2015 General Election

Con/Dem – Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda headed by – The Rt Hon Alistair Carmichael MP – Blankets Scotland With Misleading and Dishonest Misinformation


March 2015: The Campaign of Disinformation Continues – The Rt Hon and His Scotland’s Changing Leaflet Drop

A Con/Dem government leaflet, (production and distribution cost estimated at £3 million) has been sent to every one of the 2.5 million households across Scotland promoting changes, to be implemented over the next 2 years. The 8-page Scotland’s Changing leaflet contains details of new powers together with the benefits people in Scotland will retain as part of the UK.


But hold on, let’s have a closer look:

1. The new powers have been agreed and guaranteed by all FIVE of Scotland’s major political parties. New powers are coming to the Scottish Parliament. They’ll make Holyrood one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world. The UK Government is going to change the law so that a range of new powers including new tax, new welfare and new voting powers are held by the Scottish Parliament. People in Scotland will still have the advantages of being part of a large UK economy, with a UK Pound, UK pensions and UK passports. Whatever your age and wherever you live, being part of the United Kingdom means we pool and share our resources.


But the statement guarantees nothing and is meaningless. It needs to be considered against the “Vow” issued from Westminster a few days before the referendum. It promised, “extensive new powers” for the Scottish Parliament. “delivered by the process and to a timetable agreed” by the THREE parties.” There is no mention of Scots being consulted on the timetable for change or what will happen in the event Westminster MP’s return a “no” vote on the proposed new powers. Therin lies the problem for Scotland post the 2015 General Election, the “no” vote removed all pressure from Westminster. Scotland gave the Unionist parties, (Labour Tories and Liberals) the freedom to do as they wish with Scotland and they will.


2. We will remain citizens of the UK with its strong defences and global influence. The UK’s strong defence forces also add extra security for families in an uncertain world.

UK defences are a joke have been savagely taken apart in favour of retaining/replacing the Trident Nuclear missile system. Our conventional armed forces are in a perilous state having been reduced to unsafe levels, (with more cuts planned). The navy is ill equipped and the surface fleet almost non-existent. Fighter aircraft are in many cases incapable of completing operations. An independent Scotland has no wish nor need to exert any global influence, except in the areas of trade.


3. It also means that the UK’s large and diversified economy will continue to shield Scotland from sudden shocks like the recent fall in oil prices, or the need to rescue banks during the financial crisis.


The UK’s large and diversified economy is a misnomer since it is carrying nearly £1.7 trillion of debt, of which £1 trillion has been added in the last 5 years of the Con/Dem government. The remaining debt was incurred through the incompetance of the previous Labour government applying correcting measures bailing out banks caught up in the, “housing Bubble” fiasco of which they had 3 years advance notice and did nothing. In any event there are no truly “Scottish” banks since they all operate out of London The reference to financial crisis and bank rescue is a red herring.


The 2015 General Election, the “Vow” and matters arising.

There are less than 3 weeks before the start of the General Election “Purdah” period which curtails the activities of political parties. It will not be possible to get any of the proposed new powers, which will require a significant number of new Bills, to the statute stage.


Few MPs want extra powers for the Scottish Parliament, (including many Scottish Labour MP’s). They will rebel and vote against proposals for change submitted to the Commons, so there will be a significant number of defeats at the hands of rebels. It may be possible to get proposed legislation through the Commons, (if all parties crack a 3 line whip) But they then go to the House of Lords and delays of up to a year that will bring to the process. So, no change this side of the General Election.


Another look at the wording of the so called “vow”:

It promised, “extensive new powers” for the Scottish Parliament. “delivered by the process and to a timetable agreed” by the THREE parties.” There is no mention of Scots being consulted on the timetable for change or what will happen in the event Westminster MP’s return a “no” vote on the proposed new powers. Therin lies the problem for Scotland post the 2015 General Election, the “no” vote removed all pressure from Westminster. Scotland gave the Unionist parties, (Labour Tories and Liberals) the freedom to do as they wish with Scotland and they will.



Reflect back to the stance of the Unionist parties in Westminster at the start of the referendum discussions. The Scottish government’s offer to include, “Devo Max” in the questions, to be put to the Scottish electorate was firmly rejected. It had to be “all or nothing”. There is no intention to give Scotland any new powers of note. What will be devolved will be little titbits, giving the appearance of power.


Gordon Brown, the architect of the, “Vow” has previous in this type of subterfuge. His promises to the electorate on taking over the post of Prime Minister said “I will listen and I will learn. I want to lead a government humble enough to know its place, where I will always strive to be – and that’s on the people’s side. We’ve got to honour the manifesto of a referendum on the new EU Treaty . It is an issue of trust for me with the electorate.” The Labour Party, under his leadership denied the UK a referendum and ratified the Lisbon Treaty.



Remember also Cleggs pledges in the Liberal Party 2010 manifesto, which he abandoned so that his party would take up the reins of power with the Tory party. Empty promises indeed.



Returning to the 2015 General Election, it is entirely possible, regardless of the outcome that any or all of the present party leaders might resign, to be replaced with new leaders, who could be of a mind to abolish many of the powers presently devolved turning the Scottish parliament into a “talking shop” with very limited responsibility. Scot’s should remember that Westminster is sovereign and can do as it pleases. What it gives it can take away.



Politicians are unable to pledge anything to the electorate until such time as they have a mandate to govern. Anything pledged therfore, before the 2015 General Election is “tripe” and a clumsy attempt at sleight of hand tactics by the (three amigos) Unionist parties.

Incurring a spend of £3 million on political propoganda is a gross misuse of the nations finance but this is presented by Con/Dem politicians as the acceptable face of Unionism. They underestimate Scot’s who are able to spot a liar when they see one.


Is there anything Scots can do to claim their future?

There is. Vote SNP. A large group of Scottish MP’s fully committed to the Scottish electorate will provide the impetus for change ensuring Westminster MP’s do not backslide. A Scottish vote for labour or any of the other Unionist parties is a wasted effort since they vote with the party line which is not always to the benefit of those that they purport to represent.

Scottish Referendum

Scot’s wha Hae

Wonderful play on words.

Scottish Referendum

Women for Independence

Excellent site and loadsa great videos taking apart the recent condescending to women video Saatchi.

Scottish Referendum

Yes campaign faced the might of – The Abbotsford Team ( actively backed by the entire UK political system, the civil service, media barons, commercial and financial institutions, The City of London, Heads of State and senior politicians of countries world wide and just about anyone or anything that David Cameron and Sir Jeremy Heywood could muster in their mission to deny Scotland it’s rightful place in the world as an independent country.)



11174908_899738300083865_2185826260044367931_nAfter the Scottish referendum.10405508_818905011498032_7364655500765974693_n



The, “Yes” campaign faced the might of – The Abbotsford Team ( actively backed by the entire UK political system, the civil service, media barons, commercial and financial institutions, The City of London, Heads of State and senior politicians of countries world wide and just about anyone or anything that David Cameron and Sir Jeremy Heywood could muster in their mission to deny Scotland it’s rightful place in the world as an independent country.)

“The gathering.”  At the beginning of 2012, (at his house in Edinburgh) former Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling, David McLetchie, late Scottish Conservative Leader, David Cameron’s, Director of Political Strategy, Andrew Cooper, Shadow Foreign Secretary, Douglas Alexander, Shadow Defence Secretary, Jim Murphy and special adviser to the Scottish Secretary, Euan Roddin. met in secret with the purpose of, “preparing a battle plan” which when enacted would, “kill off, once and for all time”, Alex Salmond and the Scottish National Party. The meeting lasted over 3 hours.

It was readily agreed that the only way to defeat Alex Salmond was to put their party political differences aside and to join forces so that he would be faced with the full might of the, “Union”. The, “Abbotsford Agreement” was born. It was agreed the campaign would be coordinated through the Prime Ministers Office in London, but Mr Cameron would be kept well clear of any overt campaign activities.


The Abbotsford Team – Better Together – The Strategic Directors


Alistair Darling. Moving on to the Lords June 2015.

Douglas Alexander2

Douglas Alexander   Defeated Labour candidate in the 2015 General Election


Jim Murphy.  Defeated Labour candidate 2015 General Election


Andrew Cooper. David Cameron’s, Director of Political Strategy. Elevated to the Lords June 2015


Euan Roddin. Special adviser to Alistair Carmichael, ex Scottish Secretary. Leaked the infamous “Frenchgate” memo the week before the 2015 General Election. Rehabilitated to another £75K SPAD post!!!!!!




Labour Party Team

Mr Darling, considered more than a match for Alex Salmond would front the tri-party campaign and it would be run by Scottish based politicians. It was further agreed each political party would be free to run their own pro-union campaign. The meeting was then briefed that former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, had declined an invitation to join the, “Better Together” campaign advising he would restrict his role to the Labour Party’s own anti-independence campaign being reluctant to share a platform with the Tories and Lib Dems. Finance Available. Approximately £4 million. includes significant donations from Tory backers, senior financiers and JK Rowling, (author).


Alistair Darling’s Better Together Team


Blair McDougall. Campaign Director. Went on to become Head of Policy and Strategy for the Labour Party in Scotland, (reporting to Jim Murphy). Jobless after the 2015 General Election debacle supposed to be licking his wounds and writing a book about Keir Hardie.


Treasurer-Peter Dunphy: Lib/Dem activist for over 20 years, served as a Councillor, Parliamentary Candidate and Chair of both the Parliamentary Candidates Association and the Party youth section. Member of the National Secular Society. CEO of an international recruitment business. lives in Westminster.


Nosheena Mobarik: Formerly, Chair of CBI Scotland, Director of Better Together. Co-founder of Glasgow software company M Computer Technologies stirred up a considerable hornets’ nest for the then Labour-controlled Scottish Government when she, along with others, publicly criticized its procurement processes in a speech at a Business in Parliament conference. Got her reward. Elevated to the Lords as Baroness of Mearns


Craig Harrow; Convener and Vice President of the Scottish Liberal Democrats,  Bags of lobbing experience. His P.R. company hit the headlines in Scotland when it emerged the Coalition government had handed a £30,000 contract to it for “communications support” on the referendum.


Richard Baker: Labour member of the Scottish Parliament (List – MSP) for the North East Scotland region. Labour Party in Scotland losing candidate in the 2015 General Election. Advanced his name for the vacant post of Deputy leader of the labour party in Scotland. This chappie is an unmitigated disaster and his election t the post of deputy would be a gift to the SNP. See my article on him at:

jackie baillie

Jackie Baillie. Has been a Labour party in Scotland MSP from the date Parliament first convened in 1999. An opportunist who sits in the background until an opening provides her an opportunity to claim other peoples work as her own. Not a nice person. See my article on her:






The Media Campaign Strategy

BLUE STATE DIGITAL – Official Obama and Blair campaigns contractors, awarded, “Better Together” exclusive media strategy contract. Blue State Digital is a USA media strategy and technology company specializing in online fundraising, social networking and constituency development. The Company provided digital strategy and technology services for the Barack Obama presidential and a number of Blair campaigns. directed by co-founders, Joe Rospars and Jascha Franklin-Hodge. The mission statement of the Company is;

“A full-service new media agency, Blue State Digital develops and executes multi-platform digital marketing and online engagement campaigns for non-profit and advocacy organizations, political candidates, causes, brands and businesses. Our work inspires and mobilizes people, increases revenue, and cements lasting support and loyalty.”

A Company insider quote; “Future elections will be won not because the candidate was anointed by a powerful party, but because he or she was best at using a Web and new-media strategy to rally the masses.”

Just who are these guys?

What about the Tony Blair’s link?

Blue State Digital-Better Together strategy – About Gregor Poynton – UK Director of Blue state Digital. Poynton, a former Labour party election strategy manager and Scottish Labour party organiser who is married to the MP Gemma Doyle, is from Falkirk and his parents still live in the town. One of those recruited last July, who asked to remain anonymous, joined because of a long standing friendship with the Poynton family. “I wanted to help them and ensure the town is represented by someone local,”




PANews BT_P-46a14adb-c560-44d0-a116-e35a343ce256_I1article-1380915-039E0A4F0000044D-344_634x432

Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, declined the invitation to join the, “Better Together” campaign advising he would restrict his role to the Labour Party’s own anti-independence campaign being unwilling to share a platform with the Tories and Lib Dems. Retired from Westminster politics at the 2015 General Election. Reputed to have turned down, for now  an elevation to the Lords. Might be waiting for the Chilcott report.

I compiled about 30 articles on Brown see here:






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The Unionist Partys Perceive Scottish Women To Be Politically Weak-Vacillating and Easy To Manipulate and Deliver Their Strategy Accordingly – It Worked in 2014 and the Poor Deluded Fools Havn’t Tumbled Us Yet – They Think!!



Image result for better together images




In the final days of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum the pendulum finally swung in favour of  a “Yes” vote.

Just as it appeared that the Westminster state funded campaign of media manipulation, disinformation, frighteners, celebrity love bombing, world political leaders support and the “ace in the pack” intervention of the Queen had failed.

The Westminster establishment illegally promised a “Devomax” sweetener through a National newspaper.

Further aiding “Better Together” the studiously impartial BBC provided Gordon Brown with an unprecedented four hours of blanket media exposure allowing him to deliver a long and rambling speech to  a captive Scottish television viewing public.

Brown’s widely promoted rhetoric proved to be successful when, a few days later, faced with the reality of a vote a number of Scots expressed a preference to retain the Status Quo.

Events since have exposed the cynical behaviour of politicians who conspired together across the political spectrum agreeing a promise of “Devomax”  withe the knowledge it would not be delivered.

Yet again the political maxim of “delay is the most invidious form of denial” was successfully applied and Westminster prevailed.


Related image




The 2016 US Presidential election and Donald Trump’s unexpected victory over media promoted and establishment preference candidate, Hilary Clinton.

The Democratic Party campaign was largely organised and delivered by the same Obama supporting electoral team that had assisted the Westminster “Better Together” campaign in the 2014 Scottish referendum.

Same tactics. disinformation, character assassination, lies, massive  state-financed expenditure, Celebrity love bombing etc. yet “David beat Goliath.”

The differing outcomes of the two campaigns is best explained by the influence of a fast-maturing “social media” driven by internet users who exposed the hypocrisy of the US political elite.

In doing so disenfranchised voters added another dimension to the mainstream media, questioning its honesty and integrity.


Related image



The  2016 European Community referendum also produced a surprise result exposing a wide political difference in the views of the electorates of England and Scotland.

Scotland preferred retention of EU membership but Scotland was forced to conform to the wishes of the English electorate and the Westminster establishment.

The “Brexit” notification was served  on the EU by Westminster in March 2017 with a formal withdrawal expected to be completed within two-three years, (March 2019-2020).

But the Westminster government proposals for Brexit are not acceptable to the EU leaning Scots electorate and it is expected the proposals, if forced upon Scots may trigger another Scottish Independence Referendum.

Preparing in advance for a Scottish challenge the Tory government in Westminster created a “Constitutional Civil Service Team”.

The team is fully financed with Scottish Grant money purloined by the Secretary of State for Scotland to whom it reports.

Its remit, carried over from the 2014 independence referendum when it was credited with winning the referendum for the Tory’s is to nullify any challenges to the retention of the United Kingdom.

The team, as it was in the 2014 Independence Referendum will be enabled in its campaigns of disinformation by the BBC and UK press.

A pseudo-Scottish government is based in London at present but is scheduled to be relocated to Edinburgh early in 2020, after the Tory Party is re-elected to government.






The impact of internet driven social media is fast increasing providing balance between political agendas

In 2015 media bloggers identified and exposed a mind bending policy (designed to manipulate women voters).

Developed by President Obama’s election team the tactic had been widely used by “Better Together” in the 2014 Scottish Referendum and in the US 2016 Presidential election.

Crucial to the outcome of any future Scottish Independence Referendum the unsavoury practices need to be revealed to the Scottish electorate and women in particular

The attached video (above) provides visual and oral evidence of the  practices operated and should be widely distributed and viewed by young women voters in Scotland.


Related image




Love-Bombing – A study of the conduct of “Better Together” in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum

Just about every time Cameron made speeches extolling the virtues of Britishness and his love for Scotland he,  extracted his information from the Canadian Love-bomb handbook compiled by Canadian government media advisors and widely used at the time of the now notorious Montreal, “Unity Rally” when an estimated 100,000 Canadians gathered in Montreal to “love-bomb” Quebec.





The late introduction of the “below the line”  anti-Scottish independence campaign “Lets Stay Together”  launched in the last 6 months of the 2014 campaign.

Fronted by a number of,  London based, Labour Party celebs the tactic mirrored the previously mentioned, “Montreal Love-Bomb” tactic.

The final frame of the video tells viewers to “call family and friends in Scotland and tell them they’re our ‘best friend'”.

The sickly celeb plea can be directly linked to Cameron’s infamous speech at the Olympic Park in East London in February 2014 (nationwide television broadcast) when he urged “every Briton with a friend or family member in Scotland” to persuade them to vote against independence.

A spokesman blustered that the costly campaign “Let’s Stay Together” was entirely unrelated to, “Better Together” and had no connection to any of the main pro-UK parties in Westminster. Just people wishing to express the english view.

But later investigation revealed the “Let’s Stay Together” campaign was funded by the Labour Party and was set up by three senior advertising industry figures. Namely:

John Braggins: Director of media company B.B.M. who worked closely with the Labour party on elections and planning campaigns and proudly claimed the credit for Labour not losing a single by-election in the period between Blair’s anointing as Labour leader and the 1997 General Election.

Andrew McGuinness: Who contributed financially to Tony Blair’s Election campaigns. He continues to work closely with the Labour Party.

MT Rainey:  Probably the most powerful woman in British advertising who is on record defending the media’s right to create false images.


Related image




“Better Together” worked closely with Cameron’s former strategy director Andrew Cooper

M&C Saatchi, with a long relationship with the Conservative Party, advised and delivered the campaign’s advertising, marketing and message development.

They worked with a number of other media image agencies, including the “Grey” and “BD” Networks.

TBWA UK, which works with the Labour Party, was also involved in the opening pitch process


Image result for better together images




Probably the most powerful woman in Scottish/ British advertising Scot MT Rainey is on record defending the media’s right to create false images. Her links with the Labour Party in Scotland are well established.

MT Rainey is the chair of digital advertising agency TH_NK.

TH_NK, is pronounced “thunk”, the noise that the “Let’s Stay Together” campaign made as it landed in the middle of the 2014 independence debate.

It has a large portfolio of high profile clients, including, JK Rowling, the BBC, Channel 4, and the TV Licencing Authority.

In November 2013 at Labour’s Scottish conference in Inverness, Magrit Curran announced that Labour was to set up a new employment taskforce, to be headed by former Labour MP for Dumbarton John McFall ( who now rejoices in the silly made-up title Lord of Alcluith Tywysog of the Strathclyde Britons) and another former native of Dumbarton, a certain MT Rainey.

Not long after, Labour’s national leadership in England announced it was setting up a review of the Creative and Digital Industries.

A member of the review board was to be the busy Ms Rainey.


Related image






Scottish Referendum

George Orwell- Heed his warnings

George Orwell- Heed his warnings

George was employed for some time by the BBC. He likened it to working with gremlins in a lunatic asylum. The, “Ministry of Truth” in his book, “Nineteen Eighty Four” was modeled on his experiences with the BBC .

Well, nothing much has changed, only the faces. The bias and censorship that so frustrated George Orwell is still rife. The organization, has clearly decided upon a win for, “Bitter Together” and it will manipulate it’s entire media content to this end.

Blue State Digital, a USA media manipulation company planned campaign strategy for the Democratic Party nomination of Obama. His opponent was Hilary Clinton. The video, see attached was produced by them. It was later withdrawn after immense public protest, but damage had been done to Mrs Clinton.

Blue State Digital has been awarded the media campaign contract for, “Better Together”. It is only a matter of time until something similar in content surfaces seeking to discredit the, “Yes” campaigners.

Scottish Referendum

Media manipulation

“One day all the lies will collapse under their own weight,and the truth will once again triumph” (Joseph Goebbels)




How, “Better Together” Plays With Your Mind.

Westminster politicians, (of all persuasions) are determined upon an aggressive campaign, manipulating, (with the assistance of the BBC and the media) and regardless of expense, the outcome of the referendum. Their target, (the electorate) will be persuaded retention of existing Westminster control systems is the best way forward. It is the widely held conviction of Westminster politicians that the Scot’s can be easily frightened,(as in the past) to stay with Westminster. The, “Better Together” campaign grouping might be more appropriately titled, “Better Not Together” given they are strange bedfellows;

In the blue corner we have the Tory/Lib/Dem Party coalition generating a frenzy of Nationalism reminding the electorate of the 300 plus year’s of glory and expansion of the Empire.

In the Red corner we have the Labour Party, using the Unions and their control over workers, briefing the electorate to ignore the past embracing a future, in which the State/Party promise to ensure their safety and well being.

There is an on-going power play within the group, each side seeking to ensure they are, “Top Dog” in the minds of the electorate.





So What is Wrong

For 300 plus year’s each succeeding generation of Scot’s has been denied the right, (through the single vote system) to elect representatives to Westminster that they expect to be of independent mind, favoured only with a desire to do good works for those that they were elected to represent.

Politicians, elected to Westminster, (who consider themselves above the Law) very soon identified with the temptations and corruption of easy access to cash and in embracing same have consistently failed the Scot’s, with result that up to 40% of Scot’s abstain from voting in elections through disgust and apathy.

So we have in place, in Westminster, an electoral system dominated by two political machines, neither of which is ever in power through the popular choice of the electorate. This, “ping pong” system of governance reflects rejection on a grand scale. But money talks and the Blue and Red parties have access to huge amounts of it.




The Solution ?

Scotland needs to be independent of Westminster so that Scot’s can decide upon the systems to be put in place in respect of the election, payment and conduct of elected representatives. Vote, “Yes” in the September referendum.