Scottish Referendum

NHS Privatisation – The Cost to the Consumer

Be afraid. Be very very afraid. The NHS in England is well down the road adopting the USA mantra in regard to healthcare provision. The NHS in England is a dead duck, (or is it parrot). Once contracts are in place they cannot be reversed, (hedge funded private healthcare companies would sue for billions and bankrupt the country). So even if the labour Party form the next government the changes will still be progressed. There is no going back for the NHS in England. A parcel of rogues have flogged off England’s most valuable asset for a pittance.

A, “no” vote in the referendum will incur a similar fate for the NHS in Scotland. I am not, “spinning” this advice to scare people. I am simply reporting fact. Financial allocation in respect of healthcare are decided by Westminster and you may be certain Scotland will be squeezed hard.

10-15 year’s from this year the cost of healthcare provision in England will mirror that of the USA. The diagram attached makes fearsome reading.

At 2007 the cost of healthcare for the average American was $7,290 against an average age expectancy of 78y.

At 2007 the cost of healthcare for the average UK citizen was $2,992 against an average age expectancy of 79y.

Applying an assumption, (which cannot be guaranteed due to on-going austerity measures) the newly privatized English NHS will continue to be fully funded by Westminster this would leave a residue of $4,298 to be found by each person in England. A family of 4 will need to take out an annual healthcare policy, monthly premiums, (at today’s rates) approximately £200. Annual cost £2400. Bite on that!! many families would end up unable to ensure adequate healthcare provision for their children.

It should be noted that the bulk of the cost difference, (UK-USA) is attributable to profit taking by the private Healthcare providers

Scotland need not go down the same road. A, “Yes” vote in the referendum will release us Scot’s from the, “chase the buck” systems adopted by Westminster politicians, of all ilks. Waken up Scotland the mostly comatose, “no” campaigners are slowly sleepwalking you to Armageddon.

You are bound by honour and other things to ensure our children’s health is protected by a fully funded comprehensive NHS. The attached provides the facts in support of the foregoing


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