A Briefing for the Serious Followers of Scottish Politics – Part 2 – Expanding on the Control of Scottish Politics by Unionist Politician’s and Their Corporate Interests

Charlotte Street Partners (CSP) CSP are the mainstream media of Scotland and BBC Scotland’s news and current affairs department is simply an arm of the lobbying industry in Scotland. Angus Grossart is the chair of “Scotland International” and CSP. In the latter role he works with managing partners and founders Andrew Wilson and Malcolm Robertson […]

A Briefing for the Serious Followers of Scottish Politics- It and the Articles That Follow Will Expose (with a wee bit of authors licence) the Infiltration of the SNP by the British Secret Services

The Isle of Iona Close followers of the Scottish political scene will have noted recurring links between the Labour Party and the Isle of Iona. The late John Smith, Labour Party Leader is buried there. His widow is Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill, is a political figure of note in her own right. One of John […]

It has been established, beyond reasonable doubt that the criminal passing of confidential government information about false allegations of misconduct in office by Alex Salmond to the Daily Record and journalist David Clegg in October 2017, was the act of a senior Scottish Government SPAD. That person is still in the employ of the Minister concerned so it follows (interpreting the rule) that the leak was authorised, in advance by the Minister. That person needs to be exposed to the public and the police so that appropriate action can be taken to restore the confidence of the electorate who are disillusioned by the s***house politicking of its government ministers.

The John Smith Centre at Glasgow University The secret service, Glasgow University supported John Smith Centre exists to undermine the integrity and authority and what is left of the impartiality policies of the UK civil service through the expansion and influence of political special advisors SPADS. This article provides a look-back at the unfettered growth […]

Lloyd lost her job as Special Advisor to Sturgeon a few months ago only to taken back into the fold at the first opportunity in a specially created (for her) post as a “Strategic Advisor Focused On Long-Term Transformational Policies for Scotland.” The WOKE agenda is to be pursued with a vengeance. Two fingers to the electorate. I Despair.

Aug 2021: The never ending growth in the numbers of Scottish Government SPAD’s – All paid for by Scottish Voters Data released by the SNP led Scottish Government reveals that Nationalist ministers have 15 special advisers (SPAD’s) who will provide party political guidance for the 2021/22 financial year.  Based on the 15 appointees, analysis shows […]

Sturgeon Census Changes Will Ruin the Wedding Industry in Scotland as Scotsmen abandon Wearing the Kilt Fearing Catcalls Such as “Doris Where’s your Troosers.” Andy Stewart Will be Birrlin’ in his Grave!!!

The Scottish Census It is imperative that social scientists, economists, planners and society are in possession of accurate data so that they are able to ensure males and females are provided with the support they need to live their daily lives. To facilitate this the Scottish public, under the guidance of its coalition government, led […]

The Early Days of Sturgeon’s Political Career Revealed Her Ruthless Ambition to Lead the SNP Regardless of Friendship or Loyalty

Sturgeon – 1986-2010 1986: Just 17 years old and wet behind the ears a youthful Nicola Sturgeon joined the SNP and soon got stuck into political arguments with politicians many years her senior and electioneering with gusto. Her speedy acceptance as a budding politician of note was quite remarkable given her attention was also taken […]

Sturgeon and the SNP Panic as BBC Curries Favour With Westminster Government – Adopting Anti-Woke policies – Major Shake-up in News and Current Affairs Presentation -Bye-Bye Kuenssberg – Smith and others

23 Oct 2021: Andrew Neil in talks with BBC to return The new BBC Director General, Tim Davie is actively negotiating the future of the BBC licence fee and is shifting “News and Current Affairs” away from from the “Woke” agenda in an effort to persuade Westminster politicians that the corporation’s partiality towards the Tory […]

The View of the Top Echelon of the SNP is That Seceding from the UK Would be the Height of Irresponsibility – Yet Another Scottish Political Party Bought for the Queens Shilling

Stewart McDonald MP for Glasgow South speaks for the SNP on Scottish Independence McDonald and many of his SNP MP/MSP colleagues are openly hostile to the movement they purport to represent. When support for Scottish independence rises they publicly argue against holding a second referendum claiming to do so before the SNP had “renewed its […]

Craig Murray Jailed and Citizen Journalist’s under threat of similar punishment in the future. But nobody cares. Is it “So Long as it isn’t me I don’t care” !! If affirmed I fear for democracy

One of the key factors contributing to the decision of the court and Lady Dorrian to impose a previously unheard of draconian jail sentence on Craig Murray was that he was not, in the opinion of the court entitled to the same rights and privileges as a mainstream journalist. Paragraph 4 of the judgement stated […]

Citizen Journalists Such as Craig Murray are Guaranteed the Same Rights and Privileges as Mainstream Journalist Contrary to the Judgement of lady Dorrian and the High Court of Justiaciary- His Jail Sentence Should be Revoked

8 Jun 2021: Opinion of the Court Delivered by Lady Dorrian, The Lord Justice Clerk in Petition and Complaint by Her Majesties Advocate Petitioner Against Craig Murray Introduction: One of the key factors contributing to the decision of the court to impose a previously unheard of draconian jail sentence on Craig Murray was that he […]