The final word – An Independent Scotland Can Retain Sterling as Its Currency If It Wishes To Do So – Official – Yet Another Westminster Scare Rebuffed



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Currency in an independent Scotland

The Financial Times revealed the true extent of an independent Scotland’s riches and the Scot’s are not the, “subsidy junkies” the BBC and, “Bitter Together” campaigns would have you believe. In an independent Scotland prudent bankers will accept there are solid business reasons for spreading the risk of any future failure. This they will achieve by retaining their businesses in a proven energy rich Scotland.

In the event of an economic collapse and bankruptcy in England, perhaps brought about by a run on sterling by investors following an implementation of BREXIT. many, faced with large increases in interest repayment rates and a massive property crash, coupled with a large increase in unemployment, will move their capital and souls to Scotland.

The chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland made it clear the bank will adapt its business for an independent Scotland. Pointing out that RBS has been in Scotland for nearly 300 years he said: “It’s really important that the Scottish people get the opportunity to vote, and then if I need to adapt my business to serve England, Scotland, Wales and both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, then I will.”

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Official – Scotland Can use Sterling without a currency union – Guernsey and Jersey do it

In the 2014 referendum the UK Chancellor and others supporting “Better Together” repeatedly stated that Scotland would not be allowed to retain sterling as its currency without asking permission of the UK government. But Alistair Darling, (leader of Better Together) finally admitted, on national television (In his final debate with Alex Salmond) that Osborne was talking p**h. Scotland could use sterling if it wished to do so.

Peter Spence, (an acknowledged expert in the fields of; Central banking, financial markets and wider issues in economics) writing for the respected financial journal,”Cityam”  rebutting the Chancellors statement said “Proponents of Scottish independence might prefer an example closer to home. The British crown dependencies of Guernsey and Jersey have just such an arrangement with the UK, and has been managing just fine since the pound became its currency in 1834.”

His position was further clarified by Sam Bowman, (Research Director at the Adam Smith Institute), who said “an independent Scotland would not need England’s permission to continue using the pound sterling, and in fact would be better off using the pound without such permission.”

Rules were published by the EU in 2006 – “Monetary and exchange-rate agreements between the European Community and Third Countries.” The paper states: Guernsey and Jersey are “sovereign with regard to their monetary regime”. See:”


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Commonwealth Games

Woman removed by police from Tollcross swimming venue

Word going round is that the woman was, “spotted” by the BBC camera’s. The police were reminded of the Games rules and asked to remove the lady from the venue so that the BBC would be able to, “pan” the crowd freely.

Police Scotland explained their heavy-handed approach by saying “flags from non-competing nations or flags affiliated with to other organisations or causes, political or otherwise, are restricted.”

NATO and the Nuclear Umbrella – A View

NATO and the Nuclear Umbrella – A View

“One of the ironies in the whole debate about nuclear weapons in the UK is that Scotland, who have them, don’t want them, and England who don’t have them, want Scotland, who don’t want them, to keep them”

George Robertson, other Unionist politicians and the, “Blether Together” campaign have been, spreading their usual gloom and doom lies making great play on the stated intention that an independent Scotland would require an early removal of Trident from the Clyde. Their, “cry’s of foul play” have added threats that Scotland is applying double standards, removing Trident then asking that membership of NATO and it’s “nuclear umbrella” be extended to Scotland. George Robertson and a few right-wing US politicians have issued grave warnings that Scotland would be denied NATO membership, if they followed through and forced removal of Trident. Dismantling the foregoing piffle is not difficult, since George and his pals have been at it before;

George Robertson, former Secretary General of NATO, (in 2010) criticized a German government proposal to withdraw all remaining American, (tactical) nuclear weapons from German territory as damaging not only to Germany, but to the NATO alliance as a whole. He said that the proposal was driven more by populist sentiment than any long-term strategic goal. In response critics of Mr Robertson stated that Robertson’s opinions were based on outdated perceptions.

Recent U.S. – Russia bilateral negotiations to reduce long-range weapons did not cover B-61s in Europe. There are an estimated 200 B-61 thermonuclear-gravity bombs, (tactical weapons) scattered across, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Under a NATO agreement struck during the Cold War, the bombs, which are owned by the U.S., can be transferred to the control of a host nation’s air force in time of conflict. Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Dutch, Belgian, Italian and German pilots remain ready to engage in nuclear war.

In 2001, when the Greek air force ordered a new fighter jet, it chose a model that could not carry the B-61, forcing the U.S. to withdraw its weapons there. The U.S. still stores weapons in Turkey, but some experts say the Turkish air force is no longer involved. Canada gave up it’s support of nuclear weapons many year’s ago. All three countries remain to be full members of NATO. Up your’s George !!!

Another spoiler. Forming part of a rolling replacement programme, to be completed before 2020 all Tornado jet fighters that are equipped to carry tactical nuclear weapons will be scrapped. The successor aircraft, The Eurofighter,(Typhoon) a joint European development, now in service in, The UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, throughout europe and sold worldwide in ever increasing volumes, is not capable of carrying nuclear bombs. Howszat George!! Not one of the countries concerned is threatened with expulsion from NATO.

Heather Conley of the Center for Strategic and International Studies stated, “we are allowing aircraft selection to determine our posture,”. “Given that Europe’s hidden nuclear arsenal is unpopular, potentially unsafe and a hindrance to global nonproliferation efforts, it’s time for it to go.,8599,1943799,00.html

Friends of Scotland Caucus Formed in USA Senate

Friends of Scotland Caucus Formed in USA Senate

Welcoming the formation of the caucus Alex Salmond, in his address to senators said, “Every Senator who has joined the new Caucus shares an affinity with our great nation and I welcome them as Friends of Scotland. “Members of the ‘Friends of Scotland’ Caucus in the House of Representative have been active supporters of Scotland and we greatly value their continued commitment.

Scotland now has two powerful voices on Capitol Hill, with nearly 80 ambassadors in the world’s most powerful legislature which is a fantastic tribute to our nation.

Senator Jim Webb, author of the American best-seller Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America, said:

“I am obviously proud to be among the more than 30 million Americans who share a Scottish or Scots-Irish ancestry. I am even more proud of the impact that this heritage has made on the evolution of American-style populist democracy, and in the shaping of our military and musical traditions. I believe that the Friends of Scotland caucus in the Senate, now 30 members strong, will inspire a deeper understanding of this heritage and of those contributions to America.”

Faslane – 52 Near Misses Each year – A Nuclear Disaster is Only a Matter of Time



Damaged nuclear submarine after hitting an obstacle at 535 depth travelling at 20 Knots

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Faslane & Coulport – Are Our People Safe?

An internal UK Ministry of Defence report recently revealed there have been over 260 nuclear safety incidents at its naval facilities at Faslane and Coulport in the West of Scotland over the past five years. The report does not specify the exact nature of each incident, but does reveal the total number included radioactive contamination, small fires and human error and failures in system processes.

The ministry was quick to dismiss their own report, which blamed human error for three quarter of the incidents. “It is entirely misleading to focus only on the number of reports,” a ministry spokesman said. “Our comprehensive reporting system purposely captures even the most minor of incidents, which never pose a threat to the public or our personnel, to ensure all lessons are learned,” the ministry added.

Angus Robertson, a member of parliament and a spokesman on defence for the Scottish National Party (SNP), said the revelations would serve as a shock to the local community and the rest of Scotland. “Yet again safety at Faslane is an issue. To have more than 50 nuclear safety events every year is simply unacceptable,” Robertson said.









Firefighters extinguished a massive fire aboard a docked nuclear submarine. Nine people were overcome by toxic smoke. Officials assured the public there was no radiation leak. Over 20 hours passed before the massive fire on board the submarine was finally put out.





Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear Weapons on the Clyde An American View

Hi Everyone. I’ve been following the Scottish Independence referendum and the SNP for a few years now. Most of the fallacious arguments I’ve seen have been pretty well knocked down, but there’s one in particular that keeps cropping up which is absolutely ridiculous and needs to be dealt with.

I live in Washington DC and I do policy work. Since no other foreign policy and government policy geeks have knocked down the NATO argument and the defense spending argument, I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring. Just so you know where I’m coming from, I’m a supporter of Scottish Independence.

My main reasons to hoping you go for independence have a lot to do with the military issues I’m about to discuss. Scotland didn’t want to go to war, but your soldiers ended up in the desert with ours anyway. Scotland didn’t want nukes in the Clyde, but because of decisions made in London, ended up with them anyway, which a while ago included the occasional visiting American nuclear sub.

These sorts of events create a lot of distrust, and a lot of friction that just doesn’t need to be there between Scots and Americans. If we had a direct relationship with the Scottish people through Edinburgh instead of a second hand relationship through London, none of that would have happened.

I guaran-damn-tee you that even though the Progressive movement is fighting hard and starting to win in the US right now, there will eventually be another warmongering Republican sitting in the White House. I cannot promise you that we’ll win in 2016, though I’m confident we will at the moment. So if you stay in the UK, I can’t guarantee you that something like Iraq will never happen again. No matter how hard the left fights, sometimes my country just loses its damned mind.

But enough of that. The main thing I wanted to dispel was this myth that somehow if you don’t want Nuclear Weapons in the Clyde, NATO and the US will have a sad, and then will decide to punish Scotland somehow. Let me say that this is complete and utter bullshit.

First off, the only NATO program that obligates a country to store nukes is what’s called Nuclear Sharing, which is a fun way of saying America gets to park our nuclear weapons in your country. The current NATO policies that exist in the UK exist ONLY because the UK already has Nukes.

Most NATO Members do not participate in nuclear weapons sharing. The ones that do are Germany, Turkey, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy. The rest of the 28 nations don’t have any American nukes sitting in their territory or their ports. Here’s a wikipedia article on the situation, which while flawed, is good enough for our purposes today.

UK Arms Sales Policy – When Two Nations are at War With Each Other – Keep It fair – Sell Arms To Both






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( L.I.G.N.E.T.)  Report on the British Defence Industry – Trade Over Principles

Relations between London and Moscow may be strained over Ukraine, but that hasn’t stopped the British defence industry from selling more than £150 million in arms to Russia, a new parliamentary report on arms exports revealed.

Remarkably, at the same time, Britain has sold similar armaments to Ukraine and then sought to disguise the fact. Parts for “sniper rifles” sold to Russia were relabelled as “parts for hunting rifles” when shipped to Ukraine.