Children In Poverty – Symptomatic Of A Dog Eat Dog Society Or A Sad Reflection of Westminster Governance

  The widely supported “Child Poverty Act” of 2010 committed the Westminster political elite to completely eliminate poverty amongst children by 2020. But slipping quietly through the general election campaign is the future lifestyle, for many millions of children destined to live in poverty due to the rapid growth of low paid work and continued […]

This Lot Are Beyond The Naughty Step – Time They Were Evicted – 7 May 2015 Provides The Opportunity

    I posted articles, (listed below) covering a number of Scottish MP’s providing pen pictures of their activities over the period they held office as a Westminster MP. Have I missed anyone that needed covering?   […]

Con/Dem – Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda headed by – The Rt Hon Alistair Carmichael MP – Blankets Scotland With Misleading and Dishonest Misinformation

March 2015: The Campaign of Disinformation Continues – The Rt Hon and His Scotland’s Changing Leaflet Drop A Con/Dem government leaflet, (production and distribution cost estimated at £3 million) has been sent to every one of the 2.5 million households across Scotland promoting changes, to be implemented over the next 2 years. The 8-page Scotland’s […]

Civil Service Mandarins Plotted Against Scotland – Scottish Labour MP Sat On His Hands – Welsh MP Foughts For Scots Remember This Come The General Election

        6 May 2014: Paul Flynn Welsh Labour MP walks out in protest against attack on Scottish independence The entire two-hour-long Westminster Committee investigation into impartiality in the Civil Service was one long, concerted attempt to obliquely – and sometimes blatantly – attack the integrity of the Scottish independence referendum, the Scottish […]

The 2017 General Election – Westminster and Its Acolyte Unionist Politicians In Scotland Do Truthiness Extremely Well – But Scots Are Wiser Now Than They Were In 2014

          In a few weeks the Scottish electorate will once more be asked to vote, this time electing individuals to serve as Members of Parliament at Westminster. The 2017 General Election presents Scots with an opportunity to ensure their voices are heard, listened to and acted upon at Westminster. This has […]

Lest We Forget – Blair’s Legacy – One Month Of War – Our Young Men Die – For What? – Remember Very Recent Past When You Vote For Your Children’s Future In 2015

September 2 2006; Nimrod Crashes – British Servicemen killed in Afghanistan 14 Twelve RAF personnel, a Royal Marine and an Army soldier were on board the RAF Nimrod MR2 which came down in the southern province of Kandahar. The reconnaissance plane, based at RAF Kinloss in Scotland, belonged to the Nato-led force battling the Taleban. […]