Ian Donnell behind Ruth and members of the St Andrews University Conservative Future Tory Club



Ian Donnell – Strabane – Northern Ireland

Ian is a descendent of one of four Donnell brothers, all of whom were first members of the Tullywhisker Border Guards before serving with the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR.

One brother, Winston, was the first Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) casualty at the start of Operation Demetrius (internment) in 1971.

Ian excelled academically at school in Strabane and qualified for then gained a degree in Medicine, from St Andrews University.

A brilliant orator he commands an audience when he speaks (as did the late Ian Paisley.

He is well connected politically and socially with the Unionist community of Northern Ireland and easily transferred his loyalty to Ruth Davidson and the Conservative and Unionist party in Scotland at the start of his University studies in 2014.

Within the year he manoeuvred himself into the powerful role of Chairman/President of the Conservative Future Movement.

Membership of which comprises all of the Scottish Conservative Party’s members under the age of 30 or who are currently in higher education.

His leadership brought with it an increased political campus profile of young conservative activists.

St Andrews and Glasgow Universities became hotbeds of political intrigue as different factions battled for supremacy.

Davidson’s side won the day by the end of 2015.

Donnell and Davidson had established total control of the party in Scotland. This is how they did it:

Davidson’s next move was to nurture long lapsed links between Scotland and Ulster and in this she had a willing and well versed assistant in Donnell.

Around 40% of the population of Northern Ireland are Ulster Scot’s.

Very many retain very strong family links and voting influence with Scotland and value their Scottish heritage.

Ulster Scot’s elect DUP candidates to office.

Next month will provide confirmation of the foregoing.

Monitor the number of Belfast bands marching in Scotland.

Each one is sponsored by the DUP and Unionist “Better Together” Orange Order supporters.



donnell fox

Donnell, second from left with Liam Fox and members of Conservative future




The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) manifesto for the 2017 General Election

The manifesto was published not long before the election and many might have missed reading it.

It was a truly remarkable document in many ways, revealing a hitherto modernist approach to government in Northern Ireland and a number of policies of relevance to Scotland.

There was no mention whatsoever of gay marriage, abortion, Christianity or churches, probably because these aspects of policy are already addressed rendering Ruth Davidson’s pointless




Donnell “Ulster” Young farmer of the year




Policies that would impact on Scotland, if implemented:

1. The manifesto pledges to “freeze, then cut or abolish the TV licence fee and reform the BBC”, describing the licence fee as a “highly regressive tax”.

2. Proposal for improved [energy] interconnection with Great Britain, pertinent as the current electricity inter-connector has been running at part-capacity for a long time due to problems with the undersea cable.

3. Pursuit of a “Hard Brexit” establishing formal border controls with the Republic.

There are 300+ crossing points so this could be interesting if implemented.

Why a hard Brexit?

A “soft Brexit” would provide an open border between Ulster and the Republic but a closed border between Ulster, Scotland and the rest of the UK. Bit daft.



Glasgow University Conservative Future members with Ruth




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