An Update – Austerity – An unnecessary Hardship Imposed on Scotland By Westminster’s Nefarious Spivs

          2003: International Monetary Fund Call for Chancellor Brown Not to abandon “Prudence” Policies Gordon Brown was warned by the International Monetary Fund that his borrowing and spending gamble on public services may be going to waste. In a damaging blow to his recently announced Chancellor’s tax-and-spend strategy,  the IMF said […]

The BBC Has Been Charged Tried and Found Guilty of Institutionalised Bias Against Scots – Witness A BBC News and Current Affairs Staff Strategic Briefing Before the 2014 Referendum

            BBC News & current affairs presenters biased against Scottish Independence A video was released on UTube casting significant doubt on the willingness and ability of the BBC to cover Scottish independence campaigners in an impartial manner.  The leaked videos featured in-house presentations by four senior BBC presenters giving explanatory […]

Ruth Davidson’s Political Bullshit Exposed Her as a Political Nonentity – The Baroness Should Leave Scotland So That She Can Enjoy the Social and Financial Fruits of Her Betrayal of the Scots

          Ruth Davidson – Is she the spy who just wont leave us Ruth Davidson’s leg up from the British Secret Services propelled her to a new role as a Baroness in the House of Lords. But despite giving up her interest in Scottish politics (keeping the paycheck) she insists on […]

A Rare Event – A Tory Condemns Party Policy and Exposes Members Discontent With the Leadership of Ruth Davidson

                    Former Tory MEP Struan Stevenson warns of Brexit farm ‘meltdown’ Stevenson, Tory MEP between 1999-2014 said: “Farmers and landowners, far from benefiting from the Arch-Brexters, much promised new worldwide trade deals will see their markets decline sharply as competition from cheap imports expands. Subsidies will […]

An Analysis of the 2014 Smith Commission Report Provides Irrefutable Confirmation That Scots Are Sold Short By the Incorrectly Titled Scottish Unionist MSP’s

          Devolution powers shelved at the last minute from Smith Commission report New powers were formally committed to in the heavily promoted Unionist “Vow” made in the last few days before the 2014 independence referendum. The Smith Commission Panel subsequently agreed to a full devolution of abortion law, the creation of […]

Tory MSP Miles Briggs Accused of Sexual Harassment-Tory Party Investigation Decides He Is Not Guilty – Rape Crisis Scotland Appalled – Was it a Kangaroo Court? Read On

        Miles Briggs answers sexual harassment charge Briggs, Tory (list) MSP says he has been through a “living hell” after being cleared of sexual harassment following a party disciplinary hearing into the claims. He insisted that the accusations made by a female worker with another party were “completely false.” But the woman […]

MP Expense Claims Exceed £120 Million Each Year – Up by 25% – Many Fall Foul of the Rules Yet the Largess Continues – Despairing Times For Taxpayers Hit Hard by Austerity Measures

    2 Days ago: Hundreds of MPs’ have their parliamentary credit cards suspended for breaking expenses rules The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), was set up in the wake of the disgraceful expenses scandal 10 years ago. Parliamentary credit cards were introduced for MPs’ following the scandal, to ensure spending could be closely monitored. […]