Lansdowne is one of the world’s leading alternative investment management organisations. Peter Davies joined Lansdowne in June 2001, he is a member of the Management Committee and is jointly responsible for the Developed Markets Strategy. Prior to joining Lansdowne, Peter was a Director at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (MLIM, previously Mercury Asset Management). He was best man for George Osborne when he got married . He made £36 million by selling off his Post Office shares.

Private health care firms with Tory links have been awarded NHS contracts worth nearly £1.5billion” by Carole Hawkins. This is frightening, but fore-armed is fore-warned. The NHS in England is no more. Scotland is next in line for the privatisation experiment. But we have the ability to stop them in their tracks. For yourself and your families future well-being vote, “Yes” in the referendum. http://www.labourleft.co.uk/private-health-care-firms-with-tory-links-have-been-awarded-nhs-contracts-worth-nearly-1-5billion

British care home scandal deepens. The Labour Party’s grubby paws all over this one. What a way to treat the elderly. Westminster politicians should be ashamed, but they are really only in it for what they can get. Patel was one of those individuals close to New Labour who personally profited from this process. He was involved in the development of the Labour government’s massive extension of the Conservatives’ Private Finance Initiative, which handed over chunks of the public sector to private capital and was awarded a CBE for “services to the development of social care policies” in 1999. He remains secretary to the pro-Labour Party think tank, the Institute for Public Policy.The only way to be sure our elderly are provided with the care they deserve is to vote, “Yes” in the referendum. A no vote will open our social services in Scotland to the leeches so desperate to gain control so they can make loadsa money for themselves. http://www.hc-one.co.uk/


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