Scottish Referendum


Lansdowne is one of the world’s leading alternative investment management organisations. Peter Davies joined Lansdowne in June 2001, he is a member of the Management Committee and is jointly responsible for the Developed Markets Strategy. Prior to joining Lansdowne, Peter was a Director at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (MLIM, previously Mercury Asset Management). He was best man for George Osborne when he got married . He made £36 million by selling off his Post Office shares.

Private health care firms with Tory links have been awarded NHS contracts worth nearly £1.5billion” by Carole Hawkins. This is frightening, but fore-armed is fore-warned. The NHS in England is no more. Scotland is next in line for the privatisation experiment. But we have the ability to stop them in their tracks. For yourself and your families future well-being vote, “Yes” in the referendum.

British care home scandal deepens. The Labour Party’s grubby paws all over this one. What a way to treat the elderly. Westminster politicians should be ashamed, but they are really only in it for what they can get. Patel was one of those individuals close to New Labour who personally profited from this process. He was involved in the development of the Labour government’s massive extension of the Conservatives’ Private Finance Initiative, which handed over chunks of the public sector to private capital and was awarded a CBE for “services to the development of social care policies” in 1999. He remains secretary to the pro-Labour Party think tank, the Institute for Public Policy.The only way to be sure our elderly are provided with the care they deserve is to vote, “Yes” in the referendum. A no vote will open our social services in Scotland to the leeches so desperate to gain control so they can make loadsa money for themselves.

Scottish Referendum

David Cameron Speaks Sense -For Once

Responding to the statement; An Independent Scotland can expect to start with healthier state finances than the rest of the UK. This person responded;

“There is no point in trying to keep Scotland inside the union, “through fear of economic consequences” of leaving. “Supporters of Independence will always be able to cite examples of small, independent and thriving economies across Europe such as Finland, Switzerland and Norway”. “It would be wrong to suggest that Scotland could not be another such successful independent country”.

Daily Telegraph 2007 David Cameron

Scottish Referendum

Media Manipulation – Use of doctored and Selective Photographic Imagery

In one of my most recent posts I advised the recent appointment of, “Satchi Media” (as media manipulators supremo) for the oddly politically matched, ” Better Together” group.

The BBC, by their blatantly biased commentary have confirmed their partnership with, “Better Together”. In the trade, “Below the line” advertising is known as, “the art of the devil”. The BBC and Satchi are well versed in the ways of Beelzebub.

The attached photograph is very informative, providing evidence of the black arts;

The saltire is dirty, badly worn, frayed and dwarfed by the huge well presented Union Jack in the background.

The subliminal message of the photograph is;

1. Know your place jock, Westminster is the dominant force. You must vote, “no” in the referendum, if you value your life.
2. The campaign for independence is over. The flag is Culloden reborn. It is old and over used. Place it in the waste-bin.

Forewarned is forearmed. Ignore the hype. Vote, “Yes” in the referendum

Scottish Referendum

A salutary Tale

A salutary Tale

I was lying in bed one evening and identified raised voices. It was my neighbor Mr Jackson, “That’s it then leave if yee wish, and take them bairns with yee”. (Noise oh a suitcase bein’ thrown tae the grund). “An yer neednae think yer gettin’ back if it disnae work oot”, shouted in an irate voice. He continued, “An efter awe ave done fur yee yee ungrateful bitch. A expect yer pleased tae leave me in the lurch”. A minute of silence then he pleaded, “listen hen a wull up yer money by a tenner a week if you’ll stay”. more silence then Mrs Jackson replied, “I have gien you every chance over the year’s and all yo do is promise jam tomorrow. All a’ got oot oh this one side marriage is a bully that sa’es he loves me and is mah husband then abuses me every other night of the week an’ expects me tae mak’ his tea. Ah’m off an a willnae’ be back. A want a divorce.

I expect the foregoing rings a bell of two. A bully for a partner who threatens an abused spouse who is insistent upon bringing an end to the abuse.

Don’t let the bully that is Westminster browbeat you into submission. Do as Mrs Jackson did. Leave. Vote, “Yes” in the referendum

Scottish Referendum

Rich & Powerful Have a Party

Scottish Referendum

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Scottish Referendum

Boris the Populist Politician and His Hitmen Will Promise Scots a Land of Milk and Honey – But Rothschild Zionist Only Ever Deliver Pain and Poverty



The act of Union 1707. Ah!! Scottish Utopia!!! promises, promises, promises betrayal, betrayal, betrayal. 1745 Culloden. and the butchery of German Geordie, his son, and the English army.




But you see we Scots were sold out by a few unelected lords who took English bribes and betrayed Scotland




From that time Scotland has been brutally asset-stripped by an avaricious  Westminster government. All roads lead to London!!!




All revenue accrued in the UK is passed to the English Exchequer. Westminster’s financial needs are then allocated after which the Secretary of State for Scotland is handed a budget, top sliced from the Scottish Grant. The residue, (decreasing annually as areas of responsibility are removed from Holyrood) passes to the Scottish government.

No-one really knows the full extent of revenue gathered by Scotland. eg Whisky manufactured, blended and bottled in Scotland is transported to England for worldwide distribution. The tax collected is credited to England. £3-5billion annually.

But the annual GERS financial report falsely records Scotland to be in receipt of £ billion’s more from Westminster than it contributes.

This is quoted routinely by Unionists in support of their argument that Scotland is too wee and too poor to survive as a nation. The statement is utter nonsense and has been debunked by many independent financial experts.




Then, if minded to do so – throws Scotland a few scraps to keep them quiet.




New untested ideas about tax collection. Probably unworkable. Introduce new measures in Scotland first The jocks are well indoctrinated to Westminster’s authority.  eg Poll Tax Experiment Yup!!





Industry!! – Order books a bit light!! – Close Scotland down. Relocate companies to England.




Coal- mining industry!!! – Bloody minded Jocks and their Unions. Shut it down. Leave the coal in the ground. Purchase cheap dirty coal from Poland and South America.



Car production, Shut it down transfer it from Linwood and Bathgate to England.




Steel production – Shut it down in Scotland move production to England then Sell it to India for a pittance




Retain a massively upgraded Trident nuclear weapons and submarine fleet – Yes!!  But voters will not allow nuclear missiles or submarines to be based within 150 miles of population centres in England.  Bugger it – locate them in Glasgow. Scots votes count for nothing at Westminster.




The homing of the nuclear submarine fleet and missile systems in Faslane precludes any major shipping industry on the Clyde. Shut it down.




Construction of a few battleships, kit constructed in England, then shipped to Glasgow for assembly will keep the natives happy.




Fighting Johnny Foreigner!! – troops required – Not a problem – Get them from Scotland. The Jocks must pay their way in the Union. In the absence of finance, blood will do.




Shut down their factories –  get the buggers on the dole or offer job security through service in the forces.




Death and lifetime incapacity for many young Scots incurred through injury on active service in many cavalier military actions entered into by Westminster.

Gordon Brown’s answer to the ever-increasing incidence. The Westminster government cannot afford to meet their needs.

Create “Cash for Heros” a charity for injured servicemen – Appoint half a dozen cronies to manage it. All on six-figure salaries. As public awareness recedes it’ll die a natural death.




Charitable housing for wounded – handicapped soldiers – no way, let the Scottish public find the money.





Upgrade the UK infrastructure. A great idea and much needed, but England is allocated the vast bulk of available finance so that a massive programme of works, eg. HS2/3 and numerous other high-cost projects in London and the South East of England can be completed.

Net tax and other revenues to the UK reveals Scotland’s financial contribution to the foregoing works to be many £billions but there are no direct benefits to Scotland. The Westminster government issues assurance that Scotland will be given finance to allow similar works to e completed but not before 2030. Now that’s a kick in the teeth!!!




Scotland – Natives restless – give them a “wee talking shop parliament” but retain power in England. William Hague clarified Scotland’s place in the Union:

“Scotland is not a state. Westminster simply decided to delegate the games to be held in Glasgow, a city of the UK””




Will Scots find the confidence to ask for another independence referendum after being so heavily defeated in 2014??

They appear to have swallowed the Westminster message. Scots are too timid and stupid to try again. Their continued acceptance of abuse heaped upon them by Westminster justifies the statement.


millionaire mps


The Jocks are Luddites!!! Witness the Labour Party in Scotland. Returned to power at Westminster for nearly 60 years. They really did vote for donkeys wearing a labour badge and paid the price suffering rampant corruption.


230413 Steve Bell Scotland currency


Moaning Jocks!!!  Promise them jam tomorrow – They’ll believe anything Yup! that’s it, buy the buggers off with a few sweeteners.


The separatists of Scotland


30 years of austerity imposed on Scots by an incompetent Westminster government yet 55% choose to remain loyal to the most corrupt Union of sovereign nations ever created. Hell, mend them!!!!




Rabbie Burns got it right when he wrote that  “a parcel of rogues” sold Scotland out 300 years ago





The next referendum will provide another chance for Scot’s to get rid of Westminster politicians and their sycophantic useless Peers of the realm.




The fate of Scotland should be in Scottish hands not the grubby paws of a bunch of rich toff’s, lords and even richer barons at Westminster. Feathering their own nest’s, selling the nation into bondage.




In 2014 the Unionists said they loved Scotland and implored Scots to remain in the Union and the European Community. And We did.

The betrayal of the Unionist vow, to devolve to Scotland full fiscal authority and many other areas of governance was not long coming.

Only 3 months on from the referendum the Unionists thumbed their noses at Scotland and devolved little of any significance. Rubbing salt into the wounds they even attempted to con Scotland out of finance that rightfully belonged in Holyrood.

The Unionist paid the price for their devious tactics at the next General Election when they were nearly wiped out in Scotland.

The Scottish politicians who were returned to Westminster in 2015 genuinely tried to function effectively, but in a repeat of the well-rehearsed abuse meted out to Irish politicians by the Unionists at the turn of the twentieth century they failed to land any effective blows, culminating in a short-lived protest when they walked out of the Commons in frustration.


Bullingdon 1987



Scottish Referendum

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