Scottish Referendum

Nuclear – Who Needs It -We Don’t

1. A majority of MSP’s in Holyrood voted against a renewal of Trident.

2. The UK’s entire arsenal of nuclear weapons are secured in a store not 60 miles from Glasgow Scotland’s most densely populated area.

3. A Scottish court ruled that Trident was an illegal weapon. Westminster refused to recognize the jurisdiction of the court.

4. Trident is a criminal weapon of mass destruction which is in Scotland without the approval or consensus of the Scottish people.

5. The International Court of Justice, (July 1996) there is no higher court in the world. ruled that any threat or use of nuclear weapons would be contrary to international law.

6. Westminster has stated that in the event of hostilities breaking out, the UK nuclear fleet would be assigned to NATO. How does this fit with the Westminster claim that, “Trident is our independent nuclear deterrent”.

7. The UK’s arsenal of nuclear missiles is ever expanding, (1990 – 96 warheads) (1998 – 180 warheads) (2018 son of trident ?).


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