Real Dangers For The NHS In The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

The TTIP agreement will be signed off this year. It will be an all encompassing agreement without exemptions except where opt-outs are in place at the time of signing. Mr Cameron and the Westminster government will represent the UK (including Scotland) and as such any commitment by Westminster will be binding upon Scotland, including areasContinue reading “Real Dangers For The NHS In The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)”

Circle Holdings PLC Abandon Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust Contract – Taxpayer To Take Back All Responsibilities

Faced with the usual winter headache of much increased use of A & E bringing with it pressure on bed use and staff the usual suspects, (politicians) are abusing the Service in Scotland, kicking it around the media and in parliament like a football. It would be to the credit of the aforementioned if theyContinue reading “Circle Holdings PLC Abandon Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust Contract – Taxpayer To Take Back All Responsibilities”

Care Data Scheme – Be Afraid Private Healthcare

Care Data Scheme – Be Afraid Private Healthcare The, much vilified “Care Data” scheme, in place in England from the start of the year, has attracted minimal publicity in Scotland, since it can only be introduced in Scotland with the support of the Scottish Parliament. In the event of a, “no” vote in the SeptemberContinue reading “Care Data Scheme – Be Afraid Private Healthcare”

Rapid Expansion of NHS Privatisation

The Labour Party wakens up to the Tories rapid expansion of the NHS privatization process.

Privatisation of the NHS- Nurses

Privatisation of the NHS- Nurses Private healthcare contractors have been experiencing some difficulty recruiting and retaining nursing staff due to existing legislation requiring students to register with the Nursing Medical Council and complete and pass an extended, (3-12 months) rigorous course of training and testing and supervised work. The foregoing will be, (from October 2014)Continue reading “Privatisation of the NHS- Nurses”

NHS Privatisation – The Cost to the Consumer

Be afraid. Be very very afraid. The NHS in England is well down the road adopting the USA mantra in regard to healthcare provision. The NHS in England is a dead duck, (or is it parrot). Once contracts are in place they cannot be reversed, (hedge funded private healthcare companies would sue for billions andContinue reading “NHS Privatisation – The Cost to the Consumer”

British Medical Association Writes to David Cameron

A letter, supported by 95% of Doctors in England, signed off by a leader of the BMA has this week been sent to Mr Cameron warning that the sick, frail and elderly are being failed by Westminster. The rarely used somewhat politically incorrect intervention by the medical profession advises an urgent need for a majorContinue reading “British Medical Association Writes to David Cameron”

Performance NHS in Scotland

Alex Salmond – Defending the Governments NHS Record Dr Keighley Mr Salmond defended his Government’s record on the NHS, saying satisfaction levels with the service were rising. He cited the social attitudes survey for Scotland had shown “that satisfaction with the National Health Service has risen to 61%”. The First Minister added: ” By wayContinue reading “Performance NHS in Scotland”

Labour Sinks to New Depths in Cancer Leaflet

Labour Sinks to New Depths in Cancer Leaflet This is Westminster politics at it’s dirtiest. Scotland deserves better. Vote, “Yes” in September I always thought this would develop into the dirtiest campaign ever, but I didn’t think it would happen this quickly. The Sunday Times front page carries the story of how Labour have sentContinue reading “Labour Sinks to New Depths in Cancer Leaflet”

NHS Privatisation Women on the March

Sunday Mirror 17 Aug 2014 Women on the March Against NHS Privatisation Fed up with the rapidly increasing privatisation of the NHS in England 46 Darlington women set off from Jarrow Town Hall, yesterday on a 300 mile protest march to Westminster. They were joined, soon after starting, by another 400 supporters. The march willContinue reading “NHS Privatisation Women on the March”