1914-1918 World War Disaster-Role of the Generals

The Son of former BBC election night star Peter Snow, Dan was hired to be the public face of the celebrity better together campaign, (as he has previously for other high profile campaigns.). He is married to the fabulously wealthy Duke of Westminster’s daughter, Lady Edwina. Their families enjoy the friendship of the five richest families in the UK, whose combined wealth is in excess of the total wealth of 20% of the population of the entire UK. In a recent BBC1 about WW1, (which he produced and presented) there is a hint to his warped view of the world.

He Said, “Many soldiers enjoyed WW1. If they were lucky they would avoid a big offensive, and much of the time, conditions might be better than at home. For the British there was meat every day – a rare luxury back home – cigarettes, tea and rum, part of a daily diet of over 4,000 calories. Absentee rates due to sickness, an important barometer of a unit’s morale were, remarkably, hardly above peacetime rates. Many young men enjoyed the guaranteed pay, the intense comradeship, the responsibility and a much greater sexual freedom than in peacetime Britain”.

His great Great-Grandfather was David Lloyd George, British Prime Minister from 1916 until 1922. And his great grandfather was Sir Thomas D’Oyly Snow, one of the generals who planned and executed the battle of the Somme. On just the first day at the battle, 1 July 1916, the army suffered over 57,000 casualties, including more 19,000 dead. Even Snow admitted, “That is the darkest day in British military history, arguably British history, and my great-grandpa was one of the key guys in the planning and execution of that attack”

As well as being part of a TV dynasty second only to the Dimblebys, Snow has a deeply personal connection with the elite responsible for the disasters of the First World War. Now none of us are responsible for the mistakes of our ancestors, but we can seek to learn from them and not to justify them. But Snow has chosen justification, in spite of the fact that his great grandfather’s account of his experience directly contradicts his defence of the war.

Dan Snow describes Thomas D’Oyly Snow as, “a hardened enforcer for the Queen Empress Victoria”. And indeed he was. “He fought Zulus in South Africa and the Mahdi in Sudan, where he carried a bottle of champagne with him to Khartoum and drank it when his troops had avenged the death of General Gordon, who was killed fighting the Mahdi’s warriors in 1885…On the eve of war he was commanding the 4th Division in Britain, assimilating the lessons of the 1899-1902 Boer War for the possibility of war in Europe”.

In the current debate Dan Snow has made a great play of the fact that the, “lions led by donkeys” interpretation of the war is false. Today he insists that the Generals were at the forefront of military innovation. But when it comes to assessing his ancestor’s exploits it’s a different story. Indeed Sir Thomas D’Oyly Snow saw the war first hand and in very different terms to young Snow. Sir Thomas D’Oyly wrote, “The higher staffs had had no practice in command, and although they had been well trained in the theory of the writing and issue of orders, they failed in the practice…Added to this we all suffered from the fault common to all Englishmen, a fault we did not know we suffered from till war revealed it, a total lack of imagination”.

It was 2008 when Dan Snow discovered this family history and 2011 when he wrote about it. Back then he thought his great grandfather was, “deeply critical of himself and others, from the inexperience of the British gunners to the shortage of ammunition”. Churchill refused to re-supply artillery shells to the front claiming there was no money available. In defence of Sir Thomas, Dan Snow wrote, “The revolution in firepower had given the defending side the ability to bring a wall of steel and explosives down on anyone brave enough to attack. Radio was in its infancy. Telephone cables were severed, messengers were picked off by snipers armed with rifles of hitherto undreamed of power and accuracy. Thousands of miles of newly invented barbed wire posed an intractable problem”.

Sir Thomas recorded; ‘We lost several men on the first night, drowned or smothered. The men had either to stand in water, knee deep, with every prospect of sinking in deeper still, or hang on the side of the trench. Later in the war we should have overcome the difficulty but at this time the men were overworked in keeping the front trenches in order, and we were all inexperienced. On one occasion one of my staff said to a Corporal of the Engineers, “Now you are an engineer; cannot you devise some method of draining this trench?” to which he replied, “I am afraid, Sir, that I cannot; you see before the war I was a Christmas card maker by trade.”’

And the high command did nothing to help: ‘We were not provided with wood wherewith to make trench-boards, and no extra socks or waterproof boots were forthcoming. We were only censured for having so many sick.’

Dan Snow says that the General’s memoirs finish before, “his darkest days of the war”. At the Somme Sir Thomas’ men, “attacked the strongest stretch of German line as a diversion for the main assault, which went in to the south. Even by the standards of that bloody and futile day, the attack of Snow’s VII Corps was a disaster.”

But Sir Thomas D’Olyly Snow was at a chateau, not the front. Even Dan Snow admits that when he went to the chateau, “It feels a long way from the carnage of the trenches”. Worse still, it appears Snow attempted to shift the blame away from himself, writing to his seniors, “I regret to have to report that the 46th Division in yesterday’s operations showed a lack of offensive spirit.” This was after the men had fought their way through unbroken barbed wire. Then, once they did manage to get into the German trench system, they held off counterattacks until they had run out of ammunition and were forced to use shovels and their bare hands.” It was says Dan Snow of Sir Thomas, “an inexcusable attempt to shift the blame”.

Does all this really sound like Dan Snow’s recent claim, “Many soldiers enjoyed WW1. If they were lucky they would avoid a big offensive, and much of the time, conditions might be better than at home. For the British there was meat every day – a rare luxury back home – cigarettes, tea and rum, part of a daily diet of over 4,000 calories. Absentee rates due to sickness, an important barometer of a unit’s morale were, remarkably, hardly above peacetime rates. Many young men enjoyed the guaranteed pay, the intense comradeship, the responsibility and a much greater sexual freedom than in peacetime Britain’.

Doesn’t it sound rather like the myths that the Dan Snow of 2014 is trying to dismiss. Are there not here poorly trained troops, unsupported by the high command? Do the generals not seem to know what they are doing? Are they not versed in colonial warfare but unprepared for an industrialized total war? Are they not in the chateau and not the trenches? Are they not trying to shift the blame for failure onto others?

If we want to know about the realities of the First World War it would seem the old imperial warrior is a better guide than his historian great grandson.


The 1707 Act of Union, Scotland & England (A Recap)

The 1707 Act of Union, (A Recap)

Although ruled by one monarch, (from 1603 – 1707) England & Scotland remained to be separate countries, each with their own Parliament’s. There continued to exist a deep seated lack of trust between the 2 Nations. The Scots were fearful, (reflecting on the fate of the Welsh Nation 400 years before) that joining with England would, (in time) bring about the demise of Scotland, rendering it a, “region” of England. Always to the forefront of their thought’s, the English were consumed by fear that the Scot’s might, once again join in an alliance with the Roman Catholic French. It was crucial that the much feared, “Scottish Army” did not join with the French.

Subsequent to his death, in exile, in France, of the Roman Catholic, Charles 11 his Roman Catholic brother James 11 inherited the throne. He was a disaster, favouring Roman Catholic over Protestant. A, “fed up” English establishment secretly invited, the Dutch warlord, William of Orange to seize the throne saving England from the, “Romans” He willingly accepted and came to England supported by a substantial Dutch force. William engaged and defeated James in battle in Ireland and was crowned King William 111.

Enjoying the confidence of the newly crowned King, the Scotsman, “William Paterson” a worldly traveller who had made a substantial fortune through trade persuaded King William to create a , “Bank” to be supported by gold held in a central vault in London. William was an astute man with a long history of plotting, duplicity and deviousness and in 1694 he issued a decree requiring all gold deposits, (held by goldsmiths) in England to be given up, in exchange for notes and coinage, to a newly formed, “Bank of England”. With the gold safely under it’s control the, “Bank of England” printed notes and minted coinage far in excess of the gold reserves. In a very short period of time the, “Bank of England” became a very powerful banking force.

Building upon his success, “William Paterson” then convinced King William and the, “Bank of England” to jointly finance settlement and colonisation of ports in the, “Indus of Panama”. A successful venture which would reduce shipping times to the financially lucrative, “Far East” market by half. Eager to be in favour of the Scot’s, King William authorised the creation and funding of the, “Company of Scotland”. The board of directors were to be equally comprised of English and Scot’s. Financial and any other risks would be borne, half by the English and Dutch the remainder by the Scot’s.

Full of confidence that all aspects of funding and support was in place, William Paterson went off to Scotland to organise the expedition. In July 1698, 5 ships, (1200 souls) set sail from Edinburgh to Panama. William Paterson led the party. Not long after the flotilla left news was released from England that King William had ordered English and Dutch elements of the, (Company of Scotland) to withdraw from the venture, leaving the Scot’s to their own devices.

The trip was an ordeal, many pioneers died from disease and only about 700 souls landed in Panama.

Over a period of some months the almost defenseless settlers were attacked by Spanish forces on numerous occasions, (with the full knowledge of King William and the English parliament who had instructed English ships that no assistance was to be provided to the Scot’s in Panama).

Malaria was rife and food scarcity resulted in malnutrition and death of a further 400. Because it was not possible to communicate with those that had gone before a further 11 ships sailed to Panama the following year. The bulk of those that travelled did not return succumbing to similar fates. Eventually 1 ship returned with a few survivors.

The collapse of the, “Darien Scheme” brought financial chaos to Scotland.

King William, (seizing the moment) briefed, (in secret) the Scottish aristocracy and sympathetic Scottish MP’s that the, (Bank of England) would provide finance replacing their losses, with the rider that they would need to vote to unite the Parliaments. Many of the, “Scottish Gentry” took the money.

Robert Burns captured the betrayal in his heartfelt poem, (Scottish MP’s were “bought and sold for English gold”).

Verse 1

Fareweel to a’ our Scottish fame, fareweel our ancient glory
Fareweel ev’n to the Scottish name, sSae famed in martial story
Now Sark rins over Salway sands, an’ Tweed rins to the ocean
to mark where England ‘s province stands, such a parcel of rogues in a nation

Verse 2.

What force or guile could not subdue Thro’ many warlike ages
Is wrought now by a coward few for hireling traitor’s wages
The English steel we could disdain, secure in valour’s station
But English gold has been our bane, such a parcel of rogues in a nation

Verse 3.

O, would, or I had seen the day that treason thus could sell us
My auld grey head had lien in clay wi’ Bruce and loyal Wallace
But pith and power, till my last hour I’ll mak this declaration
We’re bought and sold for English gold, such a parcel of rogues in a nation

Perceived to be Weak and vacillating Scottish Women Were Targetted by Better Together in the 2014 Independence Referendum – Lessons Need to be Learned



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In the final days of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum the pendulum finally swung in favour of  a “Yes” vote.

Just as it appeared that the Westminster state funded campaign of media manipulation, disinformation, frighteners, celebrity love bombing, world political leaders support and the “ace in the pack” intervention of the Queen had failed.

The Westminster establishment illegally promised a “Devomax” sweetener through a National newspaper.

Further aiding “Better Together” the studiously impartial BBC provided Gordon Brown with an unprecedented four hours of blanket media exposure allowing him to deliver a long and rambling speech to  a captive Scottish television viewing public.

Brown’s widely promoted rhetoric proved to be successful when, a few days later, faced with the reality of a vote a number of Scots expressed a preference to retain the Status Quo.

Events since have exposed the cynical behaviour of politicians who conspired together across the political spectrum agreeing a promise of “Devomax”  withe the knowledge it would not be delivered.

Yet again the political maxim of “delay is the most invidious form of denial” was successfully applied and Westminster prevailed.


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The 2016 US Presidential election and Donald Trump’s unexpected victory over media promoted and establishment preference candidate, Hilary Clinton.

The Democratic Party campaign was largely organised and delivered by the same Obama supporting electoral team that had assisted the Westminster “Better Together” campaign in the 2014 Scottish referendum.

Same tactics. disinformation, character assassination, lies, massive  state financed expenditure, Celebrity love bombing etc. yet “David beat Goliath.”

The differing outcomes of the two campaigns is best explained by the influence of a fast maturing “social media” driven by internet users who, in speaking out exposed the hypocrisy of the US political elite.

In doing so disenfranchised voters have added another dimension to the mainstream media, questioning its honestly and integrity.


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The  2016 European Community referendum also produced a surprise result exposing a wide political difference in the views of the electorates of England and Scotland.

Scotland preferring retention of EU membership but forced by the 1707 Treaty of Union to accede to the wishes of the English electorate and the Westminster establishment.

The “Brexit” notification was served  on the EU by Westminster in March 2017 with a formal withdrawal expected to be completed within two-three years, (March 2019-2020).

It is possible “Brexit” proposals for change may not be acceptable to the EU leaning Scots electorate and this may trigger another Scottish Independence Referendum sometime in 2019.

To meet the projected challenge the cabinet office constitutional civil service team, financed by the Scottish government in Westminster (Mundell) is in place and enabled by the BBC and UK press is tasked with nullifying any challenges to the retention of the United Kingdom.





The impact of internet driven social media is fast increasing providing balance between political agendas

In 2015 media bloggers identified and exposed a mind bending policy (designed to manipulate women voters).

Developed by President Obama’s election team the tactic had been widely used by “Better Together” in the 2014 Scottish Referendum and in the US 2016 Presidential election.

Crucial to the outcome of any future Scottish Independence Referendum the unsavoury practices need to be revealed to the Scottish electorate and women in particular

The attached video (above) provides visual and oral evidence of the  practices operated and should be widely distributed and viewed by young women voters in Scotland.   “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNnoU0hhqvY”


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Love-Bombing – A study of the conduct of “Better Together” in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum

Just about every time Cameron made speeches extolling the virtues of Britishness and his love for Scotland he,  extracted leaf from the Canadian Love-bomb handbook compiled by Canadian government media advisors and widely used at the time of the now notorious Montreal, “Unity Rally” when an estimated 100,000 Canadians gathered in Montreal to “love-bomb” Quebec.






The late introduction of the “below the line”  anti-Scottish independence campaign “Lets Stay Together”  launched in the last 6 months of the 2014 campaign.

Fronted by a number of,  London based, Labour Party celebs the tactic mirrored the previously mentioned, “Montreal Love-Bomb” tactic.

The final frame of the video tells viewers to “call family and friends in Scotland and tell them they’re our ‘best friend'”.

The sickly celeb plea can be directly linked to Cameron’s infamous speech at the Olympic Park in East London in February 2014 (nationwide television broadcast) when he urged “every Briton with a friend or family member in Scotland” to persuade them to vote against independence.

A spokesman blustered that the costly campaign “Let’s Stay Together” was entirely unrelated to, “Better Together” and had no connection to any of the main pro-UK parties in Westminster. Just people wishing to express the english.

But later investigation revealed the “Lets Stay Together” campaign was funded by the Labour Party and was set up by three senior advertising industry figures. Namely:

John Braggins: Director of media company B.B.M. he worked closely with the Labour party on elections and planning campaigns and proudly claimed the credit for Labour not losing a single by-election in the period between Blair’s anointing as Labour leader and the 1997 General Election.

Andrew McGuinness: Who contributed financially to Tony Blair’s Election campaigns. He continues to work closely with the Labour Party.

MT Rainey:  Probably the most powerful woman in British advertising is on record defending the media’s right to create false images.



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“Better Together” worked closely with Cameron’s former strategy director Andrew Cooper

M&C Saatchi, with a long relationship with the Conservative Party, advised and delivered the campaign’s advertising, marketing and message development.

They worked with a number of other media image agencies, including the “Grey” and “BD” Networks.

TBWA UK, which works with the Labour Party, was also involved in the opening pitch process





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Probably the most powerful woman in Scottish/ British advertising Scot MT Rainey is on record defending the media’s right to create false images. Her links with the Labour Party in Scotland are well established.

MT Rainey is the chair of digital advertising agency TH_NK.

TH_NK, is pronounced “thunk”, the noise that the “Let’s Stay Together” campaign made as it landed in the middle of the 2014 independence debate.

It has a large portfolio of high profile clients, including, JK Rowling, the BBC, Channel 4, and the TV Licencing Authority.

In November 2013 at Labour’s Scottish conference in Inverness, Magrit Curran announced that Labour was to set up a new employment taskforce, to be headed by former Labour MP for Dumbarton John McFall ( who now rejoices in the silly made up title Lord of Alcluith Tywysog of the Strathclyde Britons) and another former native of Dumbarton, a certain MT Rainey.

Not long after, Labour’s national leadership in England announced it was setting up a review of the Creative and Digital Industries. A member of the review board was to be the busy Ms Rainey.






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Lib/Dem & Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear and the inconsistency of the Lib Dem’s

For as long as I can remember the position of the Lib Dem’s and over half the parliamentary Labour party has been that Trident should be discarded, in favour of an expansion of conventional forces. They were also adamant that the UK would remain to be a full member of NATO. They said it was illogical for anyone to voice opinion that NATO would prefer the UK not to be in it since the geographical position occupied by the UK was of crucial importance to NATO.

But the Con/Dem government killed that position off in 2010. Trident is getting old and unstable and needs replacing. When it came to a vote, a deal was done in the dark corridors of Westminster and the Lib/Dem’s, (all of them) abstained from voting and those in favour of replacing Trident carried the day. The question asked but never answered is, “What will happen to the Lib/Dem’s in Scotland if the party simply echos the Westminster based elite”. Many Lib /Dem supporters in Scotland were very angry that MP’s they had sent to Westminster ignored the mandate they had been elected to support. Namely to vote against the retention of Nuclear weapons.

The 2014 Referendum, (independence for Scotland) provides the Lib/Dem’s with another chance to redeem the party by supporting a, “Yes” vote which would achieve the dream of a nuclear free Scotland. It is unfortunate that the Lib/Dem parliamentary party are turning their faces away from independence preferring to, “toe the party line” in support of the retention of nuclear weapons in Scotland. But all is not lost, from discussions I have had when out canvassing Lib/Dem voters are prepared to vote, “Yes” with conviction in spite of the official position of the party. I say, “well done” all you individuals who prefer to think of your children getting rid of these awful weapons from Scotland.