Sturgeon Census Changes Will Ruin the Wedding Industry in Scotland as Scotsmen abandon Wearing the Kilt Fearing Catcalls Such as “Doris Where’s your Troosers.” Andy Stewart Will be Birrlin’ in his Grave!!!

Letting people self-identify gender in a census is another step towards erasing women completely

The Scottish Census

It is imperative that social scientists, economists, planners and society are in possession of accurate data so that they are able to ensure males and females are provided with the support they need to live their daily lives.

To facilitate this the Scottish public, under the guidance of its coalition government, led by WOKE politician extraordinaire Nicola Sturgeon and the insidious Green Party is to complete a census in 2022. An event routinely held every 10 years since 1841. So no problem there. But wait!!!

Surely the census should have been completed in 2021 as it was in all other parts of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The answer is “Yes” but Sturgeon wasn’t ready. Her new WOKE procedures were not yet on the statute. So she simply deferred the Census until she and her Green party colleagues had put in place arrangements totally foreign to Scots and to all other persons in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

What is so important to Nicola Sturgeon and her WOKE politicians that the census needed to be deferred for a year you might ask? The answer is devastating for the vast bulk of Scots.

The SNP coalition government is authorising participants taking part to nominate if they’re male or female based on how they’re feeling at the time they complete the forms and not according to their legal status.

But what is the problem. Why can’t people who feel a bit feminine that day simply state “I am a female”. Because it sets a dangerous precedence.

A data collection procedure, in place for nearly 200 years in Scotland and all other parts of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is being hijacked by WOKE politicians to serve an agenda for change that has not been agreed to by the electorate.

The census should not be tinkered with by politicians. But Sturgeon and her WOKE friends are determined on a course of action that will change Scottish society for ever and ruin the efficacy of vital data just to pander to a very significant but aggressively outspoken minority of WOKE activists who promote the denial of truth by refusing to accept biological reality.

Westminster politicians flirted with changing the rules for data collection, (with little public fanfare) before the 2020 census but a letter published in the “Times” signed off by 100 eminent accademics noted that the guidance would effectively transform the sex question into one of gender identity undermining reliability on a key demographic variable.

In layman’s terms accurately entering sex on the census form is important so that healthcare providers are able to project with accuracy the numbers of the population likely to develop prostate cancer, which is limited to biological men and conversely the number of woman who will become ill through cervical cancer which is limited to biological women. And many other instances.

There is still time for a politician with guts and determination to get the matter referred to the Supreme Court for a judgement which would mirror that reached in the courts in England Wales and Northern Ireland. Sturgeon should leave well alone!!!!


6 replies on “Sturgeon Census Changes Will Ruin the Wedding Industry in Scotland as Scotsmen abandon Wearing the Kilt Fearing Catcalls Such as “Doris Where’s your Troosers.” Andy Stewart Will be Birrlin’ in his Grave!!!”

Well said CJ.
Sturgeon seems determined to double down on her ‘social engineering’ policies. I have no idea why. Perhaps since she is proving so weak on Independence, she feels the need to be strong on Self ID etc.
You are quite correct, we need a politician with a spine to oppose the Census plan, but sadly no-one in Holyrood so far seems prepared to stand up to this and her other woke policies.
Some legacy?

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