The “Institute For Statecraft” and “Shared Outcomes Initiatives”  

In a summary of a “private discussion” between Chris Donnelly, the Director of the “Institute for Statecraft” and retired British Army officer Gen. Sir Richard Barron, the British Army’s Twitter and Facebook wing, the 77th Brigade is praised for its “exploitation of social media.”

In a document published on the IfS website, Donnelly also suggested special training programs to instill “moral and ethical values” into children as young as eight-years-old, in what appears to be some kind of 1984 Orwell-style effort to indoctrinate children with a pro-government bias.


A number of fully funded and supported charitable organizations are operating within the UK under the umbrella of the above noted organization.


Aims and Objectives

  • They are charitable programmes run by the charity “The Institute for Statecraft.”
  • They work with young people from minority communities who live in areas facing economic and social challenge.
  • They offer free activities that develop employability skills, build confidence and provide accredited qualifications.
  • They are funded by The Dulverton Trust, The Ellerman Foundation and The Armed Forces Covenant Fund (under their community integration scheme).
  • Their programmes have strong links with the Army and a range of activities are run by them.




The Initiative Network

  • Activities are delivered to local community groups and schools across the
  • UK.
  • Local community groups and schools reach out to young people within their communities offering the opportunity to participate in the activities of the Institute.
  • Mentors from  community groups and schools accompany young people on their activities.
  • Participants are encouraged to volunteer within and outside their communities widening the scope of the Initiative.




The Indian Muslim Welfare Society

Lotus Life, based in Brent Cross.

Huddersfield Pakistani Community Alliance

The Karimia Institute. Based in Nottingham.


Scottish Communities Initiative One of our partner community groups based in Scotland.


Scottish Communities Initiative:  Based in Scotland, (primarily Glasgow, where the largest group of immigrants are located)

Not to be confused with:

The Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative funded by the the Scottish Government.





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