In 2014 Many Campaigners For Independence Warned That Rejection of Independence Would Result in the Imposition of a Dystopian Future on Scots – Thanks Mainly Due to Near 400,000 English Voters Resident in Scotland That Omen is Fulfilled

            Message for Dominic Cummings and the dystopian Tory Government – As did Rasputin, your end will see you on the bottom of the River Neva in chains.   Two of the most important blogs posted by myself. A must-read         The Endless Attrition of […]

An Expanding Profile of Alister Jack – Information Added Ad Hoc – Check Daily If You Find the Content To Be of Interest – Wednesday Update

        Sep. 2018: Jack’s rapid and undeserved rapid promotion Only 14 months following his election to the Dumfries and Galloway constituency, Jack will be taking up an additional role as Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to Baroness Evans, the leader of the House of Lords. As PPS he will be an important liaison […]

The Jeffrey Epstein Debacle has the Potential to Bring Many Powerful People Down – British MI-6 agent and Labour MP, Douglas Alexander Allegedly Complicit Aiding the Activities of the Republican Party

      The 2000 USA Presidential Election The conduct and outcome of the election, contested by the then Vice President, Al Gore and George W Bush.were controversial with allegations of fraud being levelled against the Bush camp, who won. But Gore failed to make an issue of the result and subsequently drifted away from […]

Independence Supporting Scots Should be Rooting For Jackson Carlaw to Win the Scottish Tory Leadership Contest – He Has Promised to Get rid of Murdo Fraser in 2021 – Now That’s Progress

        When I’m Leader Tory List MSPs will be forced to stand down Long-serving Conservative MSPs will be forced to stand down from the Scottish Parliament at the next election if they fail to win a constituency seat, under a radical plan by a leadership candidate to introduce fresh blood into the […]