Scottish Referendum

Margaret Curran & Johaan Lamont Ladies with a Past, But Hopefully No Future

Margaret Curran Labour Party MP for the East of Glasgow and Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland is a Labour Party animal.

1. Labour Party Doctrine;

a. The Labour Party comes, first, last and always.

b. The Labour Party is infallible. Any thing she does or is done in the party name is explained away as always being for the better good of the people.

c. The Labour Party provides a vehicle allowing officers of the party to manipulate the needs and wishes of the electorate so that they are in harmony with the Party’s wishes and the promotion of the officers of the Party.

d. Local officers of the Party promote the myth that they are in place and trusted implicitly to service and protect the needs and aspirations of the local electorate.

e. Nepotism is a good thing since it ensures continuity of electorate representation.

f. Promotion of religious division is to be encouraged, nurtured and maintained in electorate areas where there might be a significant majority of one religion over another. Popularly called, “Divide & Rule.
2. Denis Healey – Oil & Gas Finds – The McCrone Report

a. Healey admitted that the Labour government cheated the Scottish electorate out of the oil and gas finds reported on in the McCrone Report.

Click to access mccronereport.pdf

b. Margaret Curran, (at that time) was a senior officer of the Labour Party, (through her duties in the University) and enjoyed regular contact with officers of the party of all levels. It is expected Margaret and her close working colleague Johaan Lamont would have been aware of the existence and content of the McCrone document. If not at the time it was presented then soon after.

c. Margaret and Johaan represent, (still do) areas of Glasgow with the worst social deprivation, lowest life expectancy and highest infant mortality in the developed world and not a lot has or is being done to improve matters. Set against this damming situation is the fact that the Labour Party and both Margaret and Johaan knew full well, (for the last 40 year’s) that Scotland had massive oil and gas wealth and that the Scottish people have been lied to for decades. I wondered at their behavior and the justification of it then remembered the Labour party creed allows the sacrifice of the electorate for perceived good of the bigger picture of the Labour Party and it’s manifesto. Full expose of Margaret Curran

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