Salaries Scandal

15,000 charity staff paid over £60,000 a year

Thousands of charity workers are paid more than £60,000 a year – far higher than previously thought – according to an official review of pay in the voluntary sector. An audit of pay scales among charities in England and Wales found that 14,942 were paid more than £60,000 a year – over 3,000 more than previous estimates. Of that, more than 2,600 were paid over £100,000 a year, and 55 more than £250,000 a year in 2011, according to the review by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations. Charities are spending £39 BILLION a year and taxpayers and donors should, “no longer have to dig around like detectives to unearth the financial facts to inform the choices of charities to support”.


BBC Media Bias Protest

A peaceful protest, (approximately 1000 attended) at BBC Scotland HQ in Glasgow. Approximately 1000 attended. (BBC reported 350) View the video.

Outraged that the, “Yes” Scotland campaign should organize such a demo Labour MP Jim Murphy went on-line to, one of the pro-independence blogs and made mischief, Stirring the proverbial s*** he wrote;

“they lost the plot”. “They were angry and divisive”.
“Their attempts to bully broadcasters and boycott businesses is the last thing the independence debate needs”.
“Their angry and divisive campaign is a turn-off”.
“They are frustrated”.
“They are losing the big arguments and losing the plot in a big way”.
“The reason for the nationalists’ frustration is clear: after 80 years of campaigning to break up the UK and with just 80 days to go, patriotic Scots are still saying no thanks to their political project”.
“Now we are seeing real-world attempts to bully a broadcaster.”

But square the foregoing with an extract, (below) from a recent speech, (setting out his belief in democracy) by the same Jim Murphy. He said; “Nations which suppress the rights of their people to take advantage of civil society, democratic expression or the rule of law can no longer be considered stable nation states”.

Reflections: In the 2014 Referendum Campaign I Warned That Rejecting Independence Would Condemn Scotland to Westminster Rule in Perpetuity – Scots Willingly Embraced Armageddon. So be It



Image result for thatcher



A Blast from the past

I posted the article that follows, before the 2014 independence referendum giving warning of the real intentions of the Westminster government (regardless of its colour). Sadly my advice fell on deaf ears.

The 1997 referendum and the transfer in 1999, of a limited number of reversible powers to an elected Scottish executive based in Holyrood was a con, deviously constructed by a faceless cross party group of unionist Westminster politicians in response to pressure from the EC whose policy was to decentralize government and the Westminster form of government did not meet the desired profile.

The United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the EC in March 2019 and a return to the old ways since devolved powers is no longer fit for purpose.

The recent prolonged spat between Westminster and Holyrood resulted in the forced return to Westminster of 21 devolved activities, with more to follow in the coming years. The devolved governance experiment is at an end and Scots will soon learn the folly of their decision to reject independence.




2014 Independence Referendum

Prior to the 1997 referendum William Hague stated:

“the official position of the UK government is to retain a “right to reverse” any or all aspects of powers that might be devolved to a Scottish parliament.”

The Scottish nation should heed the warnings of history.

A , “no” vote in the forthcoming referendum will send a clear message to Westminster that Scotland wished to embrace all “National” aspects of UK government policy.

This will lead to a creeping reversal of, “devolution” in respect of many or all devolved powers which might be at odds with and giving difficulty to the Westminster government.

Social, Transport, Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment are at risk of being taken back to Westminster control.


The Scottish National Health Service will be merged together with offshoots  in other devolved executives, reforming a truly “National” health service provision ensuring equality for all.

This will bring about the re-introduction of prescription charges and extortionate car parking charges at hospitals.

Major restructuring, (privatisation) of health services will become the norm so that there is a truly UK national approach to the delivery of health care.

Pensioners will be very badly affected, being obliged to sell off their homes to meet the cost of care in the community since existing policies are not in compliance with Westminster.

University education will take a major financial hit and students will need to finance their own attendance in further education.

There are many other aspects of Scottish life that will be adversely affected by the reversal of devolution and any protests will receive the stock answer, “but this is what you voted for in 2014”.

A “Yes” vote will send the message to Westminster that Scotland is a nation not a colony.


Nepotism in the Labour Party

Nepotism In The Labour party

Hilary Benn MP. Son of the late Tony Benn.

Neil Kinnock’s son, Stephen Kinnock, (married to Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt) has been selected to represent Aberavon, which the party has continuously held since the 1920s. A safe seat.

Rachel Kinnock, “Personal Adviser”, (next step MP in a safe seat) to Ed Milliband, (Labour Leader). Did the same job for Gordon Brown when he was Prime Minister.

Labour Grandee, Jack Straw’s son, William Straw is to stand for Parliament in Rossendale and Darwen in Lancashire.

Baron John Prescott’s son David Prescott. Short-listed to stand in a safe seat.

Euan Blair, 28 year’s old, company director!!!! Owner of a listed house, (valued around £1,500,000) in a smart area of Central London. Touted by Tony & Cheri for a safe seat in Coventry.…ks+for+agency+amid…-a0309777353

The Sick are in Trouble

A letter, supported by 95% of Doctors in England, signed off by a leader of the BMA has this week been sent to Mr Cameron warning that the sick, frail and elderly are being failed by Westminster. The rarely used somewhat politically incorrect intervention by the medical profession advises an urgent need for a major change in direction transferring control of Health and Social Welfare away from private healthcare back to the control of the Nation. A summary of the letter;

The crisis in health and welfare support services is directly attributable to Westminster’s, (Health & Social Services Act) embracing and implementing a programme of rapid ill conceived transfers of services to the private sector. It is estimated in excess of £11Billion and 35,000 staff, (from frontline services) has been given over to private healthcare which has not delivered. This systematic break-up of the National Health Service and welfare support, (under-funded by around £30 Billion) is becoming dangerously fragmented. Rationing of and removal of some treatments is being ordered by non-medical managers all to the detriment of patient care. Very soon changes will be, “bedded in” and virtually impossible to reverse effectively providing citizens with very limited healthcare and Welfare support.

Clearly, where applicable the foregoing applies to the Health Service in England, but Welfare Support is only partially devolved to Scotland and, (at the time of writing) our citizens are suffering the brunt of changes in these systems, (controlled by Ian Duncan Smith).

In the event of a, “no” vote in the Referendum coupled with the, (increasingly likely) return of a Conservative Government in 2015, there is every probability that changes in the National Health Service in England will be transferred, (for early implementation) to Scotland. This will be achieved through a major reduction in the Scottish, “Block Grant” significantly lowering Healthcare finance availability forcing the Scottish Government to adopt the same Healthcare profile as that available in England.

A, “Yes” vote in the Referendum will allow Scotland’s citizens to decide their own future in terms of Healthcare and Social Welfare support. I am confident we will turn away from the disastrous systems envisaged by Westminster.

300 Years of Westminster Government of Scotland is Epitomized by – Greed – Gluttony – Lust – Envy – Jealousy – Sloth – Wrath and Pride – Time to Cut the Ties





culloden_02The act of Union 1707. Ah!! Scottish Utopia!!! promises, promises, promises betrayal, betrayal, betrayal. 1745 Culloden. and the butchery of German Geordie




594730393But you see we were sold out by a few unelected lords who took English bribes and betrayed Scotland





1364606911From that time Scotland has been brutally asset stripped  by an avaricious  Westminster government. All roads lead to London!!!





6a00d8341d417153ef01a511756155970c-800wiWestminster gathers all revenue accrued in the UK to the English Exchequer who top slices the income for Westminster needs then apportions a financial allocation to the Secretary of State for Scotland (Fluffy Mundell)  who top slices finance needed to run the Scottish Office then passes on the residue to the Scottish Administration. But no-one really knows the full extent of revenue gathered by Scotland. eg Whisky manufactured, blended and bottled in Scotland is transported to England for worldwide distribution. Tax collected is credited to England. 3-5billion annually.





6a00d8341d417153ef01b8d06db74a970c-800wiThen, if minded to do so – throw Scotland a few scraps – from time to time.





6a00d8341d417153ef01b7c6dd24dc970b-800wiNew untested ideas about tax collection. Probably unworkable. Introduce new measures in Scotland first The jocks are well indoctrinated

to Westminster’s authority.  eg Poll Tax Experiment Yup!!





spiceIndustry!! – Order books a bit light!! – Close Scotland down Move companies to England




comics-scottish-referendum-gill-hatcherCoal- mining – Bloody minded Jocks and their Unions. Shut it down. Leave the coal in the ground. Purchase cheap dirty coal from Poland and South America.





daily-cartoon-20140405Car production, Shut it down transfer it from Linwood and Bathgate to England.






Steve Bell 11.09.14Steel production – Sell it of to India. Shut it down in Scotland move production to England.





51a48ba17204653936Retain a massively upgraded Trident nuclear weapons and submarine fleet – Yes!!    But not in England – Option appraisal revealed the English public do not wish to have any Trident missiles or Submarines. Unacceptable risk having them them based within 50 miles of English cities. Bugger it – locate them in Glasgow.





nuclear-explosion-digital-art-hd-wallpaper-2560x1600-3213 Shut down ship building in Glasgow. Basing of UK of an expanded submarine fleet and Trident missiles in Faslane precludes any major industry on the Clyde




article-2533846-1A6B80F800000578-41_634x426Construction of a few battleships (usually kit construction in England then shipped to Glasgow for assembly) from time to time will keep the natives happy.





pipmajors_tcm4-568791Lets fight Johnny Foreigner!! – troops needed – Not a problem – Get them from Scotland.






a0022162_540eab7ea88aeShut down factories –  get the buggers on the dole or offer job security through service in the forces.






culloden-lDeath and lifetime incapacity for many young Scotsmen through injury on active service in many cavalier military actions entered into by Westminster. The answer- start a few charities for injured servicemen – cash for heros. Let it all die a death as public awareness recedes





dhm1247Charitable housing for wounded – handicapped soldiers – no way, let the Scottish public find the money.






WaterlooUpgrade the infrastructure. Great idea much needed but not for Scotland. England comes first but the Scots will contribute to the cost






car-industry-cartoons-white-2-wScotland – Natives restless – give them a, “wee talking shop parliament” but retain power in England.


William Hague clarified Scotland’s place in the Union

“Scotland is not a state. Westminster simply decided to delegate the games to be held in Glasgow, a city of the UK””






_41892748_salmond203But they might find the confidence to ask for another independence referendum. Doubtful!! .They thrived for 300 years of abuse heaped upon them by Westminster.





millionaire mpsJocks are Luddites!!! Witness the Labour Party in Scotland. Returned to power at Westminster for nearly 60 years. They really did vote for donkeys wearing a labour badge and paid the price suffering rampant corruption.





230413 Steve Bell Scotland currencyMoaning Jocks!!!  Promise them jam tomorrow – They’ll believe anything Yup! that’s it, buy the buggers off with a few sweeteners.






The separatists of ScotlandThose who choose to stay with the Union in 2014 voted for 30 years of austerity. Hell mend ’em





Palace.of.westminster.arpRabbie Burns got it right when he wrote that  “a parcel of rogues” sold Scotland out 300 years ago





vowThe next referendum will provide another chance for Scot’s to get rid of Westminster Peers of the realm and politicians.





5daf77f3918a1a09d618d7baf04d6b09The fate of Scotland should be in Scot’s hands not the grubby paws of a bunch of rich toff’s, lord’s and even richer baron’s at Westminster





4b4f9590c80a3029258e0ac75593f45eFeathering their own nest’s, selling the nation into bondage.






Bullingdon 1987They told us they loved us and pleaded that we stay in the Union. We did. Now it’s payback time.






11006218_1789424197949278_663133098_nVote  “Yes” let those who live in Scotland decide their own governance.

Double Agent Daniel Defoe Briefed His English Masters That The Union Would Remove The Threat of War from Scotland forever and gain for Westminster an Inexhaustible Treasury of Fighting Men and a Valuable New Market Greatly Increasing the Power of England.




“Prey tell me why everything in the past is glorious and everything in the future, in an independent Scotland will be fundamentally wrong”. I will confine my brief to the year’s 1701-1745.




1701: The English Parliament, introduced the 1701, Act of Settlement, passing royal succession to the House of Hanover securing only Protestant succession to the throne, and to strengthen the guarantees for ensuring parliamentary system of government.




1702: William III died, (without issue). Mary’s sister, Anne, became queen, (1702-1714). She had 17 children, none of which survived her.




1704: Protracted and at times angry discussions, (between English and Scottish negotiators) broke down. England wishing to transfer royal succession to the, “House of Hanover”. Scotland insisting upon the successor to Queen Anne being of direct Scottish descent as contained in the right of succession, laws of Scotland.




1704: The Scottish Parliament passed the, “Act of Security” threatening, (in the absence of agreement) to withdraw financial and military support to England, (fighting yet another war with Spain.)




1705: The Alien Act was a law passed by the Parliament of England in 1705, as a response to the Parliament of Scotland’s Act of Security of 1704, which in turn was partially a response to the English Act of Settlement 1701.

The Alien Act provided that Scottish nationals in England were to be treated as aliens (foreign nationals), and estates held by Scots would be treated as alien property, making inheritance much less certain.

It also included an embargo on the import of Scottish products into England and English colonies – about half of Scotland’s trade, covering goods such as linen, cattle and coal.

The Act contained a provision that it would be suspended if the Scots entered into negotiations regarding a proposed union of the parliaments of Scotland and England.

Combined with English financial offers to refund Scottish losses on the Darien scheme, the Act achieved its aim, leading to the Acts of Union 1707 uniting the two countries as the Kingdom of Great Britain.




1706: The vast majority of Scots, argued vehemently against the proposals, forcefully rejecting them and working hard to retain their independence opened up new markets reducing dependence on trade with England.

Scottish nobles, landed gentry and traders, who had borne much of the financial losses attributed to the, (Darien Project) were of a different mindset and led by the Duke of Queensberry, (the most senior noble in Scotland) they established a secret dialogue with Westminster politicians providing assurance an, “Act of Union” would be agreed, subject to a suitable financial settlement.

A  “sweetener”,  £400,000 was passed in secret to the Duke of Queensberry for distribution to the appropriate Scottish gentry.






1706: Despite the assurances of the Duke of Queensberry that Scotland would be delivered as promised the majority of Scots were still opposed to any agreement with England and a hastily convened meeting of senior politicians in London decided that urgent measures would need to be taken, persuading the leader of factions opposed to the Union, (Duke of Hamilton) to switch sides. The ploy was successful, The Duke, together with enough of his close friends transferred their allegiance.


4thhamilton(c) National Galleries of Scotland; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation


1706: The English public voiced doubt that the proposed Union would bring benefits and their concerns were raised in Westminster.

To reassure  England,  Robert Harley, Spymaster in the Westminster Government, contracted William Defoe to write a thrice weekly review, (for the widest possible distribution in England) aimed at persuading English opinion to support the proposed Union.

The thrust of Defoe’s assertions claimed that it would end the threat from Scotland forever and gain for Westminster an “inexhaustible treasury of fighting men” and a valuable new market further increasing the power of England.





1706 In the autumn, “Spymaster Harley” ordered Defoe to Edinburgh with the mission (as a secret agent) to do everything possible to help secure acquiescence in the Treaty of Union.

His first reports included vivid descriptions of violent demonstrations against the Union. Some time after, John Clerk of Penicuik, a leading Unionist, wrote, “He was a spy among us, but not known as such, otherwise the Mob of Edinburgh would have  pulled him to pieces.”

Defoe, a Presbyterian, had been accepted as an adviser to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and committees of the Parliament of Scotland.

Harley wrote that he was, “privy to all their folly”  but,  “perfectly unsuspected as with corresponding with anybody in England”. He was then able to heavily influence proposals that were put to the Scottish Parliament.

In manipulating Scottish opinion he used opposite arguments, to those he used in England,  for example,  unusually ignoring the English doctrine of the Sovereignty of Parliament, telling Scot’s that they could have complete confidence in the guarantees in the Treaty. 

He secretly wrote a many pamphlets praising the Union. These were then circulated throughout Scotland all purported to have been written by Scots,  misleading even reputable historians into quoting them as evidence of Scottish opinion of the time.



RobertHarley1710Robert Harley Spymaster



1707: The “Act of Union” was signed off.  Defoe,  (ignored by Westminster) was financially rewarded by,  “Spymaster Harley”.

Robert Burns scathingly wrote, “We’re bought and sold for English Gold, Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation”.




1707:  The Scottish public infuriated by the betrayal by the Nobles and,  “hi heid yins” in Parliament,  generated a hotbed of unrest against the Union.

The Presbyterian minister of the Trongate church in Glasgow urged his congregation, “to up and anent for the City of God”.

The “Dear Green Place” that was Glasgow required government troops to put down the rioters tearing up copies of the Treaty,  an act that was repeated at almost every Mercat cross in Scotland.

Martial Law was imposed, (coupled with a dawn to dusk curfew) and maintained for some months after the signing of the, “Act of Union”.


Jacobite Retreat



1723: Defoe returning to Scotland many year’s later and (on viewing the abject poverty of the people) admitted that the increase of trade and population in Scotland which he had predicted as a consequence of the Union,  was  “not the case,  but rather the contrary”. 

He assessed hostility towards his party was,  “because they were English and because of the Union, which they were almost universally exclaimed against”.




1745: In supporting the claims of the Jacobites,  Scots did so believing they had a much stronger right to the throne of Scotland than the recently crowned German king from the  “House of Hanover”.

The brutality at Culloden and the 30 year rape of Scotland, beyond Perth was a display of abject hatred of Scot’s, the effects of which are evident 270 years after.

Lessons learned, Scots heeded that it was the upper and middle classes of England,  who controlled Westminster and by result the UK and having staged a coup d’etat with a foreigner,  (William of Orange) in a pre-emptive strike getting rid of a potentially troublesome monarch, they would fight to retain their power.


The_Battle_of_Culloden(c) Brian North Lee; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation



At the start of the Eighteenth century Scotland a once prosperous nation, (had fallen on hard times due to the greed of bankers). But instead of being provided with support, it was sold out to England by a bunch of self interested rogues. 

300 year’s later Scotland is well placed, to return to the,  world’s “family of nations”, independent and free.