Will Westminster Proscribe the SNP Forcing an Election in Scotland – Returning the Unionists to Power – Part 2



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2008: Growing support for the SNP in Scotland triggered the activation of a secret MI5 anti-nationalist working group.

In 2008 the growth in nationalist support in Scotland alarmed the US and Westminster.

The Labour Party was in meltdown and it was entirely possible an SNP government would be in place at Holyrood in 2009.

This would bring with it calls for Scottish independence and a referendum.

There were also on-going problems within the Scottish Tory Party, which had suffered yet another bad election defeat.

Voices within the Party in Scotland had begun to raise the spectre of a split from Westminster control so that the Party in Scotland would revert to its former Unionist Party status forming its own distinctly Scottish policies whilst retaining a more hands-off relationship with the Conservative Party at Westminster.

The long-prepared (anti-nationalist strategy), designed to deal with these potential problems was put in place.

British (Scots) spymaster Fulton, (a close colleague of Rikind’s for many years) was identified as the most effective “agent for change” available and it was agreed he would apply himself and his extensive resources to the tasks of completing a root and branch reorganization of the party in Scotland, removing any person, (no matter how senior) who did not fully commit to Westminster Conservative Party ideals.

He would also design a long term strategy undermining the SNP government ensuring any referendum for independence would fail.

It was believed that the SNP would then fall apart in the aftermath of a failure to gain independence and Ruth Davidson would take on the role of First Minister of the Scottish government.


Fulton is a major player in the military corporate nexus.

He has been placed in an overtly political position because the UK government is extremely worried about Scottish secession.

He is there to coordinate the destabilization of the SNP government.

Golf and cappuccinos are just distractions, he is a very dangerous individual.

His and the British Secret Service links with right-wing elements in control of Glasgow University was exposed in the under noted blog.





2014: The political meltdown of the unionist party’s in Scotland

The British secret services briefed the membership of Inner Privy Council that through their efforts and those of the entire Westminster political spectrum the end of the SNP would not be long delayed since Scots were disillusioned and ready to accept the retention of the Union.

But events in the 2015 General Election just about destroyed the morale of the Unionists after the Scottish electorate just about wiped out their branch office colleagues north of the border returning 56 MP’s from 58 vacancies.

The “Inner Privy Council” authorized the implementation of “plan-b” which included deployment of all available resources against the SNP government.

The leading role in implementing the strategy to destroy the SNP would be removed from politicians and transferred to the Secret Services.



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Next post: The Secret services strategy revealed. But here is a wee taster.






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