The Wokey’s Step Up Their Nobble Joanna Cherry Campaign – Time for the Funday’s to Rally to her Cause



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Joanna Cherry

The unwarranted and indefensible attacks on the character of this truly excellent Scottish politician continue unabated. She needs to know her voice is being heard and her words of wisdom are being widely read and her views supported. Go to her Twitter page and see for yourself the abuse she suffers from the Wokey’s  for our cause.  (


The SNP MP Joanna Cherry said that she had repeatedly raised the issue with the party “to no avail”



Joanna Cherry Defends Women’s Rights

Joanna Cherry, is the SNP Front-Bench Spokesperson, at Westminster, for Justice and Home Affairs and has been a leading voice in the campaign to keep the Human Rights Act and to stay in the European Convention on Human Rights. She was re-elected, with an increased majority of nearly 12,000, as MP for Edinburgh South West in the 2019 General Election.

She and 15 other SNP politicians, critics of Nicola’s proposal to allow gender self-identification signed a joint letter urging their government not to “rush” into “changing the definition of male and female. Their advice was that the change would weaken the rights and ability of women, to keep themselves safe from men who would seek to do them harm. A position further strengthened with the publication of the “SNP Women’s Pledge”, a document originating with rank and file members of the SNP.

But Joanna’s intervention was judged by WOKE supporters to be an unacceptable challenge to the authority of the Party leader and she was condemned and targeted by yobs who accused her and her supporters of hating Trans people. She even received a death threat and needed police protection at her constituency surgery.

In setting out their stall Joanna and her supporters had committed a fatal error. They had sought to thwart Nicola’s plans. An unacceptable sin. There would be a reckoning and soon.

In her defense Joanna stated:

“I have repeatedly denied hatred towards trans people and I am determined not to be intimidated and to continue to discharge my duties as a constituency MP and in parliament.”.

But the on-line abuse did not abate:

One attacker was Jordan Henderson, (partner of NEC member Alyn Smith) who relentlessly and brutally twittered against her and other female SNP members who did not support the WOKE agenda. In one of his less vitriolic posts, he said: “We should all change our name to ‘Joanna Cherry is a Transphobe'”.

Check-out some of his other Twitter posts at: (@montague90 and @JordonSNP). This is the same chappie who first offered then withdrew himself as a candidate for the Labour-held Edinburgh South constituency.





Edinburgh Central Constituency

Baroness “Ruth the Mooth” Davidson announced she would not be seeking election to the constituency in the 2021 General Election sparking a scramble within the SNP.

The seat, just down the road from Holyrood is much sought after by members of all political Party’s. Joanna Cherry threw her hat into the ring with an early announcement of her intention to stand for the seat. Her competition was confirmed to be ex-SNP Edinburgh Central MSP Marco Biagi and former Westminster leader Angus Robertson. But, “surprise-surprise”, a decision was made by the NEC that serving SNP MPs would have to step down ahead of next year’s Scottish Parliament election to be able to stand on the SNP ticket for a Holyrood seat. Party insiders said the change was part of a “new strategy” about ensuring constituency candidates were “onside”.

David Henry, organizer for the SNP Edinburgh Pentlands Constituency Association and secretary of the Sighthill and Stenhouse branch of the Party did not agree with the decision and lodged papers in Edinburgh Sheriff Court demanding the release of details of any advice relating to the rule change, records showing the votes and the results on the rule change on the NEC and an investigation into the conduct of the respondents over the decision.

Joanna tweeted about the decision to change the rules:

“The selection rules were subject to an unprecedented change in a secret vote to nobble my candidacy. I sought to enter the selection competition to be the SNP candidate to contest the Edinburgh Central seat currently held by the Tories. The constituency is where I’ve lived for last twenty years & been a branch member for 12 years. It is unprecedented in our party’s history of dual mandates to demand that a parliamentarian make themselves and their constituency staff unemployed in order to be eligible to be a candidate. It is particularly unreasonable to demand this in the middle of a pandemic.”

In their reply the SNP said:

“The NEC backed an approach that will guarantee constituents a full-time commitment from day one, and minimize the disruption to voters. The rules are not aimed at serving MPs such as Joanna Cherry.”


Analysis Of Roe V. Wade - Business Insider




Edinburgh Central Bid Abandoned

Joanna was forced to withdraw her bid to stand for Holyrood following the NEC rule change, widely seen as a spoiler introduced to prevent her challenging Angus Robertson, a close confidant of Nicola Sturgeon, for the nomination to fight Edinburgh Central for the SNP. Joanna Hit Back. In an article in The “National” she wrote:

“NEC members, at a meeting which I, as a member of the NEC, was prevented from attending attempted to have me deselected last year. Members of the NEC are usually afforded the facility of joining meetings by conference call when it is not possible for them to travel to the venue, which can be anywhere in Scotland, but on this occasion, I was informed by SNP HQ that this would not be available. Briefings against me continued during the general election campaign. This was upsetting not just for me but also for the SNP activists who were working hard in winter weather to have me re-elected as an SNP MP rather than sitting at home briefing Unionist newspapers against SNP candidates. In terms of the SNP constitution, the National Conference is the supreme governing and policy-making body of the party and meets at an annual conference once a year and as National Conference on at least one other occasion a year on dates and at a place fixed by the National Executive Committee. The bulk of NEC members come up for re-election at conference. We have not as yet had a conference this year and of course, the pandemic makes the usual conference impossible. However, it is past time that members were told when the much-promised online conference will take place so that they can register as delegates and ensure they are able to vote. I would hope they would consider replacing those who are bringing the party into disrepute by using their positions on the NEC to conduct personal vendettas or to clear the field of competition for their own candidacy bids or those of their friends. What we need on our NEC are members whose only priorities are the furtherance of the cause of independence, our country, its people, and the party.”


International Women's Day 2020: How the day began and why the fight for women's rights is



Gerrymandering of the NEC By the NEC

The election of the NEC this year has the potential to bring about fundamental change of the party in its present form since its NEC will decide the future direction of the party. The choice for independence tactics will be polarized into two factions. The WOKE activists that favour the “Gradualists” or the “Fundamentalists” who prefer direct action.

Anticipating the election of a significant number of “fundamentalists” the NEC imposed new and restrictive rules on branch management so that the NEC was enabled to veto and force changes to candidate shortlists so that a marked prevalence of WOKE activists would be assured. The process will be completed early in November.

This is the real reason the present NEC membership, (now choc-a-bloc with WOKE activists) postponed the Party conference from June until late November. They needed to be sure the fundamentalists had been castrated. And they might just succeed. In which case, there will be no further referendum before 2031 at the earliest.


International Women's Day: Watch NYC March in 360° | Time



SNP Members Quitting Over NEC Rulings Should Stay and Fight – Kenny McKaskill

The annual conference is coming and it’s important that actions are debated, and individuals held to account. To achieve that every member is required and those most aggrieved should get involved not leave. It’s not as if the SNP hasn’t been through this before. Back in the early 1980s, I was expelled along with Alex Salmond, Roseanna Cunningham, now Environment Secretary, and several others.

The current NEC needs to be held to account for the decisions it has taken and it or its successor must represent the interest of the membership, not self-serving cliques. The party belongs to the members which are why all should remain and change it from within. The rest of his article can be found here: {}


Where Angels Fear to Tread – Queering the Pitch of SNP WOKE Subversives –  caltonjock




Festival of Democracy

Malcolm Kerr – SNP Constituency Organizer in Cunninghame North published an article in Bella Caledonia giving warning that all was not well back at the ranch (NEC). He wrote:

The soundtrack for this year’s candidate selection process is the chopping of membership cards. It is a hard time to be an SNP activist, watching long-time local stalwarts become disenchanted, trying to persuade friends to remain in the Party, running out of excuses and defenses.  It doesn’t need to be this way. Following the December 2019 General Election, we were fairly certain that the next national election would be the Scottish Parliament in May 2021. We had well over a year to prepare. The plan was to undertake vetting and selection of candidates during the spring of 2020. For three and a half months, HQ posted a text on the SNP website outlining a candidate assessment process that was clearly not taking place. Now that Covid lockdown has been eased, the process is to take place – online!  Presumably with Zoom interviews. Sadly, Keith Brown was not intending irony when he sent out his May email to members entitled “Use this time wisely!”. This process could have been finished months ago. Approved potential candidates (i.e those who have concluded vetting successfully) need to express their interest in a constituency to the National Secretary by 14th September. There is a plus side (let’s remember). ‘Yes’ is now the preferred Independence option (at 54%), our First Minister has an unprecedented level of personal approval across the country for her handling of the pandemic crisis, and we have an opposition in complete disarray. As a nation, however, we have a reputation for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. For observers of the SNP’s HQ and NEC performance over recent years, we have come to expect very little. The slo-mo car crash around the 30th July NEC meeting was, even so, hard to watch, and not least because we have known for some time that it had to come. Any ordinary Party member can only glean small insights into what actually happened at the NEC. Minutes (if minutes are kept) are not available to us, but we can usually rely on individual NEC members leaking their accounts to the Press. Two items of business stood out.

Firstly the decision to deny James Dornan MSP the right to put his name forward for selection in Cathcart, the Scottish Parliament seat he has held and served for years

Secondly, the decision to discourage Joanna Cherry from seeking the Edinburgh Central nomination by requiring MPs to give up their Westminster seat when selected rather than once elected.

An anonymous NEC member duly released a detailed account of the proceedings, and it was not flattering to the Party hierarchy. The James Dornan decision was reversed the following day when it was found ‘unconstitutional’. It isn’t clear how the SNP’s CEO, Business Convener, and National Secretary had all failed to notice this flaw in the plan at an earlier stage! The salient features of this ‘handbags at dawn’ episode are that it was initiated by a faction very close to the Leadership and that it failed. There is also a credible view that the ‘Dornan Affair’ was only ever intended as a diversion to deflect from the core intent: pursuing an equally unconstitutional change to the candidate selection rules, effectively debarring Cherry from standing for Holyrood, as was her right. For some members, this chicanery has been the last straw.

George Kerevan gives a helpful account of what has happened to the SNP after 13 years in office. The shift to the right in policy terms has been accompanied by the rise of a powerful Party bureaucracy.  The policy is made by employed special advisers rather than members. Corporate lobbyists have easy access to ministers. With success in Westminster elections, a large number of MPs and their staff have become dependent on our opponents (the UK State) for salaries and pensions. There is a powerful system of patronage and a career ladder to keep aspiring high flyers in line and ensure their loyalty. My own extensive experience over the years confirms that Party HQ and the Leadership now have a deeply ingrained disdain for members and especially for the volunteers who run the branch and constituency networks. Associated with this is the large cohort of MPs and MSPs, their energy perhaps sapped by the routine work of representing individual constituents, whose focus and drive appears suppressed by a combination of healthy salaries and a position of relative impotence in relation to the tiny select Leadership group. The rest of the article can be found  here:  (


Little Bo Peep is losing her sheep – Is it Et Tu for Nicola Sturgeon –  caltonjock




List of Nominees for Office

(Names in bold type are Funday’s and worthy of nomination to the NEC if you support candidates who wish to retain women’s rights legislation as it is and who do not support the Gradualism agenda preferred by Nicola.  I am not sure of the Glasgow nominations and would appreciate input on this.

Conferences Committee (open list – 5 members to be elected) – Requests for Nomination:
Deadline: 13/11/2020 

Corri Wilson, Malcolm Balfour, Alexander Belic, Adam Cabuk, Christina Cannon, Roz Currie, Christopher Duffy, Ian Gallagher, Patrick Grady, Chris Hanlon, Delia Henry, Joan Hutcheson, Kenny MacLaren, Jack O’Neil, Munro Ross, Rory Steel, Subhan Tahir, Suzanne McLaughlin, Kirsteen Currie, Fraser Thompson, Danny Aston, Rosemary Hunter, Anne McLaughlin.

Conferences Committee (all-female list – 5 members to be elected) – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Rosemary Hunter, Anne McLaughlin, Corri Wilson, Christina Cannon, Roz Currie, Delia Henry, Joan Hutcheson, Suzanne McLaughlin, Kirsteen Currie, Catriona MacDonald.

Policy Development Committee – Outwith Scotland – Requests for Nomination:
Deadline: 13/11/2020

Jonathan Kiehlmann, Gordon Millar.

National Secretary – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Marco Biagi, Lorna Finn, Stewart Stevenson, David Henry, Morgwn Davies, Kirsteen Currie.

National Treasurer – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Colin Beattie, Douglas Chapman.

President – Requests for Nomination:  Deadline: 13/11/2020

Michael Russell, Craig Murray, Corri Wilson.

BAME Convener – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Graham Campbell, Sameeha Rehman.

Disabled Members’ Convener – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Jamie Szymkowiak, Scott McFarlane, Dylan Roberts.

Equalities Convener – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Fiona Robertson, Siobhan Tolland, Lynne Anderson.

Local Government Convener – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Jonathan McColl, Allan Stubbs, Lynne Anderson, Kelly Parry.

Member Support Convener – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Michael Blackshaw, Douglas Daniel, Simon Hayter, Greg Lennon, Susan Katherine Sanders.

Organization Convener – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Stacy Bradley, Robert Thompson. 

Policy Development Convener – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Chris Hanlon, Graeme McCormick, Alyn Smith.

Women’s Convener – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Delia Henry, Caroline McAllister, Rhiannon Spear, Susan Katherine Sanders, Caroline Keenan.

Elected Parliamentarian – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Tommy Sheppard, Alison Thewliss, Joanna Cherry, Neale Hanvey, Angela Constance.

Glasgow (all-female list) – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Christina Cannon, Lorna Finn, Suzanne McLaughlin.

Glasgow (open list) – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Malcolm Balfour, Christina Cannon, Lorna Finn, Jonathan Mackie, Alexander Mitchell, Rory Steel,  Suzanne McLaughlin, Alexander Kerr.

Member Conduct Committee (9 members) – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Malcolm Balfour, Amanda Burgauer, Michael Blackshaw, Declan Blench, Laura Doherty, Daniel Forbes, Cynthia GuthrieChris Hanlon, Simon Hayter, Delia Henry, Kirsty Jarvis, Sharon Kinning, Greg Lennon, Paul Leinster, Kenny MacLaren, Malcolm Mitchell, Munro RossSusan Katherine Sanders, Subhan Tahir, Elaine Wylie, Ellen McMaster, Farah Farzana, Robert Thompson, James Duncan, Neale Hanvey, Gavin Lundy, Caroline McAllister, Owen Thompson, Lynne Anderson, Corri Wilson.

Appeals Committee (7 members) – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Amanda Burgauer, Rod Campbell, Ewan Hamilton, Greg Lennon, Margaret Lynch, Lachlan McNeill, Malcolm Mitchell, Farah Farzana, Robert Thompson, Caroline McAllister.

Policy Committee – Glasgow (open list) – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Malcolm Balfour, Alexander Belic, Paul Leinster, Rory Steel.

Mid Scotland And Fife – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Roger Mullin:  Women’s List: Allison Graham.

West of Scotland – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Chris McEleny, Brian Lawson, 

Lothians – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Catriona MacDonald, Susan Katherine Sanders, Robert de Bold, Frank Anderson.

Central Scotland – Requests for Nomination: Deadline:13/11/2020

John Green

South of Scotland – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

William Mills

Highlands and Islands – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Women’s list:  Laura Mitchell

North East Scotland – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Dot Jessiman, Ciaran McRae, Kate Monaghan.

South East Scotland – Requests for Nomination: Deadline: 13/11/2020

Cynthia Guthrie, Morgan Davies



Women rights symbol Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock




Where Angels Fear to Tread – Queering the Pitch of SNP WOKE Subversives

Transgender College Students Face Enormous Mental Health Disparities » SPH  | Boston University

Are You Awake?

The spectre of a “Woke” dominated SNP Government looms menacingly, enabled through the imposition on constituencies of “right thinking” candidates by a party leadership no longer in touch with reality.

In recent years, the Party has lost focus evidenced by the introduction of controversial policy changes without consultation with or support of a majority of Party members and officials.

The criteria for selection as a candidate of the Party, until now, has been a straightforward process. Individuals were local to their community and possessed a solid record of active campaigning for the cause of independence.

But that changed when Nicola announced her intention to bring in changes to the “Gender Reassignment Act” permitting individuals to “self-declare” their gender.

Currently the law states that those seeking to officially change gender have to live in the preferred gender for two years and be diagnosed with gender dysphoria by a doctor to gain a Gender Recognition Certificate.

Nicola and her supporters were warned that their proposals were toxic and the debate over legal changes would be protracted, divisive and perhaps unsuccessful, but they decided to press on with the change.

As projected the proposals polarized opinion within the Party, many believing a change to “self-declaration” would eliminate women’s sex-protected rights and undermine data which is dependent on knowing if a person is a man or a woman. A number of women’s groups added their voices to the protests.

Anti-trans speakers invited to parliament on Trans Day of Remembrance

One Scottish MSP, a committed nationalist not known for rebelling, Joan McAlpine, the chair of Holyrood’s “Culture and External Affairs Committee, spoke publicly about her concerns, and was abused by WOKE campaigners and and threatened with deselection.

In voicing an opinion she stood charged by the WOKEs’ as being a gender-critical trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF). So I must be a TERM. Got to get to grips with this new language!!!

Her committee also feared the inclusion of “non-binary” questions in census forms devaluing the data on a protected characteristic (sex) under the Equality Act.

There was also concern that women’s groups, in receipt of substantial amounts of taxpayers’ money, had dogmatically adopted the WOKE ideology while failing to represent women who disagreed.

This generated long worded denials from Scottish Government funded organisations: “Close the Gap” £225k: “Engender Scotland” £250k and “Equate Scotland”: £350k. New to you? and to me. How many more are there?

She was also attacked by some of her own SNP colleagues. Namely:

Rhiannon Spear, chair of the LGBT education lobby, “Tie” (Time for Inclusive Education).

She accused Joan of “stoking a fire” and “willfully ignoring the advice of service providers who have been working in the industry for decades”.

Michael Gibbons, head of the SNP’s student wing, who said: “There is nothing socialist, brave, or feminist about giving a platform to a TERF under a pretense of debate and discussion. It’s disingenuous and wrong.”

But Joan hit back with her statement:

“They try to shut you up by labelling you and othering you, by using extremist language. This isn’t just about trans people’s rights; they have the same human rights as everyone else and extra protections in the Equality Act and hate legislation, and that’s quite right. This is about women’s rights and how the changes being pushed for impact women.”

Find her on twitter,

MEP Alyn Smith and ex-MP Steven Paterson go head to head for SNP Stirling  nomination

public profile campaigning can be a frustrating and lonely pastime

WOKE activists are behind a fast spreading culture of intimidation and self-censorship within the SNP and beyond.

Only last month the contents of private direct mail messages between three female SNP, MSPs, Gillian Martin, Ash Denham and Ruth Maguire was leaked to the public by the WOKE activist and SNP member, Jordan Henderson, (partner of NEC member, Alyn Smith) who summarized their exchange of views to read:

“The First Minister is “out of step” with the views of the SNP group at Holyrood over the impact on women of possible changes to the Gender Recognition Act and she is blind to the fact that the WOKE agenda is a real and dangerous threat to women and feminism”

Henderson added:

“Deeply concerning to see this conversation between SNP elected members claiming the FM is out of step for backing trans rights in Scotland. @theSNP and @NicolaSturgeon must act.”

An SNP source commented:

“This was a private conversation We know that staff can access MSPs’ Twitter accounts, so it will be extremely hurtful for the MSPs’ involved to think that one of their staff has leaked this to Jordan Henderson.

But the fact remains that a majority of SNP, MSPs’ are concerned about the impact of transgender self-identification on women’s rights and this should be able to be raised publicly without abuse. This kind of leak doesn’t help that happen.”

I will not suppress my views on gender, says Joanna Cherry, SNP hopeful" |  Mumsnet

WOKEism is spreading

The policy of removing long standing and other preferred candidates and replacing them with WOKE activists started with the parachuting of the Party’s “Policy Development Convener” and leading “WOKE” supporter, Alyn Smith, (MEP) direct from his office in Brussels to stand as the Party’s 2019 General Election “shoo-in” candidate for a seat in Westminster.

NEC member Smith, spoken of in some circles as a future Party leader was duly elected and set his stall out early on with his appointment of “WOKE” activists to his office, including Cameron Archibald, (from the Bannockburn branch).

If you wish to know more about Archibald check out his twitter posts, “MammothWhale” and “TheStirlingWolf”. He really is a corker!!

The procedures for selecting candidates for the 2021 General Election is now under way and there are reports from Branches of gerrymandering by the NEC who have introduced policy changes removing all powers from Branches demitting the selection and short listing of candidates from Branches to the WOKE supporting NEC.

New Campaign Wants You To Know Transgender People Have Periods Too


WOKE ideology conflates sex and gender, but they are different. Being born a male or female is a fact of biology. Adopting a masculine or feminine persona is attributable to social conditioning and performance. Sex is data, gender is narrative. If the dangly bits are intact you are a male.

Facial recognition tech struggles to identify transgender people | E&T  Magazine


Public Exposure of Commercial Shenanigans and Unjustifiable Salary Deals Support Increasing Calls for the BBC to be Dismantled

Weekend Open Thread – Biased BBC




Tinopolis (PLC)

Not a lot of people know it but five billionaires and their corporations own and control around 80 per cent of the UK media providing them with the means and opportunity to maliciously influence and control political and cultural agendas shaping the knowledge, behavior and beliefs of the population effectively destroying free thinking.

Founded by Welshman, Ron Jones, in 1989, Tinoplis (PLC), based in Llanelli, Wales was established to make programmes for the Welsh language channel SC4.

It went public in 2005 and a year later it launched and won a hostile takeover of the much larger “Television Corporation”.

The acquisition of the company and its production teams at Mentorn and Sunset + Vine, (producers of Question Time and other BBC programmes) transformed the fortunes of the company overnight and 15 short years later it is one of the five aforementioned conglomerates.

The extraordinary expansion of the company from that time, was also made possible with the financial support of the BBC and the offshore registered global equity fund, Vitruvian Partners.

Jones has increased his influence and control of the media market in the UK growing his company to be a world leader serving the BBC and other media networks, broadcasters in the United Kingdom, United States and other countries worldwide producing reality shows, documentaries, infotainment, films, dramas, factual, lifestyle, comedy, game-shows, sports, education, skills, multi-lingual, marketing and communication, e-learning, and mobile-learning courses.

Its portfolio of programming is delivered to customers through its “Mediajet” platform, a cloud based digital media delivery network for distributing broadcast video and media files to multiple locations.

An address to the city of London financial market stated:

“The Tinopolis Group is one of the largest television content suppliers in the UK and a producer of programmes for many of the top networks in the US. The group’s portfolio of production companies includes global sports producer Sunset+Vine, Mentorn Media, Firecracker, Pioneer, Tinopolis Cymru, the recently launched Thunderclap Media, drama producers Daybreak Pictures and Fiction Factory, as well as A.Smith & Co and Magical Elves in the US. Tinopolis also has its own distribution arm, Passion.”

Ron Jones adding:

“Our success has been founded on the talent of our people, their creativity and their leadership. With Vitruvian’s investment and support over the past 9 years, we have made Tinopolis a leading player in our industry. Sunset+Vine has achieved remarkable growth to become, in its own right, a global company. To our original UK base we added two of the finest production companies in the US and with them some of the most creative people in US television. We are a private company owned by its management in both countries, optimistic for the future and determined to provide our people with new challenges and opportunities.”


Bias, Corruption & Coercion: Why The BBC Must Be ...



The BBC – Tax Avoidance Links

The Canary revealed that BBC Question Time was linked to companies named in the Paradise Papers for offshore tax avoidance.

The programme’s production company, Mentorn Media, created in 2005, is a subsidiary company of the Tinopolis group.

Tinopolis had a majority shareholder called Vitruvian in place until 23 October 2017.

The private equity firm had purchased a 48% stake in Tinopolis in 2008 and was the ultimate controlling company named in the Paradise Papers – all while having been the ultimate owner of the Question Time producers.





Offshore Registration and Tax Avoidance – Vitruvian Equity

Forming part of its large portfolio of companies Vitruvian owned “OpenBet”, an online gambling software company through which it operates the “employee benefit trust”, a tax reduction scheme. The scheme is/was designed to provide employee benefits, such as shares and “cash payments”, through a tax jurisdiction such as Jersey much reducing the employee’s tax bill.


Is the BBC biased?: Testament of Bias




The BBC and Tax Avoidance

The BBC repeatedly pressed the Government to allow an increase in the licence fee but there was public concern that the BBC wage bill was extortionately high and should be reduced.

As ever, the BBC rejected all assertions and waffled on about market competition for high profile and good quality production staff. The public response was to ask the BBC to publish an annual list all high earners.

The first answer from the BBC was a resounding No!!! But, Shock and horror the Government agreed and required the BBC to publish!! just such a list naming all employees earning more than £150,000 per annum.

Whilst some names surfaced over time the earnings of many high profile media personalities and producers was not in the public domain.

Why was this? Sheer bloody mindedness. In response to the Government instruction, the BBC transferred the employment of many high earners to its “in house” production arm, BBC Studios, introducing them to the heady world of the “Employee Benefit Trust Scheme” disappearing them from the payroll.

The BBC stood accused of thwarting the will of the public through the use of questionable accounting’ to avoid scrutiny.

The BBC response was swift and adamant. It would not publish financial information pertaining to the recently formed arms length “BBC Studios” subsidiary.

A BBC spokesman said: “The Government has said we only need to disclose payments made to individuals directly by the licence fee. Some well-known names on the BBC are on programmes made by independent production companies. We pay a fee to the company for the delivery of the programmes. The decision on what to pay the talent and the contractual obligations rests with the independent producers rather than the BBC.”

The Culture Media and Sport committee investigated the matter and after nearly 2 years of protracted discussion the BBC capitulated and agreed to publish all relevant information in the public domain.


BBC presenter confesses broadcaster ignores complaints of ...



The BBC High Earner List

The names and earnings of highly paid employees of “BBC Studios” shocked the nation.

Chris Evans: £2.5m: Dabbles in programme production topping up his bank balance.

Gary Lineker: £1.8m: For pontificating about English football. His production company Goldhanger Films also makes films for the BBC. A nice little earner on the side.

Zoe Ball: £1.3m: Hosts radio breakfast Show and presents work for Strictly Come Dancing. Additional earnings include presenting “It Takes Two”.

Graham Norton: £725k: Hosts weekly show on Radio 2 and a range of programmes and series, Bafta film and TV awards. Additional earnings from the “Graham Norton Show” are paid to his production company taking his overall financial package to around £4m.

Steve Wright: £475k: Hosts Steve Wright in the Afternoon on Radio 2 show and Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs.

Huw Edwards: £465k: Newsreader for News at Six, News at Ten and presenter of election night and news specials.

Fiona Bruce: £450k: Hosts Question Time and presenter on BBC One.

Vanessa Feltz: £405k: Hosts Radio 2’s early Breakfast Show, Radio London Breakfast Show and Radio 2 cover.

Lauren Laverne: £395k: Hosts BBC 6 Music Breakfast Show, 6 Music Recommends, Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs and Mercury Music Prize.

Alan Shearer: £390k: Hosts Match of the Day: Premier League and FA Cup.

Stephen Nolan: £390k: Hosts The Nolan Show on Radio Ulster, Nolan Live on BBC One (Northern Ireland), The Stephen Nolan Show on 5 Live.

Ken Bruce: £385k: Hosts Radio 2’s Mid Morning Show, Eurovision Song Contest, Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park.

Emily Maitlis: £375k: Newsnight, BBC documentaries and election programme

Claudia Winkleman: £370k Weekly show for Radio 2, a range of programmes and series

Andrew Marr: £365k: The Andrew Marr Show, Radio 4’s Start the Week, Documentaries for BBC One and election night

Scott Mills: £350k: Radio 1’s The Scott Mills Show, Radio 5’s The Scott Mills and Chris Stark Show

George Alagiah: £325k: News at Six and News at Ten

Jeremy Vine: £325k: Daily show on Radio 2, election programme

Nicky Campbell: £305k: Radio 5 Live Breakfast Show, Your Call

Nick Robinson: £295k: Radio 4’s Today programme, Radio 4’s Political Thinking, Panorama on Brexit, election specials

Laura Kuenssberg: £295k: Political editor, election night, BBC Two documentaries

Jason Mohammad: £290k: Daily BBC Wales programme and other BBC Wales TV output, Final Score, other football, The Boat Race, Radio 2’s Good Morning Sunday

Jo Whiley: £285k:Radio 2 evening show

Sara Cox: £280k: Radio 2 Drivetime show, Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park

Evan Davis: £280k: Radio 4’s PM and Radio 4’s The Bottom Line

Sophie Raworth: 280k: BBC News at Six, BBC News at Ten, election programme

Greg James: £275k: Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Radio 1’s Teen Awards and Big Weekend, Radio 4’s Rewinder

Mishal Husain: £270k: Radio 4’s Today programme, BBC One presenting, Radio 4’s From Our Home Correspondent

Emma Barnett: £265k: Radio 5 Live’s The Emma Barnett Show, BBC Two’s Newsnight, election work

Dan Walker: £265k: BBC One’s Breakfast, Football Focus

Martha Kearney: £256k: Radio 4’s Today programme, Radio 4 documentary

Tina Daheley: £260k: Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Beyond Today podcast, BBC One News, BBC Breakfast cover, BBC World Service’s The Cultural Frontline, election programme, cover for Woman’s Hour

Sarah Montague: £255k: Radio 4’s World at One, HardTalk

Justin Webb: £255k: Radio 4’s Today programme

Mark Chapman: £250k: Radio 5 Live Sport, weekly Premier League highlights, Rugby League and NFL

Nick Grimshaw: £245k: Radio 1’s drivetime show, Radio 1’s Big Weekend

Jon Sopel: £240k: North America editor, Radio 4’s Today programme cover

Jeremy Bowen: £225k: Middle East editor

Trevor Nelson: £225k: Radio 2’s Rhythm Nation, weekend shows on 1Xtra

Kirsty Wark: £220k: BBC Two’s Newsnight, cover for Radio 4’s Start the Week and Talking Books

Victoria Derbyshire: £220k: Lead presenter on BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire and the BBC News Channel

Clive Myrie: £220k: BBC News Channel, BBC One and location work

Louise Minchin: £220k: BBC One’s Breakfast, Triathlon: World Series

Mary Berry: £20k: A range of TV programmes and series

Katya Adler: £215k: Europe Editor

Amol Rajan: £210k: Media Editor, Radio 4’s The Media Show, cover on Radio 2, Radio 4’s Start the Week, TV documentaries

Fergal Keane: £210k: Africa Editor, World Service and Radio 4 documentaries

Sue Barker: £205k: Wimbledon, Queen’s, ATP World Tour Finals, Australian Open, BBC documentaries

Jermaine Jenas: £205k: Match of the Day: Premier League and FA Cup, MOTDx and Friday Football Social

The rest of the list:

£200k: Naga Munchetty, John McEnroe. £195k: Charlie Stayt, Simon Jack. £190k: Mark Easton, Gabby Logan. £185k: Reeta Chakrabarti. £180k: Rachel Burden. 175k: Andrew Neil, James Naughtie, Annie Mac, Nihal Arthanayake, Jonathan Agnew. £170k: Ben Brown, John Pienaar. £165k: Simon McCoy, Orla Guerin, Shaun Keaveny. £160k: Carrie Gracie, Faisal Islam, Clara Amfo, Adrian Chiles, Clare Balding, £155k: Carolyn Quinn, Jane Hill, Mary Anne Hobbs, Joanna Gosling, Steve Lamacq.


BBC Bias article - UK Political Cartoonist Cartoons



“Smoke and mirrors”, a hefty wedge of Scottish licence fee revenue is routinely transferred to a Welsh and international commercial enterprise which pervasively influences viewers through the retention and exercising of editorial control over production.

Many thousands of viewer complaints about a lack of a code of practice regarding selection criteria for participation in and the conduct of the “Question Time”, audience, have been advanced as examples of shoddy editorial work and programme management!!!

In each and every case complaints have been dismissed by the commissioning agent, the BBC, as unfounded. So much for impartiality!!!

Scottish production companies, wholly registered in Scotland, should be awarded contracts from BBC (Scotland) so that Scottish licence fee payers can be assured their financial contribution is being spent wisely retaining and developing Scottish workers and enterprises.

That was the commitment to Scotland by the BBC only a few years ago. But Scotland continues to be ripped off by franchise commitments entered into by the Westminster government and the BBC Trust.

An Anti-Scots Bias report was discussed in committee at Holyrood in 2014. It is worthy of study since many of the negative observations contained in it are still relevant 6 years later. So much for progress!!!



Pin on White Apathy, Ignorance and Psychosis


BBC Claptrap Exposed – Cosy Relationships Between Mentorn and BBC Scotland Adversely Impact on Impartiality Claim


Damo on Twitter: "The final two contenders get chosen by Tory MP's. The  winner is chosen by Tory members. The next PM get's chosen from amongst a  rump of predominantly pale, male


Mentorn Television Production

Not long after Scottish devolution, following storms of protest from Scottish viewers and politicians the BBC agreed to transfer a significant amount of television production to Scotland greatly increasing Scottish content.

Implementation of change would be achieved without detriment to existing staff employed in England or to operational routine.

Smoke and mirrors time:

The BBC in London, restructured its programme production contract with Mentorn (a small but growing subsidiary of the Tinopolis Group, an offshore registered media producer & and distributor).

Mentorn, set up a Glasgow office in 2002, in compliance with the BBC commitment to transfer finance and programme making to Scotland.

From then Mentorn expanded its programme production and distribution many times over, including the Unionist biased, Question Time.


Memes of the Week 15/2/19 - Dorset Eye


Mentorn & Nickilai Gentchev

This is how the production of Question Time was (paper) transferred to Scotland.

Gentchev, in the employ of Mentorn, transferred from London to Glasgow taking on the role of editor of Question Time.

In his new role he worked with Haley Valentine, who was appointed to the new (non-job) post of Executive Editor. A Scottish face need to be put in place comforting Scots licence holders and politicians

He remained in the employ of Mentorn for the duration of his tenure (2011-2016) reporting to Gavin Allen, the London based, Head of BBC Political News, who who continued to meet his salary.

He also wrote articles for the International Socialism Journal and Socialist Review. A revelation that led to attacks by Tory politicians saying that his background provided credence to their claims that the programme was a mouthpiece for left-wing politicians and activists.

The move was also openly criticized by its presenter, David Dimbleby, who insisted that weekly editorial meetings continue to take place in London. The programme also saw the resignation of its incumbent Editor, Ed Havard, who resigned rather than transfer to Scotland.


David Dimbleby leaves Question Time as one of the greatest broadcasters  ever – here's why | Metro News


Hayley Valentine

Family: Born in Glenrothes in 1971. Schooling: Auchtermuchty High School & Edinburgh University. Career: Journalism: First worked in Dundee before moving on to work in commercial radio in Edinburgh. Progressed to producing television programming with Scottish Television then for BBC Scotland. Promoted and transferred to London taking up a post editing BBC Breakfast TV. Set her stall on working in radio and rewarded with her appointment as Head of News, for BBC Radio 5 Live.


Flyer 7: #BBCbias #MediaBias - #StopTheTories Channel



2013: Haley Valentine and Question Time taken to Task by The Electoral Reform Society (Scotland)

Message from: the Electoral Reform Society Scotland, to: Haley Valentine Executive Editor, Question Time. Date Jun 2013

The Electoral Reform Society in Scotland seeks to inform and improve Scotland’s democracy.

With that in mind, we have being undertaking an inquiry into what a good Scottish democracy looks like.

A major theme that has emerged from this year long, citizen led inquiry, is the importance of the media to instruct, publicize and inform the debate.

There has been support for a publicly funded media provider, but a strong sense that that body should be impartial and should seek to provide balanced and informed coverage of politics.

Clearly this is of particular concern in the run up to the 2014 referendum.

We were concerned therefore to see the line-up for the BBC Question Time programme to be held in Edinburgh this evening (Thursday 13th June).

Not only does the selection of panelists fail to represent the make-up of Scottish politics, but it also seems to be aimed more at pantomime than serious debate.

That this should be the case when the audience is, very pleasingly, to be made up of 16 and 17 year old’s in recognition of the extension of the franchise to that group for the referendum is worrying.

It seems to show a lack of respect for these young audience members – implying that they do not deserve serious political debate.

It also fails to allow them to hear from their elected representatives in this public debate forum which receives the widest of political attention.

Two of the parties which will be competing for their vote in 2014 are unrepresented and the Yes and Better Together campaigns are needlessly unequally represented.

Were this not bad enough, available spaces on the platform are taken instead by George Galloway MP and Nigel Farage M.E.P., two individuals and parties who are not represented in Scotland.

We welcome the decision to involve 16 and 17 year old’s in a public debate about the referendum, but the chosen panelists do those 16 and 17 year old’s a disservice as they will not be able to hear from the parties who represent them and who will be seeking their vote in 2014.

We would ask the BBC to urgently reconsider the panel, and at the very least to re-schedule a repeat of this edition of Question Time, but with a panel representative of Scottish politics that respects the BBC’s role to be impartial and equal.


The New BBC Scotland Channel is Scheduled to Start Broadcasting in February  2019 – Hayley Valentine – A Tied and Tested BBC Unionist Grasshopper Is  Taking Charge of Output – Like it



2013: Scottish Greens Co-convener Patrick Harvie MSP added his voice

Message from: The Scottish Green Party. to: Hayley Valentine Executive Director, Question Time. Date: June 2013

We wish to object in the strongest possible terms to the choice of panelists for BBC Question Time, tonight. (June 2013).

This follows our consistent raising of concern over a number of years about the Scottish Greens’ lack of representation on the programme; in 14 years of continuous Parliamentary representation, we have been invited to participate on 1 single occasion.

That occasion was nearly two and a half years ago.

Tonight’s programme will be coming from Edinburgh, with an audience of 16 & 17 year old’s, debating independence – this is specifically billed on the BBC website.

The panel chosen is extremely skewed on the independence question; with only one panelist explicitly committed to independence as a preferred constitutional option, the programme is showing no balance whatsoever on this crucial question.

Green MSP Patrick Harvie is a member of the Yes Scotland advisory board and could have provided the required balance; he is also a member of Referendum Bill Committee in Parliament, which has been handling the legislation to reduce the voting age to 16.

Given that this decision is being made by the Scottish Parliament, we can see no basis for the decision to include only one M.S.P. on the panel, and specifically one who is opposed to the reduction in the voting age.

George Galloway is an MP for an English constituency representing a political party, Respect, which literally does not exist in Scotland, and contests no elections.

On the one occasion when they did, Mr Galloway stood for election in Glasgow and even in a PR election was only able to secure 3.3% of the vote.

Nigel Farage has also been added to the panel at the last minute.

U.K.I.P. has no elected representation in Scotland at any level, as against S.G.P.’s 2 M.S.P.s and 14 local Councillors.

In the last Scottish Parliament election they secured 0.91% of regional votes across Scotland.

This panel is taking place during the Aberdeen Donside by-election, and the BBC has a duty to demonstrate balance at such a time.

Donside is part of the North East Scotland region, where U.K.I.P. achieved 0.9% of the vote in the 2011 election.

The rationale for this selection may include U.K.I.P.’s recent success in the English local elections. U.K.I.P. now have approximately the same number of local Councillors as G.P.E.W., despite blanket media coverage.

But this is NOT an English local election, it’s a debate with a Scottish independence focus, taking place during a Scottish Parliamentary by-election.

This failure even to attempt balance in party political terms, or in terms of the referendum debate is surely a breach of the BBC’s duty to impartiality.

Patrick Harvie discussed these various points with Nicolai Gentchev this morning, and our head of media Jason Rose raised them with Phil Abrams of the BBC policy unit.

Mr Gentchev defended the decision to include Mr Farage on the programme citing his recent encounter with protesters in Edinburgh.

We are deeply disturbed if the BBC’s flagship political debate programme gives greater attention to political stunts than to fair balance.

We seek an urgent meeting to discuss how you intend to redress this situation, not only in the short term but in the run-up to the referendum in 2014. (Martha Wardrop and Patrick Harvie, Co-conveners of the Scottish Green Party).


My Attempt to Unravel Just a Little Bit of the Tangled Web of Deceit Spun  By the BBC – £300M Plus Scottish Licence Fee Money Routinely Handed Over to  Commercial Concerns Controlled

2013: Haley Valentine Jumps ship and transfers her employment to Mentorm

Mentorn Media Confirmed Hayley Valentine as its new director of current affairs.

She is joining Mentorn from BBC Scotland where she has been executive editor of Question Time.

Based in Glasgow, she will continue to oversee the programme for Mentorn as well as BBC One’s The Big Questions and continuing the growth of Mentorn’s current affairs output across all broadcasters.

Chief executive of Mentorn Media, John Willis, said: “Hayley is the perfect person to head up Mentorn’s current affairs programming.

She has extensive knowledge and experience and we are delighted she will be responsible for developing even more programming from our ever-expanding Glasgow office.”

Valentine said: “I’ve been on the receiving end of the impressive editorial work that Mentorn has produced and I look forward to maintaining that level of commitment to BBC programming as well as developing new and engaging formats across all broadcasters.”


The BBC | Propaganda, Bbc, Told you so

2016/17: BBC Forced to make changes

Repeated demands over nearly 20 years, from viewers and politicians in Scotland, for news and current affairs programming to be produced in Scotland, for a Scottish audience fell on deaf ears in London.

But the Corporation was forced to respond to demands for change following widespread criticism of its referendum coverage.

It announced a new BBC Scotland channel which would broadcast from 7pm to midnight every day, as well as being available online and on iPlayer.

With a budget of around £30m it would feature acquired programmes and programmes from partners in the creative sector and from other countries and a selection of content sourced from other BBC services.


Has Question Time been unfairly dominated by Remainers? – Daily Globe



2018: Haley Valentine Returns to the BBC

Valentine, executive editor of the BBC’s, Question Time, the much criticized flagship political debate show, has been appointed editor of the “integrated news hour” a key part of the BBC Scotland channel.

The new bulletin includes national and international news and is broadcast between 9pm and 10pm on the new channel.

Not much of a change really, since she is already the director of current affairs at Mentorn Scotland, the company which makes the bloody programme for the BBC.

She said: “to be given the opportunity to launch a brand new programme at the heart of the proposed new BBC Scotland Channel is a real privilege and a rare treat.

We will be creating a really distinctive programme with a broad Scottish, UK-wide and international news agenda which has the priorities of a Scottish audience at the centre of everything we do.”

Gary Smith, head of news and current affairs at BBC Scotland, said: “Hayley has an outstanding track record and I’m delighted she is rejoining us.

I’m confident that under her leadership we will produce an exciting, distinctive, and brilliant new programme for our audiences.

She will also join my management team, and play a key role in the running of the department and the recruitment of the 80 new jobs which are being created through the BBC’s major investment in journalism in Scotland.” (and that is another story to be told)


Project Fear Lives: BBC Pushes Anti-Brexit Study by Group Funded by the EU  and Advised by Top Eurocrats - Conservative News & Right Wing News | Gun  Laws & Rights News Site



2017/18: The New BBC Scotland Channel Takes Shape

80 new journalists were hired in the run-up to the launch of The Nine.

New appointments included James Cook, the BBC’s former North America correspondent, as chief news correspondent, innovation correspondent Laura Goodwin, David Farrell as entertainment reporter, A Europe correspondent, Jean MacKenzie, and three new political reporters – Rajdeep Sandhu, Lynsey Bews and David Lockhart.


BBC bias banner at anti Iraq war demo in London Stock Photo - Alamy



2018: Hayley Valentine – A voice from cloud Cookoo Land

Referring to her work with Mentorm as Executive Editor of Question Time and the Scottish Independence Referendum, she said:

“I was involved in our referendum programming and I will defend it to accusations of bias until my dying day.

I’m not saying the BBC or any other broadcaster was perfect.

It was a tricky time, but we were all doing the best we could.

I don’t know a single journalist who brought any bias to work with them.

I’m aware that there are trust issues, but I think they are sometimes overplayed.

The BBC is still trusted, and BBC Scotland is still trusted, more than most news organisations.

I don’t think we are universally dismissed on a trust basis.

Across the piece, the public looks at lot more skeptically at journalism than it potentially did ten years ago.

To be trusted, you have to give people things that they want and have a need for, and stories that they wouldn’t otherwise be told.

A key aim of “The Nine” is to move political journalism away from institutions and translate politics into how it affects ordinary people.

I hope “The Nine” will restore faith in BBC Scotland by shunning top-down journalism, reducing the use of jargon and making people feel we are for them and of them.

Our remit is to serve the audience better, ask questions that people want asked, explore bits of Scottish life that aren’t currently being explored and reflect their lives back at that them.

That will get people to like and trust our programme.

It can do a lot to make people feel that we are for them and of them.”

What a load of Tosh!!!!  Her statement conflicts sharply with verified opinion polling carried out in the wake of the referendum which found that viewers in Scotland were more unhappy about the BBC’s output than any other part of the media.

Indeed one survey found that a third of audiences in Scotland believed that the BBC was biased against independence.


Trojan Hearse – Biased BBC



Sep 2020: New BBC Scotland Channel Is A Dud

launched in February 2019 average audience figures peaked around a satisfactory 60,000, but the honeymoon did not last long, figures had slumped to under 19,000 by the beginning of May 2019.

Over that same period 21 shows recorded an audience of zero. and in one day in May only 7200 viewers tuned in.

The flagship “nine news” also recorded zero viewers on a number of occasions.

Channel content has gone from bad to worse in 2020, viewing figures have plummeted and the channel will most likely close.

It just didn’t deliver what Scots want which is Scottish news and current affairs delivered on BBC1 at 6 and 9.

Valentine and her large expensively salaried team might just be returning to Mentorn very soon. A waste of licence fee payers hard earned money.

And the transfer of £80m from London to Scotland just didn’t happen. Just about all of the production work was awarded to Mentorn whose profits end up with their parent company registered offshore. I’ll write about them next time.

Is the BBC biased?: Complaints from both sides.


Scottish Independence – Get the Gloves Aff – Abstentionism the Way Forward



The 1707 Act of Union Handed Scotland Over To a Very Wealthy English Elite Supported By Lickspittle Unionist Politicians Who Maintain Their Power Through the Impositon of Oppression on Scots – caltonjock


In my previous post I forgot to include the measures that need to be taken now taking forward the cause of Scottish independence. Corrected with this post.



Union of 1707 - The Union Achieved



The Discredited 1707 Act of Union

The 1707 “Act of Union” was signed off, against the wishes of Scots, by a corrupt landowning, political elite.

It was heralded by the English as a voluntary joining of the two nations which would become a single United Kingdom. All would be equal.  But that is not what transpired.

The English trap was sprung within weeks of the signing of the treaty when the Sovereign of the two states declared Westminster to be the seat of the newly formed United Kingdom.

England’s green and pleasant land would survive but Scotland would be consigned to the historical rubbish dump.

And historical evidence from that time to the present day supports many thousands of allegations that Westminster politicians have only ever acted in the best interests of England and against the needs of Scots.


The 1707 Act of Union Handed Scotland Over To a Very Wealthy English Elite Supported By Lickspittle Unionist Politicians Who Maintain Their Power Through the Impositon of Oppression on Scots – caltonjock


Scots Are Ready for Change: Now::

Conditioned by the brutality of the first and each succeeding Westminster regime over 300+ years, the Scottish view of Westminster is far removed from that of the people of Newcastle or Leeds.

The majority of Scots perceive Westminster to be a parliament that has imposed 313+ years of murderous and dictatorial rule.

They see it as a political regime that has denied them their right to economic and political sovereignty. Westminster is not Scotland’s Parliament and never will be.

Scots, with Brexit forced upon them against their wishes, are now clear in their minds that Unionist politicians will continue to impose their will over Scots regardless of any economic, social or other hardship.

The Scottish nation is of little consequence to the political ambitions of the political elite of Westminster.

How did England and Scotland become the 'United Kingdom'? - ppt download


Modified Abstentionism

S.N.P. MP’s should no longer routinely participate in any of the political activities at Westminster, including withdrawing MP’s from all joint committees and no attendance in the House of Commons.

MP’s would, in all other respects, continue to actively represent their constituents fully engaging with other political Party’s and their representatives on matters affecting Scots.

This would ensure no financial detriment to S.N.P. MP’s. but would send a shot across the bows of the English dominated parliament and frighten the Labour and Liberal Party’s who would be consigned to the opposition benches forever.


Scottish and English history: 1707 act of union : HistoryMemes


Rule Brittania – Unionists Dismantling Devolution Exacting Retribution on Uppity Scots Who Dared to Challenge England’s Authority



Brexit makes the case for an independent Scotland | Financial Times



Rule Britannia

Post Brexit the Unionist Party’s will continue to “sing” from the same constitutional hymn sheet defying the aspirations of many Scots who wish to withdraw from a “Treaty of Union” forced upon their forebears.

The Unionists are aware that England’s hold over Scotland is only political, in their hearts and minds Scots will never hand over their nationality to another State.

Mindful of the foregoing the Unionist Party’s issued a recent statement saying:

“The Scottish Parliament is a fact and it will remain in place, and it will be able to legislate and implement policies for the newly reduced devolved responsibilities. A Tory government will not interfere with that. It will continue to govern Scotland with respect. Scots will see that and that will consolidate our support in the medium to longer term”.

The key words to note in the statement are “newly reduced devolved responsibilities” since they expose the duplicity of Unionist politicians, of all political persuasion.

The Tory Government has been evolving strategies for the removal of devolved government from Scotland from May 2010. These are the enabling mechanisms.


Scotland, Independence, Brexit and the Great Repeal Bill - Bruges Group Blog



The UK National Security Council

The UK (NSC) was established on 12 May 2010 by Prime Minister David Cameron. It is a Cabinet Committee tasked with overseeing all issues related to national security, intelligence coordination, and defense strategy.

At a stroke it increased the power of the Prime Minister, who chairs the Council, and brought senior Cabinet ministers into national security policy-making, giving them access to the highest levels of intelligence.

Minister quits UK government over aide's lockdown breach | The Times of  Israel




Secretary of the new UK National Security Council (NSC)

Management of the NSC is the responsibility of the UK Government, Cabinet Secretary who reports only to the Prime Minister and Cabinet for the propriety and effectiveness of Cabinet and NSC governance.

As head of the UK Civil Service, he leads over 400,000 civil servants in HM Government and the Devolved Administrations, over 90% of whom are involved in the delivery of public services to the citizens of the UK.


UK Government confirms an additional £155 million for Scotland – The NEN –  North Edinburgh News




UK National Intelligence

Headquartered in Whitehall, City of Westminster, London, is the National Intelligence Machinery. There are three Intelligence and Security Agencies, SIS, GCHQ and MI5, with associated projects being tasked to the Defense Intelligence and the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre.

Brexit: Nicola Sturgeon shares Europe-Scotland 'love-heart' image |  HeraldScotland



The Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC)

the (JIC), operates within the Cabinet Office and is responsible for assessments and intelligence briefings that look at both tactical and strategic issues of importance to national interests, primarily in the fields of security, defense and foreign affairs.

The JIC’s permanent members are senior officials from the Cabinet Office, including the JIC Chairman, the Chief of the Assessments Staff and the National Security Advisor, as well as officials from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the Ministry of Defense, the Home Office, the Department for International Development, HM Treasury and the agency heads.

The JIC also feed their assessments into the NSC which is the main forum for the collective discussion of the government’s objectives for national security, in which a range of relevant departments participates.

It is charged with examining more specific national security areas and overseeing and coordinating all aspects of Britain’s security.

The Prime Minister is advised by the head of the NSC secretariat, the National Security Adviser, who is responsible for coordinating and delivering the government’s international security agenda.


Brexit maps the path to Scottish independence | Financial Times


The UK Stabilisation Unit

This is comprised of a 1,000-strong civilian force providing the UK Government with increased capacity for planning and rapid reaction including deployment of military reservists and police in a civil defense capacity.

The unit’s remit was expanded in 2015, to include crisis response and conflict prevention and control of it was transferred to the UK National Security Council. Located in Whitehall is funded (£1 billion annually) by the Conflict, Stabilization and Security Fund.

It is now a much enlarged and powerful cross-government team tasked with ensuring all departments of government have unfettered access to specialist support and resources when dealing with some of the trickiest policy challenges.


The UK Government in Scotland HQ Queen Elizabeth House Stock Photo - Alamy



Scotland’s Overlord – Andrew Dunlop

The quiet man of UK politics. He has been closely associated with the Conservative Party for most of his adult life. He was a special adviser to the Defense Secretary (1986–88) and a member of Margaret Thatcher’s Policy Unit (1988–1990).

The demise of Thatcher brought his budding career to a halt and he moved away from active politics to found and develop his own strategic communications consultancy business. Over 20 years later he sold the business, for a very tidy sum of money, to the Brussels-based Interel Group (lobbyists).

The return to power of the Tory Party in 2010 sparked his interest in politics once again and he linked up with his friend and former colleague David Cameron, in his former role of special advisor, with specific responsibility as the principal adviser on Scotland and devolution.

He was elevated to the House of Lords in 2015 allowing Cameron to take him into government, where he served as a minister in the UK Government as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Scotland and Northern Ireland between 2015 and 2017.

He is a member of the UK Constitution Committee and an Expert Member of the UK Civilian Stabilization Group and retaining close contact with Scottish affairs he is currently a Board member of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry.

An avid supporter of Boris Johnson he is reputed to be the brains behind the Tory Government policies for Scotland.

In this respect, he revealed his thinking in his speech, in the Lords, during a debate on the “possible effects of Brexit on the stability of the Union of the parts of the United Kingdom”.

He said:

“Attention should be paid to the machinery of intergovernmental relations, which needs to be strengthened.”

“We also need to look at the cross-UK synergies, weakened since devolution, which need to be reinvigorated.”

“We need to pursue a decentralized, pan-UK strategy for re-balancing the economy, driven by city regions across the country.”

“This means moving away from seeing everything through a four-nation prism.”

“Many of the problems confronting Glasgow, for example, are similar to those of Manchester or Birmingham. They provide embryonic structures which can be built upon.”

“There are two years until the next Holyrood elections. Strengthening our union must be an urgent priority whatever our post-Brexit future.”


First Flagship UK Government hub in Scotland completed - GOV.UK


A long read but a very enlightening one



UK Government 'determined' to support coronavirus recovery in Scotland,  says Michael Gove



2014 Scottish Independence Referendum – A Political Masterclass by the Unionists Promise The Scots Anything But Give Them Nothing


Scottish independence referendum 2014 preview



The 2014 Independence Referendum – Promises Made But Not Kept

“Better Together”: “Scotland enjoys membership of the EU because of our membership of the UK and if we no longer are members of the UK then it follows that we are no longer are part of the EU.” “What is process for removing our EU citizenship? Voting “Yes.”

Ruth Davidson: “I think it is disingenuous of the Nationalists to say that “No” means out and “Yes” means in, when actually the opposite is true, “No” means we stay in, we are members of the European Union.”

David Cameron, Unionist Party Leaders & Ruth Davidson: “Power lies with the Scottish people and we believe it is for the Scottish people to decide how Scotland is governed.”

The Purgatory Promise: Unionist Party Leaders promised “extensive new powers” for the Scottish Parliament, but the award was predicated by a “No” vote on 18 September 2014. Which they got.

The legislation introduced retained 70% of Scottish taxes and 85% of Scottish welfare spending in the hands of the Westminster government.

The cross-party Devolution (Further Powers) Committee said: “The Scotland Bill falls short in critical areas.”

A “YouGov” poll found that only 9 per cent of Scots believed that the promise of “extensive new powers” had been delivered.

The passage through Westminster of the 2015 Scotland Bill was torturous. 56 Scottish MP’s, representing a majority of Scots, tabled in excess of 100 suggested amendments to the Scottish Bill. Mundell, then Scottish Secretary of State, rejected every proposal. The entire process was a joke.


Scottish independence vote hangs in the balance | The Times of Israel




Before the referendum, the “No” campaign said jobs in shipyards would be under threat if there was a “Yes” vote.

Propaganda included the wide distribution of a leaflet saying “Separation Shuts Shipyards” promising that only a “No” vote would ensure Govan and Scotstoun would get the order for thirteen Type-26 frigates from the Royal Navy”.

In November 2015, the media reported that the programme would be slashed because funding needed to be diverted from ship building to fund replacement of the UK aged and obsolete nuclear submarine fleet and trident weaponry.

Later that month the UK government announced that the number of frigates to be built was reduced from thirteen to eight. From that time the project has been repeatedly delayed and the number of ships to be built further reduced. 800 clydeside workers were subsequently made redundant.


Independence referendum series on BBC Scotland's new channel | The National




David Cameron heavily promoted a referendum “No” vote on the basis that: “when it comes to vital industries like green technology, the combination of a green investment bank sponsored by the United Kingdom Government and the many natural advantages that there are in Scotland can make this a great industry for people in Scotland but we will do that only if we keep our country together”.

Before the referendum Edward Davey the UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said: “The broad shoulders of the United Kingdom is unlocking the power of Scotland to take its place as one of the world’s great energy hubs -generating energy and generating jobs”.

In June 2015 the BBC reported: “Scotland could lose £3bn in investment because of a UK government decision to exclude new onshore wind farms from a subsidy scheme a year earlier than planned.

The report also advised that Siemens, a German “clean energy” company had announced it would not invest in any further renewable projects in the UK until the UK Government had decided whether energy generation would be through investment in nuclear or wind and hydro. Scotland got hammered yet again!!!

FACT CHECK: Was Scotland's 2014 indyref REALLY dark and divisive? | The National


HMRC Employment

Before the referendum it was claimed that H.M,R.C. delivered a ‘jobs dividend’ in Scotland and that this would be at risk by a “Yes” vote.

In 2015 the UK Government announced the closure of many H.M.R.C. offices – 2,000 Scottish jobs went.


Alex Salmond announces Scottish independence referendum date | Scottish independence | The Guardian


The Civil Service in Scotland

Before the referendum, the Scotland Office issued a press release boasting that only the UK Government protected civil service jobs in Scotland. But information published in “SPICe” exposed the lie.

Between 2011 and 2015, there was a greater fall in UK Civil Service employment in Scotland, 17.5% than in any other UK nation. The rate in England was 12.4%, Wales 9.3% and Northern Ireland 16.1%.


Scottish Independence: Alex Salmond unveils Scotland's white paper on independence - Birmingham Live



Carbon capture

Before the referendum, the UK Government stated: “Scotland benefits from other competitions and grants provided by the UK Government and the wider UK consumer and tax base, such as the programme to support the commercialization of carbon capture and storage.”

The commitment to a £1billion investment in CCS was also set out in the Conservative’s 2015 manifesto.

But after deciding the future would be nuclear energy the Westminster Government abruptly cancelled the proposed investment.

Peterhead and Longannet, the front runners lost out. Longannet was shut down. Canada didn’t hang about and developed the technology.


David Cameron to Apologize to Queen Over 'Purring' Comment



Social security

Before the referendum, “Better Together” suggested that independence would be a threat to the welfare state saying: “we are better placed to support the most vulnerable in Scotland ” with a “No” vote.

Less than a year later the UK Government Chancellor announced £12bn cuts in welfare and benefits.

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) said the budget was an attack on the poorest and most vulnerable people in communities and that the Chancellor was “demonstrating a cruel disregard for the impact this will have on hundreds of thousands of people’s lives”.

The Child Poverty Action Group said the budget cuts damaged economic security of working families “with higher child poverty for millions and lower taxes for the better off”.


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In the weeks before the Referendum Scots were “love bombed” by t.v. personalities, pop music performers, politicians and heads of state of other countries with the heart tugging message that Scots were an integral and equal part of the UK “family of nations” and tearful pleas of “please don’t go, we love you.”

Eight hours after after the referendum result was published Cameron announced the Unionist Party’s answer to the “West Lothian” question.

The Westminster Unionist led Government would introduce English votes for English Laws (EVEL) forming two tiers of parliamentarians in the House of Commons.

The ill-judged changes created a myriad of potential political strife situations where Scottish M.P’s would not be able to properly consider or vote on legislation relevant to Scotland such as the. Barnett formula or Barnett consequential’s since this would be classified English only.


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Barnett Formula

The Vow, which was signed up to by each of the three main parties at Westminster clearly promised “the continuation of the Barnett allocation for resources”. In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, fresh suggestions are being raised by the Tory-right wing and others about cutting Scotland’s budget further.

Brexit campaigner Lord Owen called for a vote to Leave the EU to be used as an excuse to axe the Barnett Formula, while Tory M.E.P. David Bannerman tweeted that a “new Brexit Government should suspend the Barnett formula for Scotland” raising the spectre of a Tory government at Westminster initiating a systematic and cynical erosion of Scotland’s finances.

One time Tory leadership candidate Michael Gove, yet again raised the prospect of axing the Barnett Formula.


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Trump Down But Not Out – American Voters Might Yet Defeat the Deep State and Return Him To Office


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The 2016 Presidential Election

The Democratic Party, led by Hilary Clinton, its candidate for office, conducted a no holds barred political campaign, including the wide use of every illegal and questionable apparatus of the “Deep State” and vicious media attacks on Trump and his family.

But American voters were fed up to the back teeth with the Democratic Party, who under President “look at me” Obama had grossly mismanaged the economy and  allowed Hilary Clinton, free reign over the formulation and implementation of a number of disastrous military expansionist attacks on foreign countries forcing many formerly friendly nations to criticize and in some cases, downgrade inter-governmental relationships with the US.


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Donald Trump was declared winner of the Presidential Election on 3 November 2016.

Protocol established over many years dictates the conduct of inter-personal and State business matters between the President and President Elect and their supporting teams in the “handover” period prior to the formal inauguration of the new President.

Accepted practice requires the incumbent President to consult with the President Elect on matters of foreign policy and on internal affairs with a political dimension.

Obama ignored all protocols and except for a brief photo opportunity, refused to meet with President Elect Trump, in the 78 days from his win and his inauguration on 17 January 2017.

The Trump team was provided in the honeymoon period, with a threadbare briefing greatly disadvantaging his administration in its early months and the Anti-Trump media delivered, politically orchestrated, ill informed, unforgiving personal attacks on President Trump, his family and administration throughout his Presidency.


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Outgoing President Obama acts against Russia

At the end of December 2016, Obama, (without consulting with President-Elect Trump) hit out at Russia accusing Putin of interfering in the 2016 Presidential election’

He then issued an “Executive Order” ejecting 35 Russian diplomats/businessmen and their families, from the United States and imposed sanctions on Russia’s two leading intelligence services.

Then acting on information contained in a (now discredited) intelligence report, produced by an ex-employee of the British Secret Services he penalized the 4 top officers of one of those services, the powerful military intelligence unit known as the G.R.U.

The actions instructed by Obama appeared to be intended to box in President-elect Trump, who would need to decide whether to lift the sanctions on Russian intelligence agencies when he took office later in the month.


12 Russians accused of hacking Democrats in 2016 US election | BT


President-Elect Trump’s Reaction

Trump responded to the news of the Russian sanctions by reiterating his call to “move on.” But undertook to meet with the US intelligence officials, who had concluded that Russian hacking was an attempt to tip the election towards Trump.

But, in a statement from his holiday location in Hawaii, Obama had a less than subtle dig at the President-Elect, stating:

“All Americans should be alarmed by Russia’s actions, I acted after repeated private and public warnings to the Russian government, and the measures are a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm U.S. interests in violation of established international norms of behavior.”


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The Russian Reaction

Russia criticized the sanctions and issued a statement saying:

“Such steps by an administration that will end in under three weeks is clearly aimed at further harming Russian-American ties, which are already at a low point as it is, and compromising the foreign policy plans of the incoming administration of the president-elect.”


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President Trump Under Investigation

Not content with severely hamstringing foreign policy and other important business of the Trump administration, ex- President Obama and the “Clinton Foundation” continued with their campaign to get the result of the 2016 Presidential Election overturned and Clinton elected to office by default.

Before he left office Obama tasked the FBI and other agencies to investigate President-Elect Trump with the purpose of digging the dirt, no matter any lack in the efficacy of the truth.

The activities of these agencies lasted nearly 3 years and destroyed a number of political careers but eventually concluded there had been no collusion between the Russian’s and President Trump or any of his administration.

And yet the American “Deep State” and others intent on discrediting President Trump are still attacking him and his family. But he still intends to remain in office given the support of the American voter. A weaker man would walk away.


Obama response to 2016 Russian meddling had many flaws: Senate report



Why is Trump Hanging Onto Office?

The 2020 Presidential Election will be held in just under 3 weeks and Joe Biden (ex- Vice President of the US) is the front runner, as was Hilary Clinton in 2016.

It appears President Trump is heading for defeat and a humiliating end to his short political career.

But the Democratic Party/Biden campaign might be forced to publicly address damming allegations of tax evasion, criminal conduct and abuse of the offices of State dating back a number of years.


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The Mucky Clinton’s

Respected Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel was not surprised that Hillary Clinton appeared to be deeply involved in how the Trump-Russia investigation started. According to him:

“The roots of the Clinton corruption run deep and start in Arkansas where Bill Clinton served as a governor and attorney general.

When the Clinton’s moved to the White House, the scale of their corrupt and suspicious activities expanded to the national and international stages, from 1997 onward, a key instrument in swapping cash for influence has been the network of Clinton “charities” that has never been properly regulated anywhere.

If an understanding is needed to establish why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were so determined to impede or topple President Trump, investigators must go back into history comparing sums that donors claim they sent towards the Clinton Foundation, with the Foundation’s public filings, submitted many places, under penalties of perjury.

The Clinton Foundation public record, evident in plain sight includes multiple confessions of making false statements under oath.

May the long overdue indictments, prosecutions, convictions, fines and incarcerations soon begin”.


Obama emerges as central figure in 2020 presidential race




In May 2020 President Trump accused Ex-President Obama of carrying out “the biggest political crime in American history” addressing it as “Obamagate”.

His allegation was a response to Obama’s widely “leaked” conference call in which the ex-president lambasted the Department of Justice’s decision to drop charges against ex-National Security Adviser  General Michael Flynn.

Charles Ortel, said:

“In accusing Obama of “the biggest crime” President Trump may have alluded to either treason or sedition or both, described in 18 US Code Chapter 115.

With many months behind them, and ample resources, investigating officers are likely to have found solid evidence that Barack Obama violated his oath of office in numerous ways, and subsequently attempted to overturn the results of the 2016 election”.

Flynn’s defense attorney Sidney Powell, commenting on her conjecture that Obama was in on the plot to “frame” Michel Flynn said:

“The whole thing was orchestrated and set up by James Clapper, (former Director of National Intelligence) and John Brennan, (Former CIA Director) in the Oval Office, with President Obama.

I believe that General Flynn, appointed by Obama, grew to protest many reckless foreign policies, having access to damaging classified information that most of us have not seen and may never see.

Flynn’s refusal to stand down after being fired in 2014, and his stubbornness infuriated Obama, suggesting that Flynn may hold secrets that Obama cannot have revealed. In short, Barack Obama is scared because he should be scared”.


Obama lashes out at Trump in call with supporters



The Unprecedented Unmasking of General Flynn and Obama’s Role in the Conspiracy

Distorting the truth of General Flynn’s alleged “Crime of perjury” the former president stated:

“There is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free”.

But he was was taken to task by The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board for making a grave mistake. It wrote:

“Flynn was never charged with perjury, which is lying under oath in a legal proceeding. He pleaded guilty to a single count of lying to the FBI in a meeting at the White House on 24 January 2017 that he was led to believe was a friendly chat among colleagues”.


VERIFY: No, President Barack Obama can not serve as Biden's VP |



The Trump Administration is Fighting back

Undeterred by many obstacles placed in their way the Trump administration appears to be determined to get to the bottom of the outgoing Obama administration’s role in targeting Trump campaign aides.

Richard Grenell, acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) recently declassified a list of former Obama administration officials involved in the “unmasking” of General Flynn in his talks with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. It is believed to be “much larger than anything involving General Flynn”.

Ortel explained:

​”Unmasking (exposing the names of Americans associated with targets of counter-intelligence investigations) is a serious potential offence, especially when the investigation in question is launched on spurious pretenses.

What we are likely soon to find is that many Obama co-conspirators obstructed investigations that were opened or should have been opened, and then rigged or attempted to rig elections inside and outside the United States.

I wrote to Richard Grenell, Director of the DNI requesting the names of those involved in General Flynn’s unmasking.

Today I received the shocking reply that Joe Biden and many others knew!

What did President Obama know? I am inviting DNI Director Richard Grenell to testify next week in the Senate”.


Clinton Foundation Being Investigated now by IRS, FBI & Intelligence |  Armstrong Economics



The Republican Party and the Senate

Richard Grenell and AG Barr attended a meeting of a Senate Committee after which it expressed gratitude to both of them for their ongoing efforts to bring transparency to the Russian investigation.

A Committee member requested even more materials to be declassified, including:

The transcript of the conversation between General Flynn and the Russian Ambassador.

The Susan Rice memo about the 5 January 2017 meeting between President Obama, Vice President Biden, FBI Director James Comey, and Deputy AG Yates on the Russian investigation.

The mysteriously missing original transcript of the General Flynn-FBI interview at the White House.

Ortel summarized events to date, saying:

“Fearing consequences of a Trump victory, Obamagate co-conspirators manufactured hoaxes to turn eyes away from their own massive crimes”.

Soon we may learn how many fair critics of Obama and of unregulated globalism were illegally targeted and harmed by the Obama presidency.

Although the mainstream left-leaning media have denounced “Obamagate” as Trump’s favourite distraction tactics, it seems that very soon many people, especially Barack Obama and the Clintons, will find themselves between a rock and a hard place.

The revelations are likely to have a domino effect and may even affect major allied nations including Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia”, all of whom were had some role in the “Spygate” scandal.


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