Will Westminster Proscribe the SNP Forcing an Election in Scotland – Returning the Unionists to Power – Parts 1-5





Image result for scottish independence














Special Branch “spies” are firmly embedded within the civil service and in the government in Scotland. Their mission being to leak intelligence to Whitehall.

There are also political “sleepers” tasked with disrupting the business of the Scottish government.

The US has plans in place to ensure its nuclear deterrent interests in Scotland are not threatened and the CIA are providing full support to the UK Special Branch.

Signal and human intelligence resources are in place on the internet.



















One thought on “Will Westminster Proscribe the SNP Forcing an Election in Scotland – Returning the Unionists to Power – Parts 1-5

  1. Simple Iran pumps oil from North sea.

    Google RHUM and Iran . This will officially piss off the Saudis , Jews and Scots on the street. My wife relative set it up. Everyone in power knows. If the Saudis pull money out of London, you will have an impact


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