Katie Mackie – Tory Born and Bred – Twice Rejected by Edinburgh Voters – Got Lucky in Musselburgh in 2017 – Candidate for East Lothian Westminster Seat – Short Changing the Electorate

Katie Mackie with Ruth Davidson





April 2017: Scottish Tory Candidate Selections Proceed Apace Using Fast-Track Rules

Whereas in England and Wales there’s a competitive process for most Tory held and target seats (unless CCHQ and the Association agree to automatically reselect a previous candidate), the Scottish Conservatives have opted to make it the norm to offer every association a single candidate approved by by Ruth Davidson.

Any local association has the right to reject that offer and go for the longer competitive route, but, to quote the Scottish rules: “It will be emphasised to the association chairman that the process needs to be as efficient as possible and (approving a nominated single candidate) is the preferred option for selection.”

This allows total control of the candidate selection process by the leadership.





Katie Crighton Mackie and her Family

Redundant  following Diageo’s closure of their VAT69 distillery, in South Queensferry Melvin Mackie took up a Director post, from 1988-1990, at The Edinburgh Development & Investment Group:(property leasing) based at 3 Cockburn Street.

In 2002, Melvin, his wife May (married 1968) and Katie born Glasgow,1971  relocated to England where Melvin purchased and managed until 2004, the Pheasant Inn, in Cumbria.

Edinburgh, ( Morningside) born, Melvin retired in 2004 aged 69yo and bought  a lovely retirement cottage in, Carnforth Lancashire. Value 350-450K.

He was voted onto the Council (Conservative) shortly after taking up residence and is still serving.

This is a link to the 800 strong, Scottish Tory insider discussion group, The group is active and the discussions informative. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2432384/profile

Katie’s mother May was appointed to and held the post of Director of The Fairbank Society,(care home) in Lancashire serving between 2005-2011.

Ayrshire born, Galston, May retired at age 72yo.





Tracking Katies Career

2000 – 2004: Katie went off to Manchester Metropolitan University, gained a BA Hons Degree in Retail Marketing. She then returned to Edinburgh

2004-2008: Constituency Adviser: Margaret Mitchell MSP.

2007: Unsuccessful candidate for Dunbar and East Linton Council 2007.

2008-2011: Public Affairs Adviser: Scottish Grocers’ Federation.

2010: Unsuccessful Westminster candidate for Falkirk in 2010.

2011-2013: Communications and Legislation Manager: Molson Coors Brewing (UK) Ltd.

2013-2016: External Corporate Affairs Manager: Molson Coors Brewing (UK) Ltd.

2016-2017 Office Manager: Jeremy Balfour, List MSP for Lothian.

2017: Successful candidate(Seventh stage) for Ward 1 Musselburgh, East Lothian Council.






Her Sales Pitch to the People of Musselburgh:

“I am delighted to have been selected as your local Conservative candidate for the local government elections in May. Living in Musselburgh I understand the opportunities and challenges the town faces. I pledge to be a strong voice for the people of Musselburgh and represent all our interests on East Lothian Council. Over the coming months I look forward to speaking to as many residents as possible to hear what your priorities are for Musselburgh. My priorities are:

To focus on improving Musselburgh town centre to support existing businesses and town users and to attract and encourage investment.

To fight against a second independence referendum.

To campaign for an improved train service on the North Berwick line to help Musselburgh commuters with overcrowding problems.

To raise the profile of Musselburgh’s history and heritage in order to boost tourism in the town.

To campaign for flexible local child care services to support working families.

Comment: Still forcing the Ruth Davidson independence mantra onto the electorate. Not the job of a Councillor. Also stood for election on false pretences. She already knew she would be Davidson’s nomination for the Westminster seat. Cynical opportunism.

In my view the people of Musselburgh would be best served by Katie remaining a Councillor. She is not ready for the more challenging role of MP




2017: Selected by local Conservative as the candidate for the Edinburgh East constituency.






Rooth the Mooth Brief Sales Pitch:

Katie has a strong track record of local campaigning, having fought the Falkirk seat in 2010, and most recently in Musselburgh for her successful campaign to serve on East Lothian Council.

Katie is currently employed in the office of Lothian MSP Jeremy Balfour and has previously worked as a constituency adviser to Margaret Mitchell.




One thought on “Katie Mackie – Tory Born and Bred – Twice Rejected by Edinburgh Voters – Got Lucky in Musselburgh in 2017 – Candidate for East Lothian Westminster Seat – Short Changing the Electorate

  1. She is not yet ready for the challenging position of head bottle-washer and general tidy-upper. Never mind hen, when you are rejected in favour of ANYONE ELSE on the 8th of June, we won’t be too smug in victory, lol.


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