Media Manipulation – Use of doctored and Selective Photographic Imagery

In one of my most recent posts I advised the recent appointment of, “Satchi Media” (as media manipulators supremo) for the oddly politically matched, ” Better Together” group.

The BBC, by their blatantly biased commentary have confirmed their partnership with, “Better Together”. In the trade, “Below the line” advertising is known as, “the art of the devil”. The BBC and Satchi are well versed in the ways of Beelzebub.

The attached photograph is very informative, providing evidence of the black arts;

The saltire is dirty, badly worn, frayed and dwarfed by the huge well presented Union Jack in the background.

The subliminal message of the photograph is;

1. Know your place jock, Westminster is the dominant force. You must vote, “no” in the referendum, if you value your life.
2. The campaign for independence is over. The flag is Culloden reborn. It is old and over used. Place it in the waste-bin.

Forewarned is forearmed. Ignore the hype. Vote, “Yes” in the referendum


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