Tories Confirm Ruth Davidson Has No Future in the Party- But Will She Resign??






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Tory Party Hard Right Wing Views on Society Exposed in New Poll

Ruth Davidson’s views on society are at odds with her colleagues and her future in the Party is uncertain in the event of a leadership election should Teresa May resign given the findings of a new poll of Party members. Murdo Fraser might be a challenger for the leadership.

Report summary.

Conservative Party members are a “breed apart” from the loyal followers of other UK political parties on issues like the death penalty, same-sex marriage, and education, according to new research.

Academics at the Queen Mary University of London have found that a card-carrying Tory is much more likely to hold authoritarian views compared to Labour members and those of the Liberal Democrats.

The polling, published on Thursday, is the biggest ever into the views of British political party members. It is based on responses from over 1,000 members of each party since the June snap election.

The findings suggest that future Conservative leadership hopefuls from the moderate wing of the party, such as Ruth Davidson, could have a tough time trying to woo the membership, who ultimately crown the leader.

The research found that:

59% of Conservative members do not support gay marriage. Over 80% of members in Labour, Lib Dems and the SNP support it.

54% of Tory members support the death penalty. On the other hand, just 9% of Labour members, 8% of Lib Dems, and 23% of SNP members do.

84% believe schools should focus on teaching kids to obey authority. Just 31% of Labour members and 38% of Lib Dems and SNP members agree.

44% support the censorship of the media in the name of “upholding moral standards,” which is significantly more than members of the other parties.

11% felt that austerity measures had gone too far, compared to 98% of Labour members, 93% of SNP members, and 75% of Lib Dems.

14% of Tory members want Britain to remain in the single market and customs union, commonly described as a “soft” Brexit whilst 87% prefer a hard brexit. In contrast, 87% of Labour members want to stay in the single market and 85% want to remain part of the customs union.

14% of Tories believe there should be a nationwide referendum on a final Brexit deal, compared to 78% of Labour members.

It goes some way to explaining why Jacob Rees-Mogg, a socially conservative backbench Brexiteer, has been a popular choice among Conservative members to be a future leader in recent opinion polls. Mogg opposes gay marriage and abortion.


Full report here:



Image result for tory party anti gay cartoons


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