Scottish Referendum

Performance NHS in Scotland

Alex Salmond – Defending the Governments NHS Record Dr Keighley

Mr Salmond defended his Government’s record on the NHS, saying satisfaction levels with the service were rising. He cited the social attitudes survey for Scotland had shown “that satisfaction with the National Health Service has risen to 61%”.

The First Minister added: ” By way of comparison, when Johann Lamont was a minister it was 45% in 2006.” He said that Dr Keighley had made “the entirely reasonable point that despite the fact that the National Health Service has been protected in its budget in real terms, it is under sustained pressure because of the rising demand for health services”.

Mr Salmond also said the BMA Scotland chairman had ” accepted we are doing everything we can within the resources that are available to us”. He added: ” We’re acting to improve performance in accident and emergency, acting to improve meeting our cancer targets.

“We are particularly concerned we’ve moved below the 62-day target, but the Labour Party never once achieved that, not once in office did the Labour Party achieve the 62-day cancer target.”Yes, we believe 93% of people being seen within four hours at accident and emergency isn’t good enough, but the Labour Party in power when Johann Lamont was a minister proclaimed 87% was an excellent performance.

“Our performance, under pressure though the NHS undoubtedly, is better than when the Labour Party were in power.” He questioned what ” possible credibility” Ms Lamont had as a “minister from the last government, complaining about situation when they couldn’t run Scotland when public finances were plentiful”.
Press Association.

Dr Willie Wilson, (NHS for Yes)) – Strongly countered Dr Keighley stating;

“Independence offers us a unique chance to secure Scotland’s health service – to protect it from future Westminster funding cuts, and the damaging impact of privatisation south of the border.”

Sir Harry Burns, (Chief Medical Officer Scotland) said;

“Independence could be, “very positive” for Scotland’s health.

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