Where Angels Fear to Tread – Queering the Pitch of SNP WOKE Subversives

Are You Awake? The spectre of a “Woke” dominated SNP Government looms menacingly, enabled through the imposition on constituencies of “right thinking” candidates by a party leadership no longer in touch with reality. In recent years, the Party has lost focus evidenced by the introduction of controversial policy changes without consultation with or support of […]

Public Exposure of Commercial Shenanigans and Unjustifiable Salary Deals Support Increasing Calls for the BBC to be Dismantled

      Tinopolis (PLC) Not a lot of people know it but five billionaires and their corporations own and control around 80 per cent of the UK media providing them with the means and opportunity to maliciously influence and control political and cultural agendas shaping the knowledge, behavior and beliefs of the population effectively […]

BBC Claptrap Exposed – Cosy Relationships Between Mentorn and BBC Scotland Adversely Impact on Impartiality Claim

    Mentorn Television Production Not long after Scottish devolution, following storms of protest from Scottish viewers and politicians the BBC agreed to transfer a significant amount of television production to Scotland greatly increasing Scottish content. Implementation of change would be achieved without detriment to existing staff employed in England or to operational routine. Smoke […]

Rule Brittania – Unionists Dismantling Devolution Exacting Retribution on Uppity Scots Who Dared to Challenge England’s Authority

        Rule Britannia Post Brexit the Unionist Party’s will continue to “sing” from the same constitutional hymn sheet defying the aspirations of many Scots who wish to withdraw from a “Treaty of Union” forced upon their forebears. The Unionists are aware that England’s hold over Scotland is only political, in their hearts […]