Out Of The Closet – Jim Murphy Exposed As A Right Wing Tory – Will He Jump Ship For UKIP???

    January 2015: Red Tory Murphy Retains Executive Membership of Tory-dominated Ultra Right-Wing Think Tank – The Henry Jackson Society (HJS) Named after hawkish Democratic US senator Henry “Scoop” ­ Jackson, the HJS was founded in 2005 to promote a “forward strategy” on global democracy, drawing on strong militaries in the US and EU. […]

Jim The Unionist Murphy – Politics and Religion – Conflicting Views – Election Strategy 2010 and 2015 – A Summary of Posts to Date

January 2015; Jim Murphy plays the class warrior card a. If Murphy were a bibulous carnivore, I’m sure he’d happily stand Boris Johnson a beer and a burger for the huge boost the Mayor of London has given his hopes of reigniting Labour’s flame in Scotland. By attacking so vehemently Murphy’s plans to use the […]

Who’s Pulling Murphy’ Strings? It’s a Fallacy

Murphy is able to claim autonomy for the Scottish Labour branch in the areas where Westminster has devolved authority. This is a must have since to be otherwise would place Murphy at a disadvantage to the SNP. So, the argument advanced by Murphy that only Labour can ensure removal of a Conservative government is a […]

Jim “Spud” Murphy (1992 – 1997) – The Student Union Years and his Carefully Planned and “Jammy” Rise to Political Office

1. Jim “Spud” Murphy (1992 – 1997) The Student Union Years and his Carefully Planned and “Jammy” Rise to Political Office a. President of the National Union of Students. (Full time member of the Union from 1992 until 1996). *Indications are that his studies did not progress as expected in the first 2 years of […]

Jim Spud Murphy – Best Way to Let Him Hang Himself is to Watch Him In Action- A Selection of the Best of His U-Tube Videos

April 5 2009; Dunfermline Building Society & Team GB – Interview Jim Murphy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GktJWbstod8 TartanCheeks; Thanks for this. The UK Labour government has used & abused the situation for political reasons. It;s no surprise why The SNP have taken over Dundee Council! Chic McGregor; Quoting the Sunday Herald: “CLAIMS BY Jim Murphy, the Scottish Secretary, […]