Part 5 – Over 100 English Peers and 450 MP’s guilty of Ripping off the Public Purse – and Scots suffered the imposition of more taxes to make good their losses

          1720 – The South Sea Bubble This was, in its time the largest financial Ponzi Scheme ever created and it involved almost all of Englands’ Peers of the realm, politicians and their toadies who were hell-bent on gathering money to themselves at the expense of the public. In 1720, in […]

Part 4 – The English Government Tightens the Screws of Oppression on the Scots – Just Putting Them in Their Place so to Speak

    General Wade     Walpole and the Whigs The Whigs fared badly at the 1724/5 election and lost many supporters but Cock-a-hoop with their malt tax victory Walpoles new government put the boot in and forced more commodity taxes on Scotland. An increased Scottish presence at Westminster counted for nothing since with a […]


          Opening Narrative 2017 – Catalonia and Spain Catalonia is a semi-autonomous region in North-East Spain with a distinct history dating back almost 1,000 years. The wealthy region has about 7.5 million people, with their own language, parliament, flag and anthem. It also has its own police force and controls some […]

Michelle-Ballantyne-part-4- More right wing than Enoch Powell and Her Scottish Tory Colleagues love her Aggression- So Wee Ruth Was a bit of a Pussy

          The Scottish Borders Council The appalling record of the Tory Councillors in control of the Borders Council from 2007-2012 (see part 3) convinced the electorate of the urgent need to remove the Tory party from office. After the 2012 election, the Scottish National Party formed a coalition with the support […]

Michelle-ballantyne-part-3 – Her Beloved Tory Party Saddled the Scottish Borders With the Most Corrupt and Incompetent Councillors In Scotland

      The Scottish Borders: A region without railway stations By 1849, the North British Railway Company had opened a stretch of its Waverley Line from Edinburgh to Hawick and later extended it to Carlisle. Rail routes quickly expanded crisscrossing the region like veins in the human body. By the end of the 19th […]

Michelle Ballantyne – Touted as the next Leader of the Tory Party in Scotland – Time to have a Closer Look at her Politics (part 1)

              The Ballantynes of Selkirk Michelle Lorraine Ballantyne (nee Cross), b1960 in Surrey, England. Her father, Michael Ronald Cross, b1938, owns property in Twickenham, value around £1.5m, where he lives with his wife Dr. Francis Maria Cross She married Captain Neil Ballantyne, b1960, in 1983. Neil served with the […]

List of UK Businesses backing Boris Johnson and the Tory Party – Only One Scottish enterprise in the first thirty- Now you know where not to spend your money

            Daily Telegraph 19 Oct 2019    Letters to the editor SIR – We represent businesses, large and small, across the United Kingdom. We have one simple message for the Prime Minister on Brexit: no more delay. This rank uncertainty is crippling British business and it cannot continue. Britain must leave […]