Children In Poverty – Symptomatic Of A Dog Eat Dog Society Or A Sad Reflection of Westminster Governance

  The widely supported “Child Poverty Act” of 2010 committed the Westminster political elite to completely eliminate poverty amongst children by 2020. But slipping quietly through the general election campaign is the future lifestyle, for many millions of children destined to live in poverty due to the rapid growth of low paid work and continued […]

Blair – Brown – Darling – Were Warned in 2004 That The British Economy Was About To Go Bust -They Did Nothing To Avert The Crisis – Then Had The Audacity To Blame The Royal Bank Of Scotland

  2007-2008: Financial Disaster In the period 2004-2008 Gordon Brown then Alistair Darling ignored much repeated advice and public warnings issued by Lyndon H Laroche JR, many other eminent economists and Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England of the rapidly overheating British economy. The financial “blow out” that hit the world financial markets […]

Labour Party Property Rental Scam – Labour MP’s Recover Costs of Rental From The Taxpayer – Monies Received Are Transferred To the Labour Party. Millions To Labour Annually And They Pay No tax

  They way they were         Labour Party rents property To Labour MP’s who recover the cost of said rental from the taxpayer Expenses scandals just will not go away – Labour Party rents property To Labour MP’s who recover the cost of said rental from the taxpayer – monies received go […]

The 2017 General Election – Westminster and Its Acolyte Unionist Politicians In Scotland Do Truthiness Extremely Well – But Scots Are Wiser Now Than They Were In 2014

          In a few weeks the Scottish electorate will once more be asked to vote, this time electing individuals to serve as Members of Parliament at Westminster. The 2017 General Election presents Scots with an opportunity to ensure their voices are heard, listened to and acted upon at Westminster. This has […]

7 May – Decision Day – Are You For Austerity Or Prosperity – I Am Fed Up To The Back Teeth With The Former -I choose The Latter

    Austerity 2015 -2020 (at least) – Get Ready to Rumble Just to be clear: There are vast differences between the published policies of a Tory or Tory/UKIP or Labour or Tory/Labour or Tory/Lib/Dem or Labour Lib/Dem government post May 2015. So, in opposition the performance of the losers will be dictated by the […]

Get to Know – the Man Who Will Control Your Worldly Financial Affairs

1. Opening Narrative a. Lord Hill is to be appointed to a key role within the EU, delivering through his office, Financial Stability, Financial Services and the Capital Markets Union portfolio in the Juncker Commission. The newly-created Directorate-General will assimilate existing EU expertise and has responsibility for ensuring that the European Commission remains vigilant over […]