Self acquired gendering will corrupt the innocence of children and destroy family values

Equal rights for all

In the latter part of the 1960’s left leaning Labour politicians gained power. Prime Minister Harold Wilson announced his government’s “East of Aden” policy effectively signalling to the world the end of the British Empire.

1968 and the Lord Chamberlin’s failed attempt to ban Lady Chatterly’s lover brought an end to the censorship of the performing arts in the UK and ushered in the “Age of Aquarius”

This short period in history was noted first for the activism of the American youth culture then the brits who rebelled against the collective constraints placed upon it by a society guided by right wing politicians who favoured the waging of a seemingly endless war in Vietnam which brought with it a severe curtailment of individual freedom and liberation.

Individual freedom needed to be reclaimed and the controversial musical “Hair” was brought to the stage in the USA. Written to be contoversial it shocked theatregoers with its content openly depicting drug use, nudity, cross gender sexuality and extravagent use of obscene language.

The production travelled across the pond to London where it further enjoyed the notoriety of the previous presentation. One commentator said the show was about the need for a society blessed with hope, love and acceptance of all genders and cultures.

The Thatcher/Reagan/ Major/ Bush/ Blair/ Bush/ Brown/ Trump years were notable for the media attacks on sexual immorality excesses in society added to with claims that family values had been abandoned and the innocence of youth destroyed by exposure of vulnerable teenagers to sex and drugs.

2016 brought Nicola Sturgeon to the forefront of Scottish politics following the General Election rout by the SNP of all political opposition which rocked the world of politics.

She was feted by government leaders worldwide and in a couple of years had fostered, at the expense of the pusuit of Scottish Independence the unearned image that she was a formidable politician whose style and leadership qualities were to be admired and promoted when the reality was that she had achieved little of note in the years she shadowed Alex Salmond, the real hero of the 2014 independence referendum.

But, backed by big bucks Pharma and Hilary Clinton’s support she is determined to force behaviour standards on Scots last seen in the 1960’s “age of Aquarius” but on this occasion it will be marked by no compromise on her concept of acceptable norms of society.

The rallying call from Sturgeon’s LGBTG supporters is “equality” at 16 years of age across all subjects bringing with it high profile campaigns supported by the media and the negative consequences on society resultant in the lowering of the age of consent to 16 allowing the frequenting of licenced premises, night clubs. Purchase and consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and active participation in pornography by young people and many other formerly taboo activities. See below.

Age of consent

Military service presently 16: (permission of parent or guardian required if under the age of 18. No deployment to conflict situations until 18).

Equality applied introduces full military service at 16, permission of parents not required and including deployment to war zones.

Voting presently 18: (16 for Scottish elections)

Equality applied: 16

Withholding gender counselling from parents: (Anytime from Nursery School education

Self declared gender 16: from 23 December 2022

Authority to alter body 16: (from 23 December 2022. Includes operations removing sex organs

Sex consent sexual intercourse: 16

Viewing Internet and other porn 18:

Equality applied: 16

Purchase of adult magazines 18:

Equality applied: 16

Purchase/viewing of adult dvd/videos: 18:

Equality applied: 16

Participation in adult industry and prostitution 18:

Equality applied: 16

Purchase and consumption of alcohol 18:

Equality applied: 16

Purchase of Solvents and lighter refills 18:

Equality applied: 16

Purchase and use of cigarettes/ e-liquids: 18:

Equality applied: 16

Purchase of fireworks/sparklers 18:

Equality applied: 16

Purchase of knives, blades and axes 18:

Equality applied: 16

Use of sunbeds/ tanning studios 18:

Equality applied: 16

Body Tattooing 18:

Equality applied: 16

One thought on “ Self acquired gendering will corrupt the innocence of children and destroy family values

  1. Most interesting opinion poll results being hosted on Wings Over Scotland which show that in a recent poll, with don’t knows excluded, some 68% of Scots think that Sturgeon’s GRC legislation will present a risk women.

    Without exception, and irrespective of political allegiances, the proportions opposed were Tories ( 89%) Labour (65%) Lib Dem ( 85%) and SNP (56%).

    Truly quite incredible polling results. Political parties usually pursue policies popular with the electorate. But not here where the SNP are going absolutely in the opposite direction.

    Quite what drives this is not clear but one thing for certain is that this is not going away. Sturgeon and her mad squad will pay for this. But maybe that is the malign wee woman’s intention.

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