Scotland in Union – Intent On Keeping Scotland Prisoners of An Enforced Union – Further Revelations To Ponder





Alistair Cameron – Scotland in Union – Change Management Network

In part two of my recent briefing article I alluded to an obvious experience mismatch between members of Scotland-in-Union and Alastair Cameron.

I am also inclined to the view that his family heritage is at odds with his outspoken support of an anti Scottish independence group staffed by failed individuals.

If something isn’t right it must be wrong and this group raises many question but very few answers.

Alastair is an experienced “change Agent” with many successful projects to his name and it might be he has been contracted by a third party organization to mentor the group’s employee’s.

In this respect I raised the probability of his agenda being secretly driven by Westminster a conclusion arrived at by his revelation that he had given up a military career, in which he was fast tracked for promotion to a very senior rank, for the uncertainty of life as a civilian.

But I forgot to inform readers that a few persons, from within the top ten percent of Military Staff Training Course, (Alastair finished top of his course) are awarded a fully funded leave of absence, funded by Westminster, enabling their attendance, at Cranford Business School.

The two year re-educational period covers, Programme Management; Operations Management, Strategic Marketing; Management of Strategic Change; Corporate Restructuring; Finance and Accounting; Business Process Transformation; Organizational Behaviour and Business Start-up and is how the Government invests in its future leaders.




A recent “Wings” article “Know your enemy” asked questions which remain unanswered:

“Hardcore nutter collective Scotland In Union are already the de facto unofficial No campaign group for the second independence referendum.

Evidently very well-connected and already flush with cash from sources unknown, the limited company recently raised a reported £300,000 for itself at a “charity” dinner attended by such luminaries of the great and the good as Lord Alistair Darling, Lord Dunlop and (um) Willie Rennie, auctioning off exotic high-end goodies like hunting trips to Africa, polo parties with the Maharajah of Jodhpur and Alpine holidays described in the lavish 60-page auction catalogue as featuring:

“A fabulous chalet and a family home, with six bedrooms sleeping 12, all en suite. Although the chalet does not come with a chalet girl, we will provide one for you.”

(There were also some signed JK Rowling books for the paupers.)

So that’s nice. Extremely wealthy people – just getting into the dinner was £250 – who are doing very well out of the way things are, donating big wads of money to some other people trying to ensure that the rich folk stay that way. No law against it. But just who are the true believers rushing bravely to the defence of the Union’s elites?”



Alastair Cameron’s, Change Agent, Management Network lists around 50 individuals successful in the business of organizational change at corporate level

Ian Hutchison: London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Director Service Transformation at BT Global Services

Waters, Karen: Falkirk, United Kingdom
senior business analyst

Clare Parry: United Kingdom
Project Manager, Business Change

Melissa Corkhill: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Manager at GreySpark Partners

Charles Spencer: London, United Kingdom
Experienced capital markets professional

Penny Munro: Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Senior Associate Solicitor, Farnfields LLP

Ram Narayanaswamy: Greater New York City Area
Business Transformation at Lloyds Bank, North America

Jamie Wishart: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Director, Client Solutions at Concentrix

Nigel MacGillivray: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
ACO at The Scottish Parliament

Kieron Potts: United States
Lieutenant Colonel, ABCA Programme at British Army

Alex McEvoy: United States
Partner at Gate One, Business & Digital Transformation

Paul Arbuckle: United States
Currently trying out an early retirement role

Eve Mitchell: Surrey, United Kingdom
Healthcare Professional

Brian Ross: Inverness, United Kingdom
Logistics and Contracts Officer

Ali Ross: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
RBSgroup. Private Banking Strategy

Callum Lane: Talmine, Highland, United Kingdom
Operational Planner at Government Exchange Programme

Michael Gormley: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Barclays Wealth and Investment Management

Brian Morris: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Head of Programme Management-Student Loans Company

Fraser Scobie: United Kingdom
Financial systems and business processes

David Rees: London, United Kingdom
PA Consulting

Paul McNulty: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Deputy Director at The Scottish Government

Jamie Campbell: London, United Kingdom
Army International Branch, Whitehall, London

Sunchana Johnston: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
PMO Planning Consultant, BREXIT

Anthony Mason: United Kingdom
Housing commissioner, Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Catharine Trustram Eve: Hampshire, United Kingdom
Nutritional Therapist & Market Analyst in Health

Crispin Morton: Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Experienced manager, multidisciplinary teams

Afzal Mahmood: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Business Transformation Executive

Peter Short MBE: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Independant Consultant

Philip Carr: London, United Kingdom

Peter Fennah: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Executive leadership & career coach

Noel Lock: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Managing Director at VRS Ltd

Barry Sless: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Director at BSB Analytics Ltd

Charles Strick: London, United Kingdom
Leader of transformation programmes

Hugh Eaton OBE: London, United Kingdom
Head of Public Sector, EMEAR

Andy Cox: Salisbury, United Kingdom
Officer at HM Forces

Lee P: London, United Kingdom
Senior Investigating Officer, The Met.

Chris Irving: Dumfries, United Kingdom
Director at PKL Group (UK) Limited

Dom Moorhouse: Bath, United Kingdom
Helping service firms grow business value.

Might go so way towards providing answers to questions raised by “Wings”





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