Female rights in Scotland are under attack from billion dollar big pharma corporations and the LGBTQ?? lobby supported by Holyrood politicians – They need our help -sign the petition

The Scottish government is determined to press ahead with self declaration legislation next week which will allow any male to self declare their gender as female with the inbuilt protection that individuals can revert to being male if they become bored. The legislation will afford a self declared trans-person all of the rights of women […]

The SNP government has invested in excess of £3Bn into the private sector building industry. Hedge funds based offshore are gaining control of the build and rent and affordable house purchase and rental housing market through their subsidiary companies and this cannot be good for Scotland since profits are being siphoned off into offshore accounts and effective controls are impossible to sustain.

Sturgeon in row over donor cash Nicola Sturgeon was at the centre of a £3 million cronyism row over links between her Government Ministers and SNP donors. Property tycoon Alexander Adam and his firm, Springfield Properties, donated over £100,000 to the SNP£100,000 in 2014 referendum campaign. In that same period, the company was advanced a […]

SNP politicians have a vested interest in ensuring the union between England and Scotland is retained which is the reason Scots remain in bondage after 300 years of colonial rule

The colonisation of Scotland by England was signed up to against the wishes of Scots by our unelected politicians for a one off lump sum payment of £398,085 10s. (The irony is that the English borrowed the money and added it to their National Debt before giving it to the Scottish politicians.) Double whammy!!!! A […]

Control of broadcasting policy would be returned to Scotland. Axed without explanation, on the final day, at the instigation of Unionist parties

The Smith Commission There were nine cross-party meetings over seven weeks prior to the publication of an agreed draft of “Heads of Agreement” proposals on 21 November 2014. It emerged that Unionist panel members and MSPs of political parties incorporated in Scotland and allegedly independent of Westminster were frequently on the phone taking instructions from […]