George Orwell- Heed his warnings

George Orwell- Heed his warnings

George was employed for some time by the BBC. He likened it to working with gremlins in a lunatic asylum. The, “Ministry of Truth” in his book, “Nineteen Eighty Four” was modeled on his experiences with the BBC .

Well, nothing much has changed, only the faces. The bias and censorship that so frustrated George Orwell is still rife. The organization, has clearly decided upon a win for, “Bitter Together” and it will manipulate it’s entire media content to this end.

Blue State Digital, a USA media manipulation company planned campaign strategy for the Democratic Party nomination of Obama. His opponent was Hilary Clinton. The video, see attached was produced by them. It was later withdrawn after immense public protest, but damage had been done to Mrs Clinton.

Blue State Digital has been awarded the media campaign contract for, “Better Together”. It is only a matter of time until something similar in content surfaces seeking to discredit the, “Yes” campaigners.


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