The UK’s new Aircraft carrier

The UK’s new Aircraft carrier

The, “pride and joy” of the UK Royal Navy the “super duper” £7 billion aircraft carrier of the future, (ensuring retention of the UK’s position in the world as a superpower) is being kit assembled in Rosyth. The Queen formally named the ship in July 2014. The article, (attached) provides up to date news about the build together with interactive videos.

One of the new Lockheed Martin F35b stealth jump jets, (the carrier will have a compliment of 40) was scheduled to complete a fly-past and landing, demonstrating the power and flexibility of the new super fighter. But the plane was grounded due to design faults. It appears it’s introduction may be delayed by up to 2 more years. The plane might have been jinxed from the start. The design & build budget is hopelessly out of control and there is a growing unease in the Pentagon and Westminster. See attached videos.

It appears HMS Queen Elizabeth, (the new aircraft carrier without the aircraft) widely reported as being built in Rosyth Dockyard are a bit wide of the mark. It is simply being assembled in Rosyth. In excess of 80% of fitting & manufacturing work is contracted out to business located in England and other places well removed from Rosyth. The local economy is gaining very little. Another, “Bitter Together” lie methinks.

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