The Scottish Referendum – Part 8 (Final) – July 2015 – Cameron Set’s Out To Exact His Revenge On Scotland – His message “You Do Not mess With the Fonz”

    1 July 2015: Tories vote to keep veto over Holyrood’s welfare powers Tory MPs voted to keep Westminster’s veto over the Scottish Parliament’s new welfare powers during last night’s debate on the Scotland Bill in the House of Commons. It was the third day of scrutiny of the Bill and the Conservative Government […]

The Scottish Referendum – Part 7 – June 2015 – Heavily Redacted Draft Scotland Bill Debated at Westminster- It Is Clear the Tories Are Intent On Ignoring the Wishes Of the People Of Scotland

  11 June 2015: Westminster finance experts (the Office for Budget Responsibility) (OBR) claim SNP’s oil revenue predictions are wrong Nicola Sturgeon was yesterday told to abandon her plan to take control of Scottish finances after independent experts wiped £35b off projected oil revenue. The eye-watering cut would leave just £2b from the North Sea […]

The Scottish Referendum – Part 6 – May 2015 – the Aftermath of the General Election -Tories On the Backfoot But Recover and Make Their Moves On EVEL

      12 May 2015: David Cameron Preparing to offer more powers to Scotland David Cameron is preparing to offer the Scottish Parliament powers in excess of The Vow proposals agreed by the Smith Commission. New Tory Scottish Secretary David Mundell has signalled that the Prime Minister is open to delivering full tax and […]

The Scottish Referendum – Part 5 – January – April 2015 – Con/Dem Politicians & Westminster Based Civil Servant Teams Render Draft Scotland Bill Proposals Impotent

      19 March 2015: Stunning survey shows Yes would win a new referendum while our poll also points to the SNP winning the bulk of Scotland’s 59 seats in May. A majority of Scots now back independence just six months after the referendum No vote, according to a sensational new poll. The bombshell […]

The Scottish Referendum – Part 4 – December 2014 – Informed Feedback – Westminster and It’s Loyal Civil Servant’s Have Set A Trap – Scotland Needs to Back off From the Deal Or get Stung badly

  David Mundell     3 December 2014: The Smith Commission: what Was Said and What Has Happened There has been, and will be, much debate about Smith following its publication late last month, including further analysis on Ekklesia. It is probably the case that as much as the Westminster parties were ever going to […]

Scottish Health Service Lurched From Crisis to Disaster- First With Susan Deacon 1999-2002-Then With Her Successor Malcolm Chisholm 2002-2005 – Remember Lessons From History

    Malcolm ChisholmSusan Deacon 13 January 13, 2002: The NHS can be saved, health minister Malcolm Chisholm tells Douglas Fraser, but it requires patience and honesty The new year has started as the last one ended for new health minister Malcolm Chisholm – in crisis. The hepatitis C compensation row will be followed next […]