Media manipulation

“One day all the lies will collapse under their own weight,and the truth will once again triumph” (Joseph Goebbels)




How, “Better Together” Plays With Your Mind.

Westminster politicians, (of all persuasions) are determined upon an aggressive campaign, manipulating, (with the assistance of the BBC and the media) and regardless of expense, the outcome of the referendum. Their target, (the electorate) will be persuaded retention of existing Westminster control systems is the best way forward. It is the widely held conviction of Westminster politicians that the Scot’s can be easily frightened,(as in the past) to stay with Westminster. The, “Better Together” campaign grouping might be more appropriately titled, “Better Not Together” given they are strange bedfellows;

In the blue corner we have the Tory/Lib/Dem Party coalition generating a frenzy of Nationalism reminding the electorate of the 300 plus year’s of glory and expansion of the Empire.

In the Red corner we have the Labour Party, using the Unions and their control over workers, briefing the electorate to ignore the past embracing a future, in which the State/Party promise to ensure their safety and well being.

There is an on-going power play within the group, each side seeking to ensure they are, “Top Dog” in the minds of the electorate.





So What is Wrong

For 300 plus year’s each succeeding generation of Scot’s has been denied the right, (through the single vote system) to elect representatives to Westminster that they expect to be of independent mind, favoured only with a desire to do good works for those that they were elected to represent.

Politicians, elected to Westminster, (who consider themselves above the Law) very soon identified with the temptations and corruption of easy access to cash and in embracing same have consistently failed the Scot’s, with result that up to 40% of Scot’s abstain from voting in elections through disgust and apathy.

So we have in place, in Westminster, an electoral system dominated by two political machines, neither of which is ever in power through the popular choice of the electorate. This, “ping pong” system of governance reflects rejection on a grand scale. But money talks and the Blue and Red parties have access to huge amounts of it.




The Solution ?

Scotland needs to be independent of Westminster so that Scot’s can decide upon the systems to be put in place in respect of the election, payment and conduct of elected representatives. Vote, “Yes” in the September referendum.






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