Citizen Journalists Such as Craig Murray are Guaranteed the Same Rights and Privileges as Mainstream Journalist Contrary to the Judgement of lady Dorrian and the High Court of Justiaciary- His Jail Sentence Should be Revoked

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8 Jun 2021: Opinion of the Court Delivered by Lady Dorrian, The Lord Justice Clerk in Petition and Complaint by Her Majesties Advocate Petitioner Against Craig Murray


One of the key factors contributing to the decision of the court to impose a previously unheard of draconian jail sentence on Craig Murray was that he was not, in the opinion of the court entitled to the same rights and privileges as a mainstream journalist.

Paragraph 4 of the judgement stated in disparaging terms:

“The applicant describes himself as a “journalist in new media”. Whatever that may involve, it is relevant to distinguish his position from that of the mainstream press, which is regulated, and subject to codes of practice and ethics in a way in which those writing as the applicant does are not. To the extent that the submissions for the applicant make comparisons with other press contempt’s, and the role of mainstream journalists, this is a factor which should be recognised.”

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But only three weeks before the delivery of the opinion of the court in Edinburgh the UK government published proposals for the early introduction of legislation fully recognising the rights and privileges of “citizen journalists.”

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21 May 2021: Online Safety Bill: New law will protect journalism from censorship

The media will have a statutory duty to safeguard UK users’ ability to access journalism under the new Online Safety Bill. The Government has made clear that content on news websites, including articles and user comments, is not in scope of the legislation.

Media minister John Whittingdale, speaking for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said; “citizen journalists will have the same protections for their work as professional news providers adding, “we don’t want the legislation to lead to a ‘woke web’ where legitimate journalism is censored. That’s why we’ve built in safeguards so that content from news publishers will not be in scope of new laws, including content shared on social media platforms, and media providers will need to factor in the crucial role of journalism as well as freedom of expression in their moderation decisions. A vibrant and free media is essential to our democracy and our Bill will make sure vital public interest journalism can reach its audience without interference. Ofcom will be keeping a watchful eye to ensure media platforms remain open and impartial theatres of debate. The bill will force the removal and limit the spread harmful content including child sexual abuse, terrorist material and suicide content, plus user-generated online fraud such as romance scams and fake investment opportunities. Mis- and disinformation is also in scope.The legislation will also tackle racist abuse. The Publication of content deemed “democratically important”, meaning anything promoting or opposing government policy or a party ahead of an election, or campaigning on a live political issue will be protected.

The pronouncement of the court in Edinburgh is at variance with the views and intent of the higher authority of Westminster. The judgement is imperfect and the sentence should be reversed.

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2 replies on “Citizen Journalists Such as Craig Murray are Guaranteed the Same Rights and Privileges as Mainstream Journalist Contrary to the Judgement of lady Dorrian and the High Court of Justiaciary- His Jail Sentence Should be Revoked”

I think it is now more than obvious that the judicial system is corrupt and rotten.

No different from a mafia gang or a South American drug cartel it uses its force, its violence against opponents. We can write all the fine words we want but where does a society go when there is judicial thuggery.

This country is a jungle. It is a place where the establishment cartel wage a war of intimidation every bit a much as their South American counterparts. And make no mistake, like their counterparts, they will kill, and have killed.

The jailing of Craig Murray and others not as high profile, the attempted jailing of Alex Salmond, the Police and COPFS persecution of Mark Hirst and others was just a warm up.

How society protects itself against this abuse. How it deals with a rotten system that delivers state violence is a huge question. Ultimately those who live by the sword perish by the sword. Or is it that each force there is an equal and opposite reaction. Northern Ireland was thirty years of absolute mayhem as the British fought their dirty war. Over 3,000 people died, hundreds of thousands traumatised.

And the British establishment given half a chance would run the scenario again. Indeed, prior to the EU exit deal the Westminster Government passed legislation to harden military powers in NI.

Actions in Scotland, coordinated and focussed through multi agencies of state show and are showing that ultimately societal disconnect could arise here. The abuse of power does not destroy political opponents, does not suppress democratic expression, no matter how hard a repressive regime tries.

Craig Murray is in jail. He is a political prisoner, and his abusers walk free. All of us need to understand exactly what this means.


Craig is being given “civil prisoner” status with all the added privileges. I was not. I was jailed for contempt, re Salmond case too. I admitted my guilt. I would really love some free legal advice on whether I have a case against the copfs and/or SPS.


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