Edinburgh and South West – Tory Party Put Up the Jolly Green English Born Unionist Giant For Election – But Ho! Ho! Ho! – Nice But Dim







Miles Edward Frank Briggs – His Family Heritage

Miles was born in Preston, Lancashire in 1983. His parents are James Edward and Jean Briggs (nee Haliwell). He has a sister Christina Helen Briggs who was also born in Preston, in 1979.

In the mid-1980’s his mother had charge of the payroll of Ribble Coaches (the largest coach operator in the North East of England) and was promoted to a senior management role and relocated to Bankfoot, Perth after the Stagecoach Group bought the company over.

She took charge of and developed the Stagecoach Group Employee Pension Scheme growing it from 200 to 3500 employees.

She retired in 2004, age 60y. James and Jean sold up and returned to Preston to rejoin the larger Briggs family group. Miles remained in Scotland.

Miles embracing the Unionist cause is no surprise given his background but the structure of information made available by himself is designed to give the impression he was born in Perth, Scotland which he wasn’t.

I expect Sir Brian Souter philanthropist and co-founder of the Stagecoach Group of bus and rail operators and supporter of the SNP will not look kindly upon Miles Briggs commitment to the Tory party given his long working association with his mother.




Miles Briggs Self Penned Autobiography – Look at me I’m Scottish (No you’re Not)

I grew up in Perthshire and first became involved with the local associations helping with local campaigns.

Politics for me is all about community campaigning and the Conservative Party once again being at the heart of local issues and campaigns.

I have lived in the Leith Walk ward for over six years.

I was educated at Auchtergaven Primary, from age 10-12 and then attended Perth Grammar School, I moved away from home, to take a degree at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen in Management & Politics.

Following graduation I worked for The Executive Council of the Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

I have been employed for the last 10 years working as a salaried Special Political Adviser (SPAD) to MSPs Dr Nanette Milne and Liz Smith.

Outside of politics I am a keen hill walker and have completed 83 Munros to date.

I am also interested in rugby, countryside issues, photography, Scottish history & music.






Miles Edward Frank Briggs – Political Aspirations

He is a rather large ruddy faced, affable type of person, whose visual presence is mindful of the Jolly Green Giant.

But despite all of the foregoing benefits he unsuccessfully contested North East Fife in 2010 and Edinburgh South in 2015, before running and getting elected to the Scottish Parliament as a List Member for Lothian Region in May 2016.

One year later he is the Conservative Candidate for Edinburgh and South West Westminster Seat. Evidently a man on a mission

He is the Shadow Minister for Public Health & Mental Health and a Member of the Parliament’s Health & Sport Committee and is Co-Convenor of the Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Cancer and Convenor of the Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Scottish Horse-racing & Bloodstock Industries.

He is actively involved in numerous other Cross Party Groups.




Miles in Action – His Contribution to Debate is Thoughtful But Not Inspiring


Miles seeking to convince the Scottish parliament Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee to set up a cross party group on Scottish Horse-racing and Bloodstock Industries.

Look out for Patrick Harvie exposing the real reason for the submission which is to form a lobby group to promote the interests of businessmen with an interest in horse racing.





Hustings Meeting – Edinburgh South 28 April 2015 Fairmilehead Parish Church.

Ian Murray participating together with Miles and other candidates for the South of Edinburgh seat.

At 1.25:45 Miles speaks out against Political Party’s selecting the candidates for office. Yet here we are in 2017 and Ruth Davidson has decided personally each and every person to be nominated for each constituency in Scotland.



Election Hustings 2015 – University of Edinburgh, Kings Buildings. Neil Hay, Ian Murray and Miles Briggs speak to the constituents of Edinburgh South. Miles reads from a prepared script no spontaneity.



11 March 2017: Ian Murray and Miles Briggs provided with 5 minutes nationwide television exposure to discuss the SNP. Disgraceful. BBC should ensure balanced argument and this is not that.




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