Scottish Referendum

Care Data Scheme – Be Afraid Private Healthcare

Care Data Scheme – Be Afraid Private Healthcare

The, much vilified “Care Data” scheme, in place in England from the start of the year, has attracted minimal publicity in Scotland, since it can only be introduced in Scotland with the support of the Scottish Parliament.

In the event of a, “no” vote in the September referendum it is intended that there will be a scheme, “roll-out” in 2015. Scotland must be able, (through consultation with the electorate) to decide upon any need and benefits of collection of excessive amounts of personal health data and just who might be afforded access. Only a, “yes” vote in the referendum will ensure this.

Those who care about their privacy should be greatly concerned since the measures will ensure provision of all aspects of an individuals medical records to anyone that has £1 to spare and can prove need of the information. eg. Insurance companies, (for £1) will be able to access information which might affect the performance of an insurance policy in the event a person forgot to advise they had been treated for an ingrowing toenail!!!

The entire population of England has been data entered on a central database. It is for the individual to go to their Doctor and register a wish to, “opt-out).

First off view the video;

Then view the websites and read.

Click to access cd-stakeholder-lett.pdf

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