The Blair’s misunderstood or bonkers?

    Is Cherie Blair misunderstood or bonkers? She stoutly defended her sanity but given her husband’s track record with the truth, can we believe her? An examination of some of the bizarre fads to which Cherie resorted while she was the chatelaine of Downing Street: crystal therapy, clairvoyants and inflatable anticellulite trousers, to name […]

Labour Party Property Rental Scam – Labour MP’s Recover Costs of Rental From The Taxpayer – Monies Received Are Transferred To the Labour Party. Millions To Labour Annually And They Pay No tax

  They way they were         Labour Party rents property To Labour MP’s who recover the cost of said rental from the taxpayer Expenses scandals just will not go away – Labour Party rents property To Labour MP’s who recover the cost of said rental from the taxpayer – monies received go […]

Jim The Unionist Murphy – Politics and Religion – Conflicting Views – Election Strategy 2010 and 2015 – A Summary of Posts to Date

January 2015; Jim Murphy plays the class warrior card a. If Murphy were a bibulous carnivore, I’m sure he’d happily stand Boris Johnson a beer and a burger for the huge boost the Mayor of London has given his hopes of reigniting Labour’s flame in Scotland. By attacking so vehemently Murphy’s plans to use the […]

Video Record Exposing Murphy’s Role in The Betrayal of The Dunfermline Building Society–Be Warned He Is A Snake in The Grass

March 28 2009; Dunfermline Building Society collapse Jim “Spud” Murphy Spins the lie. Sews the seeds of doubt about the society’s viability. March 29, 2009 Labour, (Jim “Spud” Murphy) Spins and Lies Against The Dunfermline Building Society Jim Spud Murphy: I find it difficult to express my disgust for Quisling Murphy. In every situation […]

Who’s Pulling Murphy’ Strings? It’s a Fallacy

Murphy is able to claim autonomy for the Scottish Labour branch in the areas where Westminster has devolved authority. This is a must have since to be otherwise would place Murphy at a disadvantage to the SNP. So, the argument advanced by Murphy that only Labour can ensure removal of a Conservative government is a […]

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Is Taken Apart By European MEP’s

March 24 2009; European Parliament, Strasbourg – British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Is Taken Apart By European MEP’s An unelected Prime Minister, never elected to office who forced through the Westminster parliament ratification of the ill judged European treaty setting aside a clear Labour Party manifesto commitment allowing the British electorate the decision in a […]

Silence in Sin City Glasgow Part 5 – 2014 – 2015 City Council In Need of Clear Out

1. March 1 2014; Glasgow’s homeless hostel scandal. a. The appalling conditions in the Bellgrove hotel are a horrifying reminder of how we treat our poorest and most defeated citizens. You walk past it on the way to Celtic Park on a match day, barely noticing it but knowing that it exists in the […]