner – Using His Image Promoting Porky Pies Is Not On – Murphy should be Ashamed




5 April 2015: Labour Party Election Promotion leaflets

Leaflets being distributed by Jim Murphy in his constituency feature are given over to an elderly pensioner, David Arthur who claims his support for the Labour party is based on the promise that it will protect pensioners free services, preventing the SNP from scrapping free personal care and the UK pension.

But is David simply a pensioner that has been duped by Murphy into believing the nonsense attributed to him or is he perhaps a willing participant promoting the spread of lies since that which he is placing at the door of the SNP is untrue in every respect.

I think perhaps the latter. David is an active member of Newton Mearns Parish Church and is a committed christian socialist. He has enjoyed a long standing friendship with Mr McIntosh and Jim Murphy stretching back to before 2003. So we have a put up job in regard to the leaflets which should be withdrawn by Mr Murphy.


fear murphy

Check out the history:


26 March 2003 Scottish Daily Record -Forget the Experts- Here’s What Labour Party Supporting Scots Really Matter Think About the Big Issues Facing the Nation

David Arthur,77, Newton Mearns, near Glasgow, retired garage service manager:

“As a Christian socialist who passionately believes in honesty, truth, fairness and justice, I believe our First Minister and new Labour’s visions adhere to these principles. I strongly believe that Labour is not just for the few, it’s for all the people of Scotland.”…+HERE%27S+WHAT+THE+SCOTS+WHO+REALLY+MATTER+THINK…-a0100691380




26 March 2011: Massive recycling complex planned for Newton Mearns – Rebuff for waste plan

The first of two public meetings with developers behind the controversial Loganswell recycling scheme saw emotions running high as fears about possible toxic waste pollution surfaced. The meeting, at Newton Mearns Parish Church on Sunday, was organised by local Labour MSP Ken Macintosh, who has already stated his total opposition to the scheme.

Local resident David Arthur commented “I am really grateful to Ken for organising this meeting.
This development could have massive consequences for Eastwood and it is reassuring our local MSP is standing with residents on this issue.”





24 October 2008: Jim Murphy invites Older People to unique event

Jim and colleague MSP Ken Macintosh have organised unique event for East Renfrewshire older people on Friday 31st October. The event will bring together many of the organisations which support older people. It will take place on Friday 31st October in Newton Mearns Parish Church from 10.30am- 12pm and St Johns Parish Church Hall, Barrhead

Local pensioner David Arthur said:

“I was delighted to be invited to this event for older people by my local MP and MSP. I think it will provide a lot of very useful and helpful information and I am looking forward to attending.
Come along to whichever event you wish, there is no need to book a place.”


3 May 2012: East Renfrewshire Labour’s manifesto for the 2012 Local Council elections

“They also introduced the Citizen’s Panel to conduct regular surveys, allowing people like me to have my say. Labour introduced the minimum wage and now the living wage, which will increase to 7.20 per hour. Labour will keep East Renfrewshire a Number 1 place to live.” David Arthur, Newton Mearns East Renfrewshire.


vision murphy


Ken Macintosh MSP and great buddy of Jim Urphy. A Tandem act in Renfrewshire




Ken Macintosh; Was a television producer for the BBC before Standing for and winning, in 1999 the Eastwood seat in the new Scottish parliament. He is still incumbent in Eastwood.


indexKen Macintosh


Labour MSP for Eastwood, Ken Macintosh has been urged to apologise for playing politics with school trips to Auschwitz.

The Westminster Government announced in February 2008 that £4.65 million was to be made available to fund trips to Auschwitz for English school children.

Mr Macintosh tabled an amendment in the Scottish Parliament calling on the, ‘Barnett consequentials’ of this funding to be ring-fenced and, ‘used specifically to support Scottish pupils for this same purpose’.

Despite there being no ‘Barnett consequentials’ of this money, which Mr Macintosh should have known, he then went on to accuse the SNP of blocking school trips to Auschwitz and he and his colleague Labour MP Jim Murphy contacted the Jewish Telegraph to reiterate these claims.

The amendment was voted against as there were no additional monies transferred to the Scottish Government arising  from the UK decision and there has never been a specific fund in Scotland for schoolchildrens’ visits to Auschwitz.

Maureen Watt, The Minister for Schools, wrote to Mr McIntosh and made the situation clear. So far the silence has been deafening.

It was revealed that contrary to Mr Macintosh’s and Mr Murphy’s attacks the Scottish Government works with the Holocaust Educational Trust ensuring children are educated on the holocaust  and  is providing £25,000 for Renfrewshire to host Holocaust memorial day in 2009 and is supportive of the creation of  a holocaust museum in Scotland.

“After their shameful and opportunistic attacks on an issue that should be above party politics Mr Macintosh and Mr Murphy must apologise for the distress they caused to the Jewish community and for the attempt to mislead Parliament, parents and pupils on this sensitive issue.”


22Macintosh & Murphy


The Labour leader has been unable to name all three candidates in the race to become leader of the Scottish party. Ed Miliband named two of them – but could not remember Ken Macintosh MSP, the candidate being tipped to win.

In an interview with BBC Scotland, Mr Miliband named MP Tom Harris and deputy Scottish Labour leader and MSP Johann Lamont.

Mr Macintosh later laughed off the incident, saying: “If anything, it shows that politicians are human.” (video)


146204_600Ed Miliband, Johann Lamont . Anwar Sarwar


The Sunday Herald revealed that Macintosh accepted a campaign donation of £1,625 from Scottish Asian Pakistan (SAP) Foundation in December when he was a candidate for leadership of the Labour party in Scotland. He came in second in the contest, despite Labour leader Ed Miliband being unable to recall his name.

The Scottish Asian Pakistan Foundation describes itself as a charity which aims to give advice and support to members of the Scottish Asian community (SAP) in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Charities are legally prohibited from making political donations and are intended to be non-political bodies.

However there are close links between the board of directors of SAP and the Labour party. One of the directors of SAP is Mr Amer Masood, who is also general secretary of Edinburgh Labour Community Cohesion Taskforce. On its website, this group describes its aim as being to “promote Labour party policies and beliefs” amongst members of Edinburgh’s ethnic minority communities.

Mr Maxwell, SNP MSP for West Scotland, said: “This is a serious error of judgement by Ken Macintosh in taking a political donation from a body that describes itself as a charity. “As it appears to have come from a non-permissible source, he should return the money immediately.

“Charities must not make political donations either to parties or to individual candidates and it is a breach for an organisation to describe itself as a charity when it isn’t.”

“Mr Macintosh has got himself embroiled in a disastrous situation that casts a huge question mark over his ability to be a finance spokesman. He should return the money and make it clear how much he knew about the SAP Foundation describing itself as a charitable organisation.”



Labour’s finance spokesman is facing questions after accepting money from a “charity” meant to promote relations between Scotland and Pakistan which is being investigated by watchdogs. Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh took £1625 from the Scottish Asian Pakistan (SAP) Foundation in December, as a candidate for the Labour leadership.

Although the SAP Foundation is a limited company, its articles of association say it is a “charity” whose aims include relieving poverty, advancing education and health, promoting community cohesion, and providing advice and support for the Asian and Pakistani communities.

However both the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and the UK Charities Commission say they have never received an application from the SAP Foundation to be registered as a charity. OSCR is now checking on the Foundation under its “Inquiry and Intervention policy”.

Even if the SAP Foundation were a registered charity, both OSCR and the Charities Commission say charities must not make political donations, to parties or to individual candidates, and must remain independent of party politics. The SAP Foundation’s president is Labour activist Amer Masood, the general secretary of Edinburgh Labour’s Community Cohesion Taskforce. The SAP Foundation and the Labour Taskforce have the same phone number.

According to Companies House, the SAP Foundation was incorporated in May last year by Masood, 42, Masood Malik, 73, a veteran community campaigner in Edinburgh, and Hassan Shah Bukhari, a 52-year-old businessman in the capital. It is based at a business centre in Edinburgh’s Morningside and has yet to publish any accounts.

Despite Macintosh reporting that the money came from the Foundation as a limited company, Bukhari, its finance secretary, said the cash was raised from individuals at the December dinner. “We raised it from the people attending,” he said.  Asked if people knew they were contributing to Macintosh personally, he said: “Yes, most likely that’s why they gave it to him.” Asked about the Foundation’s articles calling it a charity, he said: “Oh my. I didn’t realise that. I have to look into it.” He denied there was anything untoward. Masood did not return the Sunday Herald’s call.

Macintosh said he understood the Foundation was a charity, and gave the money as a company. “They promote good relations between Pakistan and Scotland. That’s what they say they’re about. That’s what they do. It was a very up-front donation. We had a dinner. We got together specifically to raise money for my campaign. It could not have been more straightforward.” Asked how giving money to his campaign would advance relations between Pakistan and Scotland, he said: “That’s a question for them.”

An SNP spokesman said: “This was a serious error of judgment by Ken Macintosh in taking a political donation from a charitable body. As it appears to have come from a non-permissable source, he should return the money immediately.”

An OSCR spokesman said: “I can confirm that we do not have an application for charitable status for this body [the Scottish Asian Pakistan Foundation] and it is not a recognised Scottish charity. “We are currently looking at whether there are issues of representation in their Memoranda and Articles of Association, in line with our Inquiry and Intervention policy. “It is a breach of the legislation for a body to hold itself out as a charity if it is not on the Scottish Charity Register. OSCR has powers to act in these circumstances.”


15641162Johann Lamont, Ken Macintosh, Tom Harris


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