BBC Media Bias Protest

A peaceful protest, (approximately 1000 attended) at BBC Scotland HQ in Glasgow. Approximately 1000 attended. (BBC reported 350) View the video.

Outraged that the, “Yes” Scotland campaign should organize such a demo Labour MP Jim Murphy went on-line to, one of the pro-independence blogs and made mischief, Stirring the proverbial s*** he wrote;

“they lost the plot”. “They were angry and divisive”.
“Their attempts to bully broadcasters and boycott businesses is the last thing the independence debate needs”.
“Their angry and divisive campaign is a turn-off”.
“They are frustrated”.
“They are losing the big arguments and losing the plot in a big way”.
“The reason for the nationalists’ frustration is clear: after 80 years of campaigning to break up the UK and with just 80 days to go, patriotic Scots are still saying no thanks to their political project”.
“Now we are seeing real-world attempts to bully a broadcaster.”

But square the foregoing with an extract, (below) from a recent speech, (setting out his belief in democracy) by the same Jim Murphy. He said; “Nations which suppress the rights of their people to take advantage of civil society, democratic expression or the rule of law can no longer be considered stable nation states”.

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