The UK Common Travel Area

The UK Common Travel Area

A leading member of the, “no” campaign, Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael today launched a UK government analysis paper, “Borders and Citizenship.” To say the content was unadulterated drivel would be giving it undeserved credence. Scotland is and will, (after independence) remain to be a member of the, “Common Travel Area” CTA.

Heaping ridicule onto the unfortunate Mr Carmichael, a Republic of Ireland, (fellow members of the CTA) spokesman stated, “The CTA in no way alters our control over immigration or visa matters and who can and cannot enter or reside in Ireland.”

Mr Carmichael compounded his error by adding an unnecessary racist aside, warning that the Scottish Government’s plans to allow expat applicants with Scottish Grandparents, Scottish Citizenship could result in five million people living abroad becoming entitled to becoming a Scottish citizen. And the point is!!!

Mr Carmichael might have been better advised to take a, “wee peek” at the attached chart which provides a detailed picture of population changes, world wide in the five year’s 2005-2010. Noteworthy is the flow of over one million immigrants to the UK, (mainly England) from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. By any reckoning that expansion will provide a headache for Westminster many times greater than the few immigrants likely to take up the offer of Scottish citizenship.

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