Scottish Referendum

A salutary Tale

A salutary Tale

I was lying in bed one evening and identified raised voices. It was my neighbor Mr Jackson, “That’s it then leave if yee wish, and take them bairns with yee”. (Noise oh a suitcase bein’ thrown tae the grund). “An yer neednae think yer gettin’ back if it disnae work oot”, shouted in an irate voice. He continued, “An efter awe ave done fur yee yee ungrateful bitch. A expect yer pleased tae leave me in the lurch”. A minute of silence then he pleaded, “listen hen a wull up yer money by a tenner a week if you’ll stay”. more silence then Mrs Jackson replied, “I have gien you every chance over the year’s and all yo do is promise jam tomorrow. All a’ got oot oh this one side marriage is a bully that sa’es he loves me and is mah husband then abuses me every other night of the week an’ expects me tae mak’ his tea. Ah’m off an a willnae’ be back. A want a divorce.

I expect the foregoing rings a bell of two. A bully for a partner who threatens an abused spouse who is insistent upon bringing an end to the abuse.

Don’t let the bully that is Westminster browbeat you into submission. Do as Mrs Jackson did. Leave. Vote, “Yes” in the referendum


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