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Who’s Pulling Murphy’ Strings? It’s a Fallacy

Murphy is able to claim autonomy for the Scottish Labour branch in the areas where Westminster has devolved authority. This is a must have since to be otherwise would place Murphy at a disadvantage to the SNP.

So, the argument advanced by Murphy that only Labour can ensure removal of a Conservative government is a misnomer since the influence of the Scottish Labour membership over the mainstream Labour party is restricted and very much neutered by the fact that Miliband calls the shots over national policy which Scottish Labour will need to bend the knee.

Not the case where the SNP is concerned. The policies of the party are decided in Scotland by Scots for Scots without regard to the nuances or predilections of Westminster parties. It follows therefore that only a large body of SNP MP’s is capable of removing the Conservatives from office AND holding the National Labour Party to account across the entire range of policy direction and or implementation over the term of the parliament. Any Scot that votes for the Scottish Labour Party branch membership in the General Election would be misguided and gullible and I am confident Scots are wise enough to do the right thing and vote SNP.

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