Exposing – Yet Another Westminster Conspiracy – Scotland in Union – Part Two of Two – Alastair James Cameron – Just who the Hell Is He?





Kinloch Rannoch




The Camerons of Rannoch

Clan Cameron is a West Highland  Scottish clan whose boundaries range from Aberfeldy to Locaber.

Alastair Cameron’s family are from Rannoch. Excellent review here: (https://www.electricscotland.com/history/rannoch10.htm)




The lineage of Captain Alastair James Cameron

7th Grandfather: Donald Cameron: b1700. Born: Dull, Perthshire Residence: Dull Occupation: Shepherd. Elizabeth Deer: b1700.

6th Grandfather: Duncan Cameron: b1724 Born: Dull, Perthshire Residence: Dull Occupation: Shepherd. Christian Stewart: b1720.

5th Grandfather:  Angus Cameron: b1740 Born: Fortingall, Perthshire Residence: Auchtarsin Occupation: Crofter. Events: Culloden.  Janet Stewart: b1740.

4th Grandfather: John Cameron: b1798. Born: Fortingall, Perthshire Residence: Auchtarsin Occupation: Crofter. Events: Forced out. Clearances. See; (https://canmore.org.uk/site/25100/auchtarsin) Lily Macpherson: b1795-d1845.

3rd Grandfather:  Angus Cameron b1822-d1890. Born: Rannoch, Perthshire Residence: Balintinie Cottage. Occupation: Crofter Of 4 Acres. Events: Land useless. Margaret Clark: b1835.

2nd Grandfather: Malcolm Clark Cameron: b1872-d1917. Born: Rannoch, Perthshire Residence: Sealsbank, Perthshire: Occupation: Police Constable.
Grace Clark: b1879-d1963.


Rannoch moor


Grandfather: James Clark Cameron: b1905-d1991. Born: Perth, Perthshire Residence: London, England Occupation: Doctor. Irene M Ferguson: b1905-d1966.




Father: Hamish Clark Cameron: b1935. Born: Surrey, England: Residence: London, England. Occupation: Doctor (retd).  Anthea Newsom Davis: b1938.

Eminent doctor: Foremost authority in the UK on child psychology. Advises government and many professional bodies and expert witness on many occasions over the past 40 years. Not yet knighted for a lifetime of service, which is disgraceful when set against the peerage award to Michelle Mone.





Alastair James Cameron: b1970. Born: Devon, England. Residence, Edinburgh, Midlothian. Occupation: Management Consultant.
Claire Eydes: b1972.

University: St. Andrews. Degree: MA (Hons). Modern History. Grade 2:1. Period: 1989 – 1993. Upper Second. Honours.

1991: Purchased flat St George’s Square, London. Held as residence while at university at St Andrews.  Present value £950,000. Residence of girlfriend Claire, (wife from May 2004).

British Army: 2nd Lt – Captain, The Highlanders.  Sep 1993 – Jun 1999. Various demanding leadership and project appointments, including: Responsibility for troops on operations in Northern Ireland. Organizing and running training for 600 soldiers. Planned and delivered innovative training courses. Led a specialist platoon of 50 experienced soldiers to the top award in a national assessment.  Top of approximately 130 officers on Army Junior Staff Course.

University: Cranfield. Degree: MBA. Period: 2002 – 2003.

1999 – Apr 2000: Team Leader: Chalet holiday company, meet and greet team.

2000 – 2004 : Deloitte: Consultant: Risk, issue and plan management for IT programme at Vodafone UK. Design Authority for an asset management project. Market analysis of the corporate banking market, for a major oil and gas firm.

2004-2005: Deloitte: Manager: Advice and support for an international bank’s Finance Transformation Programme.  Client-side advisory work for an IT outsourcing project. Redesigned reporting processes for a major transport infrastructure project.

2005-2008: Capgemini Consulting: Executive Consultant: Programme Manager for a £4.5m procurement transformation programme, including e-procurement. Programme Manager for the mobilization of a programme to create a new shared service.

2008-2012: Price Waterhouse Coopers: Senior Manager: Managed a portfolio of ten pilot projects for the Scottish Government.  Provided portfolio management advice to a London council.

2012-Present: Braeburn Consulting Ltd: Sole Director: Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Contracts completed:

Programme management advice and support to senior clients at major financial services businesses, with a focus on risk and regulation.

Leading a £5m Financial Crime change programme for a household-name bank.
Supported a challenger bank’s Credit Risk team during a major change programme.

Led an IFRS9 regulatory programme at a challenger bank.

Managed the creation of a Conduct, Regulatory Risk and Financial Crime function for a new bank, while leading the implementation of a Senior Managers Regime, Certification.

2015-Present: Scotland in Union: Unpaid Director. Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom: A non-party movement which unites people around a positive view of Scotland in the UK. His twitter page. Worth a view. Provides a peek into what drives him.(https://twitter.com/HappyBritScot/media?lang=en)


Alastair Cameron


Observations on Captain Alastair Cameron

Gifted academically. Possesses well developed  and tested project management skills. An excellent social media and business community networker with a wide range of well used and well connected contacts. He is  an experienced “change agent” who will relish the challenges presented by his support of Scotland in Union. A formidable opponent who should not be underestimated.

But he has problems  which may be insurmountable. The “in union” team presently in place  are a bunch of nambie pambies , proven failures in Scottish politics.

His support base is narrow, being drawn from English or Irish students and academics of other Universities in Scotland.

It is surprising that he supports the “Union” given his family pedigree. The Cameron’s suffered greatly at the hands of “Butcher Cumberland” at and for many years after Culloden.

It is possible things are not as they appear (to persons not versed in the ways of working of the British Secret Service). Cameron excelled in the military, finishing top of a “staff training course” attended by 120 officers.

Captains are required to attend and pass the “staff training course” within a set period. Failure prevents promotion any substantive promotion  beyond the rank of Major. Many leave the service at this time.

But Cameron finished “top” of the course he attended and would be fast tracked promoted through the ranks to command his regiment and then on to the position of General.

Cameron leaving the army makes no sense except that another, more satisfying career beckoned.

It may be he has been contracted by other sources to project manage the activities of “Union in Scotland” and this is worthy of a read through: (https://www.sis.gov.uk/news/alex-younger-st-andrews-speech.html).

MI6 plan careers long term.



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