A Briefing for the Serious Followers of Scottish Politics- It and the Articles That Follow Will Expose (with a wee bit of authors licence) the Infiltration of the SNP by the British Secret Services


The Isle of Iona

Close followers of the Scottish political scene will have noted recurring links between the Labour Party and the Isle of Iona.

The late John Smith, Labour Party Leader is buried there. His widow is Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill, is a political figure of note in her own right.

One of John Smiths daughters, Sarah was married there. Another daughter married Labour Lord Robertson’s son on the Isle of Islay.

The Reverend Douglas N Alexander, a long time member of the Iona Community and lifetime friend of John Smith conducted all of the events.


Reverend George Macleod

The charismatic founder of the Iona Community was the Reverend George MacLeod, who once stood as Labour candidate in an election for rector of Glasgow University.

The Iona Community and was regarded by some in the Kirk as a Jesuitical conspiracy pushing the Kirk simultaneously towards Catholicism and Communism.

Consequently Iona Community members found the doors of many parishes in Scotland closed to them: they were seen as dangerous men. Divinity students contemplating joining the Community were warned about their career prospects. MacLeod never made excuses for his involvement in politics, citing Knox and the Covenanters as precedents. He once said:

“If churchmen are not politically involved, you soon get the spectacle of RCs and Communists dominating our trade unions – as now they do,” he wrote in reply to one critic. “As to Labour choice, it is not a bad thing to introduce the Faith into Labour policies, which, left to secularists, could indeed veer into Communism. What matters even more is the continuance of democracy as a living cause in our midst and not the Labour, or any other party in permanent ascendancy. But to achieve this Christians must be involved.”

MacLeod’s manifesto was received warmly by the Alexander family and others deemed to become dominant UK political figures over the next 60 years. MacLeod, was their “hero.”

His experiences of war persuaded him to the view that Nuclear weapons were a blight on mankind and should be banned. It followed that membership of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was a must for followers of his doctrine.

The Alexander Family

The Iona Community & Glasgow University Set

Douglas Alexander (senior) joined the labour party whilst studying at Glasgow University in the early 60’s and enjoyed a lifetime friendship with many members of the University (Labour Party) clique. The environment in which the Reverend Douglas N Alexander’s children and the children of other members of the community were nurtured was heavily politicised in favour of socialist policies. He had two children:

Wendy. Sponsored and mentored by the British American Project (BAP), enjoyed a rapid rise to fame at the start of the devolved Scottish Parliament. She was responsible for the introduction of a number of progressive policies.

She took time out to enjoy life with her newly born twins but returned to politics not long after.

The early death of Gordon Dewar resulted in some turmoil in the Party and a number of leadership campaigns culminated in Wendy making a bid for the leadership. She failed and retired once more from politics taking up a career in education.

Douglas. Sponsored and mentored by the British American Project (BAP), he was elected to Westminster and gained rapid promotion to high office in the Labour Party.


More of the Glasgow University Clique

Donald Dewar

The late Donald Dewar married Alison Mary McNair who deserted Donald and their two children to be another member of the group, one of his best friends, solicitor, Derry Irvine. Later to become the infamously influential Lord Irvine, courtesy of his protégé Tony Blair. He of the taxpayer charged expensive wallpapered offices in London).

See the source image

Baron Derry Irvine, (Lord Chancellor with New Labour)

His son Alastair took up body-building during his late teens and became a professional personal trainer in a joint business with a former soft porn model, Carole Caplin. The business failed. Alistair went off to America and lived the high life for a time  and became a crack cocaine addict. He was imprisoned in the US for stalking an ex girlfriend and threatening to shoot her boyfriend.  It was Alistair who introduced his bisexual friends, Dwina Murphy-Gibb (wife of the Late Robin Gibb) and former topless model, Carole Caplin to Cherie Blair.

Carole Caplin

Tony and Cherie Blair (nee Booth) were given vital pupillage (practical traineeship in law) by Derry Irvine assisting them to become Lawyers. At their wedding he dubbed himself “Cupid QC”.

Not long after the unexpected death of John Smith king-maker, Derry Irvine, in conversation told Peter Mandelson, head of Labour Party strategy that Tony would need to be the next Labour Party leader. Peter Mandelson then made it happen. Much to the chagrin of Gordon Brown PhD and all the other hopefuls for the Labour Party crown.


The Late John Smith, leader of the UK Labour Party and his close friend Denis Healey (Founder Member) were members of the Steering Committee of the influential ultra right wing Bilderberg Group. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/1994/may/13/obituaries.past http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Smith_28 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilderberg_Group http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/may/12/john-smith-labour-britain-prime-minister


Eldest daughter Sarah Smith attracts the ire of those who wish Scotland to be free of Westminster’s control. The Unionist supporting chief of BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs joined it in Spring 2014 in the run-up to the Scottish independence referendum on 18 September 2014.

Daughter Jane married Malcolm Robertson, (son of Labour peer, John Robertson) head of Scottish public affairs for the British Airports Authority (BAA).

Youngest daughter Catherine is an practicing advocate.


Elizabeth Margaret Smith (nee Bennett), Married the late John Smith.

She is the Lords Chair of The Labour Friends of Israel.

A fluent Russian speaker, she is also a leading member of the British Intelligence and Security Committee, which provides parliamentary oversight of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6, (GCHQ) and the Security Service (MI5).

She is an advisory council member of the foreign-policy think-tank, the Foreign Policy Centre.

See the source image

Baroness Margaret Ramsey,(MI6 agent) and foreign policy advisor for the late John Smith. 

Another example of infiltration into the Labour Party, MI6 officer Margaret “Meta” Ramsay was elected President of the Scottish Union of Students. In 1962, she became associate secretary of the CIA-front the International Student Conference at Leiden, Holland.

From 1965 to 1967, she was secretary of the Fund for International Student Co-operation, which was later identified as another recipient of CIA funds. She became an active member of the Labour Party, attending conferences.

In August 1992, she was promoted to the position of foreign policy adviser for her university friend, Labour leader John Smith. As well as raising a few eyebrows, this appointment begged the question: What was the leader of the Labour Party doing employing a known high-ranking MI6 agent in such a senior position? We now know!!!

A fluent Russian speaker, she was heavily involved with the American backed and funded “Institute for Jewish Policy Research” and the “Zionist Labour Friends of Israel.”


Sir Menzies Campbell, (former leader of the UK Liberal Democrat Party 


James Stuart Gordon (Baron Gordon of Strathblane). Closest friend at university and best man at John Smith’s wedding.

James was Chairman of the secretive, “Glasgow Common Purpose” organization and in a chequered career has been the holder of many influential posts in the Scottish Media, business and Public bodies. A staunch Labour Party supporter throughout his lifetime.

Dr Vince Cable

John Vincent (Vince) Cable, Secretary of State For Business, Innovation and Skills in the  2010 2015 Tory/Lib Dem Coalition government. Although not at university with him Vince Cable was very active in the Labour Party, and was SPAD to John Smith in 1978 when he was Industry Secretary in the Labour Government.

Peter Mandelson Mellowing

The Rise to Power – The Piper Decides the Price

Labour politicians, including Donald Dewar, John Smith, Gordon Brown, George Foulkes, George Robertson and the late Robin Cook were precisely the types the intelligence services longed to see take control of the Labour party and it is believed that contemporaries and acquaintances of these leading Scottish Labour figures took active roles in organisations sponsored and endorsed by MI6 and the CIA.


George Foulkes (now his lordship) was the organiser of the CIA sponsored “Funds for International Student Co-operation (FISC) of which British secret agent Meta Ramsey was a senior member. Ramsey, a specialist in the Scandinavian states joined MI6 in 1969.

Hakluyt A British Intelligence front

The firm was formed by MI6 officers and  enabled (still is) to front many “deniable” operations working in close harmony with the CIA for the British state.  The 2002 Iraq fiasco and the Putin/Trump scandal of recent times are example. Baroness Smith held a senior post with the company.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hakluyt_%26_Company


The American CIA cultivated Blair, Mandelson and Brown in the nineteen eighties. Blair was too promising, and manipulable, for them to pass up.

brown pocketmoney
Peter Mandelson Mellowing

When John Smith became leader of the Labour Party he was a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group: the steering committee, the inner core. He got Gordon Brown invited to the 1991 meeting, incidentally…


Who was John Smith? A genial, whiskey-drinking Scots lawyer from the traditional Labour right. But also life-long chums with a senior MI6 officer, now Baroness Ramsay. Lady Smith, his widow, later to be a member of the board of management of the Mi6/CIA front company Hakluyt.

John Smith also took on a SPAD – Ed Balls, a Financial Times leader writer – an ideologist for globalisation, in effect – who learned some of his economics at Harvard . Like other Labour personnel, including Yvette Cooper MP, whom Balls later married, and David Miliband, head of Blair’s policy unit, Balls had spent a year in America as a Kennedy Scholar.

The Balls 

Virtually all of Labour people have some connection to America and American money…Tony Blair took the US government’s free tour of the States in 1986 and told his hosts that while officially a member of CND he supported the nuclear deterrent. He joined the CIA front, Labour Friends of Israel in 1983.


There’s no such thing as Scottish Labour Read the sign

While Shadow Home Secretary in 1994 Tony Blair took an Israeli government freebie holiday in Israel. On his return the number two at the Israeli embassy in London introduced him to Michael Levy – now Lord Levy – one of the top fund-raisers for Jewish charities.


5 thoughts on “A Briefing for the Serious Followers of Scottish Politics- It and the Articles That Follow Will Expose (with a wee bit of authors licence) the Infiltration of the SNP by the British Secret Services

      1. I hate to tell you this but Wikipedia isn’t an infallible source of facts, its bascially just opinions a lot of people choose to agree with, but definitely not 100% truthful facts and articles are manipulated to hell by “activists” editing them continually. A case in Hand is where it can be seen the now resigned Derek Mackay of the SNP was recorded by the SNP as being a Drop Out from University in his first year of attendance, of course this didn’t look to good so the manipulative SNP had its 50 odd Taxpayer funded propagandists editing it out of wikipedia while opposing activists and people who beleive the truth should be properly recorded edited it back in again. If Wikipedia was such a source of truth then how come there is so little on it about the History of Peter Murrell, he is like the invisible man, the answer of course is that the SNP whitewash Wikipedia as they whitewash anything real truth in Scotland that they don’t want the Scottish Nation to see. You can see Mackays real previous “education ” History here ampng the thousands of previous edits that you can only see via the “View History” tab, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Derek_Mackay&oldid=873995358

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      2. Thanks Sandy. The end of your opinion piece provides confirmation Wikipedia to be a useful source of verifiable information, but there are many other useful outlets.


  1. Well unfortunately Wikipedia itself says soemthing completely different ” Wikipedia is not a reliable source for citations elsewhere on Wikipedia. Because it can be edited by anyone at any time, any information it contains at a particular time could be vandalism, a work in progress, or just plain wrong. … Therefore, Wikipedia should not be considered a definitive source in and of itself” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_is_not_a_reliable_source#:~:text=Wikipedia%20is%20not%20a%20reliable%20source%20for%20citations%20elsewhere%20on,progress%2C%20or%20just%20plain%20wrong.&text=Therefore%2C%20Wikipedia%20should%20not%20be,source%20in%20and%20of%20itself.


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